TERM 3 PRE-TERM NEWSPosted By: Liam On: Tue 17th Apr, 2018 2:06pm


With exam season fast approaching, here’s some news to keep your mind off it.

ELECTIONS - On Thursday Week 2 (3rd May) at 19:00 we’ll be holding our annual elections in Kelsey’s! It’s the second event of the year that requires formal wear - so no jeans! We’ll be ordering pizza, getting a bit merry, and then holding our joint elections. For all positions, on the night you must perform a canoe-related song cover and tell a joke. Those intending to run for President must prepare a short manifesto in advance (200 words max) which will be published on the website. If you’re interested in any of the positions, feel free to ask any questions to current members of the exec. For more information about what each role entails, follow this link to the website: warwickcanoe.uk/site/execpositions/. Email your intention to run/manifesto to president @ warwickcanoe.co.uk or president @ polo.warwickcanoe.co.uk before Term 3 starts.

CANOE SESSIONS - We have been granted an afternoon session 14:30-15:30 every Tuesday in Term 3, these will be super relaxed so come on down if you need to cool off between exams. Monday and Wednesday sessions will be on as usual (20:30-22:00).

POLO SESSIONS - There will be no session on Friday evenings throughout term 3. Tuesday (20:30-22:00) and Saturday (19:00-21:00) sessions will be running as usual, with the addition of RAGE (more news on this to come…) Due to exams, Wednesday morning ball throwing sessions in Westwood have been cancelled (boo!) although I’m sure you may be able to convince people to attend breakfast...

SOCIALS - As is tradition, we will be returning with a week 1 curry at Dama Dam Mast Balti (formerly Ali’s) in Leam. Usual time (19:30) and, as always, BYOB. Week 2 is obviously elections, and the week 3 social is to be determined by your newly elected social secs! Then, there’ll be a break before we return to Skooldayz on Saturday Week 8 followed by a BBQ and pre-drinks before week 9 Pop! (get your ‘event only’ tickets) Finally, we’ll be hosting Epic Party in week 10 (details to follow).

Paddling Love,

Josh and Hadyin

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 Term 3 event tickets!Posted By: tom On: Thu 5th Apr, 2018 10:44am

Hey, hope everyone is enjoying the easter break ๐Ÿ˜€

Term 3 event tickets go on sale tomorrow at midday. You will need a week 8 Schooldayz ticket and an 'event only' week 9 POP ticket.

See you all soon,
Tom and Lara x

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Polo NewsBUCS Teams 2018Posted By: Ben Ayre On: Thu 15th Mar, 2018 3:25pm

We have been really impressed with everyone’s commitment and improvements over the year and as its now it’s almost time for BUCS and this year’s teams are as follows. All these team are very strong and stand a great chance of going far in the tournament.

Let’s go win us some medals 

More information will be sent out soon.

A team
1. Tommaso
2. Josh (C)
3. Ben
4. Charlie
5. Nathan
6. Ivan
7. Matt

Ladies Team
1. Charlotte
2. Lara
3. Freya
4. Elsa
5. Hannah
6. Val
7. Jennie (C)

B team
1. Sam
2. Hector
3. Arun
4. Liam
5. Tom Marshall
6. Thom Millward
7. Luke (C)


 Canoe Rash VestsPosted By: Ivan On: Mon 12th Mar, 2018 6:29pm

><> ><> ><> ><> ><>


Canoe Rash Vests!


Canoe have finally organised our very own rash vests (complete with bears!). See the image below for a rough example. Note that the real ones will hopefully be a bit more symmetrical and the red will be the official Warwick Sport Red.


Also note that they should arrive with plenty of time before BUCS.


The cost will be about £20 per rash vest (including VAT, postage & bears).


If you would like to buy one then please fill in the Doodle poll, make sure you put up to three initials you would like along with your name. If you would like to buy more than one or you would like a different size than mentioned in the poll then please let me know.

The website doesn’t offer much advice on sizing but they do say they are tight fitted.


Please be aware that by filling in the poll you have committed to paying.




The deadline for this is Friday at midnight.


Canoe Luv



<>< <>< <>< <>< <><


rashvest desgin

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 Laserquest Week 10Posted By: tom On: Mon 12th Mar, 2018 2:22pm

Hey paddlers,

This weeks social is laserquest in Coventry and things are sure to get competitive so come along for a fun night out.

We will be meeting at spoons in Cov at 18:00 for food before starting laserquest at 19:30. The cost for 3 games should be about £11. If you are gonna come please sign up with the following link so we can book by 11pm tomorrow:


To get to Coventry from leam/campus take the 11 bus

Hope to see you all there,
Lara and Tom x


Polo NewsBUCSPosted By: Ben Ayre On: Thu 1st Mar, 2018 12:24pm

**BUCS 2017***

On 13-15 April, the mighty Warwick fleet shall descend upon Nottingham to compete in BUCS - the main student polo competition of the year! This Tournament is payed for by the club so there is no cost to you so no excuses not to sign up.

Warwick has been highly successful over the last couple of years and we hope to keep this trend going. Therefore we will be sending the best of the best (of the people who are free on that date). We will be entering an A, Ladies, and B team (and the Old Gits will probably turn up as well). Competition will be fierce so you should all aim to train as hard as possible over the last few weeks of term to impress your captains and win your place in a team.

IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SELECTION PLEASE SIGN UP HERE (even if you filled out the previous survery): http://www.warwickcanoe.co.uk/site/trips/trip/487/


There will also be a ref course at the venue, starting early (i.e. don't sign up if you have labs that day) on Friday 13th April. For only £10, you will get a theory qualification (assuming you pass the exam at the end) and for an extra £5 you also get your very own whistle and rule book. You can also get your practical assessment done the next day but people aiming to do that should have done a fair amount of refereeing in club sessions beforehand.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DOING THE REF THEORY COURSE PLEASE SIGN UP HERE: http://www.warwickcanoe.co.uk/site/trips/trip/488/


We will be ordering sexy polo shirts (no nipple chafing) to wear when we collect all those medals we are totes going to win. We will send out more details about cost, design, etc. later and you can decide whether you want one (even if you're not going).

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 Term 2 Nene is livePosted By: Ivan On: Thu 22nd Feb, 2018 12:11pm

><> ><> ><> ><> ><>

Nene sign ups are live!

