Polo Boat Fixing

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Posted by: P Gizzle

Next thursday I'll be coming up to Uni to fix up a few boats pre-Bucs.

Any help will be gratefully accepted whatever your experience. Even if it is just a hand getting boats from the sports centre to Westwood.

I can put up anyone without accomodation at my place. Please post here if you're interested.

Depending on arrangements we may also need people to move boats back the following Tuesday (I will be unable to do this)

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Cloughy
For those of you still up at uni, holiday polo is on every wednesday evening from 8:00 to 9:30.

BUCS Polo Polo Shirts

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Posted by: Buzz Lightyear
I've organised for the B Team to get BUCS polo shirts, with the University crest on the left breast and a big nickname and number on the back. The diagram below is an illustration.

I was quoted £14.50 for this design from sporting success in Cannon Park.

A Team if you want one, post your name and number here. If you're really fat and think you won't be a medium tell me your size. Otherwise I'll order a medium for you.

Ladies Team, they offered to do the ladies fit polos for the same price to get the business. If you're small and insignificant post your size here. Otherwise I'll order mediums for you.


Summer Tour Plans

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Posted by: Snow
Dear all,

To quote a favoured woolly-neck-garment-wearing-ex-member Warwick's most exciting outdoor water sport kayak-based club:

"With Scotland tour approaching, I don't like to go away without the next trip planned, so for those of you that feel the same I've had a thought."

In fact, I'm not the only who's had a thought. Planning is in progress for a tour with glorious sunshine to warm your backs, barbeques every evening cooking up plenty of fresh meat, peppers and chocolate filled bananas, riverside camp sites where you can fall asleep after a long day's paddling listening to the water you know you'll paddle the next day, long car journeys broken up by inventive games of 'categories' and 'lets get naked' (well, we don't all have to play that one), and everything else that fills your dream paddling holiday *.

Despite the comparitive comfort and luxuries offered by european summertime paddling, we don't want to paddle flat water. We intend the tour to be based primarily around the paddlers who've spent the year river leading, driving and organising all the other trips but there will still be room for those of us who've not been paddling long and are getting to the stage where we can look after ourselves on white water (as usual, go for it if you're unsure but interested and the organisers will let you know).

Exact dates are unknown, but the Tour should be some time between the end of term and graduation ceremonies, (in the first 2.5 weeks of the hols).

As usual, this is your club. If you want this this tour to be something, you need to make it something. Other uni clubs go to the alps and paddle an 'easy' river in the morning, and a 'hard' river in the afternoon. If they can do it, we can do it too.

The tour is still in the 'ideas' stage but discuss and think about it over scotland and Easter. The exec will arrange a meeting for those interested at the start of next term and we'll get the ball rolling.

Your soon to be ex-Tour Sec,


* Yes, that includes nudist beaches!

Refs course

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Posted by: P Gizzle
I have decided that it will be easier to create a sign up for this.

I'm not sure yet how many places we can have/what transport we can get.

Details that we have recieved are below:

Date: Friday 24 April 2009

Venue: Hatfield Water Park, Old Thorne Road, Hatfield, Doncaster, DE7 6EQ

Cost: ┬ú12.50 for the Course and ┬ú5 for the RefÔÇÖs Pack. Cheques should be given directly to Mark
Thomas (Bubbles) on the day, and made payable to ÔÇÿBCU Canoe Polo CommitteeÔÇÖ.

Transport: Participants must make their own way to Hatfield. Please share cars wherever possible as we
will be extremely short of parking space, and also note that the Water Park is not
near Doncaster station!

Times: There will be two courses run back to back, starting at 12:00 and 15:00. You will be notified of
your time slot when your place on the course is confirmed. Please can you arrive 15 minutes
early in order to ensure that the course can start on time.

Food: Please ensure you have eaten lunch before the course starts as there will only be a short

What to bring: Please bring a folder or clipboard to lean on along with a pen and some paper. If you have
space to bring a camping chair then this is advisable as it is likely to be more comfy than the
plastic chairs provided!

Preparation: Bubbles has asked that everyone has read through the rules before the event, so that
participants can get the most out of the course. These can be found at:

On Arrival: Park where you are advised to and head to the marquee.

Questions: Any questions regarding the course should be directed to Mark Thomas (Bubbles) at

It's time to get swotting!
Good luck
Claire Holloway and Eolie Hampson
BUCS Polo Organisers 2009

BUCS Canoe Polo 2009

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Posted by: Jon

ItÔÇÖs time to put all of our training from the last year into practice!┬á All the pool sessions, Leam training and tournaments have just been preparation for the main event: the BUCS Canoe Polo Championship 2009!

