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Hey Paddlers,

We've got some changes acomin'...

Kit Amnesty - We are being required to do a full kit inventory, and for this, we need the kit back. Please bring any club kit you have hanging around yours back by 10am tomorrow. Please do not take any kit home after tonight’s session. All kit MUST be returned. 

Kit Borrowing - After this Sunday (01/07/18) the new Kit Borrowing policy comes into force. If you are borrowing kit, you MUST fill in polo’s kit borrowing form on the website. Since this use is outside of club usage, maintenance charges will apply: £1 for a complete set of kit excluding a boat per training session it is used at, £3 for each training session a boat is used at, and £5 for each tournament the kit is used at (tournament cost covers both boat and kit). There is also a charge for each Warwick session that the kit/boat misses equal to that of a training session. 

Paddles - Have you noticed that your favourite paddles feel a little different? Well, that’s sort of my fault. We have renumbered the paddles! Also, listed on the left blade is the length and feather. I know this is going to be a bit annoying, but it should hopefully make things easier for you all going ahead πŸ™‚

See you tonight!

Polo Love

Lara and the Polo Exec

Tue 26th Jun, 2018