Polo over the summer.

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Posted by: Cloughy
Just to inform people that the pool has been booked for Wednesday evenings from 8 pm to 9:30 pm over the summer holidays. I should be around for the majority of the holidays, however if it appears that there will not be enough interest for a session, could people inform me in advance as the pool has requested that we not run sessions for just one person!

Nottingham trip

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Posted by: Einstein
Hi everyone

        hope the exams are going well and you lucky gits who have finished
are enjoying the freedom.

        We'll be running a trip to Nottingham next wednesday week 9(assuming
there are enough drivers) to celebrate the end of exams. We'll be
meeting at the sports centre at about 12, loading cars and heading off
to HPP, we'll be back later than usual as it stays light later,
arrival back will really depend on how long people want to spend
there. Sign up is up at 5pm today, do it!!

        If you are willing to drive please let me know, though I will be in
touch with the drivers.

Naked Calander

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Posted by: Madi
Calanders are coming out week9, how exciting anyway please buy one (unless my balls have slipped and im exposed, then dont)!!!
Please read the below emails and if you have a problem with the guy using our naked photos for his own personal use, (ooh err!) email me or post here, good luck in all those exams essipically all those hard working, hard done by second years!
Madi x

On behalf of the senior management of Warwick Sport can I personally add my thanks for your selfless approach to this calendar.  Your enthusiasm is everything that student sport and activity should be about and we are lucky to have such a cohort of students here at Warwick.

Dear All,
Just a quick email to thank you all for taking part in the "naked calendar" to raise money for Right To Play.  We have now have the proofs back from the designers and the photos look great and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished calendar in the next few weeks, as I'm sure you all are.
We are hoping to sell the Calendars over Sports Week at the end of Term and would really appreciate you spreading the word to all your members so that we can sell as many calendars as possible and make as much money as we can for Right To Play.  Once I have received the calendars I will send round a few more details and hopefully some of you may want to pick up a box to sell to your members, friends and family.  We will also be selling them in the Sports Centre for anyone to buy.
Finally the photographer Quentin would like to use the photos for his portfolio and website, so please can you mention this to your members and let me know if you are not happy for the photo to be used and we will ensure it is not used in his portfolio.  If we do not hear from you we will assume that you are happy for this to be used.
Thank you again for all your help and enthusiasm on this project, we couldn't have done it without you.
Kind Regards,
Gemma Morris
Sports Development Co-ordinator

Bring on the RAGE!!!

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Posted by: Cloughy

Dust off those knuckle dusters and practice you paddle fouls for another 'friendly' warwick tournament has been requested! I appreciate that some people have exams and wont be able to turn up, but next tuesday 10th June we will have another bloodbath of friendly action. The format will be the same as last time with a maximum of four teams (plus subs if too many people sign up) who will all play each other once and then have a third/fourth and a final. Again the A team players will be seeded so you wont be lining up against a full compliment of deranged maniacs, but instead the team will be roughly balanced (hopefully not quite a finely balanced as last time!). So all in all please POST below if you will be attending on tuesday so that teams can be sorted out before hand.

That is all.


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Posted by: Madi

I got sent this email, is anyone intrested?

My sister and brother in law run the scout group, unfortunately their
qualified water sport coach is leaving their group and they are keen to
replace him with someone suitably qualified. The group do have their
own equipment which they use on lakes and canals, and have many keen
youngsters with varying water talents.
Do you know of a qualified person who would be willing to give their
knowledge and time, thus enabling the scouts to continue with this
activity? If you could pass this e mail around your club in the hope of
finding someone, it would be much appreciated.
The contact names are Alan and Wendy Pithouse - 024 76 414885, or e mail
Thanks for your help....
Heather Battersby
Sports Facilities Co-ordinator
024 76 524993

All the contact details should be on this post if anyone wants to get in touch with them.
Madi x


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Posted by: Madi

Calling all Canoeist!!!


The best trip of the year is upon us!

Yes, thatÔÇÖs right itÔÇÖs nearly surf trip time, there maybe the small matter of a few pesky exams standing in the way, but that doesnÔÇÖt mean we canÔÇÖt start planning it!

