A Message From Your President

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Laser Quest!

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Posted by: Bilbo
Evening All,

Hope everyones recovered from Real Ale, I think I've broken my liver.

Anyway, this week we're heading to Laser Quest in Coventry on Thursday!
It's 4 games for only £10 and so much fun! We're booked in for 7pm so meet at the arts center bus stop at 6:15 to get the bus, or meet us there.
There's a sign up on the website so I can warn them of our arrival ( and we'll probably head to a pub after.

See you Thursday!
Bilbo xx

Scotland Tour 2013 - Sign up

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Posted by: Long Game
ÔÇ£IÔÇÖve never seen anything quite like this in all my life. The excitement is growing so much, I think the Geiger counter of Scotland Tour 2013 is going to go zoink ÔÇô off the scale. ÔÇ£People are coming from around the world, and theyÔÇÖre seeing us, and theyÔÇÖre seeing the greatest Canoe Club on Earth, arenÔÇÖt they? ÔÇ£There are some people who are coming from around the world who donÔÇÖt yet know about all the preparations weÔÇÖve done to get Scotland Tour 2013 ready in the last year, and I hear thereÔÇÖs a guy called Dr Busker who wants to know whether weÔÇÖre ready. [...] Yes, we are. The bunkhouses are ready. The Transport is ready. The T-shirts are ready. The Ale is ready. The Timmy is ready. The police are ready. And our Team Warwick Canoe athletes are ready, arenÔÇÖt they? ÔÇ£ThereÔÇÖs going to be more Swims, emotional hangovers and red light roulettes than youÔÇÖd need to bail out Greece and Spain together. Let me ask you in conclusion: can we, final question, [...] can we put on the greatest Scotland Tour that has ever been held? [...] Are we worried about the weather? WeÔÇÖre not worried about the weather! ÔÇ£Can we beat last year? Yes we can! Can we beat the year before? Yes we can! Can we beat Germany? I think we can. ÔÇ£So I say to you people, sign up for Scotland Tour 2013 and be part of history!ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Sign up will go live on Wednesday 20th February at 3pmÔÇØ ÔÇ£Thank you very much everybody. Have a wonderful Real Ale festival tonight and be sure to sign up. Thank you for all your support.ÔÇØ Tour will be a price of ┬ú185 (cheaper than last year as well). We will leave on Sunday 17th March and return on Monday 25th Any questions ÔÇô donÔÇÖt hesitate to ask Your trusty Mayor of Tour LG

Canoe Hoodie Logo Competition

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Posted by: Bilbo
Good evening kayakers,

I'm sure you've all noticed some older members sporting super cool canoe hoodies, well we're going to be putting an order in for this years lot.

BUT FIRST.....we need a logo!
That's where you lot come in, there's going to be a competition for desiging the new logo. Keep it relatively simple, it's going to be printed in one colour (probably black or white) and needs to include 'Warwick Canoe' on it somewhere.
Whoever designs the winning logo will get a hoodie for free!

So reply to this with your entries, or post it on the canoe site, by the 19th Feb (so I'm giving you a whole week).

Good Luck!
cer i grafu
Bilbo xx

Real Ale!

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Posted by: Bilbo

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for one of the best socials of the year (I know I say that a lot, but this time it's true)

Not got a date for Valentines day? Then spend Thursday drowning your sorrows with over 100 ales, ciders, fruit wines, tasty mead and delicious hog roast. Got a date for Valentines day? Sack them off and come drink MORE BEEEEEEERRRRRRRR.

Yupp, this Thursday it i once again the great and mighty Warwick University Real Ale Festival.

As well as all this glorious food and drink we will also be graced by the presense of the legendary Dr Busker.

Be warned, there is no advance ticket sale so to guarantee entry to the very best night on campus all year make sure you are there when the door opens at 6pm.

See you Thursday!