You can sign up here

<>< <>< <>< <>< <><

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 Term 2 Nene TripPosted By: Ivan On: Tue 20th Feb, 2018 4:45pm

><> ><> ><> ><> ><>


On Wednesday the 28th February (week 8) we will be going to Nene Whitewater Centre for an afternoon of kayaking on their artificial course.


This is a good opportunity to practice some skills before Scotland, have a go at playboating on moving water or if didn’t get a place on Scotland then you can get your fix before Easter.


The trip will cost £12.


Sign ups go live Thursday at 12pm.


See you all at pub golf this Friday! Starting in the Dirty Duck at 7 in your food chain costume.


Canoe love



<>< <>< <>< <>< <><

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 Charity Paddle-a-thon!Posted By: Daddy On: Thu 15th Feb, 2018 12:20pm

Just a reminder, our 24 hour charity paddle-a-thon is next week, from 10:00 AM on Wednesday to 10:00 AM on Thursday. We will be aiming to paddle for 24 hours on kayaking ergos (think rowing machines but for kayaks) in order to raise money for Coventry and Warwickshire Mind. If you are able to help out by paddling, please state when you are free in this Doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/5z9cnq7uku9wtusu.

Hope to see you all at Real Ale tonight!


Canoe NewsDay 5: Numbers donโ€™t liePosted By: Severijn On: Sun 11th Feb, 2018 7:55pm

For the final day of hype, here is something slightly different. Rather than just believing me when I say Scotland is great, why don’t you listen to other people saying the same. In the end-of-year club survey last year 71,4% of people said that Scotland was their favourite trip of the year! In fact, more people said Scotland was their favourite trip that year than people that said that they had been on Scotland.

Don’t miss out on this trip and sign up tomorrow! If you want to join me in the Dirty Duck, I’ll be sitting there from 19:30 onwards and sign-ups will go live for everyone at 19:55. I hope to see many of you signing up!

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Canoe NewsDay 4: Exceptional body artPosted By: Severijn On: Sat 10th Feb, 2018 7:55pm

The fourth reason to go on Scotland Tour this year also features in-house design. Instead of on t-shirts, this time the art is on people’s faces though. Every day one person will get adorned with beautiful sharpied-on facial hair. If you want to look as fabulous as Hadyn did last year or if you want to draw mustaches on people, don’t forget to sign up on Monday!

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Canoe NewsDay 3 of hype: T-shirtsPosted By: Severijn On: Fri 9th Feb, 2018 7:55pm

If you’ve somehow not been convinced or hyped up enough to try and sign up for Scotland yet, let the official Scotland Tour t-shirts convince you! No longer shall you have to enviously watch people wear snazzy club t-shirts, because this year’s Scotland t-shirts are rumoured to be much snazzier than the last years’ ones. The (maybe at some point) award-winning design by yours truly will surely make you the shining envied among Freshers next year…

P.S. If you need accommodation between the end of term and the day we leave, please contact the exec and we'll find a place for you to sleep over.

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Canoe NewsDay 2 of hype: Social stuffPosted By: Severijn On: Thu 8th Feb, 2018 8:38pm

A great second reason to sign up to Scotland is the socialising in the evenings. Most of the evenings will involve chatting and playing games with others, but there will also be a big social night in the Great Glen Hostel. If you’ve been looking for a chance to really get to know everyone in the club or if you’ve been looking to join the cuddle squad, now is your time!

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 GAMES NIGHTPosted By: tom On: Wed 7th Feb, 2018 9:05pm

Hey there,

Due to tournaments taking place this Saturday PUB GOLF has been postponed till week 7 replacing the polo social.

Instead we shall be having a GAMES NIGHT tomorrow in S1.69 from 19:00 onwards. For anyone who wants to we shall be ordering PIZZA!!!๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

If there are any games you would like to play then please bring them along ♣๏ธ♦๏ธ♥๏ธ♠๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฒ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ

This is a good chance for some team bonding and chat ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope to see you all there,

Tom and @Lara


Canoe NewsScotland Tour SignupsPosted By: Severijn On: Wed 7th Feb, 2018 7:55pm
Hey paddlers!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter and that can of course only mean one thing: it’s almost time for Scotland Tour! In this annual trip the canoe club heads up north for nine days of kayaking, socialising, and minibus faffing. We will leave on Sunday the 18th of March (which is the weekend of week 10) and return late in the evening on Tuesday the 27th of March. The first half of this week, until the 22nd, will be spent in the Abernethy Bunkhouse and the other half will be spent in the Great Glen Hostel, which we will both have exclusive use of. The price of this year’s Scotland Tour will be 230 pounds. This includes transport, fuel, accommodation, a group meal, a social night, the use of club kit (as always), and a swanky Scotland Tour 2018 t-shirt.
As a rule, we require everyone who wants to sign up to Scotland Tour to have been on a weekend river trip with us before. If you have not had the privilege to have joined us on one, please speak to an exec member about signing up.
The sign-ups for Scotland Tour will go live on our website warwickcanoe.uk at 19:55 next Monday (The start of week 6 or the 12th of February in real dates). If you want to, feel free to join me (and hopefully others) at the Dirty Duck before that time for a pre-pool-session pub sign-up. Regardless of whether you join me there or not, be ready with your laptops or phones at 19:55 because it is sure to fill up quickly!
Finally, to hype everyone up in the run-up to Monday, I will be posting a reason to be ready for sign-ups on our Facebook page and our website every day until then, starting today.
To start off the hype, the undisputed first reason to sign up for Scotland can of course only be the paddling. The full week of paddling is great fun and is a wonderful opportunity for improving your paddling as well. Last year’s rivers included the Findhorn, Spean Gorge, the Etive, and many more! The week will start off with relatively easy rivers and build up to more difficult ones. For an impression of the rivers that we will be paddling, take a look at these videos of Scotland last year!

Polo NewsCardiff and BUCSPosted By: Josh On: Fri 26th Jan, 2018 10:52am

My dear lovely polo types, this is going to be a long one…

As we’re getting into term 2, the biggest and baddest polo tournaments are coming up, and we’ve got to plan ahead at how we’re going to go along and win them all! These tournaments are of course Cardiff (Week 9) and BUCS (week 4 of the holidays- 14/15th April).

BUCS is the biggest, most important competition of the year and a great way for the club to flex its polo muscles, not only by doing well in the Ladies’ and Men’s leagues, but also by having the most fun at the party and being irresponsibly drunk in the middle of a tournament. We will be entering a B team in the B league as well, where the aim is to get as many bins in as possible! Please let us know if you can come and what team you’d like to play in here https://goo.gl/forms/vZdw2alUVwowmuv53. BUCS is free, as fees are covered by the uni, however there is the opportunity to buy yourself a sexy sexy BUCS top. If you have any questions, please ask myself or someone on the exec.

