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Greetings fellow wet ones,


Our next canoe trip will be to the Lake District on the 2nd-4th Feb (end of week 4), where we usually paddle the Kent and the Leven. Here’s a video of what we paddled last year:


These rivers will be more challenging than those on previous trips this year, making it great preparation for Scotland (hype!). We suggest that you come by the pool for a bit of practice in our evening sessions. They run on Monday and Wednesday 8.30-10 every week. Although the ability to roll is not necessary, it’s recommended.


Signups will go live at noon this Thursday.


If you are unsure whether this trip will be suitable for you, sign up anyway, and we can talk to you about it.


See you tonight at the ice skating social, starting at the Harvester (at the skydome) at 7, and skating at 8. Don’t forget to sign up for your ice card at: link


Tonights pool session has been cancelled because we are all dancing on ice.


Much love

Daddy Will and the Canoe Exec

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Mon 22nd Jan, 2018
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Wed 24th Jan, 2018