><> ><>💻🎮 Chilled games night🛋🎰 <>< <><

Posted 1y 1mth ago by James Hickmott
Dia dhuit all,
Stress levels are understandably high at the moment, so this week, we will be playing a few light-hearted online games🎮 to give everyone a chance to take their minds off of everything else.
We'll be on the club teams channel at 7 this Thursday, feel free to bring a couple of drinks🍻 and your comfiest pair of slippers🧦, and we look forward to seeing you there!
Social love,
James, Dan, and all the exec

Week 3 Dinnertime Destress!!

Posted 1y 1mth ago by Adriana Cormack


Happy Sunday all,

Tomorrow evening we are kicking off week 3 of this term by throwing it back to 2008 and watching some of the funniest clips from *You’ve Been Framed* followed by a nice chilled catch-up as usual!

As always, it will be on teams from 7pm tomorrow (Monday) with this link here:

Hope to see some of you there!!!

Polo love,

Adi Xx


Posted 1y 2mth ago by Claudia Perry



(although apparently there are some other elections happening today too…..)


Today is the dayyyyyyyyy!!


This evening from 7:30pm, Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo Clubs will be settling down for our annual elections, this year hosted at the teams link here:, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


Voting will be held in the same way as last year. For those who weren’t with us, this means the votes will be virtual, and counted and announced by our favourite trusted third party.


We are looking forward to hearing all the candidates’ parody canoe/water-themed parody poem/song and joke. If you’re yet to apply for a position and being on the exec next year takes your fancy, then it’s your lucky day - you are able to run on the night, just make sure to make yourself heard when the candidates are called for the role you’d like to run for!


Most importantly, it is imperative all attendees remember the formality of the event, and as such the attire that is required. Can’t wait to see some glitz, some glamour, but crucially, no jeans - it’s an exciting event so dress for the occasion!!


From Owen and I, all that leaves us to say is a hugeeee thank you to all the club members, but in particular to our fantastic execs who have helped this past year be the best it can be. In a year when the odds were stacked against us, both clubs have thrived in unique ways, and this is down to the creativity, dedication and positivity of every exec member.

We think it’s been a great year for both clubs, so thank you!


Lots and lots of presidents’ love,


Claudia and Owen 💜💜


Posted 1y 2mth ago by Claudia Perry
We are excited to finally be able to share that we have formed a new partnership with Esquires Coffee Leamington, who will be supporting our clubs through the rest of term and into next year!!
Esquires Coffee is an ethical coffee franchise, serving high quality coffee ☕️(and tea/hot chocolate🍫/cake🧁/you name it!), whilst supporting ethical and sustainable business practices💚. The Leamington branch is on Warwick Street - so if you’re in the area, pop in and see what they’ve got to offer 🤩(they have student discount!!) - and don’t forget to mention you’re from the club - there may be some extra perks involved….👀👀
Esquires Coffee Leamington have already begun supporting us, providing the prizes for our last Scotland Charity event, for the winning team Bluebell Band, and, proving the government’s planned restrictions-lifting goes to plan, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting coffee-themed-social-announcements coming later in term…..!!
We are SO excited to share this new info with all our members, and to see how this new partnership flourishes💐, so watch this spaceeeeee
You can check out more info on Esquires Coffee Leamington at their instagram account @esquirescoffeeleamington
Or visit their website:

Cheeky Dee on Sunday

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Grady Beckett
Hey Kiddos,
For those who came to leam on Sunday, I hope you enjoyed. For those of you who didn't, y'all missed out. dw though, this Sunday is even more exciting...
We are having a wee trip down to the legendary Dee. That's right, the club's first real white water trip this year! 🚣🚣🏊
Sign-ups go live tomorrow at 12:00 (usually), will cost £17.50. Places are first come first served so be there or have regrets!
With all of the loves,
Canoe Exec

Dinnertime Destress!

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Laura
>>>> Dinnertime Destress <<<<
Hello ladles and jellyspoons, it's the most superb incredible chill time of the week again . . .
This dinnertime destress is going to be some Monday meditation! (and I live to add appropriate alliteration)🧘
Join us at 7pm on teams with this link:
If you can't make it to the call but would like to clear your head, here's the link to the video
See you all on Monday 😊
Polo love
Laura xo

!!!!!!!! Elections Next Week Woooo !!!!!!!!

