The Exec

Yes, believe it or not, you voted for this lot to be in charge

Canoe President Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

Course: MEng Electronic Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ contains frequencies only dogs can hear

Claim to fame: There's a slim chance my kayak belonged to Bren Orton (a big deal)

Kayak of choice: #ripperup

Last swam: Technically when I last tried to get out of my boat

Favourite paddling place: CIWW is still the best place for anyone to improve

Would love to paddle: in New Zealand

Liver destroyer of choice: Whiskey Cask

Polo President Adriana Cormack

Course: 3rd Year Biomedical Science

(Almost) interesting fact: Bubble wrap was originally created to be wallpaper

Claim to fame: I’m currently in a court case by proxy against Tony Blair’s wife

Boat of choice: A polo one

Position of choice: First

Last swam: The pool 😅

Would love to paddle: Flat water

Liver destroyer of choice: I’m partial to a Jägerbomb

Canoe Vice-President Lucas Gregory

Course: 3rd Year Applied Engineering Programme

(Almost) interesting fact: The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue

Claim to fame: I'm now on the canoe website

Kayak of choice: Big Bertha of course (Burn 3 XL)

Last swam: The Dee, Town Falls

Favourite paddling place: Cardiff International Whitewater

Would love to paddle: The Etive

Liver destroyer of choice: Cheeky bottle of Asahi

Canoe Secretary James "Brother" Bevan

Course: 2nd Year Biomedical Science

(Almost) interesting fact: Alcohol consumption improves your ability to pick up and speak a foreign language

Claim to fame: My old Spanish teacher was on the great British bake off

Kayak of choice: Something I fit in

Last swam: Yesterday (at the time of writing this)

Favourite paddling place: Scotland

Liver destroyer of choice: Alcohol.

Polo Secretary Yousuf Mohammed

Course: 3rd Year Data Science

(Almost) interesting fact: Elephants are the only animal to have 4 forward facing knees

Claim to fame: Had to go to the out of hours after first freshers trip

Boat of choice: M2

Position of choice: binning people

Last swam: Force Falls

Canoe Treasurer Jamie "Jeff" Gregson

Course: 3rd Year Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: The earliest stage of frostbite is called frostnip

Claim to fame: I am one of the very few club northerners

Kayak of choice: The beautiful Concava

Last swam: Scotland, obviously

Favourite paddling place: Etive

Would love to paddle: Sean

Liver destroyer of choice: Aldi vodka, aka. spicy water

Polo Treasurer Alex Mason

Course: 4th Year Mathematics

(Almost) interesting fact: You don't need oxygen to survive the rest of your life!

Claim to fame: "Can Hand-Roll"

Boat of choice: S5

Position of choice: *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Last swam: I don't swim, I "fail to roll"... often

Canoe Kit Secretary Ed Bindoff

Course: 2nd Year Physics

(Almost) interesting fact: Tyromancy is a form of divination using cheese to predict the future

Claim to fame: I’ve paddled with Harry Price (British Freestyle champion)

Kayak of choice: Jackson Rockstar

Last swam: CIWW

Favourite paddling place: Anywhere not on scrape

Would love to paddle: in Scotland with water

Liver destroyer of choice: Dried leaves of Camellia sinensis stewed in boiling water with a dash of bovine lactation

Polo Kit Secretary Cai Edwards

Course: 2nd Year Discrete Mathematics

(Almost) interesting fact: The BBC liked to use the train I got on for filming people walking on trains

Claim to fame: Was the only member who stepped up to do kit

Boat of choice: A small boat

Position of choice: Under the goal and away from the bins

Last swam: The last tournament

Canoe Coach Sean Smith

Course: MORSE

(Almost) interesting fact: There are more wheels than doors

Claim to fame: I saved Honey G’s life

Kayak of choice: Lola

Last swam: Dolcies

Favourite paddling place: CIWW

Would love to paddle: Jamie

Liver destroyer of choice: Sambuca

Polo Coach James "Prime" Hickmott

Course: 4th Year Mechanical Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: My mum once got into a local newspaper for complaining about some dirt

Claim to fame: Once had a conversation with the old lady from Hotel Trouble on CBBC

Kayak of choice: Long and made of fibreglass

Last swam: Cardiff

Position of choice: Upside down

Liver destroyer of choice: Baileys

Canoe Tour Secretary Sarah Rogers

Course: PPE (ish)

(Almost) interesting fact: You're more likely to get a computer virus from visiting religious sites than porn sites

Claim to fame: Top of the swim chart!

Kayak of choice: My Milo

Last swam: Ski Jump, Tryweryn

Favourite paddling place: Gazza

Would love to paddle: Forward

Liver destroyer of choice: Tequila <3

Polo Tournament Secretary Dan Collier

Course: Placement Year Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

(Almost) interesting fact: Dolphins sleep with one eye open

Claim to fame: Facilitated brother's 3-day alcohol intervention on Scotland

Boat of choice: The Hydro

Last swam: Dolcies on the Findhorn

Position of choice: Captain

Would love to paddle: The Upper Dart

Liver destroyer of choice: Russian Danger Water

Canoe and Canoe Polo Charities Officer Molly Bevan

Course: 3rd Year History

(Almost) interesting fact: every single whetherspoons pub has a different carpet design

Claim to fame: I touched Niall Horan’s hair at a Rizzle Kicks concert when I was 9

Boat of choice: the smallest one

Last swam: In the pool when Sean binned me

Favourite paddling place: Somewhere warm

Position of choice: Anywhere but goal

Would love to paddle: In a straight line

Liver destroyer of choice: Anywhere but goal

Social Secretary James "John" Brenton

Course: 2nd Year MORSE

(Almost) interesting fact: You are 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning

