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BenPost subject: Sports Centre Garage 
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The sports centre garage has been designated a "confined space", so only sports centre staff, security and estates department are allowed in.

The carefully thought through, finely tuned and revoulutionary plan for washing boats is now to tell the sports centre staff you're going in when you ask for the key.
i.e. "continue as before"
I hope this is clear and that no one is confused by the new procedure. If you require emotional support during this difficult transition period, advice can be found between advertisement and advisedly in any good dictionary.

Fri 25th May, 2007
Edited by Ben on Fri 25th May 2007, 10:35am
Monkey Boy2Post subject: Re: Sports Centre Garage 
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AvatarGood god. I'm glad they've warned us. I'll never look at the cupboard under the stairs in the same way again.

What planet do these people live on?
Fri 25th May, 2007
PetePost subject: Re: Sports Centre Garage 
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Avatarnot exactly related, but jogged my memory about this: link

I promised to post it months ago. Basically there was a river which used to flow through the middle of Coventry before the war, afterwards it was decided that they needed all the space possible to rebuild the city and diverted it into underground channels and built over the top of it. Not sure you can get a kayak in there though.
Fri 25th May, 2007