Canoe Clothing!

Posted 17y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Kate
Right, i finally have your choices for this year's CANOE CLUB CLOTHING!
Two choices, as mentioned before:

1.) Rugby shirts. Really, really good quality (330gsm if that means anything to anyone). Black with white collar. Will have the Who Dares Swims logo printed on the back (like the Fat Face jumpers have) and your name/ nickname and "Warwick Canoe" embroidered on the front. Size: XS-XXL
Price: £20.37

2.) Hoodies- again, really good quality, 300-310gsm, much better than the standard fruit of the loom (which is 260gsm) deal! You have a choice of either chocolate (see the snow hoodies), olive or black. See the attached pictures for what the designs'll look like (all will be the same in the final design except perhaps for the front left breast which i'm going to ask him to make more canoe- related)- the canoer is someone from the club which is pretty cool (see if you can guess who- it's from last year's surf trip). Will be printed on the back, and embroidered on the front.  Again, will have your name/ nickname embroidered on the front as well. The design this year is very different to previous years, but we wanted to try something new and which didn't just have the university crest on it!
Price: £22
I'll have signup sheets for them at polo tonight and canoeing and polo next week, and there'll be one on the board all week. Need your cheques straight away- neither company will print without payment. Deadline is next TUESDAY.

Delivery: i know the jackets have been annoying, but neither the rugby shirts or hoodies are with that company and each promise to have them done by the end of term AT LEAST if we get the order off asap.

Once again, deadline is NEXT TUESDAY!!

Happy ordering, see you all tonight or at Pub Golf on Thursday,

Centenary Party! (Will YOU be the 100th member?)

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Kate

For those of you that don't look at the union canoe page (and those of you who can't get onto it because you've not a member yet... shame on you!) we currently have

members, which is a whole ELEVEN off
(for those arts students amongst you, 89+11=100)
which also means weÔÇÖre a whole


people off a


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(complete with 100 candles, balloons, a crown for the 100th member, etc. etc.)

So if you havenÔÇÖt joined, JOIN!! and get your friends to join! (if you havenÔÇÖt got any friends, bribe people)

(As an added incentive.. youÔÇÖre not allowed, insurance-wise, to come on any canoe trips without joining to if you want to go on the surf trip, THE trip of the year which is open to all, then youÔÇÖre going to have to join eventually anyway.. yes even you polo people)


Hope the hangovers arenÔÇÖt too painful from last night everyone who went, see you all on Monday in the pool.


Polo Training

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Matt
Hi all,

Hope you enjoyed polo last night - I did!

It was really evident last night that everyone has really improved in all areas, and the standard of every game last night was really, really good.  Very well done to everyone - if we all continue to play like that, then we should all do excellently at our own tournament in week eight, and in the BUSA's.  Time for some tournament victories methinks....  (Bring it on Nottingham Men/Birmingham Ladies!).

To make sure we keep on top of our game, we'll do some more training exercises next week, as well as some games.  If there is anything you would like to practice in particular, please e-mail me (address below) to let me know, and we'll fit it in.

Could I also make a request?  Could everyone really try to be on time (7.15) for training next week please?  It makes it soooo much easier to organise!  I do realise, though, that people have lectures and things, which can make it difficult.  But if you don't, it would be cool if you could arrive on time, or even a little early to help with getting the kit out, putting goals up and that kind of thing.  We can get more time playing polo that way!

I promise we are going to do some trips to the River Leam in Leamington some time soon.  We're just waiting for the weather to get above zero degrees before we brave it!

Well done again to everyone at training last night - keep it up!


Its Social time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Woodie

Due to the fact that Varsity went slightly mad and upped their prices from £1 to £1.50 half way through last year, we are going to celebrate their return planet earth this Thursday.

Not only are drinks £1 but free food is available between 7 and 8 so get there early J

Due to the wonderful food I will be getting there for 7pm along with the hungry and hardcore.

Varsity closes late on Thursday but we are prepared to go onto other places (not the union to whatever strange night they have on a Thursday unless crash has moved day) but maybe the colli in cov or mirage/sugar in leam. Make your own mind up or play it by ear on the night.

Hope to see you all there,

Nicky + G


Div 1 Polo

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Matt

Those of us playing in West Midlands Div 1 Polo on Saturday (21st Jan) meet at 4.30 at the Sports Centre where Sam will be waiting with his van.  Those lucky few are:-

Matt, Stu, Sam Quet, Ralph, Jenna, (Pete S and Sam Dale maybe)



Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Angie

Me again!

