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LiamPost subject: Refreshers (and extra tasters) 
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Sup Paddlers!

Hope you are all ready for another year of kayaking. As usual pool sessions will get started this evening with the first two weeks being tasters! #NeverTooLate

And in that same theme we will be getting ready for the first club trip of 2019 to Dartmoor and the river Dart on our Refreshers trip. This trip is a really good opportunity to get into whitewater if you haven’t done any or to just clear out the Christmas cobwebs.

The trip will run over the weekend of 19th and 20th Jan (end of Week 2) and signups will go live this Thursday (10th) at noon Anyone is welcome to signup so there’s no reason not to! (I heard decent rain is forecast).

If that’s not reason enough to get hyped check out last year’s video

Also last chance to get your hoodies before midnight Tuesday

See you all tonight or at polo tomorrow!

Hannah and the Canoe exec

Mon 7th Jan, 2019
LaraPost subject: Re: Refreshers (and extra tasters) 
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Sun 13th Jan, 2019