Canoe NewsWWSR Term 1Posted By: Dan On: Fri 19th Jul, 2019 6:06pm

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone’s having a good summer break,

As Coach I’m in the process of organising a WWSR (White Water Safety and Rescue) course that will run at some point in mid to late term 1. This trip will teach you all about rescuing and safety on the river so is perfect if you’re interested in the leadership side of things, or if you just fancy throw lining the exec when we swim. This is also a good course to make you feel more comfortable in moving water as you get to practice important skills such as defensive swimming and chase boating.

For more information on WWSR please visit:

This will be a two-day trip during a weekend and is likely to cost around £80. This will depend on things like the transport available.

I want to see how many people are interested in attending, so that we know we have enough people to run the trip. If people could email or message me to say they’re interested that would be great. If you have any questions, feel free to email me too.

My Email:

(Registering your interest does not guarantee you will be on the trip and doesn’t mean you have to go)

Canoe Love

Dan and the Exec

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Polo NewsAnother Summer TournamentPosted By: Dan On: Sat 15th Jun, 2019 1:38pm

Hi Paddlers

I have more exciting summer tournament news!!!

The 24th Welsh Open Canoe Polo Tournament will be held at Newport on the 3rd and 4th of August.

A team will cost £85 and the closing entry date is the 10th July.


Camping and parking are included and a marquee with refreshments and electric hook-up will be provided but time slots will need to be booked for electricity.

The participants will be responsible for the full entry fee and transport to and from the event. You can however use club kit.

Sign-ups are now live on the website:

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Polo News***Goals and RAGE! Update***Posted By: Lara On: Fri 14th Jun, 2019 12:01am

The goals should be fixed by Friday’s session - which means RAGE! is back on. 

As the term is coming to an end, we’ve decided that it is best to get this all finished before Week 10. 

RAGE! will be happening THIS SATURDAY and on TUESDAY!

Now there’s no excuse to not go to Skooldayz πŸ˜‰

Polo Love,

Lara and the Polo Exec


 πŸ„β€β™‚οΈπŸΊπŸ„β€β™€οΈ SURF BOOZE πŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸΊπŸ„β€β™‚οΈPosted By: Cameron On: Thu 6th Jun, 2019 12:08pm
Sup Dudes and Dudettes,
It wouldn't be a proper surf trip without some booze and now you can order some!
Use the link below, just add your name and what you want. We've got all your classic ciders but due to lack of interest sadly there's no ale this year 😞
If there's a drink you'd like to see at surf that's not on the sheet then feel free to add it and, depending on interest, we'll do our best to order it in! (Plz more ale)
Rough pricing and more options can be found here for cider: and here for the wine:
The cut-off for all this ordering is Tuesday 18th June.
Happy Surfing!
Cameron, Owen and all the Exec

 Epic PartyPosted By: Owen On: Wed 5th Jun, 2019 7:53pm

***Epic Party!!!***


Hey everyone,

Hope your exams are going well and that the end is in sight! As the end of term draws nearer its time for Warwick Canoe’s take on Sports Ball, only much, much better.

On 27th June (Thursday Week 10) we will descend on Leamington Rugby Club for a night filled with food, drink, bouncy castle and lots of fun!

There are two ticket options, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, both come with BBQ food, snacks and an open bar (subject to availability).

Alcoholic Signups (£30):

Non-Alcoholic Signups (£20):

This is a discount if you pay early, if you pay on the day then that's going to be £5 extra (£25/£35)!
You can pay either me or Cameron in person, by bank transfer, or using the Paypal link
Please Note: By signing up for the trip you are committing to pay!
Also, outside alcohol is strictly banned.


Canolo Love

Owen, Cameron and everyone else that thinks they’re in charge.


Polo NewsSummer TournementsPosted By: Dan On: Mon 3rd Jun, 2019 4:16pm

Hi polo players!

I would like to see if anyone’s interested in entering a team for the 21st London International Canoe Polo Tournament on the 27-28/07/19. The event is held at Danson Park, Bexleyheath. It is a great weekend of polo with a BBQ on the Saturday night.

The link to the tournament info page:

The entry cost is £100 per team and that includes camping for free!

The team that enters be responsible for the entry fee and transport however as your representing us we will provide kit.

Sign-ups are live on the website for anyone who’s interested in entering a team:


Dan and the polo exec


 Term 3 DatesPosted By: Liam On: Wed 24th Apr, 2019 10:13am

Sup paddlers!

Good news! Term is starting so regular kayaking is back!
Two big changes to pool sessions:
We’re in the fancy new sports centre (hype)
AFTERNOONS ARE BACK!!! We will have a Tuesday afternoon Canoe session from 14:30-15:30 every week throughout term. This is a really nice session to just take a break from revision

If you’re interested in what else is going on, see below or get the canoe calendar
Even better, these dates won’t all change in 3 days time!

Week 1

  • Wednesday (24th April) (Tonight)- First pool session back (This will be a polo session for BUCS prep) 20:30
  • Thursday (25th April) - Curry at Dama Dam Mast Balti
  • Friday - Canoe pool session since polo folk will be at BUCS 20:30

Week 2

  • Thursday (2nd May) - Elections at Kelseys (Remember to get in your applications)
    (rip current exec)
  • Saturday (4th May) - Gnardiff International Whitewater Trip (deets to come)

Week 3

  • Thursday - Mystery social

Week 4 - Week 7

  • Good luck with exams!
  • Tuesdays - Polo RAGE (deets to come)

Week 8

  • Saturday (15th June) - Skooldayz

Week 9

  • Monday - Tuesday (17th-18th June) - First Aid training (deets to come)
  • Wednesday - Campus BBQ and Pop!
  • Friday - Monday (21st-24th) June - Surf Trip! (deets to come)

Week 10

  • Thursday (27th June TBC) - Epic Party!!!!!!!!!!!! (deets to come)


Remember there will also be peer paddling trips happening so get on that page

Paddling love,

Elsa and the Canoe and Polo execs

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Canoe NewsPeer PaddlingPosted By: Liam On: Wed 27th Mar, 2019 6:12pm

Are you already clamouring to get back in a boat? Need more whitewater in term 3? Good news! We have a group for peer paddling:

What is peer paddling?
These are trips outside of the club organised by anyone that just wants to go kayaking - this includes you! These trips range from day trips to weeks away in the alps. Best of all, you are still welcome to borrow club kit!

For more info, read the description (important) and watch this video of Austria last year (very important):

See you on the water,



Canoe NewsKit borrowing for personal paddling tripsPosted By: Hadyn On: Mon 5th Jun, 2017 3:57pm
We have had an issue recently with kit being stored on the balcony and blocking the fire escape doors. As a reminder guys kit should be returned to the garage at the earliest possible convenience.
If kit has to be stored on the balcony, for a short period of time, then please leave it behind the rope we use to section off the kayaks and never in front of the fire escape doors (Warwick Sport take this very seriously).
As the summer approaches more people borrow club kit for personal paddling trips. We don't charge a fee for borrowing kit on personal trips as we want to encourage everyone to kayak as much as possible, but in doing so you must fill in the kit borrowing form, in addition to asking a member of Canoe's Exec. This is so we have a written record of who took what kit were as kit has a habit of disappearing over the summer.
Please remember that while we don't charge for lost or broken kit on club trips we will do so for personal paddling trips our charges along with the full kit borrowing policy can be read on our website.
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