Canoe NewsWWR hypePosted By: Jonathan On: Wed 23rd Jan, 2019 3:14pm

Hey all!

Feeling fast? On the weekend of week 7 (Feb 21st-23rd) we will be sending a team of 12 to compete at BUCS Wild Water (whitewater) Racing on the river Washburn. This is the once chance of the year to win BUCS points and represent #TeamWarwick with the Canoe club. The competition will consist of timed team and individual sprints down a 10min section of whitewater.


This trip is a heavily subsidised £12 and is a great chance to get a weekend’s paddling and represent the club against other unis. And we’re not even camping! 🚫🌨️🏕️


If you like the sound of this, sign-ups will go live tomorrow (Thursday) at midday

Any questions, speak to Jonathan for more information.

Be aware, because this is BUCS you will need to be a current student to race.


See you all this evening for POP! !


Beta and the Canoe Exec


P.S. promising chance of real whitewater on the Sunday.

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 Photo Bar CrawlPosted By: Ur mum On: Tue 15th Jan, 2019 10:52pm

**📸🍺Photo Bar Crawl🍺📸**

Evening all,

This Thursday it is the Photo Bar Crawl.

We will be starting off in The Antisocial (Previously called The Duke, #changeisbad) from 19:30 and will head down the Parade before finishing at Kelsey's

I will be at the bus interchange on campus from 19:00 to meet freshers.

Look forward to seeing you all then,

Social Love,❤️❤️
F.Chris + D

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 Term 2 Things!!Posted By: Liam On: Wed 19th Dec, 2018 2:31pm

<>< <>< TERM 2 THINGS ><> ><>

Happy holidays paddlers,

Hope you are all having a lovely break. Fortunately, there’s only a few more weeks until you can get kayaking again!
Below is a list of all the events you can expect in term 2. You can also find these in the Canoe & Canoe Polo Calendar, which can be downloaded from, so that you never miss a thing!

Before Term
Earlybird Rashvest order #StyleYourOwn ( (Midnight 19 Dec)
POP! Tickets go on sale (Noon 3 Jan)

Curry Social (10 Jan)
Deadline to order hoodies ( (8 Jan)

Photo bar crawl (17 Jan)
Refreshers Canoe Trip (18-20 Jan)

POP! - Theme: Decades (23 Jan)

Bowling (31 Jan)

Board Games (7 Feb)
Lakes Canoe Trip (8-10 Feb)

Real Ale! (14 Feb (and 15 and 16 if you’re hardcore))
Warwick As Tournament (TBC 17 Feb)

Pub golf (21 Feb) Theme - Under the sea
WWR (22-24 Feb)

Skooldayz (2 Mar)
Warwick BLadies Tournament (TBC 3 Mar)

Week 9: POP! Theme - TBC (6 Mar)

Laserquest (13 March)
Pre-Scotland Social (15 March)
Cardiff Polo Tournament (TBC 15-17 Mar)
Scotland Canoe Trip (17-26 Mar) (Sofuckingexcited) HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All the regular sessions as normal
Monday 20:30-22:00 Canoe
Tuesday 20:30-22:00 Polo
Wednesday 08:00-09:00 Ball throwing at Westwood Games Hall + Xananas breakfast
Wednesday 20:30-22:00 Canoe
Friday 20:30-22:00 Polo (drills/squads)
Saturday 19:30-21:30 Polo

See you in the New Year,

Festive Canolo Love,
The Canoe & Canoe Polo Execs


 Hoodie - ReminderPosted By: Jonathan On: Tue 18th Dec, 2018 5:52pm

Feeling like you need another layer in the cold? Our yearly hoodies are now on sale until 8th Jan.

There’s a choice of zip or no zip and (brand new for this year) sweatshirts too!
And with multiple designs for both Canoe and Polo, including the limited edition Hannah print, it’s the Christmas present you’ve always wanted.

From the homepage select the Warwick logo and then canoe or polo.
The price underlined is the price with VAT with the one below without VAT.

Don’t forget to customise your name!

Canoe love,
Jonathan and the exec


 2019 RashiesPosted By: Liam On: Fri 14th Dec, 2018 1:58pm

Ever dreamt of wearing Warwick red at a tournament? Always wanted the polo-bear on your back? Tired of drying a t-shirt after each pool session?

Now your dreams can be reality with our 2019 rashvest order! With external stitching and your choice of initials you'll be guaranteed to look the part.

New for 2019: Women's sizes ö, we have no idea what the fit will be like on these so you might want to wait until the first ones arrive.

To get hold of your rashvest just fill in the doodle poll with your name followed by the (up to 3) initials you want printed on the sleeve. To get an idea for what size you'll want speak to anyone who's got one from last year's order. As a rough guide, the small is 38" (96.5cm) with adjacent sizes being 2" difference. Cost will be approx £20 with postage, VAT, bears etc.

If you complete the doodle you will be committed to paying when the rashvest arrives.

I will be putting in the first group of orders asap for anyone who completes the doodle before midnight on Wednesday 19 Dec and there will be another order sometime in January (I'll send out a reminder). First batch SHOULD be delivered by Feb (imagine waiting six months) Any questions, get in touch.

Festive paddling love,

Liam and all the execs

 P.S Don't forget to order your hoodies

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Canoe NewsKit borrowing for personal paddling tripsPosted By: Hadyn On: Mon 5th Jun, 2017 2:57pm
We have had an issue recently with kit being stored on the balcony and blocking the fire escape doors. As a reminder guys kit should be returned to the garage at the earliest possible convenience.
If kit has to be stored on the balcony, for a short period of time, then please leave it behind the rope we use to section off the kayaks and never in front of the fire escape doors (Warwick Sport take this very seriously).
As the summer approaches more people borrow club kit for personal paddling trips. We don't charge a fee for borrowing kit on personal trips as we want to encourage everyone to kayak as much as possible, but in doing so you must fill in the kit borrowing form, in addition to asking a member of Canoe's Exec. This is so we have a written record of who took what kit were as kit has a habit of disappearing over the summer.
Please remember that while we don't charge for lost or broken kit on club trips we will do so for personal paddling trips our charges along with the full kit borrowing policy can be read on our website.

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