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JonathanPost subject: WWR hype 
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Hey all!

Feeling fast? On the weekend of week 7 (Feb 21st-23rd) we will be sending a team of 12 to compete at BUCS Wild Water (whitewater) Racing on the river Washburn. This is the once chance of the year to win BUCS points and represent #TeamWarwick with the Canoe club. The competition will consist of timed team and individual sprints down a 10min section of whitewater.


This trip is a heavily subsidised £12 and is a great chance to get a weekend’s paddling and represent the club against other unis. And we’re not even camping! πŸš«πŸŒ¨οΈπŸ•οΈ


If you like the sound of this, sign-ups will go live tomorrow (Thursday) at midday

Any questions, speak to Jonathan for more information.

Be aware, because this is BUCS you will need to be a current student to race.


See you all this evening for POP! !


Beta and the Canoe Exec


P.S. promising chance of real whitewater on the Sunday.

Wed 23rd Jan, 2019
LiamPost subject: Re: WWR hype 
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Wed 23rd Jan, 2019