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Posted by: White Ninja
Just to say that the earlier the better tonight, I had to cue for an hour last night, it opens at 6pm and I wont be there that long after, I reckon 7.30 max!

Canoe and Canoe Polo Club Elections

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Posted by: Fingers

Hi Chaps and Chapesses,

Once again it is time for the incredibly unmissable Canoe and Canoe Polo Club elections!

Precise detiails will follow nearer the time, but they will be held at:

Robbins Well, Leamington
Thursday Week 10
<=> 13th March 2008

This is your chance to stand for any position in either club, but even if you donÔÇÖt, please come anyway. You get to choose who runs your club next year, and it is a really fun night anyway.

There is a list of positions and descriptions of each role on the Website, at If you want a better idea of what each position involves, just talk to the current occupant.

For those who are not standing, you need not read on, but for the rest of you

If you want to stand for an exec position next year, you need to write yourself a joke and a poem/song, which you will use to persuade people to vote for you. It doesn't have to be as good as Chaucer or Billy Connoly, but it has to be entertaining.

You then need to nominate yourself by e-mailing (for Canoe) or (for Polo)
with your name and the position you want to run for. (For joint positions, please e-mail both addresses.)

You can also stand at the start of the meeting, but it would be really helpful to know beforehand if you have decided. You may stand for more than one position, but if elected, you will be removed from the nominations for all remaining positions for that club.

The positions will be voted on in the following order:

  • Canoe/Polo President
  • Canoe Vice President (new this year)
  • Canoe/Polo Secretary
  • etc.

In alphabetical order, each candidate for the position being voted on will say their joke and poem/song. Club members may then vote.

If you are unable to attend the elections, but wish to stand for a position anyway, please e-mail your nomination, as above, and nominate someone who is attending to read them out. Please also make sure they have a copy of your joke and poem. The deadline for this is Monday Week 10 (10th March 2008).

We hope to see you all there. Much joy and cheerfulness from your very outgoing Presidents,

Ben and Signe.


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Allright guys managed to get the guet list moved to thursday, so see you there for some sing alongs with Doc B
Tom / Tob

Two Socials to blow your socks off

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Righto ladies and gentleman, this email is about two incredibly important dates which are not to be missed

Number one: This Thursday 28th of feb REAL ALE SOCIAL, this night is simply massive. Ale, dancing and marker pens.....opens at 6 but get there for 7.30ish, its in the cooler so no excuses.  Doc Busker is performing which makes it an even better night
ALSO, I managed to get canoe memebers on the guest list for wednesday but they wouldnt allow thursday, so feel free to pop in on wedneday. There will also be alot of canoe members out on friday. Basically its three days of drinking

Number Two: Thursday week 10 elections, Ive booked out Robbins well. Its a really important night for the club and a really fun one, lots of people embarassing themselves and a good send off to the old exec and welcome to the new one! Further details to come

cheers all
Tom and Tob

Polo rashvests

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Posted by: Latvia
Hey guys, this is what our rashvests are going to look like. Rachel will be doing the orders, write about prices and other details shortly. :)Warwick%20Uni_2.jpg

Winter Surf Trip - Week 7

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Posted by: Fingers
Hi Guys,

Sign up now for the Winter Surf Trip, at the end of week 7 <=> 22-24th Feb. Not sure where we'll be going yet, but it will be a fun weekend of surfing, on the raging* seas of wherever we end up. Trip will be suitable for everyone. If you have never been kayak surfing before, it is good fun (much easier than ordinary surfing) and, although practicing is considered cheating, will be good but non-essential preparation for the Mighty Summer Surf Trip next term. Look at the photos or ask knowledeable people for more info.

Also, there are still places left on the Leam Boat Centre First Aid course:
"It's £45 (or £40 if we get one more person on it) and you're almost guaranteed to get half of that back from Warwick Sport so it's effectively £20. It's on Saturday at the end of week 8. According to Noj it was really good- lots of practical first aid advice and you get to go out in kayaks for a bit of it."
Reply if you want a place.

It is time to face that anoying itch that is cag rash once and for all. Want it!

Ben (EP/Fingers/Pretty etc.)

*depending on weather conditions (and other factors)

Nene trip

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Posted by: Einstein

Hey guys

After the flooding of the last trip, we've organised another trip to the Nene for wednesday week 9, just before the rodeo, so itll be a great chance to learn some new tricks, or perfect some old ones. If you're not going on the rodeo it'll be a great chance to get some coaching on moving water. We'll be meeting at the sports centre at 1130 and should be getting back at about 1730. Itll cost about £10 depending on how many people go.

Sign up will go up soon.



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Allright guys, top B directly after canoe tonight, Mr Blackmore will be leading the hord as I will be arriving with a procession of pub golfers from leaminton (house mates Birthday) no dress or anything just a cheap night of drinking and dancing, if you arent going canoeing them Im sure you can meet us in there
Tom and Tob

Money this week end

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Posted by: Madi

Hi guy,

sorry for the late notice, but those who ar be coming this weekend please can you bring cash for the bunkhouse/camping and  which will be £20 or £8 respectively, and then a £10 cheque/money for transport, sorry for the late notice, thanks!

madi x

Scotland Tour Is Here At Last!

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Posted by: Greg

Scotland Sign up is on the way!


Here are the final details you need to know!


We leave Warwick Uni Campus at 08:00 Tuesday 25th March 2008 and return late on Wednesday 2nd April 2008.

The first four nights we are staying in the Linnhe Lochside caravan park in mobile homes. You will need sleeping bags here as bedding costs extra!


This takes us up to Saturday 29th March 2008, when we move to our second accommodation on the shores of Loch Ness where we are staying for the remainder of the tour!


The tour is open to all, however we STRONGLY recommend that you have been on at least one river trip and are beginning to be confident in your bracing ability by the time we go.  


The cost for the eight amazing days of partying and some kayaking will be ┬ú150 however this includes some damage deposits so hopefully weÔÇÖll be getting some of that back!


Sign up will open tomorrow evening and spaces will go fast so sign up quick to avoid disappointment.  


ThatÔÇÖs all for now, any questions post/email!


Greg Tour Sec