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Hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and that you didn’t go too hard on NYE!

We have a busy term ahead, so here are some key dates for your diaries. Reminders for all trips, tournaments and socials will be sent out nearer the time.

Please remember that everyone should be a member to attend pool sessions and trips



Hoodies will be available to order until Midday 12th January, and will be delivered soon afterwards. Go to and click on Warwick then either Canoe or Canoe Polo to buy them. Prices are correct at the TOP of the page, and with loan day just around the corner, who can resist! Contact Hannah with any questions.


Socials List

Socials this term will once again be on thursdays, unless specified otherwise. Reminders will be emailed and posted on our facebook group weekly, at :) Contact Lara or Tom with any questions.


Week 1 - Curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.30pm in Leam

Week 2 - Photo Bar Crawl

Week 3 - Ice Skating

Week 4 - POP! on Wednesday 31st Jan - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 5 - Pub Golf on Friday

Week 6 - Real Ale

Week 7 - Polo Socials

Week 8 - Skool Dayz on Saturday 3rd March

Week 9 - POP! on Wednesday 7th March - be sat down with your purple by 7:30pm.

Week 10 - Laser Quest


You can buy tickets for POP! And Skool Dayz from



Sessions will continue as last term, Monday and Wednesday 8:30-10pm.


Week 2 - Refreshers: 19th-21st January. Sign ups for this trip have closed.

Week 4 - Lakes: Harder trip on 2nd-4th February. The ability to roll on moving water is highly recommended for this trip. Signups will be announced in week 3.

Week 6 - TBC - BUCS Slalom

Week 8 - Nene Whitewater Course: Day trip on Wednesday 28th February, 12-6pm (ish).

Week 8 - TBC - NSR: Weekend of competitive freestyle at HPP Whitewater Course, with prizes to be won.

Week 11 - Scotland Tour 2018!!!: 10 days at the start of the Easter Holidays (Sunday 18th - Tuesday 27th March). You must have been on at least one other trip to come on this one.



Sessions will continue as last term, Tuesday 8.30-10pm and Saturday 7.30-9.30pm


Week 1 - Warwick A-team tournament: A great chance to watch some high quality polo and cheer on your A-team. Come down to the pool on Sunday, 12-7.30

Week 3 - National tournament Saturday, and Warwick B’s and ladies’ tournament Sunday 28th January, 10-7.30pm: Come play and/or support! Sign ups will be announced soon.

Week 6 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 8 - Ladies’ national tournament on Saturday

Week 9 - Cardiff University tournament: A big fun outdoor tournament featuring many universities, a party and maybe even a meal!

Week 10 - National tournament Saturday


Canoe Love,

Seb and the Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs

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Sun 7th Jan, 2018
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Sun 7th Jan, 2018