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JoshPost subject: Cardiff and BUCS 
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My dear lovely polo types, this is going to be a long one…

As we’re getting into term 2, the biggest and baddest polo tournaments are coming up, and we’ve got to plan ahead at how we’re going to go along and win them all! These tournaments are of course Cardiff (Week 9) and BUCS (week 4 of the holidays- 14/15th April).

BUCS is the biggest, most important competition of the year and a great way for the club to flex its polo muscles, not only by doing well in the Ladies’ and Men’s leagues, but also by having the most fun at the party and being irresponsibly drunk in the middle of a tournament. We will be entering a B team in the B league as well, where the aim is to get as many bins in as possible! Please let us know if you can come and what team you’d like to play in here BUCS is free, as fees are covered by the uni, however there is the opportunity to buy yourself a sexy sexy BUCS top. If you have any questions, please ask myself or someone on the exec.

Cardiff, for the second year in a row, doesn’t clash with Scotland!!! Week 9 (9th-11th of February) this term, we will be heading to the Cardiff University canoe polo tournament. This is a great warm up for BUCS and will of course have a raging party and a meal provided on the Saturday night. The weekend will cost £35 for the tournament entry, transport, party and the meal. If you want to come along, please sign up here: If you sign up for Cardiff, please also fill in the google form above.

Those of you who are getting anxious about the new rash vest order, it’ll be here soon. I promise!

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Fri 26th Jan, 2018
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Fri 26th Jan, 2018