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BarnetPost subject: Dry cag and trousers for sale 
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AvatarProbably a bit quiet on here over the summer but... now's your chance to buy some decent dry kit at a reasonable price!

The following have only been used about a dozen times in total (twice in scotland and once on a winter surf trip).

One Yak Celsius dry cag, in size small, bright orange and black colour...
...a pair of black Yak Kestrel dry trousers also in size small.

The cag is in excellent condition, as are the trousers aside from a small from a small (<1cm) nick in the left knee. However, at this point there are two layers of waterproof material and it has only pierced the first layer so are still completely waterproof. If it were me, I might stick a patch over it with some stormsure glue as a precaution but other than that they are in mint condition.

Probably looking for around £50 for the cag and £30 for the trousers. Drop me a text on o-751-o-7-two-0610 and I can send some photos over. I'm up and down to Leam reasonably frequently.


Fri 5th Aug, 2016
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