Cardiff, for the second year in a row, doesn’t clash with Scotland!!! Week 9 (9th-11th of February) this term, we will be heading to the Cardiff University canoe polo tournament. This is a great warm up for BUCS and will of course have a raging party and a meal provided on the Saturday night. The weekend will cost £35 for the tournament entry, transport, party and the meal. If you want to come along, please sign up here: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/475/. If you sign up for Cardiff, please also fill in the google form above.

Those of you who are getting anxious about the new rash vest order, it’ll be here soon. I promise!

Polo love,


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 TERM 2 SOCIALSPosted By: Lara On: Thu 25th Jan, 2018 1:32pm
Hey happy paddlers!
It's that time of year again (time for an infodump). I'm going to do a big old socials timeline! But before I begin, just a quick reminder to please sign up for the 2 polo tournaments this weekend and Cardiff on the website!
WEEK 4 - WEDNESDAY - POP! We'll be circling for our first time again this term in the Copper Rooms. The theme is farmyard! Feel free to bring plus ones :) Be sat down at circle with your pints by 19:30 or there will be consequences...
WEEK 5 - FRIDAY - PUB GOLF Back again for another year, you'll be competing against yourself (and your liver) to complete the course on par. We'll be starting the crawl on campus at 18:00! The theme is "The Food Chain": Freshers have to dress as plants, 2nd years as herbivores, 3rd years as carnivores, and years 4+ as hunters!
WEEK 6 - THURSDAY - REAL ALE And we're back! Real Ale is one of the best events of the year - good drinks, good company, and good music! (Dr Busker Hype!) If you don't know who he is, you will after this! This event is honestly so popular that old gifs from far and wide comeback just for it, it's so great. There's a humungous range of ales, ciders, wines, and even mead - so pick your poison (though from personal experience, limit yourself to one - and only one - super purple). We'll be meeting in the Copper Rooms at 18:00
WEEK 7 - ¯_(ใƒ„)_/¯ - POLO SOCIALS - Again, this one's up to the captains to decide, so more details will be coming later (but not from me).
WEEK 8 - SATURDAY - SKOOLDAYZ - Ties at the ready! We're hitting up Skooldayz again, but we need a Fresher's kitchen or it's gonna be bloody cold! Contact me please! Polo will still be on, so prinks will start afterwards at 21:30 :)
WEEK 9 - WEDNESDAY - POP! Once again, we will be circling! All the usual stuff applies - this week's theme is ABC! (Anything but clothes) Looking forward to seeing the fashion designers in you all!
WEEK 10 - THURSDAY - LAZERQUEST This one should be a laugh - details are a bit thin because it's so far away, but we'll be meeting in Coventry (most likely in a Spoons :P ) and then playing a few rounds, before returning home (by which I mean the Spoons).
Phew, that was a long one, but hopefully it'll help you all with your diaries for a bit!
See you all soon <3
Social Sec Love <3
Tom and (a sleep-deprived) Lara

 Lakes Sign-ups live!!!Posted By: Liam On: Thu 25th Jan, 2018 12:00pm

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><




Signups are now live for our Lakes trip in 2018!!!!!!!!!

Head to https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/478 and signup. Be quick!!!


This trip will be at the end of week 4, from 2nd-4th Feb. We will be staying at the club favourite; Bardsea Malt Kiln.

This will be a more challenging trip than the others we have run so far this year, but sign-up anyway and speak to one of us if you’re unsure about anything.

The cost of the trip will be £38 and will include transport and accomodation.


This trip will be the best chance to get a preview of Scotland tour and is sure to be a great weekend away!


Paddling love


Liam and the exec


<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><


Polo NewsBLadies Tournament Week 3Posted By: Ben Ayre On: Mon 22nd Jan, 2018 3:51pm

On Sunday 28th January (Week 3) Warwick are hosting our last B’s and Ladies tournament of the year!
This is a great chance to play in a friendly tournament against other university Canoe Polo teams, and is completely free!

If you want to be considered for either teams then sign up on the website here: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/477/

The tournament will run from 10am to 7.30pm (so bring food for between games), with teams meeting at the sport centre at 9.30am.

Also if you're interested please sign up for the National div 4 tournament this Saturday via https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/474/ this is open to everyone

Polo Love

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 LakesPosted By: Ivan On: Mon 22nd Jan, 2018 12:38pm

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><


Greetings fellow wet ones,


Our next canoe trip will be to the Lake District on the 2nd-4th Feb (end of week 4), where we usually paddle the Kent and the Leven. Here’s a video of what we paddled last year:



These rivers will be more challenging than those on previous trips this year, making it great preparation for Scotland (hype!). We suggest that you come by the pool for a bit of practice in our evening sessions. They run on Monday and Wednesday 8.30-10 every week. Although the ability to roll is not necessary, it’s recommended.


Signups will go live at noon this Thursday.


If you are unsure whether this trip will be suitable for you, sign up anyway, and we can talk to you about it.


See you tonight at the ice skating social, starting at the Harvester (at the skydome) at 7, and skating at 8. Don’t forget to sign up for your ice card at: link


Tonights pool session has been cancelled because we are all dancing on ice.


Much love

Daddy Will and the Canoe Exec

><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>

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 Week 3 Social - ICE SKATINGPosted By: Lara On: Fri 19th Jan, 2018 1:21pm
Have you ever struggled to stay upright on the water? Well, if you manage to go upside-down at this social, I'll be impressed!
We're going ICE SKATING! This Monday, we'll be heading for ice skating in Coventry - public skate is from 20:15 to 22:00.
If you want to eat beforehand, we'll be at the Harvester at 19:00.
With skate hire, it will cost £9 (I believe there's student discount available) but bring cash since they charge for card.
MAKE SURE to sign up for a FREE Ice Card here, otherwise it'll be £2.20 more on the day: link
Transport-wise, after 6pm National Express have a ticket of up to 5 people for £5! The 11 will take you from either Leam or campus into Coventry.
Hope to see you there!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
(PS the pool session for that day has been cancelled, sorry!)
(PPS - Pop! sneak peak: the theme is farmyard)

 Photo Bar Crawl!Posted By: tom On: Tue 16th Jan, 2018 3:41pm

Hey there paddlers,

Another week means another social and this Thursday is the Photo Bar Crawl.