Right those of you luck enough to have got a place read on. If for some unknown reason you wish to drop out RING ME NOW as i've got people to fill seats, but i can't do this if you just don't turn up. You will be banned from future trips if so (mwahhaaa - evil cackle)

Okay we are meeting FRIDAY NIGHT outside the CAMPUS SPORTS CENTRE at 6pm. EXEC - we're meeting 5.30pm outside garage to pack.

Taking a van (Noj if you could drive) and Mini bus (Katie and G to fight that one out). Be nice to your drivers, and kindly meantion if you see signs to scotland that they're headed the wrong way!

We are staying in a very nice bunkhouse in S Wales. The only catch is that there is another group in the adjoining dorm. If they happen to be Glaswegian climbers feel free to play arrogance and 'i have never' to the early hours with them, but if they're 60yr old ramblers can you just use some discretion!!! Cheers. There's a pub that advertises Fine Ale and good food just down the road... so food is up to you, they'll be somewhere to cook in the bunkhouse.

Other catch is we only have 15 beds, so 5 hardy buggers will need to camp. Volenteers stand as G, Hayden, Webbo, Strongman and Lousie - and this bunch will need camping stuff - everyone else just a sleeping bag.

Normal Canoe gear, thermals, fleeces, hats, wetsuits, food for the river, brekkie etc as normal. Plus a chq book so you can pay louise en trip. Theres a kit list on line if you need help.

Right think that is all you need to know.

See you on Friday!


Elle Presidente 07709490303

World Student Games for Wild Water

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Angie

World Student Games, read on if you're interested, i'll leave this one in your hands...

Please could you pass this onto your members in the canoe club, as it is an opportunity I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on.

Dear All,

On the 7th to the 10th of September 2006, the 5th World Student Games for Wild Water will be taking place in Krakow, Poland (the last one being 4 years ago).  There are two disciplines that are being held there, the one I am here to inform you about is Wild Water Racing.  

We hope to be taking out a team of students to represent GB universities.

This is where the opportunity is ... if you have an urge, or even just an incling to represent your country and never thought it would be possible (I certainly didn't until last year), want to try something new, and are willing to put the time and effort in to getting there, then read on....

Wild water racing is racing on moving water (white water), using 4.5m long boats and navigating your way down rapids from top to bottom in the shortest most efficient time possible. Don't worry if you don't have much experience on moving water, we hope to help you along the way, and it will be an experience not to miss as well as an opportunity not to be thrown away lightly. So why not have a try.

Remember anything is possible and 9 months is a long time.

If you are interested, have any questions then email me on and I hope to hear from you soon.

Gilly Mara

(Currently at Loughborough University)

Usk/South Wales Trip - WEEK 3 (20th-22nd Jan)

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Angie

Hello people:

Time for another weekend outside the bubble i think: This time South Wales.

Scarf's the boss on this one - It'll be a leave Friday early evening, return Sunday night job; and i'm going to book you lot a bunkhouse, so you'll even be spared the camping fiasco!

River wise it'll be Usk on Saturday (a really nice grade 3 stretch - everyone'll be fine on it) and several different options (maybe even some harder stuff if you want it) on Sunday. Even a chance to get that 2* assement ticked off if you're after that one.

Can't think what else you need to know, as usual me n Lousie'll keep costs as low as possible - but with a bunkhouse it'll be a tad more than usual - prob around the £25 mark.

Everyone's welcome, if you're concerned have a chat to me or Scarf in the pool, but it'll be aimed at your level.

More Info to follow, SIGN UP IS ONLINE NOW at, under trips, hopefully we can take a big group but numbers will be restricted by transport so get in there fast...

Going to be a good one!

See you all on Monday


Elle Presidente


Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Richard
Groupwise doesn't seem to be working, just so you all know the 4* assesment this Saturday has been cancelled!  More details to follow!

Ice Skating this Saturday

Posted 17y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Woodie

As our email system appears to have momentarily died i thought this was the best way of telling everyone about ice skating this Saturday!!!

We are going to be meeting in the bar at 6:45pm to go ICE SKATING at the coventry skydome.

Their session last from 8pm til 10pm and costs £5.80 with free skate hire (unless we get less than 15 people, so bring all your firends and people you live with, everyone is welcome)

see you all there hopefully :)