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HadynPost subject: Canoe President Manifesto's  
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Hello All, 

Our yearly elections are nearly upon us, as a reminded we will be holding them in Kelseys from 7:30pm this Thursday 3rd May (week 2), it's not to late to run for any of the positions just let me know at and prepare your canoe related song and a joke for the night. Also since this is a serious and respectible establishment and ocasion, suit up! The manifestos for people running for President are below, only Pebble (AKA R.O.N) kept to the word limit. 


Mr William Leigh

  • In order to prevent unnecessary faff relating to setting up safety on club trips, all of the club throwlines will be burned. 
  • All current students will be removed from their exec roles, which will instead be populated with old gits. The single exception to this will be the position of coach, which will be decided by a boaterX race down the Fairy Glen in playboats. 
  • Club trip rivers must be at least grade 4, and will ideally contain at least one grade 5 feature. 
  • Next year’s freshers trip will be to the Fairy Glen and Nant Peris, and will be organised by Little Sam. 
  • I will lobby the university to build a grade 5 whitewater course containing multiple siphons as part of the new sports centre. 
  • Any driver who takes club members back to Leam after a pool session instead of going to the pub will be summarily executed. 
  • Portaging is for the weak, and therefore is banned. Anybody who attempts to portage a feature will instead be thrown into it.
  • Instead of the current river group system, club paddling of rivers will take the form of BoaterX. A net will be placed at the bottom to collect any human or plastic debris.
  • Each river trip must contain at least 3 GoPros to capture the resultant carnage.
  • Polo will be abolished. Club polo boats will be disposed of by paddling them down whitewater until they snap in half.
  • The maximum allowable number for an odds on is 5. 
  • The koan will be relocated to its rightful place next to the garage.
  • I will build a wall between the boat storage and exam table storage areas of the garage and make Estates pay for it.
  • Any personal throwlines will only be allowed on club trips if the bag is filled with rocks.
  • We will run a trip to Teifi Tour next year. (Jeff told me that some drunk bloke from Swansea said that he runs it and would allow human pyramids)


Miss Hannah Dell

I’ve loved being a part of canoe this year - both the amazing paddling side of it, and just as importantly the community of it. What I love most about canoe is how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere is, which is something that I really want to make sure stays a core part of the club.

I’ve had an amazing time on all the trips this year; getting to know everyone, paddling new rivers, and learning how to improve my paddling and leadership skills. Peer paddling in particular has really helped me develop as a kayaker, so I want to keep growing that part of the club, perhaps even have more ‘intro to peer paddling’ type trips later in term 2 to give the opportunity to keen beans to really get into the sport.

It’d be great to get the club running harder rivers, so to do this I want to get leaders doing AWWSR, and just continue to train up and encourage people so that they’re not only club members, but part of the wider paddling community.

This year we didn’t just get the freshers rolling, we got the fundraising ball rolling with our insanely successful Paddleathon. I’d like to make this much more of a focus in the club, and aim to have multiple fundraising events for a yearly charity voted on by our members.

If all that’s not enough to convince you - I’m not Will.



No manifesto submitted.  


Thank you for a fantastic and successful year and good luck to everyone running for an exec possition this year. 

Yours in Canoe 

Hadyn and the Outgoing Canoe Exec.

Mon 30th Apr, 2018
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ArunPost subject: Re: Canoe President Manifesto's  
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woo #pebble2018

Mon 30th Apr, 2018
SeverijnPost subject: Re: Canoe President Manifesto's  
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Hannah wrote:

I’m not Will.

Shame Pebble hasn't let us in on whether he is Will

Mon 30th Apr, 2018
ElsaPost subject: Re: Canoe President Manifesto's  
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Your new Canoe Exec are

President: Hannah Deli
Secretary: Jonathan Greenwood
Treasurer: Liam Fleet
Coach: Dan Porter
Kit Sec: Rowan Preston
Tour: Alice Staton
Socials: D Saxelby & Fresher Chris (Thompson)
Media: Elsa Joel

Tue 8th May, 2018
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