We will be starting at the Duke in North Leam at 19:30 before heading down the parade, stopping off along the way and ending in Kelseys.

As normal I will be meeting freshers by the bus interchange on campus at 19:00.

Hope to see you all there,

Tom and Lara

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 Welcome Back Curry!Posted By: Lara On: Mon 8th Jan, 2018 5:54pm
Hey everyone, hope you had a good new year!
What's better in these chilly days than a curry to warm us all up?
We'll be hosting our traditional "Welcome Back" curry at Ali's Curryhouse in Leamington this Thursday at 19:30. It's the one opposite Majestic Wines.
Hope to see you soon, and happy paddling!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
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 Big Term 2 PostPosted By: Elsa On: Sun 7th Jan, 2018 6:36pm

<><  <><  <><  <><  <><

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and that you didn’t go too hard on NYE!

We have a busy term ahead, so here are some key dates for your diaries. Reminders for all trips, tournaments and socials will be sent out nearer the time.

Please remember that everyone should be a member to attend pool sessions and trips



Hoodies will be available to order until Midday 12th January, and will be delivered soon afterwards. Go to http://www.originalhoodieco.com/ and click on Warwick then either Canoe or Canoe Polo to buy them. Prices are correct at the TOP of the page, and with loan day just around the corner, who can resist! Contact Hannah with any questions.


Socials List

Socials this term will once again be on thursdays, unless specified otherwise. Reminders will be emailed and posted on our facebook group weekly, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/warwickcanoe/ :) Contact Lara or Tom with any questions.


Week 1 - Curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.30pm in Leam

Week 2 - Photo Bar Crawl

Week 3 - Ice Skating

Week 4 - POP! on Wednesday 31st Jan - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 5 - Pub Golf on Friday

Week 6 - Real Ale

Week 7 - Polo Socials

Week 8 - Skool Dayz on Saturday 3rd March

Week 9 - POP! on Wednesday 7th March - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 10 - Laser Quest


You can buy tickets for POP! And Skool Dayz from https://tickets.warwicksu.com/



Sessions will continue as last term, Monday and Wednesday 8:30-10pm.


Week 2 - Refreshers: 19th-21st January. Sign ups for this trip have closed.

Week 4 - Lakes: Harder trip on 2nd-4th February. The ability to roll on moving water is highly recommended for this trip. Signups will be announced in week 3.

Week 6 - TBC - BUCS Slalom

Week 8 - Nene Whitewater Course: Day trip on Wednesday 28th February, 12-6pm (ish).

Week 8 - TBC - NSR: Weekend of competitive freestyle at HPP Whitewater Course, with prizes to be won.

Week 11 - Scotland Tour 2018!!!: 10 days at the start of the Easter Holidays (Sunday 18th - Tuesday 27th March). You must have been on at least one other trip to come on this one.



Sessions will continue as last term, Tuesday 8.30-10pm and Saturday 7.30-9.30pm


Week 1 - Warwick A-team tournament: A great chance to watch some high quality polo and cheer on your A-team. Come down to the pool on Sunday, 12-7.30

Week 3 - National tournament Saturday, and Warwick B’s and ladies’ tournament Sunday 28th January, 10-7.30pm: Come play and/or support! Sign ups will be announced soon.

Week 6 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 8 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 9 - Cardiff University tournament: A big fun outdoor tournament featuring many universities, a party and maybe even a meal!

Week 10 - National tournament Saturday


Canoe Love,

Seb and the Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs

><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>

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 HOODIES!!!Posted By: Hannah On: Mon 18th Dec, 2017 12:04pm

Have you spent all term being jealous of the sexy sexy hoodies? Are you running out of things to put on your Christmas list? Do you want to rep our clubs wherever you go?

The super snuggly Canoe and Canoe Polo hoodies are now up for sale! (And canoe have a very cool new design!)

There’s a choice of designs, whether you want a zip, and you can have your name embroidered too!

Just follow this link:
(Click on the Warwick logo, and then on Canoe or Canoe Polo - buy as many as you want!)

The hoodies will be available to buy until 12th January at midday, and they will be available to collect from pool sessions soon after that!

Reference for sizing:
XS is around ladies 6-8 (snug on Elsa)
S is ladies 8-10 (baggy on Elsa)
M is ladies 12-14 (Will/ Hannah size/ baggy on Ivan)
L is roughly ladies size 16-20 (around Lara’s size)

See the Facebook group for more detailed pictures of the logos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/warwickcanoe/

Paddling love,

Hannah and the Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs


Canoe NewsWWSR Signups openPosted By: Liam On: Tue 12th Dec, 2017 12:00pm

Whitewater Safety and Rescue (Term 2 week 6) Signups are now open!

There are only 6 spaces available!


Remember: you will have to be comfortable paddling and swimming in grade 2 water

If you still don’t know what this is all about, ask me!



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 POP and SCHOOLDAYZ tickets!Posted By: tom On: Sun 10th Dec, 2017 9:00pm

POP and SCHOOLDAYZ tickets!!

Pop and schooldayz tickets go on sale 12pm this Wednesday.
We will be circling in weeks 4 and 9.
You will need an "event and circling ticket" for this.

Also make sure you get your week 8 Skooldayz "event only" ticket too

Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you all soon

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Canoe NewsWWSR!Posted By: Liam On: Fri 8th Dec, 2017 7:31pm

Looking for some swimming lessons?

Want to learn how to fish freshers?

Fulfill your dreams of being Action Man?


End of week 6 next term (16-18 Feb) we will be running a trip for 6 to go on a Whitewater Safety and Rescue course on the river Dee. You will be staying in Llangollen scout hut and the cost will be roughly £75. You will need to be comfortable swimming in whitewater (drysuits are provided).

To get an idea of what the course is like check out this: https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/courses/white-water-safety-and-rescue-training/#course-structure


If you think this is for you, send me a message then sign up on the website at 12:00 next Tuesday.


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 Refreshers!Posted By: Ivan On: Thu 7th Dec, 2017 12:10pm

Sign ups are live for our Refreshers trip in 2018!


It will take place on 19-21 January in Dartmoor. Although the water will be cold, we will be staying in the nice and warm Newton Abbot Scout Hut which has a fully equipped kitchen.

