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DanPost subject: WWSR Term 1 
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Hi Everyone

I hope everyone’s having a good summer break,

As Coach I’m in the process of organising a WWSR (White Water Safety and Rescue) course that will run at some point in mid to late term 1. This trip will teach you all about rescuing and safety on the river so is perfect if you’re interested in the leadership side of things, or if you just fancy throw lining the exec when we swim. This is also a good course to make you feel more comfortable in moving water as you get to practice important skills such as defensive swimming and chase boating.

For more information on WWSR please visit:

This will be a two-day trip during a weekend and is likely to cost around £80. This will depend on things like the transport available.

I want to see how many people are interested in attending, so that we know we have enough people to run the trip. If people could email or message me to say they’re interested that would be great. If you have any questions, feel free to email me too.

My Email:

(Registering your interest does not guarantee you will be on the trip and doesn’t mean you have to go)

Canoe Love

Dan and the Exec

Fri 19th Jul, 2019
LiamPost subject: Re: WWSR Term 1 
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Fri 19th Jul, 2019