The Exec

Yes, believe it or not, you voted for this lot to be in charge

Canoe PresidentJames "Brother" Bevan

Course: 3rd Year Bio Med

(Almost) interesting fact: My favourite place is pest

Claim to fame: I saw Mario Fellani in Burger King in Chessington

Kayak of choice: My ripper

Last swam: Swim?

Favourite paddling place: Anywhere warm

Liver destroyer of choice: Club eliminator

Polo PresidentYousuf

Course: 4th Year Data Science

Interesting fact: Bubble wrap was originally created to be wallpaper

Claim to fame: Jeremy Fragrance posted a photo of me on his TikTok

Boat of choice: Java

Position of choice: Anywhere but in goal

Last swam: Scotland

Would love to paddle: Flat water

Canoe Vice-PresidentSarah

Course: PPE

(Almost) interesting fact: I can give myself the D... (vitamin D)

Claim to fame: Used to be cool" - Brother

Kayak of choice: My gorgeous little Ripper

Last swam: Dolsie Bridge

Favourite paddling place: My bath tub

Would love to paddle: Your bath tub 

Liver destroyer of choice:

Canoe SecretaryPeter

Course: Systems Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: I can dislocate all of my knuckles.

Claim to fame: I contributed a sign to the club road sign collection (max speed 20).

Kayak of choice: Something that floats.

Last swam: Scotland

Liver destroyer of choice: Newkie brown

Polo SecretaryNeil


(Almost) interesting fact: 

Claim to fame:

Kayak of choice:

Last swam:

Favourite paddling place: 

Would love to paddle: 

Liver destroyer of choice:

Canoe TreasurerBen

Course: Maths

(Almost) interesting fact: My dad tarmac'd all of campus.

Claim to fame: I launched a mamba into the air on the Garry.

Kayak of choice: Smol jed

Last swam: Serpents

Favourite paddling place: Upper Findhorn

Would love to paddle: Green river narrows

Liver destroyer of choice: Bottle of white wine

Polo TreasurerJamie

Course: 4th year Mechanical + Manufacturing Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: There are multiple hostels in Europe I can never go back to

Claim to fame: Roald Dahl wrote a book about my squat routine

Kayak of choice: Either a polo boat or one of the many Z1s!

Last swam: I don’t. It’s impossible.

Liver destroyer of choice: Vodka joghurt

Canoe Kit SecretaryJames

Course: Computer Science

(Almost) interesting fact: Known by name to far too many kayaking shopkeepers

Claim to fame: Won the Two Bridges time trial on my first Scotland

Kayak of choice: Exo Party Rexy

Last swam: Serpent's Tail on the Dee

Favourite paddling place: Findhorn Gorge

Would love to paddle: All over the US, but mainly Washington or California

Polo Kit SecretarySamuel

Course: Mathematics

(Almost) interesting fact: I like getting perfectly straight lines when cutting grass

Claim to fame: Setting fire to bread in hotel toasters.

Kayak of choice: M4/Large Green Jed

Last swam: Pool

Favourite paddling place: Cardiff

Would love to paddle: Anywhere that isn't a man-made river

Position of choice: Not goalie

Canoe CoachMartin

Course: Applied Professional Engineering Programme

Interesting fact: The only bone I've broken is my little toe.

Claim to fame: I once had a Her Majesty title.

Kayak of choice: Anything I can fit in.

Last swam: CIWW

Would love to paddle: Anything that isn't on scrape.

Liver destroyer of choice: Aldi's cheapest vodka.

Polo CoachDaniel

Course: Mechanical and manufacturing engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: No matter how many canoe trips I go on, I will always say polo is better

Claim to fame: I have successfully lost every boat race I have taken part in

Kayak of choice: POLO! - Force X Small

Last swam: River Garry 2023

Favourite paddling place: Indoor swimming pool for polo games

Would love to paddle: Norway

Position of choice: Captain

Liver destroyer of choice: Beer

Canoe Tour Secretary and Welfare OfficerJames "John"

Course: MORSE

(Almost) interesting fact: my favorite place is buda

Claim to fame: I saw John Terry at Chesington World of Adventure, Resort. Britain's Wildest Family Adventure. Theme park, Zoo & SEA LIFE aquarium, plus two themed hotels and glamping. Book a fun family day out online and save

Kayak of choice: Titan Dragon

Last swam: T

Favourite paddling place: T

Would love to paddle: Upright 😂😂

Liver destroyer of choice: Tubi 60

Polo Tournament SecretaryMolly

Course: International Relations MA

(Almost) interesting fact: I can lick my elbow

Claim to fame: I’ve been inside Lee Mack’s house

Kayak of choice: the smallest one

Last swam: being pushed in the lake at BUCS

Position of choice: anywhere but goal 

Liver destroyer of choice: rum

Canoe and Canoe Polo Charities Officer and Women's OfficerAlexandra

Course: GSD

(Almost) interesting fact: I'm a qualified paddlesport instructor!

Claim to fame: I'm related to Alex Salmond.

Kayak of choice: GT Dagger

Position of choice: No preference.

Last swam: Polo Match in Nottingham

Favourite paddling place: Fordwich Stour

Would love to paddle: Glacier kayaking in Vatnajökull National Park

Liver destroyer of choice: Purple or TEQUILA

Social SecretaryOllie

Course: Mechanical Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: Used to live in Beijing.

Claim to fame: Ummmm... I don't.