This is the last weekend whitewater trip of the academic year that is aimed at beginners, so make sure you come along to get some more experience of whitewater paddling. If you want to attend our week long trip to Scotland (in the first week of Easter) then you will need to have attended at least one weekend trip with the Canoe Club. We highly recommend this trip if you didn’t get a chance to go on Freshers or Tyne Tour.

See you all tonight at the Christmas meal in the Clarendon!

Paddling Love

Matt and the Canoe Exec

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 Christmas Meal Final Update!Posted By: Lara On: Tue 5th Dec, 2017 5:10pm
Roll up, roll up, here's everything you need to know!
The Christmas Meal will be at The Clarendon in Leamington Spa at 19:30. Formal wear is REQUIRED!
Tom will be running a bus shuttle from campus. The bus will be at 19:02, so make sure to get there a little earlier than 19:00.
Once we've eaten, Christmas Awards will be presented, and Secret Santas swapped before we proceed on down the Parade for a night of jolly merriment.
See you all soon!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
PS. The signups were just to see if we needed extra seats, so any late minute joiners are totally welcome :)
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Polo NewsSaturday kit fixing! Posted By: Seb On: Wed 29th Nov, 2017 6:08pm

Roll up! Roll up!

Kit fixing will be taking place on the balcony this Saturday, too many boats are far too seive-ey at the minute and most people don't like sinking!

We'll be fixing from 2-6, breaking for dinner then rolling back in for the polo session at half 7. Feel free to come and go when you're available, any helping hands would be very appreciated!

Your friendly neighbourhood KitSec

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 Secret Santa!Posted By: Lara On: Mon 27th Nov, 2017 12:41pm

Hey Paddlers,



Follow this link to sign up for this year's anonymous Secret Santa :D We'll be exchanging gifts at the Clarendon during the Christmas meal.

You have until Friday to sign up!

We'll see you at Pop! in your pairs this Wednesday at circle!

Social Sec Love <3

Lara and Tom

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 Week 8 social! SCHOOLDAYZPosted By: tom On: Wed 22nd Nov, 2017 10:59pm

Hey paddlers,

For this weeks social we will be going to schooldayz on Saturday.

We will be meeting outside the sport centre at 21:40 after the canoe polo session. We will be predrinking before heading into the copper rooms. Remember your shirt and tie!

If you need a ticket or have a spare comment below so we can match you up.

If you are a fresher and living on campus and have a kitchen or social space we would be able to use for predrinks then please let us know!

Hope to see you all there


 Christmas Meal Signups are Live!Posted By: Lara On: Wed 22nd Nov, 2017 4:39pm
Ho ho ho happy paddlers!
๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐ŸปChristmas Meal is fast approaching! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„
(I know, I know, it's not yet December, but bookings wait for no-one)
SIGN UPS ARE NOW LIVE HERE: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/468/
It'll be on Week 10, the Thursday, (7/12) at 19:30 in the Clarendon :)
If you could sign up asap, I can be sure that there will be enough seats for everyone!
The menu contains veggie and vegan options, and can be found here: https://www.spccs1.co.uk/menus/62865%20-%20CR%20-%20CHRISTMAS%202017%20-%20MAIN%20MENU%20-%20B5.pdf
Again, more details will be available closer to the time, but this part needs to get done early :)
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
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 Term 1 Socials UpdatePosted By: Lara On: Mon 13th Nov, 2017 5:18pm
Time for another Socials Update!
This week is the Polo Captains' Social! The Ladies and the Mens will host their own socials away from one another ;) I know it says polo in the title, but everyone is welcome to show up! I'm not sure what the men are doing but I'm sure Josh will let you all know soon. Ladies, we've probably already chatted about our plans (if not come talk to me) and we'll give you more details some time soon.
Next week is Skooldayz on the Saturday. Polo is still on! We'll be predrinking afterwards on campus, (kitchen TBC). Sadly I'm away that weekend, so it'll only be Tom there of the two of us.
Week 9 we are circling again! Tickets are still available, but if you miss out, there are some spares floating about :) The theme will be PAIRS! So find your partner and get creative!
And for our final social of the year, we will be having our Christmas meal at The Clarendon in Leamington on Thursday Week 10. I'll give you more details closer to the time, but hint - you'll need formal wear!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
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 Week 6 Social - Treasure Hunt and Fireworks!Posted By: Lara On: Tue 7th Nov, 2017 1:26pm
Sup Paddlers!
Get your deerstalkers ready (though beanies will do) because this week's social is a Treasure Hunt and Fireworks!
Meet at 19:00 on Thursday in the Duck for your first clue!
Once it's done we'll all be heading to Will's house in Canley (39 Chav, but search Puffer's Holiday in Google Maps or it'll send you to the wrong place) to set fire to some pretty explosives (and hopefully nothing else).
Fireworks will cost £10pp so signup on the website before Wednesday night, and get the money to either myself or Tom.
Social Sec Love <3

Canoe NewsBUCS WWRPosted By: Liam On: Mon 30th Oct, 2017 5:06pm

Hey all!

Feeling fast? Saturday end of week 7 (Nov 18th) we will be sending a team of 12 to compete at BUCS Wild Water Racing on the river Washburn.
This trip will be a heavily subsidised £10 and is a great chance to get a day’s paddling and represent the club against other unis. We will also be leaving and returning on Saturday so you can keep your Sunday free.

If you like the sound of this, sign-ups will go live tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/. Send a message to Liam if you have any problems getting signed up.
Be aware, because this is BUCS you will need to be a current student.

Hope to see you all at Leam Boat Centre (19:30) for kit and cocktails on Thursday!

-Liam and the rest of the canoe exec


 Week 5 SocialPosted By: tom On: Sun 29th Oct, 2017 7:20pm

Sup paddler!

This weeks social on Thursday is the traditional "Kit and Cocktails". We will be heading to the Leamington Boat Centre for 19:30, a great place to pick up pieces of kit or add to your Christmas wish list. Following this we will be heading to 2 Gem Place for Cocktails from 20:00 onwards.

The Cost will be £5 for cocktails or £2 for mocktails and it will be an open bar with what we have Please sign up on the website and pay either Lara or me before Thursday.

Sign ups for this event:

Cocktails: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/458/
Mocktails: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/459/

Lara will be getting the bus from campus with fresher's to the boat centre. Meeting at the campus bus stop at 19:00.

