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LiamPost subject: SCOTLAND 
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Sup paddlers

It’s that time of year again, the ice is reluctantly beginning to melt and it looks like winter might end at some point.

This can only mean one thing: Scotland Tour!!!!!!!!

In our brave and bold expedition North of the border we will seek to once again conquer the highlands: shredding gnar, climbing mountains, driving for hours and of course faffing.

We will bodly be embarking on our journey on Sunday 17th March (the weekend after term ends) and returning on Tuesday 26th March. The first half will take place in the Cairngorms at Nethy station bunkhouse followed by a move to the Great Glen Hostel in the Fort William area.

Best of all, the whole week is available for only £260 which includes transport, fuel, accomodation, group meal, kit borrowing, prizes, sharpie ink and (of course) a beautiful, hand-designed Scotland tour t-shirt.

We have just two simple requirements for you to join us: Firstly, that you have joined us on a whitewater trip before and secondly, that you sign up.

Signups will go live at precisely 19:55 next Monday week 6 (the 11th Feb in real dates) on To celebrate the occasion, feel free to join us at the Duck before the pool session to experience the joy of frantically refreshing the trips page. Either way, make sure you have your phones and laptops at the ready because spaces will fill up.

And if you’re not excited already, look out for our ‘reasons to go on Scotland tour’ on the facebook page, everyday before signups.

Paddling love,

Alice and the Canoe exec

Mon 4th Feb, 2019
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Mon 4th Feb, 2019
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Mon 4th Feb, 2019