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LaraPost subject: TERM 2 SOCIALS 
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Hey happy paddlers!
It's that time of year again (time for an infodump). I'm going to do a big old socials timeline! But before I begin, just a quick reminder to please sign up for the 2 polo tournaments this weekend and Cardiff on the website!
WEEK 4 - WEDNESDAY - POP! We'll be circling for our first time again this term in the Copper Rooms. The theme is farmyard! Feel free to bring plus ones :) Be sat down at circle with your pints by 19:30 or there will be consequences...
WEEK 5 - FRIDAY - PUB GOLF Back again for another year, you'll be competing against yourself (and your liver) to complete the course on par. We'll be starting the crawl on campus at 18:00! The theme is "The Food Chain": Freshers have to dress as plants, 2nd years as herbivores, 3rd years as carnivores, and years 4+ as hunters!
WEEK 6 - THURSDAY - REAL ALE And we're back! Real Ale is one of the best events of the year - good drinks, good company, and good music! (Dr Busker Hype!) If you don't know who he is, you will after this! This event is honestly so popular that old gifs from far and wide comeback just for it, it's so great. There's a humungous range of ales, ciders, wines, and even mead - so pick your poison (though from personal experience, limit yourself to one - and only one - super purple). We'll be meeting in the Copper Rooms at 18:00
WEEK 7 - ¯_(ツ)_/¯ - POLO SOCIALS - Again, this one's up to the captains to decide, so more details will be coming later (but not from me).
WEEK 8 - SATURDAY - SKOOLDAYZ - Ties at the ready! We're hitting up Skooldayz again, but we need a Fresher's kitchen or it's gonna be bloody cold! Contact me please! Polo will still be on, so prinks will start afterwards at 21:30 :)
WEEK 9 - WEDNESDAY - POP! Once again, we will be circling! All the usual stuff applies - this week's theme is ABC! (Anything but clothes) Looking forward to seeing the fashion designers in you all!
WEEK 10 - THURSDAY - LAZERQUEST This one should be a laugh - details are a bit thin because it's so far away, but we'll be meeting in Coventry (most likely in a Spoons :P ) and then playing a few rounds, before returning home (by which I mean the Spoons).
Phew, that was a long one, but hopefully it'll help you all with your diaries for a bit!
See you all soon <3
Social Sec Love <3
Tom and (a sleep-deprived) Lara

Thu 25th Jan, 2018