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LiamPost subject: Term 3 Dates 
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Sup paddlers!

Good news! Term is starting so regular kayaking is back!
Two big changes to pool sessions:
We’re in the fancy new sports centre (hype)
AFTERNOONS ARE BACK!!! We will have a Tuesday afternoon Canoe session from 14:30-15:30 every week throughout term. This is a really nice session to just take a break from revision

If you’re interested in what else is going on, see below or get the canoe calendar
Even better, these dates won’t all change in 3 days time!

Week 1

  • Wednesday (24th April) (Tonight)- First pool session back (This will be a polo session for BUCS prep) 20:30
  • Thursday (25th April) - Curry at Dama Dam Mast Balti
  • Friday - Canoe pool session since polo folk will be at BUCS 20:30

Week 2

  • Thursday (2nd May) - Elections at Kelseys (Remember to get in your applications)
    (rip current exec)
  • Saturday (4th May) - Gnardiff International Whitewater Trip (deets to come)

Week 3

  • Thursday - Mystery social

Week 4 - Week 7

  • Good luck with exams!
  • Tuesdays - Polo RAGE (deets to come)

Week 8

  • Saturday (15th June) - Skooldayz

Week 9

  • Monday - Tuesday (17th-18th June) - First Aid training (deets to come)
  • Wednesday - Campus BBQ and Pop!
  • Friday - Monday (21st-24th) June - Surf Trip! (deets to come)

Week 10

  • Thursday (27th June TBC) - Epic Party!!!!!!!!!!!! (deets to come)


Remember there will also be peer paddling trips happening so get on that page

Paddling love,

Elsa and the Canoe and Polo execs

Wed 24th Apr, 2019
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Fri 26th Apr, 2019