Kayak of choice: S3

Last swam: Dee

Liver destroyer of choice: Purple

Social SecretaryJames "Jesus"

Course: English and Theatre Studies

Interesting fact: I am related to Vinne Jones.

Claim to fame: Might be the son of God.

Kayak of choice: Biggest one

Last swam: Swim test

Favourite paddling place: Copper Rooms

Liver destroyer of choice: Long Island Iced Tea

Media SecretaryArchie

Course: Computer Science

(Almost) interesting fact: I own a LEGO Deathstar

Claim to fame: I've recreated Five Nights at Freddy's.

Kayak of choice: Burn

Last swam: Etive

Would love to paddle: Rio Claro

Liver destroyer of choice: Dead man fingers rum

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Previous Execs

Presidents: Sam and Adriana

Vice President: Lucas

Secretaries: James ("Brother") and Yousuf

Treasurers: Jamie and Alex

Kit Secs: Ed and Cai

Coaches: Sean and James ("Prime")

Tour/Tournament: Sarah and Dan

Charity Officer: Molly

Social Secs: James ("John") and Emma

Webmonkey: Lucy

Welfare: Toby



Presidents: Sarah and James

Vice President: Sam

Secretaries: Dean and Adi

Treasurers: Rowan and Alex

Kit Secs: Fresher Chris and Sean

Coaches: Joe and Dan

Tour/Tournament: Dan and Tara

Social Secs: Adi and Beth

Webmonkey: Lucy

Welfare: Jamie

Women's Officer: Lucy



Presidents: Owen and Claudia

Vice President: Grady

Secretaries: Sarah and Laura

Treasurers: Alwin and Lara

Kit Secs: Rowan and Adriana

Coaches: Sam and Joe

Tour/Tournament: Lara and Tara

Social Secs: James and Dan

Webmonkey: Fresher Chris



Presidents: Fresher Chris and Joe

Vice President: Seb

Secretaries: Lara and Claudia

Treasurers: Rowan and Jonathan

Kit Secs: Alwin and Ollie

Coaches: Dan...again and Lara

Tour/Tournament: Beta and Dan

Social Secs: Owen and Cameron

Webmonkey: Jack

Outreach: Grady


Presidents: Hannah and Lara

Vice President: Beta

Secretaries: Jonathan and Jon

Treasurers: Liam and Luke

Kit Secs: Rowan and Joe

Coaches: Dan and Tommaso

Tour/Tournament: Alice and Alpha

Social Secs: D and Fresher Chris

Webmonkey: Elsa


Presidents: Hadyn and Josh

Vice President: Elsa

Secretaries: Hannah and Luke

Treasurers: Ivan and Alpha

Kit Secs: Beta and Seb

Coaches: Liam and Ben

Tour/Tournament: Sev and Arun

Social Secs: Lara and Tom

Webmonkey: Will


Presidents: Freya and Jeff

Vice President: Jinners

Secretaries: Alpha and Elsa

Treasurers: Ollie and Arun

Kit Secs: Paddles and Ben & Luke

Coaches: Deema and Josh

Tour/Tournament: Hadyn and Nathan

Social Secs: Charlotte and Patrick

Webmonkey: Elise


Presidents: Sam and Emma

Vice President: Hadyn

Secretaries: Freya and Shoblin

Treasurers: Lauren and Ollie

Kit Secs: Little Sam and Charlie

Coaches: Ollie and James

Tour/Tournament: Christal and Jamie

Social Secs: Jeff and Jallen

Webmonkey: Thom


Presidents: Gabs and Anja

Vice President: Jevon

Secretaries: Nicky and Hadyn

Treasurers: Sam and Ed

Kit Secs: Hadyn and Bryce

Coaches: Chris and Jamie

Tour/Tournament: Ed and Baby

Social Secs: Lauren and Jamie

Webmonkey: Jinners


Presidents: R Dan and Baby

Vice President: Katie

Secretaries: Meriel and Abi

Treasurers: Tom Jin and Red

Kit Secs: Jevon and James

Coaches: Gabs and Nicole

Tour/Tournament: Stu and James & Nathaniel

Social Secs: Jevon and Gabs

Webmonkey: Nathaniel


Presidents: Screamer and Eugene

Vice President: Greg

Secretaries: Aleks and Bryce

Treasurers: R Dan and Abi

Kit Secs: Alex 'Eric' Baker and Jedi Master Darling & Padawan James S

Coaches: Nathaniel and Blackers

Tour/Tournament: Long Game and Jo

Social Secs: Stabby and Bilbo

Webmonkey: Zippy


Presidents: Alice and Jo

Vice President: Nicole

Secretaries: Becky and Jess

Treasurers: Greg and Eugene

Kit Secs: Long Game and Darling

Coaches: Bryce and Madi

Tour/Tournament: Eilidh and Yellow

Social Secs: Chunder and Nicky W

Webmonkey: Einstein


Presidents: Mofo and Yellow

Vice President: Matt R

Secretaries: Erin D and Rachy

Treasurers: Harriet and Darling

Kit Secs: Screamer and Richard C

Coaches: Scamrass and Baby

Tour/Tournament: LSD and Alfie

Social Secs: Alice, Cloughy and Einstein

Webmonkey: Yellow


Presidents: Madi and Cloughy

Vice President: Adam S

Secretaries: Dunphy and Richard C

Treasurers: Peter K and Rachel S

Kit Secs: Robert S and Adam S

Coaches: Einstein and Cloughy

Tour/Tournament: Matthew S and Jonathan B

Social Secs: Blackmore and Sarah M

Webmonkey: Stephen B