Claim to fame: On a first name basis with the owners of Leamington Drinks

Kayak of choice: Crystal Explorer

Last swam: The Dee

Position of choice: Propping brother up

Would love to paddle: Instead of working every weekend

Liver destroyer of choice: Venom

Social Secretary Emma Hymas

Course: 2nd Year Physics

(Almost) interesting fact: Lemons float in water, but limes sink

Claim to fame: Got onto the polo exec without a membership

Kayak of choice: Mambino

Last swam: Last time I paddled

Favourite paddling place: Etive

Liver destroyer of choice: Gin

Media Secretary Lucy Alder

Course: 3rd Year History

(Almost) interesting fact: There's a lego bridge in Germany that you can walk across

Claim to fame: Caused 3 hours worth of boat rescuing chaos

Kayak of choice: The RPM when it's not too cold

Last swam: Head-banger on Spean Gorge

Favourite paddling place: Scotland

Would love to paddle: Canadian Coast

Welfare Officer Toby Gillespie

Course: 3rd Year Computer Science

(Almost) interesting fact: Lava lamps have been around longer than Warwick Uni

Claim to fame: Capsized half way down Town Falls

Kayak of choice: Anything long enough for my legs

Last swam: Whenever I last paddled

Favourite paddling place: CIWW

Would love to paddle: Without falling in *sigh*

Liver destroyer of choice: Purple (duh?)

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Previous Execs


Presidents: Sarah and James

Vice President: Sam

Secretaries: Dean and Adi

Treasurers: Rowan and Alex

Kit Secs: Fresher Chris and Sean

Coaches: Joe and Dan

Tour/Tournament: Dan and Tara

Social Secs: Adi and Beth

Webmonkey: Lucy

Welfare: Jamie

Women's Officer: Lucy



Presidents: Owen and Claudia

Vice President: Grady

Secretaries: Sarah and Laura

Treasurers: Alwin and Lara

Kit Secs: Rowan and Adriana

Coaches: Sam and Joe

Tour/Tournament: Lara and Tara

Social Secs: James and Dan

Webmonkey: Fresher Chris



Presidents: Fresher Chris and Joe

Vice President: Seb

Secretaries: Lara and Claudia

Treasurers: Rowan and Jonathan

Kit Secs: Alwin and Ollie

Coaches: Dan...again and Lara

Tour/Tournament: Beta and Dan

Social Secs: Owen and Cameron

Webmonkey: Jack

Outreach: Grady


Presidents: Hannah and Lara

Vice President: Beta

Secretaries: Jonathan and Jon

Treasurers: Liam and Luke

Kit Secs: Rowan and Joe

Coaches: Dan and Tommaso

Tour/Tournament: Alice and Alpha

Social Secs: D and Fresher Chris

Webmonkey: Elsa


Presidents: Hadyn and Josh

Vice President: Elsa

Secretaries: Hannah and Luke

Treasurers: Ivan and Alpha

Kit Secs: Beta and Seb

Coaches: Liam and Ben

Tour/Tournament: Sev and Arun

Social Secs: Lara and Tom

Webmonkey: Will


Presidents: Freya and Jeff

Vice President: Jinners

Secretaries: Alpha and Elsa

Treasurers: Ollie and Arun

Kit Secs: Paddles and Ben & Luke

Coaches: Deema and Josh

Tour/Tournament: Hadyn and Nathan

Social Secs: Charlotte and Patrick

Webmonkey: Elise


Presidents: Sam and Emma

Vice President: Hadyn

Secretaries: Freya and Shoblin

Treasurers: Lauren and Ollie

Kit Secs: Little Sam and Charlie

Coaches: Ollie and James

Tour/Tournament: Christal and Jamie

Social Secs: Jeff and Jallen

Webmonkey: Thom


Presidents: Gabs and Anja

Vice President: Jevon

Secretaries: Nicky and Hadyn

Treasurers: Sam and Ed

Kit Secs: Hadyn and Bryce

Coaches: Chris and Jamie

Tour/Tournament: Ed and Baby

Social Secs: Lauren and Jamie

Webmonkey: Jinners


Presidents: R Dan and Baby

Vice President: Katie

Secretaries: Meriel and Abi

Treasurers: Tom Jin and Red

Kit Secs: Jevon and James

Coaches: Gabs and Nicole

Tour/Tournament: Stu and James & Nathaniel

Social Secs: Jevon and Gabs

Webmonkey: Nathaniel


Presidents: Screamer and Eugene

Vice President: Greg

Secretaries: Aleks and Bryce

Treasurers: R Dan and Abi

Kit Secs: Alex 'Eric' Baker and Jedi Master Darling & Padawan James S

Coaches: Nathaniel and Blackers

Tour/Tournament: Long Game and Jo

Social Secs: Stabby and Bilbo

Webmonkey: Zippy


Presidents: Alice and Jo

Vice President: Nicole

Secretaries: Becky and Jess

Treasurers: Greg and Eugene

Kit Secs: Long Game and Darling

Coaches: Bryce and Madi

Tour/Tournament: Eilidh and Yellow

Social Secs: Chunder and Nicky W

Webmonkey: Einstein


Presidents: Mofo and Yellow

Vice President: Matt R

Secretaries: Erin D and Rachy

Treasurers: Harriet and Darling

Kit Secs: Screamer and Richard C

Coaches: Scamrass and Baby

Tour/Tournament: LSD and Alfie

Social Secs: Alice, Cloughy and Einstein

Webmonkey: Yellow


Presidents: Madi and Cloughy

Vice President: Adam S

Secretaries: Dunphy and Richard C

Treasurers: Peter K and Rachel S

Kit Secs: Robert S and Adam S

Coaches: Einstein and Cloughy

Tour/Tournament: Matthew S and Jonathan B

Social Secs: Blackmore and Sarah M

Webmonkey: Stephen B