Hope to see you all there!
Tom and Lara

P.S. A reminder for the rest of the socials this term:
Week 5- Kit and Cocktails (thursday)
Week 6- Fireworks (thursday)
Week 7- Polo Captains Social (thursday)
Week 8- Skooldayz (saturday-get your even ticket now!)
Week 9- POP (wednesday- get your "circling and event" ticket now!)
Week 10- Christmas Meal (thursday)


Polo NewsRules Talk and Refs CoursePosted By: Josh On: Sun 29th Oct, 2017 11:18am

Thanks to those who came along to the rules talk yesterday! If you didn't come along, and need help understanding rules, please come and talk to one of the exec ๐Ÿ˜Š

** ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿฅ‰ REFS COURSE ๐Ÿ›ถ๐Ÿ›ถ๐Ÿ›ถ๐Ÿฅ…๐Ÿ'Œ **

Do you like being in control?
Want a shiny new whistle and some coloured pieces of plastic?
Want to learn rules from some of the UK's top refs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a refs course is for you! Next Saturday, 4th November, we will be hosting one just for you (and Cherwell Canoe Club) on campus!

This is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the rules past the basics and also gain a qualification for your troubles. At the end of the day you can sit a paper hopefully making you a qualified referee  (of sorts).

The course will run from 9.30 til 4.30 in A0.23 (social sciences) and will cost £12.50, or £20.00 with a shiny set of whistles and cards, and your very own rulebook!

If you want to come along, please sign up here:


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 Tyne Tour!Posted By: Ivan On: Tue 24th Oct, 2017 7:56pm

If you missed out on Freshers’ Trip last weekend, fear not! Tyne Tour is almost upon us!

From 3rd-5th of November we will be heading up North for a weekend of paddling, camping, fireworks, Ceilidhing and socialising. Tyne Tour is one of our best trips of the year and involves kayaking clubs from all over the country congregating to paddle and partaaaaaay!

Signups will go live on the trips page of the website (link at midday this Thursday (26th October). This is one of our most popular trips of the year so get in there quickly. The trip is suitable for anyone that has been to at least one pool session (although more is recommended).

The trip will cost £38 for the weekend and that includes all the kit, transport and the ticket price for the event so it really is a bargain!

If you don't yet have an account on the website you'll need to make one before you sign up for the trip.

See you at Liam’s for Halloween on Thursday!


Paddling Love,

Elsa and The Canoe Exec <3 <3 <3

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Polo NewsSessions updatePosted By: Ben Ayre On: Sun 22nd Oct, 2017 4:43pm

***Long post incoming***

For people who can’t (be bothered to) read:
Ball throwing Wednesdays 8-9am in Westwood games hall followed by an Xananas breakfast.
Team Training, Wednesday afternoons followed by a trip to the pub.
Friday sessions will now be invite only.

Want to work on your ball handling? Want to be a catch on the pitch? Come to Westwood Games Hall 8-9 on Wednesday mornings to learn how to throw and catch properly (the main reason to come is cheap breakfast in Xananas afterwards. All you need is Standard Membership which you should all already have.

Leam training is a great opportunity to spend more time on the water improving your fitness and ball skills. We’ll work on paddling technique, tactics and getting used to outdoors playing ready for BUCS. Then we’ll undo all our hard work by going to the pub for dinner… The only cost for this is possibly a return bus ticket (£3.90) but there should be some lifts in cars.

Friday sessions (yes freshers we’ve just kept these hidden until now) will be invite only to develop our As and ladies team. If you turn up without an invite you will NOT be allowed on the water. If you’re not being invited and feel like you should be, please do come and talk to me or Josh Charlwood and we can tell you where you need to be improving.

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 WEEK 3 SOCIALPosted By: Lara On: Mon 16th Oct, 2017 2:58pm
The Week 3 Social is Pop!
We will be circling in the Copper Rooms this Wednesday. Be sat down with your Purple by 19:30!
If you need a ticket, please talk to a member of the exec and we'll see what we can do :)
The theme is Ancient History.
See you there!
Lara and Tom
PS - for those of you looking forward to this Wednesday's pool session, it's been cancelled

Canoe NewsNene & Freshers TripPosted By: Hadyn On: Thu 12th Oct, 2017 12:09pm

Sign ups are now open for our first trips of the term. 

These are Nene taking place on Wednesday 18th October from 12 - 5pm and will cost £12. 
Freshers Trip to North Wales which will be on the weekend of week 3 Friday 20th October 4pm to Sunday 22nd October 8pm. This will cost £40 for the weekend, you just need to bring yourself, cloths and food. 
You can sign up on the trip section of our website here: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/ 
You need to have an account on our website to do this, instruction for setting one up can be found here: https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/register/
Also a reminder you will need to have purchased canoe membership and attended at least one pool session before attending any trip. 
Tonight is our 3 legged bar craw down leamington parade. We will be meeting in the Duke in Leamington at 7:30pm or at the main campus bus stop at 7:00pm, just look out for people in canoe (polo) hoodies. 
Finally both Canoe and Canoe Polo have one final taster session both this Saturday 14th October 12:00 - 13:00 for Canoe and 19:00 - 20:30 for Canoe Polo. 
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 Week 2 Social!Posted By: Lara On: Mon 9th Oct, 2017 6:35pm

Sup Paddlers! ๐Ÿ›ถ

As some of you may know by now, this week's social is the Three-Legged Bar Crawl!

Meet us this Thursday at the Duke at 19:30, where you'll be paired up with someone else and duct-taped to them, so you can struggle to stay upright even more than a usual bar crawl!

For anyone on or around campus, Tom will be running a bus shuttle once again at 19:00. Look out for the Canoe hoodie if you're not sure.

It's a fantastic opportunity for members of the club, new and old, to get to know each other, and for people new to Leam to get to know our usual watering holes.

See you soon!

Lara and Tom

PS. Sneak Peek ๐Ÿ™Š for next week - we're circling! Theme is Ancient History ๐Ÿ'ด๐Ÿป

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Polo NewsPre Term Info DumpPosted By: Josh On: Thu 28th Sep, 2017 5:10pm

Hiya everybody!
With term fast approaching there’s some stuff what you probably need to know.

Now as most of you will remember, during the first 3 weeks of term, a lot of existing members don’t tend to get particularly much pool time. This is largely unavoidable with only 2 sessions a week.  Luckily this year we will be having a third evening of polo (Friday 8.30-10.00). For the first 3 weeks, these sessions will be for existing members only to come along and try to remember what may have been forgotten over summer… :P. Preferential treatment will of course be given to those who turn up to help at fresher taster sessions. From week 4, this session will become a squads session that will alternate between an open (A’s) squad and a ladies squad (more details later).

