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FrodoPost subject: Holiday polo BUSAs ARE BEFORE TERM STARTS 
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A few people on tuesday were surprised about the dates of BUSAs this year. It has been publicised before - but it obviously needs repeating:

***BUSAs are before term starts - ie the last weekend of the easter holiday 20-22 april***

Consequently, as teams will not have trained together for over a month, the pool is booked for a solid 2 hour morning session on the day we leave

ie 10-12 on friday 20th april

Other Holiday Polo is on wednesdays 8-9.30, the same as it was over christmas.

more details re busas etc will of course be given nearer the time.

Thu 22nd Feb, 2007
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BanjoPost subject: Re: Holiday polo BUSAs ARE BEFORE TERM STARTS 
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AvatarYou're kidding, thats shocking, i don't believe it!
Fri 23rd Feb, 2007