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Covid-19 Update for in-person events

Posted 1mth 3d ago by Dan Collier
Morning all,
With further increases in cases within the university and the local area, both clubs have made the decision that it is now compulsory for anyone wanting to attend an in-person event to have a negative lateral flow test within the last 24 hours before the event. So this is for anyone wanting to attend the BBQ tonight, surf, and epic party.
You can get a lateral flow test on campus or pick up a lateral flow test kit from your local pharmacy. The at-home test kit only takes 40 minutes to complete.
Also in light of this, we will be limiting capacity at epic party to 30 people to comply with government guidelines. There are still spaces available and the remaining spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so please sign up on the website using the links below if you are planning on attending.
Alcohol ticket:
Non-alcohol ticket:
We will also be back on teams tomorrow evening at 7pm for an online social for those of you who cannot attend our in-person socials currently. The teams link is below:
Any questions or concerns please feel free to message an exec member.
Canolo love,
Dan and all the exec

Socials and important information

Posted 1mth 6d ago by Dan Collier
Happy Sunday everyone!!
This post contains information regarding multiple events, so please read it all!
1. Regular Lateral Flow Testing
With Covid cases on the rise in the uni, both clubs are asking people to regularly get lateral flow testing to help prevent spreading the virus! You can pick up a pack of tests at your local pharmacy or order them online using the link below:
2. Social this week - BBQ and circling!!!
For this week's social, we are heading to canoe house! There will be a BBQ which will be followed by circling. Please bring your own food and drink. Feel free to arrive from 7.30 onwards.
3. Epic Party is Back!
Just a reminder to sign up for epic party, which will be on Thursday 1st July. Sign ups can be found on the links below and once you have signed up please fill in your drink preferances in the sheet. Cider orders have already been placed but please fill in any other drinks that you would like to see at the event so we know what to get! However, if there is low demand for a drink it may not be available at the event!
Alcohol Ticket (£30):
Non-alcohol Tickets (£20):
Drinks spreadsheet:
Canolo love,
Dan and all the exec

><> ><> Kit fixing and social <>< <><

Posted 1mth 9d ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
This week we have an interesting social/session. On Sunday we will be meeting at the sports center for 3:00🕒, then we will be running a kit fixing session as well as an informal polo rules talk to get us all up to scratch😆!
Afterwards, we'll go to the pub🍻 until our regular pool session later that evening.
While this is available to canoe members as well, seeing as a few canoe boats 🛶 need some work as well, we strongly recommend polo members coming, especially if you're coming to BUCS🏀.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing many of you there, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!
Canolo love,
James, and all the exec

Week 8 Pool Sessions

Posted 1mth 11d ago by Dan Collier
Good afternoon all,
Signups for our week 8 pool sessions are now open!!
These sessions are open to all members. Please fill out the google form and we will confirm your place before you need to sign up on Warwick Sport. Due to another trip taking place on Saturday, the canoe session will be quieter than normal, so anyone wanting to work on their paddling from either canoe or polo, feel free to sign up.
I also have exciting news, due to the cancellation of one of our term 1 polo pool sessions, polo has a one-off pool session on Monday 21st June from 9.45am till 11am. This is open to everyone so feel free to sign up.
Canoe Saturday session:
Polo Saturday session;
Joint Sunday session;
Polo Monday 21st session;
Canolo Love,
Dan and both execs

Esquires Social Reminder

Posted 1mth 13d ago by Claudia Perry
🤩🤩🤩In person social – THIS WEEK SIGN UP NOW!!🤩🤩🤩
Sup Paddlers!!
The big day has almost arrived… we are fast approaching our first in person social of the year!!🎉😆
This Thursday 17th June we will be heading to our new sponsors Esquires Coffee Leamington from 6:30pm, for a fun, food-filled evening🍱🥗🍷🥤. We’ve been sent over the menu for the night and there’s plenty to tickle your tastebuds – see you there!!
To sign up and have a space booked for you at the pub afterwards, this is your link
(SIGN UPS CLOSE TONIGHT to give time for pub to be booked)
To sign up just for the Esquires event (any time before the event!), it’s this link
And just a reminder that everyone is welcome – so please bring along friends/flatmates/whoever – just pop me or one of the exec a message so we can keep track of numbers.
See you on Thursday!!💜💜
Claudia and the Canolo Execs xxxx

><> ><> 🤸‍♂️🎪🎊🎉EPIC PARTY🤸‍♂️🎪🎊🎉 <>< <><

Posted 1mth 15d ago by James Hickmott
Ola all,
Its finally almost time for epic party⏱, its back after 2 years wait and we're all hyped🎊! Tickets will be £20 for a non-alcohol and £30 for an alcohol ticket🍹.
Today, we're looking for drinks orders, and sign ups are finally open. We also cannot confirm that whatever drinks you order will be there on the day, it will depend on the popularity of each drink.
We would appreciate it if everyone could get their drink orders in by Monday and signups will close on the 28th of June🥳, and by signing up you are committing to paying.
Epic party will be on the 1st of July and will probably start around 6:30ish.
Social love,
James, Dan, and all the exec

Esquires Week 8 Social

Posted 1mth 22d ago by Claudia Perry
******Week 8 Social – in-person event at Esquires Coffee Leamington!!******
On Thursday 17th June from 6:30pm we will be heading over to Leamington for our first in-person social of 2021, hosted at Esquires Coffee Leamington☕️🧁 – our new club sponsors! 🤩🤩
There will be food🥙🍰, there will be drinks🥂🧃, and there may even be banter - think curry social vibes… just without the curry🤪
To comply with restrictions, there is a capacity limit on this event, so we are asking anyone planning on coming to sign up via the website at the links below. Sign-ups will not close in advance unless we hit capacity, but spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis, so I recommend signing up asap asap asap!!
ALSO we will be required to leave the venue by around 9pm, so the exec are going to book tables in a pub for after this time for anyone who wants the night to continue. Hence there are TWO signups for this event:
The first is if you’d like to attend the social at Esquires Coffee Leamington AND have a space booked for you at the pub after (NOTE signups for this will close on Sunday 13th June to allow time for the pub to be booked): 
The second is if you’d like to attend ONLY the social at Esquires Coffee Leamington: 
Finally, friends/flatmates/etc are welcome to join us – the more the merrier – however please let myself or someone on the exec know if you intend on bringing anyone, so that we can keep track of numbers. Goes without saying that everyone attending will be expected to comply with all covid related restrictions at the venue.
Hope exams/deadlines/etc are going well – congratulations to those already finished, and chin up to those still powering through – we’ve got this 💪💪
Looking forward to catching up with y’all soon,
Claudia and the Canolo Execs xxxxx

Destress Social

Posted 1mth 23d ago by Dan Collier
Tonight James and I will be hosting another destress social whilst exams are still on. We will be on teams from 7pm and the link is below.
Keep your eyes peeled as we have got news coming over the next couple of days with regard to our first in-person social of the term!!!!
Social love,
Dan, James and all the exec

><> ><> Normal sessions return <>< <><

Posted 1mth 24d ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
As taster sessions have come to an end for this term, everyone is now welcome to sign up to both the Saturday and Sunday sessions.
The session times remain the same as previous weeks and it would be great if everyone could still sign up via the google forms, and on Warwick sport.
To sign up for the Saturday session please fill in this form:
To sign up for the Sunday Session please fill in this form:
To sign up for the Saturday Polo session please fill in this form:
Canolo love,
James, and all the exec