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LiamPost subject: 2019 Rashies 
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Ever dreamt of wearing Warwick red at a tournament? Always wanted the polo-bear on your back? Tired of drying a t-shirt after each pool session?

Now your dreams can be reality with our 2019 rashvest order! With external stitching and your choice of initials you'll be guaranteed to look the part.

New for 2019: Women's sizes ö, we have no idea what the fit will be like on these so you might want to wait until the first ones arrive.

To get hold of your rashvest just fill in the doodle poll with your name followed by the (up to 3) initials you want printed on the sleeve. To get an idea for what size you'll want speak to anyone who's got one from last year's order. As a rough guide, the small is 38" (96.5cm) with adjacent sizes being 2" difference. Cost will be approx £20 with postage, VAT, bears etc.

If you complete the doodle you will be committed to paying when the rashvest arrives.

I will be putting in the first group of orders asap for anyone who completes the doodle before midnight on Wednesday 19 Dec and there will be another order sometime in January (I'll send out a reminder). First batch SHOULD be delivered by Feb (imagine waiting six months) Any questions, get in touch.

Festive paddling love,

Liam and all the execs

 P.S Don't forget to order your hoodies

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Fri 14th Dec, 2018
HannahPost subject: Re: 2019 Rashies 
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Tue 18th Dec, 2018
LaraPost subject: Re: 2019 Rashies 
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those bedsheets would make a fab etsy background

Sun 23rd Dec, 2018