The Exec

Yes, believe it or not, you voted for this lot to be in charge

Canoe President Owen Kelly

Course: 3rd Year Computer Science

(Almost) interesting fact: "Popty Ping" translates to "Ping Oven", the actual Welsh translation for microwave is "meicrodon"

Claim to fame: One of my videos features in a Senders playlist

Kayak of choice: One of my flock, Shirley or Timmy

Last swam: Jumping into a surprisingly sticky hole (not recommended)

Favourite paddling place: The Etive

Would love to paddle: Somewhere warm

Liver destroyer of choice: Sort by "Cheapest First"

Polo President Claudia Perry

Course: Computer science masters

(Almost) interesting fact: Taylor Swift named her debut album Taylor Swift because her name is Taylor Swift

Claim to fame: I've met Taylor Swift!!!

Boat of choice: The new medium(ish) one

Position of choice: Where's the fun in picking just one??

Last swam: In water

Liver destroyer of choice: Spiced rum and coke

Canoe Vice-president Grady Beckett

Course: 4th year Physics

(Almost) interesting fact: Kasbah, as well as being the cultural focal point of Coventry, comes from the Arabic word for the keep of a castle. There are still some standing to this day. (Would recommend googling, they look sick)

Claim to fame: I once, without my knowledge, serenaded our MPs wife while watching a Polo match (with horses, not boats)

Kayak of choice: I'm not ready to settle down just yet

Last swam: Cardiff is my nemesis

Favourite paddling place: Wouldn't you like to know

Would love to paddle: Alps sounds terrifying, in a fun kinda way

Liver destroyer of choice: If you put lemon in your G&T it counts as a salad and is therefore good for you

Canoe Secretary Sarah(hhh) Rogers

Course: 2nd year PPE.....yay humanities

(Almost) interesting fact: Climate change may cause gingers to become extinct as the gene is less adaptive in warm climates

Claim to fame: I played a rainbow in a national production and was killed off in the first act

Kayak of choice: I'll take what I can get

Last swam: Bottom of 90 degrees

Favourite paddling place: Etive :)

Would love to paddle: Upright...for once

Liver destroyer of choice: Cheapest wine I can find

Polo Secretary Laura Michael

Course: 4th Year Physics

(Almost) interesting fact: When the 'immortal' jellyfish reaches maturity it becomes a polyp again and restarts

Claim to fame: Ate biscuits with the First Minister of Wales

Boat of choice: The smallest one we have

Position of choice: Top :)

Last swam: Paddled too hard at an eddy, hit the rock at the top instead

Liver destroyer of choice: Nothing destroys like club eliminator

Canoe Treasurer Alwin Hughes

Course: 4th year Maths and Stats

(Almost) interesting fact: Ford transit vans come in three body lengths, two roof heights and two wheelbase lengths. All of then are WIDE.

Claim to fame: Owner of the 528 discord bot

Kayak of choice: Axident

Last swam: In a letter box

Favourite paddling place: Upper Dart

Would love to paddle: The Alps

Liver destroyer of choice: Not eliminator

Polo Treasurer Lara Hogan

Course: 3rd year EPAIS BSc

(Almost) interesting fact: Porcupines still float on water

Claim to fame: I am (was?) on a first name basis with the Head of Security

Boat of choice: Polosie

Position of choice: Side, but I often end up in goal on the Ladies team

Last swam: After being binned

Liver destroyer of choice: Something free

Canoe Kit Secretary Rowan Preston

Course: 4th year Maths & Physics

(Almost) interesting fact: Bees fed food colouring will produce coloured honey

Claim to fame: See below

Kayak of choice: My Ripper

Last swam: For no reason

Favourite paddling place: Les Alpes

Would love to paddle: More waterfalls

Liver destroyer of choice: River water is delicious

Polo Kit Secretary Adriana Cormack

Course: 2nd year Biomedical Science

(Almost) interesting fact: The last letter to be added to the English alphabet was 'J' 

Claim to fame: I was trapped in Morocco and had to leave on a rescue flight

Boat of choice: A medium one

Position of choice: Not in goal

Last swam: Practically every other session :/

Liver destroyer of choice: Vodka + something 

Canoe Coach Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

Course: 2nd Year Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: he Beatles used the world 'love' 613 times in their songs, which is the same number of commandments there are in the old testament

Claim to fame: I spent my 18th Birthday at Buckingham Palace

Kayak of choice: Something that stays upright

Last swam: Going down Right Angle upside down

Favourite paddling place: River Garry

Would love to paddle: CIWW when it's warmer

Liver destroyer of choice: Brewdog Punk IPA

Polo Coach Joe Petersen

Course: 4th Year Maths

(Almost) interesting fact: There are no bridges over the Amazon River

Claim to fame: I'm on the same exec as BNOC Claudia Perry I'm sure you've heard of her

Boat of choice: Thin long and pointy

Position of choice: 1st

Last swam: Some race last year

Liver destroyer of choice: Purple

Canoe Tour Secretary Lara Hogan

Course: 3rd Year EPAIS BSc

(Almost) interesting fact: 33g of Viagra is a lethal dose

Claim to fame: My dad knew the guy that invented the Solero

Kayak of choice: Something big to keep me upright

Last swam: The last time I paddled

Favourite paddling place: Above the Water

Would love to paddle: and not swim

Liver destroyer of choice: A nice cocktail

Polo Tournament Secretary Tara Casey Sharp

Course: Engineering 3rd year (Still faffing about stream choice)

(Almost) interesting fact: Space smells like seared steak

Claim to fame: I once slept for 48 hours straight

Boat of choice: I don’t like to show favouritism

Position of choice: Anywhere

Last swam: Ladies DIV 2

Liver destroyer of choice: Anything sweet

Social Secretary James Hickmott

Course: 2nd year Engineer

(Almost) interesting fact: Life hack: If you sleep until lunchtime, you only have to pay for two meals instead of three.

