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LaraPost subject: Week 3 Social - ICE SKATING 
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Have you ever struggled to stay upright on the water? Well, if you manage to go upside-down at this social, I'll be impressed!
We're going ICE SKATING! This Monday, we'll be heading for ice skating in Coventry - public skate is from 20:15 to 22:00.
If you want to eat beforehand, we'll be at the Harvester at 19:00.
With skate hire, it will cost £9 (I believe there's student discount available) but bring cash since they charge for card.
MAKE SURE to sign up for a FREE Ice Card here, otherwise it'll be £2.20 more on the day: link
Transport-wise, after 6pm National Express have a ticket of up to 5 people for £5! The 11 will take you from either Leam or campus into Coventry.
Hope to see you there!
Social Sec Love <3
Lara and Tom
(PS the pool session for that day has been cancelled, sorry!)
(PPS - Pop! sneak peak: the theme is farmyard)

Fri 19th Jan, 2018