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JoshPost subject: Polo Presidential Manifestos 
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Tomorrow evening, the club will be hosting it's most serious of events (definitely not a social in disguise). Elections will once again be hosted in Kelsey's (a fine seat of democracy and definitely not a place of socialising).

The evening starts at 7.30 and the very serious nature of the event requires formal wear. I hope all the budding candidates have prepared a killer joke and an amazing song (anything better than mine is normally a good place to start).


Please take the time to fully read all the manifesto(s) before making your mind up of who to vote for. 

Lara's Manifesto

Both the canoe and canoe polo clubs have had a massive impact on my time here at university. Not only have they introduced me to a new sport, but a whole new community, and basically all of my friends.

I’m running for President of polo because I love the sport and I want to focus on making it more accessible for everyone to join and take part in. I really want to focus on the teamwork aspect of the sport, which I hope to do by adding a ‘session aim’ at the beginning of each session.

I also would love for both clubs to focus more on giving back to the community, which is something that I tried to introduce (rather successfully, if I do say so myself) with the Paddleathon - an event where you guys managed to raise over £1000!

I would love for everyone to be a member of both clubs, so that they can begin to discover the full range of experiences that this rather unusual sport has to offer, focusing on working closely and co-ordinating with the canoe exec to ensure our members can avoid having to choose between the two wherever possible.

I might have failed my first year, but I won’t fail this club!

Wed 2nd May, 2018
ElsaPost subject: Re: Polo Presidential Manifestos 
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Your new Polo Exec are

President: Lara Hogan
Secretary: Jon Saad
Treasurer: Luke Kershaw
Coach: Tommaso Grasso
Kit Sec: Joe Petersen
Tournament: Alpha Matt (Barringer)
Socials: D Saxelby & Fresher Chris (Thompson)
Media: Elsa Joel

Tue 8th May, 2018