Claim to fame: 1st person in Sussex to get Swine flu

Kayak of choice: B3

Last swam: It's not swimming, it's underwater kayaking

Favourite paddling place: Ping Pong table

Would love to paddle: On surf :(

Liver destroyer of choice: Baileys... obviously

Social Secretary Dan Collier

Course: 2nd Year Engineering of some sort

(Almost) interesting fact: I have been stopped from leaving Russia before for 2 days

Claim to fame: Found the most interesting place to swim at the top of right angle

Kayak of choice: Something that stays upright but is easy to roll

Last swam: Every day of Scotland

Favourite paddling place: River Etive

Would love to paddle: Somewhere where it isn't freezing

Liver destroyer of choice: Whatever is the strongest thing you provide

Media Secretary 'Fresher' Chris Thompson

Course: 3rd year Memgineer.....hopefully.....maybe

(Almost) interesting fact: Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories. So smacking rocks when upside down is good for you (Owen might be onto something here)

Claim to fame: I have photos published by the BBC under my secret identity 'Christopher Thompso'

Kayak of choice: An inflatable Lilo

Last swam: I heard pulling your spraydeck whilst on a waterfall is the safest thing to do :P

Favourite paddling place: My bottom

Would love to paddle: Your bottom

Liver destroyer of choice: Still 2/3L of Whiskey. Good times

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Previous Execs


Presidents: Fresher Chris and Joe

Vice President: Seb

Secretaries: Lara and Claudia

Treasurers: Rowan and Jonathan

Kit Secs: Alwin and Ollie

Coaches: Dan...again and Lara

Tour/Tournament: Beta and Dan

Social Secs: Owen and Cameron

Webmonkey: Jack

Outreach: Grady


Presidents: Hannah and Lara

Vice President: Beta

Secretaries: Jonathan and Jon

Treasurers: Liam and Luke

Kit Secs: Rowan and Joe

Coaches: Dan and Tommaso

Tour/Tournament: Alice and Alpha

Social Secs: D and Fresher Chris

Webmonkey: Elsa


Presidents: Hadyn and Josh

Vice President: Elsa

Secretaries: Hannah and Luke

Treasurers: Ivan and Alpha

Kit Secs: Beta and Seb

Coaches: Liam and Ben

Tour/Tournament: Sev and Arun

Social Secs: Lara and Tom

Webmonkey: Will


Presidents: Freya and Jeff

Vice President: Jinners

Secretaries: Alpha and Elsa

Treasurers: Ollie and Arun

Kit Secs: Paddles and Ben & Luke

Coaches: Deema and Josh

Tour/Tournament: Hadyn and Nathan

Social Secs: Charlotte and Patrick

Webmonkey: Elise


Presidents: Sam and Emma

Vice President: Hadyn

Secretaries: Freya and Shoblin

Treasurers: Lauren and Ollie

Kit Secs: Little Sam and Charlie

Coaches: Ollie and James

Tour/Tournament: Christal and Jamie

Social Secs: Jeff and Jallen

Webmonkey: Thom


Presidents: Gabs and Anja

Vice President: Jevon

Secretaries: Nicky and Hadyn

Treasurers: Sam and Ed

Kit Secs: Hadyn and Bryce

Coaches: Chris and Jamie

Tour/Tournament: Ed and Baby

Social Secs: Lauren and Jamie

Webmonkey: Jinners


Presidents: R Dan and Baby

Vice President: Katie

Secretaries: Meriel and Abi

Treasurers: Tom Jin and Red

Kit Secs: Jevon and James

Coaches: Gabs and Nicole

Tour/Tournament: Stu and James & Nathaniel

Social Secs: Jevon and Gabs

Webmonkey: Nathaniel


Presidents: Screamer and Eugene

Vice President: Greg

Secretaries: Aleks and Bryce

Treasurers: R Dan and Abi

Kit Secs: Alex 'Eric' Baker and Jedi Master Darling & Padawan James S

Coaches: Nathaniel and Blackers

Tour/Tournament: Long Game and Jo

Social Secs: Stabby and Bilbo

Webmonkey: Zippy


Presidents: Alice and Jo

Vice President: Nicole

Secretaries: Becky and Jess

Treasurers: Greg and Eugene

Kit Secs: Long Game and Darling

Coaches: Bryce and Madi

Tour/Tournament: Eilidh and Yellow

Social Secs: Chunder and Nicky W

Webmonkey: Einstein


Presidents: Mofo and Yellow

Vice President: Matt R

Secretaries: Erin D and Rachy

Treasurers: Harriet and Darling

Kit Secs: Screamer and Richard C

Coaches: Scamrass and Baby

Tour/Tournament: LSD and Alfie

Social Secs: Alice, Cloughy and Einstein

Webmonkey: Yellow


Presidents: Madi and Cloughy

Vice President: Adam S

Secretaries: Dunphy and Richard C

Treasurers: Peter K and Rachel S

Kit Secs: Robert S and Adam S

Coaches: Einstein and Cloughy

Tour/Tournament: Matthew S and Jonathan B

Social Secs: Blackmore and Sarah M

Webmonkey: Stephen B