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LiamPost subject: TERM 3 PRE-TERM NEWS 
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With exam season fast approaching, here’s some news to keep your mind off it.

ELECTIONS - On Thursday Week 2 (3rd May) at 19:00 we’ll be holding our annual elections in Kelsey’s! It’s the second event of the year that requires formal wear - so no jeans! We’ll be ordering pizza, getting a bit merry, and then holding our joint elections. For all positions, on the night you must perform a canoe-related song cover and tell a joke. Those intending to run for President must prepare a short manifesto in advance (200 words max) which will be published on the website. If you’re interested in any of the positions, feel free to ask any questions to current members of the exec. For more information about what each role entails, follow this link to the website: Email your intention to run/manifesto to president @ or president @ before Term 3 starts.

CANOE SESSIONS - We have been granted an afternoon session 14:30-15:30 every Tuesday in Term 3, these will be super relaxed so come on down if you need to cool off between exams. Monday and Wednesday sessions will be on as usual (20:30-22:00).

POLO SESSIONS - There will be no session on Friday evenings throughout term 3. Tuesday (20:30-22:00) and Saturday (19:00-21:00) sessions will be running as usual, with the addition of RAGE (more news on this to come…) Due to exams, Wednesday morning ball throwing sessions in Westwood have been cancelled (boo!) although I’m sure you may be able to convince people to attend breakfast...

SOCIALS - As is tradition, we will be returning with a week 1 curry at Dama Dam Mast Balti (formerly Ali’s) in Leam. Usual time (19:30) and, as always, BYOB. Week 2 is obviously elections, and the week 3 social is to be determined by your newly elected social secs! Then, there’ll be a break before we return to Skooldayz on Saturday Week 8 followed by a BBQ and pre-drinks before week 9 Pop! (get your ‘event only’ tickets) Finally, we’ll be hosting Epic Party in week 10 (details to follow).

Paddling Love,

Josh and Hadyin

Tue 17th Apr, 2018
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Tue 17th Apr, 2018
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