Canoe Polo Hoodies

Posted 13y 6mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Rachel
Always wanted a hoody which shows your love for the canoe polo club? Jealous of everyone who's already got one? Well now is the chance for you to have your own!

The hoodies will be zip-front ones, much like the ones some club members have at the moment. There will be a printed canoe polo logo on the back, the university logo embroidered on the front along with a name of your choice (also embroidered).

The cost is dependent on the amount we order but will be roughly £20.
The sizes are: S-36ÔÇÖÔÇÖ M-40ÔÇÖÔÇÖ L-44ÔÇÖÔÇÖ XL-48ÔÇÖÔÇÖ *XXL-52ÔÇÖÔÇÖ (chest size).
The colours can be found here: (clicking on the hoody colour shows a picture).

I will be ordering hoodies at the start of next week with the hope they will be here ready for next term. If you want one please post your size, colour choice and name you want on the front (and your full name) below. If you have any questions/random babble please post it on the news thread - this thread is for ORDERS ONLY.

Love from your secretary.

Movember last day

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Posted by: P Gizzle
This could be your most important sign up ever.
To mark the last day of Movember and to promote the TPCC (The Prostate Cancer Charity) Einstein will be conducting prostate examination before and after Polo on Tuesday. Sign up now.
Apart from the main object of promoting menÔÇÖs health, there is another serious reason to participate as Professor Shipman (EinsteinÔÇÖs med school  tutor) explains:  Before clinical training in the wards our students have to satisfactorily conduct 35 PMEs (Preventative medical examinations). Richard Beckett has 32 to complete before the Christmas break, which is quite a challenge. Other students are better placed, but unfortunately RichardÔÇÖs PMEs during breast cancer awareness week were disallowed for reasons that will be the clarified during the fitness to practice hearing in January.
So help yourself, and help Einstein ÔÇô sign up now.  
(Unfortunately for some reason I can't create a sign up so just post here if you want Einstein to slip you a digit)

Winter tournament - please help set up

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Alfred
Hello everyone,

As you are all no doubt aware, the Warwick Winter Canoe Polo Tournament is taking place on Sunday the 5th of December. The tournament starts at 10am, but we will need help setting up from about eight thirty. Also, we will need hands spare to assist the ushering of teams and their kit to the poolside. I'd like to propose that all players picked to play for any Warwick team (Einstien excluded) attempt to be at the Sports Centre for nine at the latest whereat I shall meet and allocate a role to each of you. Anyone not picked is also welcome to make a hero of themselves. Just for my own peace of mind, could those of you who intend to attend in order to help at this early hour please write their names below. 


Alfie x

Warwick tournament!

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Rachel

Hello polo fans!

Sunday week 8 (5th Dec) is the Warwick Winter Tournament! There will be an A team, a B team, a Ladies team and an Old Gits team. We will be joined by a number of other university teams and it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

If you want to be considered for a team then please Sign up under Canoe -> Trips. The sign up is open now and will close at the end of this week so get signed up ASAP if you want to play! Even if you don't make it onto a team it's a really good day so please do come help out and support Warwick, it's also a good chance to meet other uni teams and watch some good polo!

On another note, if you are on the national league team the sign up is now open for next week's tournament (4th Dec) so please sign up ASAP so Yellow can sort out the team.

Much love from your secretary.

Open Canoeing Session

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Scamrass

This is the trip you've all been waiting for! Open canoeing :D



  • When? 2-4pm Wednesday 24th November, (Wednesday week 8)
  • Where? Meeting at Leam Boat Centre,
  • Cost? £6 per person. This is a major discount on normal hire of the boats and we only get them so cheap because they love us so much.
  • Kit? Wetsuit, cag and fleece would be ideal. If you need kit, please state so when signing up for the trip and I will try and sort it for you. Also shoes that can get wet and a towel!
  • Who? Everyone who wants to learn how to canoe and everyone that wants to come just for the fun of it.
  • Why? Because open canoeing is just too awesome...