Where: Hatfield Water Park, near Doncaster.

When: Friday 24th - Sunday 26th April (End of week one, term three).  Leaving campus Friday afternoon/evening and returning late on Sunday.

Sign-up: is here.  Please sign up as soon as possible although note that places on the trip will not be allocated as first-come-first-served, but will be at the discretion of the team captains.  Anyone interested in playing should sign up, as teams will be drawn only from those who do.

Cost: Free!  As it's BUCS, entry fees and transport are taken care of, so your only cost should be food and drink for the weekend.  A meal on Saturday evening is also provided.

Referees Course:  A ref's course is held on the Friday.  If there is sufficient interest from the club we may be able to organise sending a car or two with people wishing to take part in the course.  Please send me an email at if you are interested  There will be a small cost associated with this (£12.50 for the course, £5 if you want a ref's pack (usually whistle, cards, sometimes a paddle gauge))  A contribution to the cost of transport may also be necessary.




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Posted by: Robb

Dear Cowering Massess,

I was reminded the other day that there is a ceilidh occurring at the union this Sunday evening (at least, I'm pretty sure it's this Sunday evening). I realise that this is of course a social, and I am not the social sec, but I feel very enthusiastic on the subject of ceilidhs, barn dances and folk music in general, so I asked those revered organisers of our social calendar whether I could send this email and they very kindly agreed.

For those of you who, in Michael Jackson's words 'are ignorant', a ceilidh is the most wonderful way to spend an evening. It is essentially a very exuberant dance to folk music from around the UK and, get this, they tell you what to do! If like me, when left to your own devices on the dancefloor you tend to oscillate (depending on level of inebriation) between the embarrassed Englishman bop and the wild and dangerous 'flail', with no happy medium, this is indeed a blessing. Of course, if you wish to do your own thing (and there will be bars open) I feel sure that no-one will oppose you, at least, not if your 'flail' is as extreme as mine can be.

So come along! It can be a cheap night, as there is no real reason to drink (I'm going to because I like to. A lot.) and it's a great opportunity to get to know some traditional dances and have MASSES of fun. If you are dubious because you feel it will be twee and reserved, and would rather rub yourself against odious strangers to grind, you could not be more wrong. A ceilidh can be a deeply sexual experience. I may even wear chapless trousers to display what will by then be my freshly tattooed backside!

Robb Dunphy

P.S. Ceilidhs get very warm!


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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker

Evening All.

The Canoe and Canoe Polo club elections will be held from 1900hrs on the evening of Thursday week 10 (12th of March), in Robins Well, Leamington. Dress is 'Smart', interperate that however you like, but it would be nice to see some frocks and ties. We'll be having food in the form of burgers and chips. You can either have Beef, Chicken or Veg. You also get a pint (soft drinks included) with that for the sum total of £3.50! Please reply to this thread, notifying me which burger option you would like, BEFORE 1200hrs on Tuesday Wk10 (10th) as I have to let the Well know numbers in advance.

If you are planning on running for a positon you need to have some sort of entertainment prepare for us in the form of a song of poem, detailing you suitability for the role. If you haven't decided if/what you want to run for, have a chat with an Exec member. You could become a fundemental influence in the growth and direction of what is already a damn fine club.

If you are travelling from campus meet at the bus stop at 1830. There will be people there from the club who know the way to the Well.

See you soon.

Your soon to be ex Social sex.

POLO Related stuff

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Posted by: P Gizzle
Rashies will be arriving imminently.

I am yet to receive money from Blackmore, Greg, Jon and Dom. No money no vest.

Referee's Course - will be run pre-BUSA. If you are interested  please let me know. This will cost no more than £12.50 but may be subsidised/ paid for by Warwick sport. It would be good if a female fresher did it as Rachel is not here next year (I'm looking at you Amba and Jen) (No really...look out your window!)

Boat Fixing -  Over Easter we are hoping to have a room in which to fix boats one weekend. If you are interested please post here with when you can make  and what, if any, experience you have.

Your loving Secretary

Brum bashing anyone?

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Posted by: Cloughy
Birmingham have offered us the chance of a training session followed by night out in brum next wednesday 4th of march. There is space for 8 players at the training session (birmingham have a smaller pool and so can only field 4 a side!), and then as many who fancy a night out in brum. I have been told that places to kip down can be found with birmingham and they will sort all of that. If people are interested post below, particularly any drivers that fancy it.