This year, the club has 3 teams entered in various leagues. The ladies will be playing in the Ladies Div 2 South (same as last year). The A’s are entered in the Regional Div 1 South East. A mixed team will play in National Div 4 Central. All tournaments will cost £15.50 which will cover transport and entry fees.

Ball throwing will be the same as last year, from 8-9am in Westwood Games Hall, starting Week 1. There will be a club breakfast afterwards at Xananas for those who are interested.

Some may also know that we are having to (again) change our rash vest supplier. This year, they’re coming from the SU’s chosen supplier so hopefully this one will last! We’ll be in touch soon about that.

Finally, if you are putting a fresher in a boat and they say they’re left handed, do them a favour and give them a right handed paddle… They’ll thank you later!

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 Welcome Freshers!!Posted By: Josh On: Wed 6th Sep, 2017 1:29pm

Welcome to the University of Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo Clubs!

Our pool sessions are aimed at people of all ability levels, from kayaking experts to complete beginners. All you need to bring to each session is yourself, swimming kit and a t-shirt, and we will supply the rest. At your first pool session you are required to swim 2 lengths and then do a capsize drill whilst supervised and guided by one of our experienced members.
The sessions are:
    • Monday 8:30-10:00pm
    • Wednesday 8:30-10:00pm
Canoe Polo
    • Tuesday 8:30-10:00pm
    • Wednesday 8:00-9:00am - Ball throwing practice at Westwood Games Hall
    • Saturday 7:30-9:30pm
The first three weeks of term will be FREE taster sessions.
After every evening session we go to The Dirty Duck, whilst after ball throwing we frequently go for breakfast at Xananas.
Tournaments and Competitions
Throughout the year, the canoe polo club host and attends a range of indoor and outdoor tournaments that cater to all ability levels. Playing against other clubs and universities is a great way to improve your skills and earn some medals! The year builds up to the fantastic BUCS Canoe Polo Tournament, where university teams from across the country come together for a weekend of polo and drinking (not necessarily in that order), and of course to determine the British university champions.
There are squad training sessions on Friday evenings.
This year, the canoe club will be participating in the BUCS Wild Water Racing Championship on the River Washburn.
The canoe polo club holds trips to the River Leam most Wednesdays, where we practice drills for boat skills, ball skills, and fitness (followed by the pub of course). We will let you know when these trips are happening closer to the time.
Throughout the academic year, the canoe club embark on a number of whitewater trips to rivers all around the country, culminating in our annual Easter Tour to Scotland. There are currently 3 weekend trips planned for the first term.
In addition to club trips, members will occasionally organise their own peer-paddling trips to rivers and whitewater courses such as Cardiff International White Water. These will normally be advertised on the Facebook group.
As well as visits to the pub after sessions we also run a wide variety of socials throughout term time with some of the highlights being pub golf, Christmas meal and our big end of year party. Just in the first term, we have a three legged bar crawl, two circles at POP! and a treasure hunt!
Sign ups for trips and tournaments will be through our website so if you are interested please make an account for this website. To make an account on the website, follow this link.
We look forward to seeing you at a session soon!
Hadyn, Josh, and the rest of the Canoe and Canoe Polo Exec.

Canoe NewsClub Survey 2016/17Posted By: Will On: Tue 27th Jun, 2017 2:01pm

Now that term 3 is winding down, we want to hear your thoughts about the club this past year. What was good? What could be improved on? The survey is completely anonymous, so please be honest with your feedback.

SURVEY LINK HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/XcyoNCdORyqR7KfJ3

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 Generic Post Surf Tour PostPosted By: Ivan On: Mon 26th Jun, 2017 10:52pm

Thanks everyone for another fantastic Surf Tour! Special thanks to all the drivers who made it possible

There was some lost property collected, including some strides and other assorted things

If anyone has accidently taken a medium surf t shirt then could you please give it to an exec member or Tom Jin

See you all at epic party, don't forget to buy your early bird tickets before Tuesday evening. £30pp or £35 after Tuesday

Sun burnt Ivan

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 Pop Today!Posted By: Lara On: Wed 21st Jun, 2017 10:57am


Meet at 7 on the grass between Bluebell 1 and 2, and bring food to BBQ, and drinks

Just to confirm, there's no theme, so wear what you like to the last Pop! of the year.

Happy Solstice

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 EPIC PARTY!Posted By: Lara On: Sat 17th Jun, 2017 12:30pm


Alcoholic --> https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/450/
Non-Alcoholic --> https://warwickcanoe.uk/site/trips/trip/451/

On the 29th of June come down to Leamington Rugby Club around 1730 for a fantastic way to end the year!

What you need to bring:

Clothes that make you feel fancy (yes this is a suit up event)

And that's it! Everything else is included in the ticket price! Food, snacks, a bouncy castle, and even an open bar!

Earlybird tickets are £30, which ends Tuesday the 27th. After that, tickets are £35. Non-alcoholic tickets are available for the low, low price of £20, contact us with any specific soft drinks you'd like. Payments must be in cash to a member of the exec (Preferably me or Ivan)

Bring your friends! All paying plus ones are welcome, university members or not, just talk to a member of the exec ๐Ÿ˜Š

Please let us know of any dietary requirements, like allergies, or vegetarianisms.

Hope to see you there!

Social Sec Love,


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Canoe NewsSURF TRIP TSHIRTSPosted By: Hannah On: Tue 13th Jun, 2017 6:16pm

Shirts this year will cost £10.50 and are an awesome way to remember the year, as well as surf trip of course. You can buy a shirt regardless of whether you plan to come on Surf Trip itself.

There are also a few spaces left on surf tour so it’s not too late to sign up if you still haven’t.

Please comment on this facebook post with the size if you want one – we will set up a payment link once we have all the orders.


You need to tell me your order by the end of TOMORROW (Wednesday 14th) so make sure you don’t miss out!

