Website changelog

1.1.1 'Etive'(07/10/2021)

  • Last 2 news items are now displayed on home page for loged in users
  • Scheduled posts are now hilighted in red and visible to all execs
  • Only execs can edit posts
  • Old Git role has been created
  • User search now has link to tiktok page
  • Unvalidated users are now hilighted on manage users page
  • Users email address can now actually be changed
  • Post count is now updated properly

1.1.0 'Etive'(26/09/2020)

New featues

  • Nags people to upload a profile picture
  • Client side compression of profile pictures
  • Editing a page takes you back to that page
  • Joint exec category for threads
  • /site/* redirects to /*
  • Page names are actually used and consistent
  • Users can change their name
  • Album borders based on permissions
  • Moved from to


  • Fixed album creation permissions issue
  • Fixed trip sign ups on Apple devices

1.0.3 'Findhorn'(22/09/2020)

New featues

  • Post count is now stored rather than computed on each request
  • Sped up the loading of /news
  • A read receipt is automatically created for the user who creates a new thread or news item
  • News items can be scheduled for dates in the future
  • Signups can be deleted by admins
  • Forum search only loads 10 items at a time
  • Thread reply share button
  • Can filter exec page to only canoe or polo minutes
  • Users can signin using their email rather than username
  • 'username' is now called 'student id' on register.php and login.php
  • Email uniqueness is now enforced


  • Database pages that were marked as Admin only are no longer visible to everyone
  • When managing users both add/remove of admin and exec links have been fixed
  • Fixed last active calculation for threads
  • Fixed thumbnail generation
  • Fixed media album creation
  • Uncategoried pages only shown in menu when they are supposed to

1.0.2 'Wye' (15/09/2020)

New features

  • Admins now have a small edit button in the top corner of database pages
  • Debt mode noises, including a nuclear deterrent courtesy of Alwin
  • 528 thread music
  • Emergency exec trip page showing details of members on closest trip
  • Users have a global post count on threads
  • Admin page made more user friendly
  • Can upload images with TinyMCE editor
  • Admins have access to script, style and iframe for database page design
  • Marquee!


  • Removed ability to change album image directory after creation
  • Delete button on albums hidden for non-authorised users
  • Various trip related fixes
  • Improved page structure
  • Renamed exec_minutes_* tables
  • Uploading images with the same name but different extensions now works as expected
  • User prompted when trying to create album with already existing name/directory
  • Logged out users cannot see the quote button on threads

1.0.1 'Severn' (19/08/2020)

New features

  • Registration and password changing protected by a Captcha
  • 'The Exec' page now works and looks not awful
  • Users are told on their account page that an admin is changing their name/profile picture
  • All pages now have a contour map style background
  • Admins can manually verify and disable accounts
  • Easter egg related to the old website


  • You now won't be complained at when navigating away from a thread after you've posted a reply
  • Threads shouldn't now overflow, thread layout improved
  • Navbar and sidebar layout improved
  • Picture albums should work properly
  • Autologin system cleaned up
  • "Minor" security fixes


1.0.0 'Avon' (13/08/2020)

Genesis 1:3 'Let there be a website'


  • Sign in, logout, auto login
  • Some restriction of password complexity and lengh
  • Email requires confirmation before account can be signed into
  • Users can add any number of profile pictures (currently limited to 2mb per picture) and remove them
  • Users can edit/remove personal details (details needed for trips)
  • Change password
  • Change email
  • Debt mode


  • Admins have access to the admin console and some other special features


  • Can send notifications to other users


  • Execs can create, edit and delete trips
  • Trips have an optional cover photo with a default fallback
  • Execs have access to the trip sheet

Trip signups

  • Users can signup to trips
  • Signups need verification by an exec
  • Exec can manually signup people but the signupee must then enter contact details to confirm
  • Signups can be edited
  • Signups can be invalidated by execs

Forum, Exec forum, News

  • Threads can be created and posts can be added to them.
  • There are some restrictions on who can create threads and where
  • Most recent activity is tracked and unread threads are marked with a red dot