Latest Scores

  • DateGameScoreName
    Sun 7th May 2017 8:02pmCone Crazy 2641Jefff
    Thu 29th Nov 2012 12:48pmTetris211506Robb
    Thu 14th Jul 2011 10:51pmCone Crazy 21480TomRob
    Mon 23rd May 2011 10:47pmTetris15595Al
    Wed 27th Apr 2011 2:44pmTetris140966TomRob


  • TetrisTetris

    A very well done remake of the classic block game.

    High Score: Kate - 232408
  • Cone Crazy 2Cone Crazy 2

    Hit as many cones in just 60 secs, but avoid obstacles.

    High Score: Where Am I - 1620
  • Bloody PenguinBloody Penguin

    Bloody version of smack the penguin

    High Score: Andy Bolton - 1306
  • PacmanPacman

    This is an excellent remake of the old pacman game, complete with sounds and some awesome retro animation.

    High Score: Scott - 76840
  • DancerDancer

    A pretty cool dancing game. Do the dancing moves at the perfect time to get points. Try to get as much dancing moves correct after each other to get higher points.

    High Score: Wen - 17297
  • DriverDriver

    A great racing game. You have to drive 3 laps as fast as possible

    High Score: Patches O'Houlihan - 00:33:33
  • DTunnelDTunnel

    Maneuver your ship through the tunnel without crashing into the sides. The longer you last, the tunnel becomes narrower and wilder and the speed of your ship increases.

    High Score: Where Am I - 1766
  • MoonlanderMoonlander

    The objective of this game is to land your spacecraft successfully on the green pads. You must do this in order. Watch your fuel gauge

    High Score: Al - 00:34:78
  • PaddlerPaddler

    Paddle down the river while avoiding rocks. My first attempt at a flash game. Needs some work.

    High Score: Andy - 280
  • CurveballCurveball

    What pong should have been

    High Score: Andy - 9,34350
  • FroggerFrogger

    Original Frogger game ported to Flash.

    High Score: Kate - 59574
  • Snake 2Snake 2

    Another version of snake. This one a litle bit more professional

    High Score: Greg - 2381
  • Tennis Aka PongTennis Aka Pong

    The classical Pong, beat the computer..

    High Score: Where Am I - 15
  • TilesTiles

    Click two blocks with the same picture to remove them from the field. Try to go through 15 levels.

    High Score: Madi - 1393

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