The surf trip will be Sunday 22nd of June coming back on Tuesday 24th. We will be leaving early Sunday morning and driving down and camping in St DavidÔÇÖs, Wales, for a few days of sun, surf, BBQs, and maybe a spot of drinking, and getting back Tuesday evening, (perhaps in time for polo?)

It is the most sociable trip of the year, so donÔÇÖt worry if you havenÔÇÖt been on a trip before, no kayaking or surfing experience required! You can spend as much time or as little time in a boat as you like!

So signup now! There will be two sign ups, one a general surf trip sign up, and another if you want club transport down, (so most of you will want to sign up to BOTH.)

Also, if you want a famous surf trip T-shirt (for £4 extra) then post on the news thread or email me, your name and size (s/m/l/xl).

The trip should cost around £20, bargain! More info closer to the time, but go sign up now!

Your lovely President,

Madi xxx

Barbeques, drinking and paddling in sunny France!

Posted 13y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Snow
Hi all!

This summer canoe club exec are willing to take some of you to the rivers in the Ardeche region of France. We'll be leaving from campus in the morning of Saturday 5th July and returning in the evening of Sunday 13th July. It should cost about £150 although the exact amount will obviously depend on final decisions we make about transport, accomodation and how much you eat/drink.

Leaving campus in the morning on Saturday 5th July (the second weekend of the holidays), we'll get a ferry or eurotunnel early afternoon. Once in France, we'll travel a bit towards the Ardeche region and then camp. On the Sunday we'll travel further towards the destination, maybe grabbing a river on the way.

From the Monday till the Saturday we'll enjoy the sun and mainly paddle stretches of the Ardeche. Think grade 2 to 3 with a few interesting rapids/drops while paddling through amazing gorges and under arches. . .


There is scope for some overnight trips - taking the small amount of things we need on the river and sleeping by the river under the stars after singing and drinking around a campfire/barbeque.

There are some good rivers - 'gnarl' - for some adventure paddling - 'to hit' - that are also in the area that would be suitable for a day trip or two if we feel like picking up the pace a bit more! . . .


On Saturday 12th July we'll return close to the north coast of france (perhaps doing another river on the way) and camp there overnight. We'll return back to Brittania in the morning to be back at campus mid afternoon for unpacking and a trip to Pizza Hut!

If you want to be part of this summer tour of fun, sign up will be opened around midday on Monday 19th May. We can't guarantee that if you sign up first, you'll be on the trip but we'll do our best to accomodate as many people as possible. Don't hesitate to sign up! Drivers and experienced paddlers especially welcome ;)
We'll close the sign up around the end of the week.


Matt 'Athrun' 'Disco Stu' 'the evil headmaster' - your Canoe Tour Sec


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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker

Hello again

Decided not to do the Centurion as exams are sneaking up quicker than i thought. Sorry for the bad organisation, will be resceduled


Up and coming socialness.

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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker

Ok party people, two subjects to bring to your attention.

1)Sports Fed Ball. If you want to be a part of this fabulous event, and you want to sit with other canoests, I need your Booking number etc as out lined in previous emails, pronto. The closing date for this is Monday 19th, which is this coming monday. Then myself and a select panel will be sitting down and putting you into groups. Stop faffing and email me! (if you have already done so, thankyou, and I apologise for wasting your time.)

2)CENTURION. This is a brilliant social utility, and will certainly result in alot of hillarity. The challenge is basicaly to have one shot of beer/cider/alcopop every minute for 100minutes. Sounds fun dosen't it. Will take place on Sat17,on the feild infront of Old Rootes. We will meet in the Piazza at 1500hrs to purchase beverages.

Thankyou for your time

The Barron

Nakedness, episode 2

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Posted by: Quaggers
Right, unfortunatly, as the photographer didn't show up to take our last photo, we have to all get naked again.What a great shame.

The suggested plan is to have it taken at cryfield tomorrow, around the 6pm time so we can all get back for polo. If people could be at the cryfield pavilion at 6 or at the sports centre at 5:45 with the kit they want to cover their anatomy with, we should have plenty of time to get a glorius photo.

Can you please post on the website as well if you can make it, to make sure we have enough people doing it. The last photo had an awesome turnout, let's hope you all haven't been scared off by Blackmore's "throwbag of shame"!

Carry on enjoying the weather