(The sizes are: S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" 3XL 54/56" - all unisex)

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Canoe NewsKit borrowing for personal paddling tripsPosted By: Hadyn On: Mon 5th Jun, 2017 3:57pm
We have had an issue recently with kit being stored on the balcony and blocking the fire escape doors. As a reminder guys kit should be returned to the garage at the earliest possible convenience.
If kit has to be stored on the balcony, for a short period of time, then please leave it behind the rope we use to section off the kayaks and never in front of the fire escape doors (Warwick Sport take this very seriously).
As the summer approaches more people borrow club kit for personal paddling trips. We don't charge a fee for borrowing kit on personal trips as we want to encourage everyone to kayak as much as possible, but in doing so you must fill in the kit borrowing form, in addition to asking a member of Canoe's Exec. This is so we have a written record of who took what kit were as kit has a habit of disappearing over the summer.
Please remember that while we don't charge for lost or broken kit on club trips we will do so for personal paddling trips our charges along with the full kit borrowing policy can be read on our website.

Polo NewsKey Dates for Term 3Posted By: Hadyn On: Thu 11th May, 2017 5:53pm

I hope everyone’s exam prep and dissertations are going well, term 3 can be a stressful time so here is a reminder that all of our regular pool sessions are still running throughout term 3.


These are Monday 8:30-10:00pm, Wednesday 8:30-10:00pm and Thursday 3:30-4:30pm for Canoe with Tuesday 8:30-10:00pm and Saturday 6:30-8:30pm for Canoe Polo.


We have some exciting trips and socials coming up, to keep you motivated through your exams, for term 3 can be dark and full of terror.


Nene Trip - Tuesday 20th June (week 9)


The club will be going to the Nene Whitewater course for a day of kayaking. This is a good chance to practice catching eddies or moving water freestyle. Signups and more information including price will be released next week.  



Surf Trip - Friday 23rd June to Monday 26th June (Weekend week 9)


When all exams are done what’s better than sitting on a beach/campsite in the Welsh sun (it does exist) drinking alcohol, eating BBQ food and very occasionally contemplating the possibility of trying some sea/surf kayaking? We will be taking an extended weekend break to Newgale in Pembrokeshire for our annual surf trip. As usual surf trip t-shirts will be available designed by our graduating members.  



Skool Dayz – Saturday 17th June (week 8)


Instead of our usual handover social the whole club will be going to week 8 Skool Dayz. Get your ticket now here: https://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/14540/



Pop! – Wednesday 21st June (week 9) NON-CIRCLING


Grab your week 9 Event Only Pop! ticket as we will be circling outside at the Bluebell BBQ’s. Bring alcohol, meat and fire and enjoy our open-air circle before heading into the copper rooms for Pop! Get your event only tickets here: https://www.warwicksu.com/ents/event/14524/



Epic Party – Thursday 29th June (week 10)


The greatest social event since Real Ale. Leamington rugby club, food, unlimited alcohol, bouncy castle - one single price. Need I say more.



Save the dates in your diary and more information about each event will be released closer to the time.


Good luck with exams,


The 2017/18 Canoe Exec


Polo NewsSummer InternationalsPosted By: Josh On: Mon 8th May, 2017 10:25pm

Hiya Everybody!

To celebrate the new website, I've made some signups. We will be sending an A-Team to the London international and the De Paddel tournament in Belgium.

We would like to invite about 8 people from the rest of the club to come along and form a B-Team to accompany us. There is also a chance to form a mixed team for the welsh international. If you would like to join us, please sign up at the links below:


London International (29th/30th July) link

Welsh International (5th/6th August) link

De Paddle International (19th/20th August) link 


 Website UpdatePosted By: Tom Jin On: Mon 8th May, 2017 11:47am

Update your bookmarks! break_out_of_your_iframes(); DROP TABLE your_table; <?php && exit(); ?>

Following a short period of downtime caused by our previous shared hosting provider making a botched database upgrade the club's website has been moved to a new virtual server and given a new shorter domain name. www.warwickcanoe.co.uk is now https://warwickcanoe.uk, previous links will redirect shortly. https://canoepolo.club will be back up shortly.

In 10 years many execs have joined and left, boats have been purchased and broken, paddlers left behind, PHP functions depreciated and open source relational databases aquired by Oracle Coporation but the website hasn't received much more attention than a seasonal theme and a disclaimer tick box until now.

Many thanks goes to Webbo the ex11-webmonkey, who wrote this website in glorious web programming language of PHP and for hosting it for so long. With PHP7 compatability I can probably avoid rewriting the website in Rails for another few years.

Tom Jin, Ex2-webmonkey.


 ElectionsPosted By: Jefff On: Mon 1st May, 2017 4:25pm
This Thursday (May 4th), the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs shall be hosting their annual elections. Democratic activities shall commence at 19.00 in Kelsey's, with a civilised luncheon at Satchwell's at 18.00 (RIP in peace Jug). Formal attire is required. Those wearing jeans shall be vacated from the premises.

Those who wish to nominate themselves for an executive role must prepare a song and joke in advance, which must be performed on the night.

Each club has received multiple Presidential nominees, whose manifestos can be read below.


Hadyn Parker
I developed a love for white water paddling since coming to Warwick and have had the best times of my 5 years at Warwick with the Canoe Club. During that time, I've had the opportunity to develop from a novice paddler to a river leader, attend First Aid, White Water Safety & Rescue and 3* courses. In addition, I've held exec positions in Canoe for the last 3 years covering Kit Sec, Vice President and Tour Sec, therefore, I am aware of how the SU/Warwick Sport works (or doesn't). Going into next year I want to see a greater focus on coaching across all experience levels. This would include a return to structured coaching sessions in term 1, with weekly emails detailing which technique would be the focus. Organise official club trips to HPP and Cardiff during term 2 with the intention of developing peoples moving water roll before Scotland Tour. To encourage pool attendance and skill development I want to trial a system of 'Canoe Family', pairing Freshers/beginners with experienced members. This would allow for a one to one mentoring system covering basic paddle strokes, rolling and freestyle. I hope you will consider me for Canoe President.


Canoe Polo:

Joshua Charlwood
In the past two years, the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs have provided me with pretty much all my entertainment outside of my lecture naps. One weekend I can be competing in a polo tournament, the next I can have a weekend away being terrified on a white water river. If you vote for me as president I hope that I can help to create an environment where our members can enjoy kayaking in whatever way pleases them.
Canoe polo has an appearance of being a rather unorthodox, even boring sport! This doesn't do it justice. I hope that at least within the university, the club will be able to gain a reputation of performance and be taken more seriously as a sport. I will encourage the team captains to take an active role in the coaching and development of their teams as they should have the interests of their teams at heart. This means having steady, committed captains appointed early in the year.

Hopefully, my horrific track record as an organised student won't discourage you too much from voting for me. My lack of opposition might help too!


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