BBQ - End of week 8!

Posted 12y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: space case

Seeing as the weather is so good right now, and everyone is/will be ecstatically happy at some point in the next few weeks, Muffmuff & I have decided to hold another bbq!

Undoubtedly bigger & better than the last

When: Saturday 13th June (End of week 8) in the afternoon
Where: Rootes Field

There will be a small fee to cover costs of food ÔÇô this along with times will be released next week.

Games will include


And the usual: ROUNDERS (with the added possibility of an inter-club degree-related tournament, i.e. Physics vs. Maths vs. Engineers vs. Everybody else.)

Post if you intend to come and please let us know if you have any special food needs.

Muchos Loveos,

ÔÇÿJenny from D-blockÔÇÖ & Muffmuff

P.s. Second years, yes, we know you havenÔÇÖt finished yet and fully sympathise as we will be like you next year, but hopefully you can spare a few hours on the weekend.

HereÔÇÖs a quick update of everything else happening at the end of term, for the dopey ones:

Week 9:
WED ÔÇô Nene Trip & possible circling in the evening.
THURS ÔÇô Final Fling!

Week 10:
TUES ÔÇô Return from surf tour.

And thatÔÇÖs it for this year!

Nene trip Week 9

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Posted by: Quaggers

Howdy boys and girls,

The holidays are drawing close, and end of term looms. What's that I hear you cry? You want some more whitewater excitement before you finish the year? Fear not. We are organising a trip to the Nene artificial whitewater centre in Northampton on Wednesday 17th June (that's week 9 to those stuck on bubble time).

The Nene course is great for all abilities, whether you're waiting to do your first whitewater roll, or want to perfect surfing waves or give cartwheeling a try. We will have a number of coaches there help you improve on whatever you want. Or, if you just want to muck about on the course, you can do that as well. The world is your oyster.

As usual, sign up through the trips link on the website. Price is going to be below a tenner, as the University is paying for the course hire. How nice of them. We'll be leaving around 12ish to return for around 7, but times will be confirmed nearer the date.



Surf Trip T-shirts

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Posted by: Scamrass
Hi guys, just a quick note to ask all of you wanting a surf-trip t-shirt to get organised with the £4. No money means no t-shirt!
I'll be at the pool session this afternoon, and i'll turn up at the end of polo tomorrow. If you're not coming to either of these sessions, i tend to live in the maths block at the moment, or just give me a ring/text (0seven517fourfour239three) to organise sometime to meet up.

Thanks to everyone thats already paid up

Canoe Sessions

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Posted by: P Gizzle
We've had a few complaints from Canoe Club members regarding use of polo kit in canoe sessions.

It has been agreed that if you want to practice any skills in a Polo boat you MUST use a plastic. If you want to use a ball to practice handrolling with - that is fine. Balls must not be thrown around the pool except with the permission of myself or a canoe exec member. This will only occur when te session isn't very busy.

Remember that these are canoe session and polo occurs tuesdays and fridays when we get more pool time anyway.

Lots of wet love 

Tuesday night tournament

Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Doc Brown

Good evening.

The teams for the tournament tomorrow are below, made up from those who expressed interest. If you turn up on the night, I'll try and find you a place in a team. 

Please turn up on time, preferably five or ten minutes before to help set up the goals and get gear out. I know some people may have language classes late, but if not, be there on time or live in the knowledge that you waltzed in late and took the game time of someone who set the pitches up for you, does that feel good?! Whinge-over.

Notes for the tournament:

-Games start at 19:20 on the dot, are 5 minute halves with half time included in that followed by a 3 minute changeover. Please get on the pitch behind the back line, because the games will start if there are enough people on or not (allowing a bit of leeway for minor slowness)! so you might get steam rollered by the sprint!

-Please try to arrange a boat and gear for yourself with the team getting off before your game at half time of the game before yours, to speed up the changeover.

-I would like it if the refereeing is done by new referees wanting practice, so any old gits tempted to 'show them how it's done', please don't.


Warwick A (+0)

Baby Clough





The Baron

Warwick B (+4)






Mysterious Joe

Snowman - maybe

Warwick Ladies (+6)






Madi - maybe

Warwick Regular Old Gits (+0)

Dr John





Matt - might be here

Warwick Extra Old Gits (+2)










Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Steve
Hey guys and girls of the mighty canoe club

The surf trip is now looming upon us and the signup is NOW OPEN.

There are 3 signups, just to make it complex.
>The trip itself

You probably want to do ALL THREE

Seperate signups exist for those transporting themselves there earlier, same with tshirts.

Get signing up, and dont forget to sign up for the uber party too!


Polo team tournament, next Tueday!

Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Doc Brown
Righty ho then!

The plan next Tuesday is to have a tournament, with teams made up as if they were BUSA teams, but fear not, everyone is needed and welcome. Games will be handicapped.

Teams will be:

Warwick A
Warwick B
Warwick C
Warwick Ladies
Warwick Old Gits

If you are put in a certain team, don't feel 'pigeon holed' forever, it's early days.

SCORE! Week 5

Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: space case

The new union is finally here...

A new era is upon us...

Fancy dress will be pensioners, & there will be an award for the HOTTEST pensioner present.


The Copper Rooms.

Tickets can be bought in advance here:

Please post if you intend to come so we have an idea on numbers.

Jen & Mofo

Epic Party Tickets

Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Barnet

Whats this I hear, you want to get involved with the Epic Party?

This will take place on Thursday 25th June/ Thursday Week 10 in the leamington area. Put it in your diaries! The current plan is to have a marquee, BBQ food, a bouncy castle, some jingles, some provision of alcohol and of course some good company. The event will be black tie, so where something decent and ladies make yourselves look nice.

Tickets will be priced at £25 which will be collected soon. Please sign up on the website to express your interest.

We are putting a preliminary cap on numbers at 50 but this maybe re-thought depending on interest. Ticket allocation will go in the order of: current members, old gits, plus ones. Post if you have any further questions.


Tuesday Evening Fun

Posted 12y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Robb

Following our mighty tournament this Tuesday, it is my intention, as I will have handed in the last essay of my degree, not to have a quiet beer and go home, but to become cheekily merry and be naughty in some way or another. In the grad/duck, on the piazza, out on the field or in the forest, I care not.

So come and join in! It doesn't matter if you haven't played polo, and I'm sure leammings can find a place to doze. An elite number of cool kids have already signed up. Can you join our ranks? Can you stand beside us as we fail to keep out of places marked 'keep out' and other such mischevious goings on? We'll see...

Robb - ready for more.