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Claudia Perry
!!!!!!!! Elections Next Week Woooo !!!!!!!!
Both Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs will be holding our annual elections event next Thursday 6th May at 7:30, on teams at the link here:
As tradition expects, this utterly serious event requires nothing less than the most formal of attire - we’re all sitting at home but why not at least try to imagine we’re in kelseys. As a reminder, this does mean no jeans, so let’s see a bit of glitz and glamour in our outfits.
If you are running for an executive position, don’t forget to prepare your parody canolo-themed song or poem, and a joke, to perform on the night!
The presidential nominees are in, so without further ado, we are super excited to reveal the presidential manifestos for each club:
Sarah Rogers
I realize because of the unique circumstances of the past year not many of our new members will know me (how awful) so I thought I’d make a short poem to introduce myself (apologies in advance im not very creative)
Simply the best, better than all the rest (this would have worked better if the position was contested)
Averagely below average paddler
Rock lover, tree hater
Amoral, Ambidextrous, Axolotl
Hilarious, Hysterical, Handsome and very very Humble
Hecking awesome at sudoku, baking and other hip young things
Hellish ginger spawn of Satan
Humanities for the win! Down with STEM!
Horrendous drunken shite talker (if you see my name in the red book no you didn’t)
In all seriousness I’d like to think I'm a friendly bubbly member of the club so whether you are planning on joining me on the canoe exec, or are just looking forward to coming on some trips, this year should hopefully be more eventful then the last.
In terms of promises I think we’ve all learnt our lesson about making overly optimistic plans so a key objective is just to try and return to as close to normalcy as Corona allows. However, some other points of focus for the club are
  • Developing WWSR and leadership skills to improve the quality and quantity of capable members and ensure the safety and viability of our river trips now and in future years
  • Introducing a radical deforestation strategy, in accordance with the clubs standing hatred of trees, to rid british rivers of those pesky branches once and for all.
  • Boosting confidence in freshers by personally swimming on every eddy line
It’s hard to improve on perfection, but I’ve still put together a comprehensive reform plan, ensuring the clubs future and providing an excellent service to all our members, the core parts of this plan are summarised below:
  • The creation of the “Debt Collector” Exec position to ensure no member or organisation can remain indebt to the club.
  • Diverting focus for WMG from “Driverless Cars” to “Driverless Kayaks” this will reduce club faff and ensure the club fully embraces the future.
  • A financial contribution to the start up “Coach Dans, Coaches and Vans” to ensure the club has access to transport for the coming year.
  • The creation of HS3 and HS4, high speed kayak-friendly rail services connecting the Midlands to North Wales, and the Scottish Highlands, ensuring fast access to rivers.
  • The purchase of a “City grade” shower to ensure on demand white water in periods of little or no rain and send the water bill to Canoe Polo.
As you can see I have some dramatic ideas which I’m sure you will agree will benefit the club dramatically, therefore I am clearly the only choice, vote Pebble and make Canoe great again!
James Hickmott
While this year hasn’t seen much time actually on the water, I fully intend to get back in the pool as a club. This means my key aim is to encourage as many new members as possible. This shall be achieved through 3 key initiatives:
1. Being a welcoming and fully inclusive club to all
While this may be relatively self-explanatory, almost everyone who joins the club has never even heard of the sport, let alone played it, I certainly hadn’t, and it’s is easy to let the club focus on the more skilled members, who, generally are very familiar with the sport and club already. To prevent this, there will be many skills sessions held, catered to all levels and abilities. The sports fair shall also be an engaging and fun event, aimed at enticing people from every end of the university.
2. Offering well organised pool sessions when they return to ensure everyone notices personal improvement
Rapid improvement in any sport can be very encouraging, and may be the key to retaining members, people may often leave after a few weeks if they feel they’ve stagnated early. At the top of my agenda regarding how sessions shall be run, games being played will be monitored by exec members to help mentor new members. This will help members quickly gain new skills. Another reason for this is it should help prepare the club for tournaments, which we are currently not prepared for.
3. Ending the age long feud with canoe
This is this unnecessary, and I refuse to let it continue. Why can’t we all just be friends? This isn’t just a matter of kindness; I also appreciate that canoe can be a reliable source of members, and I would like to take full advantage of this next year. This will be done by having two fully collaborative execs, bridged by each exec having committed members of both sports.
One other key aspect of the club, vital next year, is our sponsorship with Esquires coffee. It’s important that we develop this relationship further over the coming year as it’s still in its early infancy and we cannot risk losing it. Through hosting socials and meetings as well various forms of publicity, we hope to show the benefits the club can bring to them.
I fully understand that this year has understandably not seen much in the way of personal development for paddlers or recruitment of new members, and that is why I also hope to fulfil much of what Claudia hoped to achieve this year, on top of my new aims.
Please vote for me!
Just as my ancestors before me, my whole life has been *literally* shaped by the water, so I fail to see how any other candidate could be more appropriate for this role.
As president, I will endeavour to shift the club’s focus back to the most relevant and important form of polo; the mint with the hole.
More specifically, I believe it is of utmost importance that all of our members are made aware of the extensive polo options available to them, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Original Polo mint: the original and best
  • Spearmint: “cool look, cool taste”
  • Fruit: strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and lime - all in one tube!!
  • Polo Gummies: for the soft-at-heart, gummy sweets in a polo shape
  • Butter mint polos: not new but less well known, had to be included in this list
  • Sugar free: but still sweet!! Contains sorbitol
Don’t make the wrong decision, no other candidate will leave you feeling so minty fresh

><> ><> 🥘🥘🥘Curry social 🥘🥘🥘<>< <><

Posted 1y 2mth ago by James Hickmott
Hai all,
Today is the first of the summer socials! I hope everyone is looking forward to this evening and is ready with a meal (preferably a curry).
At 7:00 this evening, we'll be on the club teams, looking to get back to some online games🎮.
Social love,
James, Dan, and all the exec

Elections Reminder

Posted 1y 2mth ago by Owen Kelly
Just a little reminder that if you'd like to run for an exec position next year, please email the president of the club with the position you'd like to run for.
Canoe -
Polo -
Elections will be on 6th May (so obviously we all know that these are the most important elections that day)
Being on the exec is a great experience as you'll get to meet new people and have a lasting impact on the club, any questions feel free to reach out to me or the current exec member in the position you're interested in 😊
Elections Love
Owen and all the Canolo exec

><> ><> 🥘🥘🥘Curry social 🥘🥘🥘<>< <><

Posted 1y 2mth ago by James Hickmott

Pe'el all,


Welcome back everyone, and I hope you're all doing well. We're looking to start the term off with a classic online curry🥘 social. Feel free to make/buy any curry you like, or just any meal if you prefer😂.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at our normal time, 7:00 for a good chance to catch up!

Social love,

James, Dan, and all the exec