Your social sex

Bilbo&Stabby xxx

NSR 2013

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Posted by: Screamer
The National Student Rodeo 2013 is here! For those of you who don't know, NSR is the largest event in the kayaking calendar worldwide. Technically, it is a student freestyle competition, however it is actually so much more then that. Inflatable sofa races, duels in duos, synchronised drysuit dancing, attacking a man in a giant bunny suit etc. It's the Glastonbury of kayaking. Everyone must go at least once in their lifetime, or they're not a true kayaker. Party theme is circus, so get your thinking hats on. For the more boring details, it is weekend 8 (1st-3rd March), staying at the artificial whitewater course in Nottingham (this means you can laze around in bed until 3pm if you'd like, a canoe club trip novelty). The cost will be about £45, but depends a little on numbers. For this you get transport, camping, a meal on saturday, party ticket and entrance to one event (K1). Don't worry if you're a rubbish kayaker like me, more points are awarded for doing silly things and generally being a prat then anything else. There are optional extras listed below, email me if you'd like to buy one: Extra event* - £5 Hoody - £21 T-shirt - £10 Food on Friday night (beer & burger) - £5 *extra events are C1, Squirt, Topo Duo. The Old Skool competition is a turn up on the day event, just bring a pre-2000 boat and kit. If you would like to come along to this majestic event, sign up here: For more info, look here: Skremos

Pick and Mix does Canoe

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Posted by: Gregory
As you may have heard on the grape vine, Pick and Mix are venturing into the pool for a spot of canoeing this Friday (8th) at 1:30pm - 2:45pm

To make it the best possible session for them, we'd like the help of members to go through the basics - running swim tests and capsize drills for people and showing a little bit of how to get around. After we have everyone moving around in boats a bit we'll run a few fun games, bulldog, silly races and the like.

Anyone can come help out - you only have to show people what you yourself did when you joined and we want people to see what a fantastic friendly club we are, so the more the merrier. It would be great if the Pick-and-mix-ers had such a good time they all want to come join us!

Please post below if you think you might come along so I have a rough idea who'll be there.

Hugs and Kisses.

Sun 24th Feb - Polo comp./training- all teams

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Posted by: Jo
Hey all,

I got this email from sheffield hallam:

"I would also like to mention that Hallam have organised an inter uni canoe polo comp. Nothing big or too serious just a few polo matches and training to get us ready for Varsity and BUCS. It will be held at manvers water centre (outdoors) on the 24th Feb from 11 onwards. Ladies, open and B teams are all welcome to enter.  Confirmed so far are hallam, uni of Sheff, notts trent, uni of notts and you are more than welcome if you want to enter teams? We are asking for 2pound a head to cover the cost of manvers."

who's interested? it's the day after a div 4 tournament.
It would be a great opportunity to play outside before BUCS!

As tournament organiser: who wants to go
As lady ;) : can we get a ladies team together?

POP week 4!

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Posted by: Bilbo

We're going circling and to Pop Wednesday week 4, get your tickets now!
The theme is ZOO, so go get your animal costumes sorted.

See y'all tomorrow at the Duck at 7 tomorrow for pub golf! If you plan on joining us along the way (punishments for be late obvs) my number is 07958267679 so give us a jingle and if I'm capeable of speech I'll tell you where we are.

Lots of small love
Your social sex
Stabby and Bilbo xx

Polo Hoodies

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Posted by: Bryce
Hello all

Polo hoodies will be ordered Monday 28th (next Monday). This means you have until Sunday night to POST ON HERE what hoodies you want, what name, what colour and size. If you send me an email I will ignore it because it's easier to keep track of one thread than 20 emails.  

The design is the Warwick logo over the left breast, your name over the right and a single colour printed design on the back.

Here are your options:

Normal hoodie:
Varsity Hoodie:
Zip up hoodie:

The prices will be around £20 (less than 20 for normal and varsity, more than 20 for zip up). This price is based on us giving an order of between 10 and 20 hoodies OF THE SAME STYLE so my advice is be a sheep (calm down Katie) and go with the majority. Details about paying will come later.

Your Curmudgeon