~~Week 4 - Trampoline Park Social ~~

Posted 1y 8mth ago by Beth Hudson

Hi all!!

Thank you to everyone who came to Wednesday's circle, we hope you all had a good time!! Hope to see more faces at Week 9.... I promise it'll be one to remember🕺💃👀

For now, we'll JUMP straight into next week's social. Join in as we BOUNCE through Leamington to go to Jump In Trampoline Park!

Click 'going' on the event and follow the screenshot instructions for how to book your tickets. Tickets are £7.50 just be sure to book quickly before spaces are all filled!!



Some of us will be grabbing dinner at Urban Fox so join in for that too afterwards!!

Social love
Beth and Adi xxx

><> ><> !!Cardiff Canoe Polo tournament!! <>< <><

Posted 1y 8mth ago by James Hickmott
Ciao all,
A very exciting post today, signups are now live for the Cardiff polo tournament. This trip will take place over the weekend of the 11th-13th of March and everything will be included in the price.
We are planning on entering 3 teams, so there will be plenty of space, so everyone is welcome, tickets will cost around £40, but this may change slightly depending on the number of signups.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or anyone on exec.
Signup link:
Polo love,
James, and all the exec

Term 2 Week 3: Circling and Pop!

Posted 1y 8mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Week 3-Circling and Pop 🤩

Happy Monday everyone!!

Next week we will be heading to the copper rooms to go circling and dance the night away to some classic cheesy hits whilst all sporting some brilliant outfits!! 
To attend you will need a Week 3 circling ticket which can be found here: or message me or Beth as we have some spares too!
The theme for this week is: PUNS!

I will attach links to some articles to give you an idea of what you might come as! But some ideas may include getting out your old Halloween costume to come as ‘copy cat’ or unveiling your monochrome wardrobe for ‘fifty shades of grey’ it’s up to you! Just be creative- there will be punishments for matching costumes. 

Click going on the event here: to attend!

*please note that this event may be subject to change due to either government or our own guidance! If we deem that the risk of Covid is too high for club members, we may decide to change this event last minute! There is also no obligation to stay for Pop! Everyone is more than welcome to come to circling and leave before Pop begins

Social love,
Adi and Beth

Term 2 Week 2: Pub Golf

Posted 1y 8mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone!

It was lovely to see so many of you at the curry social last night!


If a few drinks at the pub is your cup of ‘tee’ 😉 then our next social is for you! Next Thursday we will be doing ‘Pub Golf’ which incorporates a bar crawl and a drinking game all in one! The aim: you have to try and drink your drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) in few sips to keep your scorecard as low as possible.

We will be meeting on campus at 19:30 and more details will be released on the facebook event in due course!

There may also be a chance to ‘par-tee’ at Kelseys afterwards to end the night too!

Just click going on the event here: if you are available to a’tee’nd!


Hoping to see you there!

Social love,

Adi and Beth x

Term 2 Week 1: Curry Night

Posted 1y 8mth ago by Adriana Cormack

Hey everyone!

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Weekly socials are back again and we are starting the term off with our classic Curry night. This time we are heading to King Babas in Leamington on Thursday 13th January at 7pm!

To come, just click ‘going’ on the event here:

Note: It’s BYOB and they offer students a 20% discount so don’t forget your IDs

Hoping to see you there!

Social love,

Adi and Beth

Term 2 Updates: Tasters and BRAND NEW Canoe Skills List

Posted 1y 8mth ago by Sam Pfeffer-Matthews

Hi all

We have a few updates/reminders before term 2 begins next week:


Term 2 Taster Sessions

Bring your mates along, as the first two weeks of pool sessions are free for anyone to try out!

Canoe sessions are Monday 20:30-22:00 and Wednesday 20:30-22:00

Polo sessions are Tuesday 20:30-22:00 and Saturday 17:00-19:00

In canoe next week we'll be going through some more advanced paddling techniques before bringing in some new rescue skills which are bound to be a whole load of fun.


Canoe Skills List

Thank you to everyone who filled out our surveys at the end of last term. In response to some of your feedback, we are striving to make our pool sessions more structured and informative to focus on what each of you want to improve on. For a start, we've designed a brand new skills checklist full of the essential kayaking skills we think you should have experience of by the end of your first year of kayaking in the club. 

The list is accessed via our website at:

(Alternatively it can be found through Canoe -> My Skills)

When you feel comfortable enough with a skill on the list to the point where you could teach it to someone else, tick it off and it is automatically saved to your profile. While there is no requirement to do them in a strict order, it is highly reccommended that you complete all the skills in a section before moving on to the next.

Please approach any older member of the club for help learning a new skill or demonstrating one you already have - we're all here to help you improve as much as possible both in pool sessions and on trips!



Socials are back in full swing as soon as term begins so keep an eye out for details of our week 1 social very soon!


Looking forward to seeing you around

Canoe Love

Sam and all the execs xxx

Term 1 Newsletter

Posted 1y 9mth ago by Dan Collier

Good evening all,

This term has been busy for both clubs. As a way to summarise the term and things to look out for next term, the exec has been busy working on a newsletter for you all. Please follow the link below to access it:

If you have any questions about any of the information that is in the newsletter please feel free to ask any of the exec.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the new year!

Merry Christmas,

Canolo love,

Dan and both execs

Pop! and Skool Dayz Term 2

Posted 1y 9mth ago by Adriana Cormack
TLDR; Get week 3 and 9 POP! and week 8 Skool Dayz tickets
Hey everyone! 🎉
Despite it only just being the end of term 1, event tickets for next term are going on sale on Tuesday 14th December @12pm
We will be circling in the copper rooms for Pop! in weeks 3 and 9 and also be attending Skool Dayz in week 8.
To buy tickets head here:
you will need CIRCLING tickets for week 3 and 9 but can grab an event only for Skool Dayz in week 8!
Hoping to see you there,
Social love,
Adi, Beth and the rest of both execs x

Polo Rules and Tactics Talk Reminder

Posted 1y 10mth ago by Dan Collier
Good morning all,
This evening we will be hosting polo rules and tactics talk in S0.20 (social sciences) from 7 pm to 8 pm. This is open to everyone and it is a good chance to learn more about the game and the rules.
Snacks will also be provided!
Polo love,
Dan and all the exec

Polo Rules and Tactics Talk

Posted 1y 10mth ago by Dan Collier
There is a rules and tactics talk for Canoe Polo on Tuesday 30th November from 7pm till 8pm. This will be in S0.20.
This talk is open to everyone, regardless of ability. This is the perfect chance to gain a better understanding of the game and the rules.
Polo love,
Dan and all the exec