Following are brief descriptions of the exec positions available. Please talk to the current exec if you want more information about certain roles.


  • President

    • Act as primary representative of the club for the Union and any other organisations.
    • They are responsible for all matters concerning the club in association with the exec.
    • They must overview all coaching activities and club trips.
    • They must be capable and willing to help any of the other exec members in their duties.
    • They should be willing to aid club members interested in helping with club activities.
    • Must possess the Equal Opportunities qualification from the Union and always be available to provide confidential advice to all members.
    • Be primarily responsible for ensuring all relevant documentation and applications are completed on time.

    Vice President

    • Support the President in their role and step in when President is absent.
    • They must share the responsibilities and tasks of the President and Secretary.
    • Be capable and willing to help any of the other exec members in their duties.
    • The Vice President is also responsible for tracking down the ceremonial canoe artifacts, specifically The Egg of Mystery and The Coconut of Wonder.
    • They must make sure the Red Book makes it to and from every trip.


    • Keep members informed about decisions made concerning the club.
    • Organise order for club clothing and any trip/event clothing.
    • Hold and maintain a trip portfolio which should include information on all past trips with contact details for bunkhouses included.
    • Needs to take minutes from exec meetings and pass them on to all members of the exec.


    • Monitor, organise and keep an up-to-date record of all financial transactions within the club.
    • Keep and store all receipts, invoices and guarantees for club kit.
    • Know the union system and how best to benefit and improve the club and its members.
    • Responsible for completion of annual Budget.

    Kit Secretary

    • Maintain and service all equipment and storage facilities.
    • Monitor usefulness of kit and areas where new kit is needed.
    • Be responsible for choosing new equipment and presenting order to exec before passing to Treasurer for purchase through union.
    • Maintain a complete, up to date inventory of all club kit.

    Coaching Secretary

    They should be the first point of contact for all members on any coaching issues and be responsible for member development including:

    • Help organise the freshers teaching program in term 1 with the president and club coaches.
    • Organising off-site training sessions.
    • Organising coaches to run training sessions and pool sessions.
    • Organise courses and qualifications.

    They will work alongside the club's coaches and should be the club's liaison for all internal and external coaches connected with WUCC.
    Be the primary contact for any WUCC member trying to attend a relevant course that the club is not already offering.
    Support and aid anyone interested in competition in paddlesport.
    Position does not require coaching qualifications!

    Tour Secretary

    • Overall responsibility for major club tours, including the Easter tour to Scotland and the possibility of a Summer Tour.
    • Needs to commit to the trips, oooze enough enthusiasm to get the rest of the club involved and organise the booking and iteneries.
    • Ensure that nothing (ie. Transport) is forgotten for any of the trips they have responsibility for.

Canoe Polo

  • President

    • The President has overall control of the club, and should act as its primary representative to the SU, Warwick Sport, and any other organisations.
    • Ensure that the rest of the Exec are happy and fulfulling their responsibilities. They should be able to assist and provide guidance if necessary.
    • Oversee the organisation and running of all tournaments, training sessions, and any other activities undertaken by the club.
    • Ensure that all relevant paperwork (e.g. handover pack, pool bookings, trip planning packs) is filled in correctly and handed in on time.
    • Ensure that the University policy on equal opportunities is implemented, and be available to provide confidential advice to all members.


    • Record minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and upload them to the website.
    • Make these minutes available to SU officials or club members if they are requested.
    • Ensure that all club documentation is up to date.
    • Support and assist the other members of the Exec in their duties, especially the President.
    • Organise the order for club clothing and any trip/event clothing.


    • Organise and keep an up-to-date record of all financial transactions within the club.
    • Regularly monitor the accounts, and flag any anomalies.
    • Store all receipts, invoices and guarantees for club kit.
    • Help the President seek grants and sponsors for the club.
    • Complete the annual budget request to the SU.

    Kit Secretary

    • Maintain all club kit, ensuring it is legal and safe.
    • Organise kit fixing sessions to ensure that all members are proficient in carrying out repairs.
    • Research different brands and suppliers and present these options to the exec before purchase of new kit.
    • Keep an up-to-date inventory of all club kit and tools.

    Coaching Secretary

    • Responsible for the integration of beginners into the club, and development of players and referees throughout the year.
    • Organise drills and games during pool sessions.
    • Organise any training outside of pool sessions, including trips to the River Leam and referee courses.
    • Help the President with selecting team captains. Help the captains with selecting players.

    Tournament Secretary

    • Organise 2 Warwick Tournaments per term, ensuring that the pool is booked well in advance, the dates are advertised to other universities, and that the events run smoothly.
    • Organise entry into the National and/or Regional Leagues, and keep the rest of the exec informed about any developments within these leagues.
    • Actively engage in communication with other clubs and be informed about any upcoming events.

Joint Positions

  • Social Secretary (x2)

    • Organise all post-training pub trips and at least one social per week for the club.
    • Send out weekly reminders about what social is occurring that week and make sure information about upcoming socials is available in advance.
    • At least one social sec must attend each social activity.
    • Run circling during Pop!
    • Make sure all members feel included and welcomed as part of the club (including organising specific socials to include all members, such as non-drinking socials, and ensuring that no one is pressured into doing something they don't want to do).

    Media Officer

    • Maintain the club website, keeping the calendar and information pages up to date.
    • Maintain the club e-mail account/exec e-mail addresses and forward on any new e-mails to relevant exec member(s).
    • Keep the canoe and canoe polo SU pages up to date.
    • Organise creation of promotional videos and flyers for Freshers' Week.
    • Manage the club social media accounts. Ensure that plenty of photos are being taken during trips, tournaments and socials.
    • Coordinate with Warwick Sport in their social media campaigns. If applicable, make sure that sponsor(s) are being suitably promoted by the club.

    Charities Officer

    • Organise fundraising events approximately once a term
    • Liaise with potential charities and aim to identify appropriate causes and goals
    • Work with other clubs and the SU to support club fundraising efforts
    • Work with organising volunteering efforts and other community work
    • Support the rest of the exec, particularly outside the run up to fundraising events
    • Ensure all administrative tasks relating to charity and volunteering work is completed on time
    • Help both clubs work towards and achieve their development goals

All Positions

  • The exec work as a team and have a responsibility to help each other as needed.
    As an exec member you are expected to take charge of the club and look after its members.
    Organisation of club trips (with the exception of Scotland Tour) is shared among everyone and is the result of the collective coordination and cooperation of the whole exec.