If you have any questions, just post below.

Please sign up for the trip so that I have an idea of interest and kit required. 


Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Alice

Good afternoon canoeists!!!

ItÔÇÖs that time again (already)

Canoe club is going to POP next week, and we will be rocking up in bin bags.

If we can make canoe gear look sexy (questionable) then we can definitely do our best to make some sexy bin bag outfits.

I think this could be interesting, so there will be a prize for best costume.

As per usual, be there for 7, sitting down with drinks for 7:30.

Alice/AA/Road kill

AND just a quick note to say it is a POLO session at the pool tonight, be there for 7:30, everyone welcome.

Access to Sport Centre

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Mofo

 Hi All,

Me and Yellow where summoned to see Gemma Morris this morning following more reports of people using the side door to gain access to the sports centre. This is unacceptable. The side door can only be used to move kit in and out.

So from now on, if you wish to use the side door to move kit in and out you must ask the staff at reception first.

Anyone caught using the side door when they shouldn't be will be sent to a University Disciplinary hearing (This comes from Terry Monnington, and applies to all clubs not just us)

Clearly this shouldn't be a problem as you are all members of Warwick Sport and the Club anyway so you shouldn't need to use the side door, and Old gits returning for one off sessions can pay, most of them have jobs and earn plenty of money.

Rant over, have a good weekend

Mofo and Yellow

RAGE! Tournament

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Yellow

So most of the freshers have settled in now and know the general idea behind Polo... So it's about time we had a RAGE Tournament.

For those of you that don't know, RAGE is our internal tournament we have once or twice a term to give everyone some tournament time. The teams will have subs and the refs will be refing properly...

If you want to play, and of course you do, sign up now! Everyone that signs up can play, but please sign up if you want to come to Polo next week so we can arrange teams and a playlist.

Rules presentation week 7

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Matt

Good evening Lads and Ladies

Now that we've been playing this game called canoe polo for 6 weeks some of you may be wondering what the referees are talking about when they furiously blow their whistle at you...

Well never fear your club is here to help. If you look at the website you will see that there is a polo rules page where they are set out simply here

For those of you that prefer your rules less distilled there is a fuller version here  also on this page is Dr John's rules quiz which is an easy way of checking your understanding of the rules.

For those of you that are far too lazy to read web pages there is an alternative... G and Dr John will be giving a brief presentation before polo next week in the ramphal building details of which are:

Tuesday 16th November 5-6pm

Ramphal building room R1.15

This is a really good opportunity to get the rules explained to you by people who know what they're talking about

They could also give you a few hints on how to bend the rules...

much love

Coach Clough

New Years Tour & Club Jackets

Posted 13y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: LSD
I bring you two pieces of exciting news! Firstly! Signup for New Years Hardcore Tour is now open! This year we will be venturing to the Lake District for some epic paddling (lets be positive!). The dates of tour are 30th December ÔÇô 7th January. This trip is intended for experienced paddlers. If you are unsure if it will be suitable for you, still sign-up and we will get back to you (or just ask an exec member). Do hurry though, as there are limited spaces. Provisionally the cost of the trip is ┬ú170 but this is likely to drop. Provided we get 12+ people the bunkhouse is offering us a great discount. Also, the journey is much shorter than last year, so cheaper fuel costs should bring the price right down. For those interested, the bunkhouse we are staying in is Mains Farm Bunkhouse ( Secondly! This week we're doing a jackets order for the Montane Extreme Smock. These are the same jackets as were ordered last year, back by popular demand! They will cost ┬ú65, which is an amazing price considering they usual sell at ┬ú100. IÔÇÖm sure most of you will have seen them on older members, but if not take a look:; WeÔÇÖll be getting them in black, with your name and warwick canoe embroidered on the front, and warwick canoe printed on the back. The sign up is on now, and will be closed at the end of the week! Sign up under trips, and send these details to - Your name - The name you want to be printed on the jacket - Size (S-XXL) That is all folks! LSD (Tour Sec)