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LiamPost subject: Freshers and Nene trips! 
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TL;DR Moving water! Nene signups 12:00 Tuesday, Freshers signups 12:00 Wednesday

Sup paddlers!

It’s been so good to see all the new faces at our taster sessions so far. There’s still another week of completely free sessions so come on down when you can!
However, it’s time to start thinking outside the pool and get paddling on the moving stuff.

This year, we’re getting started with a Wednesday afternoon (week 3, 17 Oct) trip to the Nene whitewater centre. Leaving uni at 12:30, it will be a great place to get started with all of us lovely people on hand to help you out. All before arriving in time for our Pop! Circling (get your tickets!). This trip will cost £13 and signups for this will go live at 12:00 this Tuesday on (top tip: make an account early).

But that’s not all! The weekend afterwards (end of week 3, 19-21 Oct) we will be heading to South Wales from Friday evening for two days of kayaking in the Brecons. It’s sure to be an amazing trip designed to introduce you to your first whitewater river - we’ve even got real beds! And at £38 a go it’s a bargain holiday too. Signups open 12:00 this Wednesday on 

Remember, you will need to have been to at least one pool session before you go and have bought club membership (, so be sure to visit next week (or whenever) to say hello first.

Canoe love,

Coach Dan and the Canoe Exec

Fri 5th Oct, 2018
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LaraPost subject: Re: Freshers and Nene trips! 
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Wed 31st Oct, 2018