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JevonPost subject: NSR is here! 
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Hello future NSR champions!

The time has come to sign up to NSR! Please sign up here on the website.

This is a weekend not to miss; it is the highlight of many peoples uni kayaking time, including mine! This amazing weekend is taking place on the 6th to 8th of March, week 9. Sign ups will be going live on the 13th Jan (tomorrow) at 13:00.

It is a camping weekend at HPP in Nottingham where we will be taking part in ridiculous kayaking events such as extreme slalom where you go down the whitewater course doing stupid stuff such as throwing your paddles through a hoop and hitting targets, 'freestyle' events; I use that term lightly as you get points for blowing kisses at the judges and jumping out of your boat! There is also a duo competition that has a race down the course and a freestyle frenzy that has numerous boats competing in one feature at once fantastic fun!

Throughout the day you can chill by the side of the course, drinking and watching all those silly people doing stupid stuff in boats, you can be one of those people taking part (highly recommended), chase a man dressed as a rabbit and tackle him to the floor, demo many of the nice shiny new boats on offer there or all of the above.

On the Saturday night there is a cooked meal followed by an amazing party that has a carnival theme this year.

You'd be a nutter to miss this weekend!

The cost of the weekend varies with how many people we get going so I can only give a rough guide now I'm afraid, the price brackets are:

Around 10 people £20 to £25

Around 20 people £40 to £45

The actual ticket for entry to this is £49, so even £45 is a bargain when transport is included. The price varies as so much as we have a pot of entry fee cash that we can split between everyone going. So the more people going, the less we can subsidise individual tickets, so unfortunately it is slightly more per person.

Please sign up ASAP as tickets sell out fast for this event. Sign ups will be closing on Tue 20th Jan at 12:00. You are committed to paying once sign ups have closed. If you can no longer come please let me know asap, if this is before sign ups close, no problem, if it's after sign ups close you will have to pay unless we can find someone to take your place. I will send out a link to pay at a later date.

Much Kayaking Love!


Mon 12th Jan, 2015
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JevonPost subject: Re: NSR is here! 
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AvatarSign ups are open!
Tue 13th Jan, 2015
James StocktonPost subject: Re: NSR is here! 
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AvatarIf you have any NSR drop outs before the closing of the deadline for details alteration (end of next week) I know some one who is keen for a ticket.
Sun 1st Feb, 2015
JevonPost subject: Re: Re: NSR is here! 
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AvatarJames Stockton wrote:
If you have any NSR drop outs before the closing of the deadline for details alteration (end of next week) I know some one who is keen for a ticket.
No dropouts I'm afraid James

Mon 2nd Feb, 2015
JevonPost subject: Re: NSR is here! 
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AvatarPayment link emails sent out, let me know if you haven't got them
Wed 4th Feb, 2015