Scotland T-Shirts

Posted 2y 1mth ago by Dan Collier
Here is your chance to buy a Scotland 2022 Monsters vs Aliens T-shirt. This could be because you couldn't make the trip or if you are on the trip and would like a second t-shirt.
A t-shirt will cost £15.60. If you would like another t-shirt, please fill in the form below. The form will close on Sunday 27th Feb at midday!


Posted 2y 1mth ago by Dan Collier
><> Snacktics <><
Hi everyone,
This Friday we will be hosting a tactics and rules talk at 7-8pm in S0.20. There will be snacks there for everyone to enjoy. After the talk, we will be going to the pool session to put the tactics into practice. We will also be looking at the changes to the rules that have come into place recently.
If you can't make the session, do not worry! We will be recording the session and will make it available to everyone.
Polo love,
Dan and all the exec

><> ><> This week's Polo sessions <>< <><

Posted 2y 1mth ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
This week, our main event will be on Friday, where will be running a "Snactics" session, where we will be running a presentation, hoping to help explain the key rules of the game, as well discussing our most commonly used tactics.
This session is open to everyone, but we strongly recommend those who are coming to the Cardiff Polo tournament come along.
Tuesday the 22nd - 20:30 - 22:00: Games session
Friday the 25th: 19:00 - 20:00 - Snacktics session
Friday the 25th - 21:00 - 22:00: Tactics practice session
Saturday 26th - 17:00 - 19:00: Some more boat skills, with a second half of games
See you all there!!
Polo love,
James, and all the exec


Posted 2y 1mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling fresh after yesterdays Real Ale Festival! Thank you to all who came, it was a great evening!

Next weeks social is a chance to show off your competitive side as we are off BOWLING.
We are going to book the Tenpin in Leamington for 8pm. It will cost £10 and this will include 2 games of bowling and a drink. (There will also be an opportunity to head to the pub or maccies after)

To come, sign up on the website here: and also transfer the social account £10 to secure your place.

Sign ups for the event close on Monday @ midnight to give us a chance to book our lanes.

Hope to see you there,

Social love,
Adi and Beth x

P.S: Keep an eye out for week 9 POP theme on Monday 👀

><> ><> This week's Polo sessions <>< <><

Posted 2y 2mth ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
This week we're planning on working on various skills, as well as having another ladies session.
Tuesday the 15th - 20:30 - 22:00: Boat skills session with some games at the end
Friday the 18th- 21:00 - 22:00: Ladies session
Saturday 19th - 17:00 - 19:00: Some more boat skills, with a second half of games
See you all there!!
Polo love,
James, and all the exec

🍻🍏Real Ale Festival ~ Week 6 social🍏🍻

Posted 2y 2mth ago by Beth Hudson

Warwick Real Ale Festival returns (at last) on Thursday 17th February to fill the Copper Rooms once again with a huge variety of beers, ales, ciders and more!! The Festival also has many vegan, gluten-free, and 0% alcohol options.

We will be meeting in the Duck from 5pm and then heading into the festival from about 6:30pm.

For those who have never been before, the Festival is a cash only event and has a £3.50 entry fee, once you're in you can buy tokens from Reception (these are essentially monopoly money). Inside the copper rooms there are a variety of bars (not the usual Pop bars, they build their own) at which you can exchange tokens for drinks or food (vegan and vegetarian food is available). You can also buy merchandise (novelty pint glasses, silly hats, etc.) from the reception with cash. I highly recommend purchasing a pint glass!! There will also be live music every night.

As for pricing, it is cheaper than the Duck!

Please press 'going' on the event if you plan on joining us (especially as we will all get a discount if we go as a group 🤩) and we hope to see many of you lot there!

For Scotland and Surf we bulk buy different Lilley's Cider flavours so I strongly recommend trying a few flavours at the festival to learn what you like ~ Bee Sting is a personal favourite 🐝🍏

Social love,
Beth and Adi x

><> ><> Exciting Cardiff polo update <>< <><

Posted 2y 2mth ago by James Hickmott
Morning all, just letting you all know that we have re-opened signups until the 12th as we wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to come can sign up, although we can't necessarily guarantee everyone a place, we'll do our best to bring as many people as possible.
We're also now planning on staying in an AirBnB, so we will no longer be camping🥳🥳. This likely will increase the cost of the trip by around £30 depending on numbers, but it should be much more fun, not to mention a lot warmer.
Signup link:
Polo love,
James, and all the exec

Scotland Sign-Ups Open!

Posted 2y 2mth ago by Dan Collier

Sign-ups for Scotland are now open! Be quick before spaces are gone!


Scotland Sign-ups Reminder

Posted 2y 2mth ago by Dan Collier

Good day paddlers,

I hope you have all enjoyed hypemas. Key things to remember about the trip. It is 20th to 29th March and will cost £285. Just a reminder that sign-ups are TONIGHT at 19:55!!! There will be a group of us in the duck from 7pm signing up, so feel free to come along.

Here is a link to the signups:

Scotland Hypemas Day 6

Posted 2y 2mth ago by Dan Collier

Evening paddlers,

The final reason to come on this trip is that you will get to use the same boat for the entire trip! This will give you the chance to work on your paddling skills and no more having to adjust the fitting each morning.

Here’s another video: