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Deeeee like the riverPost subject: Term 1 Socials!! (First half) 
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Sup Paddlers!

Just to give you all a quick breakdown of the socials we will be running for the first half of this term! All are on thursdays apart from Pop! for the first 5 weeks.

Week 1 (as Chris already posted) is Curry night today!
Week 2 will be a three legged bar crawl in Leam, again there will be some lovely members of the club at the bus stop before to accompany freshers 
Week 3 is Pop! and the theme is Kids TV Shows, so start thinking of a costume and get ready for circling!
Week 4 will be Kit and Cocktails, which involves a trip to Leam Boat Centre for freshers and then cocktails at Alphas house in Leam.
Week 5 is Hallowe'en! This will be a party at my house in Earlsdon.

There will be more detailed info to come so don't worry too much but if you do have any questions feel free to message me or Christopher Thompson.

Lots of paddling love,

D and F.Chris

Thu 4th Oct, 2018