BUCS Canoe Polo

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Posted by: Yellow
It's what we've been training for. BUCS!
What? BUCS!
When? 15th-17th April (The email was wrong.)
How Much? Free
Who? Well... the captains, coach and exec pick the teams. BUT, signup if you want to and available to play.
How do I signup? Go to the website, and either signup in the A/B signup or the Ladies signup. If you get the wrong signup, you're not coming! You must signup ASAP. Ideally, by tomorrow evening, or by the end of the week with a good excuse. We need to submit teams, and the B/Old Gits leagues are first come first served.
Why is the signup sooooo early? We all want to go to BUCS, so we might as well commit to it now! Also, we need to enter this week!
There is also a Ref's course running on the Friday, so there's a signup for that too. Signup if you want to go, not sure how many places we'll get yet. It will cost you approximately £20.


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Posted by: Einstein

This week sees not only the biggest social of the canoe club year, but also the best night of the year in the union.

On Thursday we'll be going to see Dr Busker  at the Real Ale festival in the union. For those of you who haven't heard such Busker greats as Drunk and Disorderly, any drink will do and panda wanker, here's an example of what's to come

don't worry if you're not a beer drinker, as well as over 100 ales, they also have ciders, mead and fruit wines.

The event starts at 6pm and will cost £3, sadly tickets are only available on the door.

There is also a 9 pint cask for the best pirate costume, so find those eye patches and longjohns and prepare for a brilliant night of drunken debauchery.

See you Thursday

Einstein, Alice and Cloughy

Dartmoor trip

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Posted by: Mofo

Now this may not be as exciting as Tour, but it's the last chance to get some white water practice in!


What? A trip to Dartmoor (makes a change, we normally go to Wales)

When? 11th-13th March (End week 9)

Who? Anyone :)

How much? Price to be confimed but about £25

Why? Because Canoe trips a frickin' awesome

How do I get on this trip? Sign up goes live at 12pm Thursday (tomorrow), or bribe exec members with sexual favours, your choice.


Sign up or miss out!


Easter Tour!

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Posted by: LSD
The most exciting week of the year is almost here once again! That being... WARWICK CANOE EASTER TOUR! What? WeÔÇÖre heading to Scotland for 7 days (+2 for travelling) and we want you to join us! WeÔÇÖll be spending our days paddling and evenings being merry! When? We will be setting off on March 29th and heading home on April 6th. Where? We plan to paddle the Inverness and Fort William areas. This should give us a good range of rivers and an incredible paddling experience! Cost? We ask for just ┬ú170 for you to take part in this paddling extravaganza, covering accommodation & travel costs (price is provisional and may change very slightly). YouÔÇÖll need to pay for your own food, but if people cook as a group this shouldnÔÇÖt be too expensive. Incredible... but what do I do now? Signup for this epic tour will open at 5pm on Wednesday 9th February and places with be given on a first come first served basis. For those of you unsure if your paddling ability is suitable for tour do not worry! We encourage you to signup anyway. (Signups arenÔÇÖt confirmed until the exec have checked them, but if we do have any concerns, weÔÇÖll happily discuss these with you). ThatÔÇÖs all folks! So for a week of Scottish highlands, immense paddling and witty banter - get yourselves signed up for the most EPIC tour of 2011! From your amazing Tour Sec, LSD

Cardiff Tournament

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Posted by: Rachel

Hi all,

We are putting in THREE teams (A, B and a ladies teams) for the annual tournament in Cardiff. It's an awesome weekend and a perfect warm up if you're hoping to be on the BUCS team. It's played on pitches outside (the same as BUCS) so it's ideal traning. You will also be playing teams at a similar level to BUCS so it's perfect to get an idea of what you're up against!

So when is this occuring I hear you ask? It's the weekend of week 7 (i think) which is the 26th and 27th of February. Exact details will go out nearer the time but we will be leaving on the friday afternoon/evening I expect.

There is also a social on the saturday evening so you'll be getting a lot out of your weekend in Wales! 

But that is not all! There is also a tournament in Bristol on the 12th of February which is an evening do. This is the day before the Spring tournament and also the same day as the ladies league in Cheltenham. There are already 6 people signed up be we are in desperate need of a driver, either a car with roof racks or a university van/minibus driver

Sign up for both tournaments are open now!

Canoe Hoodies

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Posted by: Erin

Hi all,

WeÔÇÖve decided to keep our ÔÇ£Who dares swimsÔÇØ logo for this yearÔÇÖs hoodies. ┬á┬áIf youÔÇÖre not sure what this looks like, take a look at the back of previous years hoodies!

You get the choice of 2 types of hoodies.  There is the Zoodie (As you may have seen canoe polo players wearing recently).

Or the Varsity Hoody


They will cost £21.20 each, and you have a choice of any of the colours.

To sign up for one, fill out this form


I need your orders in by FRIDAY evening, and you need to get your money (cheques to WSU) to Harriet by next MONDAY (31st January)!




First Pop/Score of the term!

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Posted by: Alice

This Wednesday will be the first Pop/Score of the New Year for canoeists and canoe poloists!

The theme is going to be ÔÇÿyou wouldnÔÇÖt start a night like this...ÔÇÖ

But we will.

For anyone that hasnÔÇÖt seen the adds:

(Reminiscent of last night anyone?)

This theme couldnÔÇÖt be easier; torn clothes, smeared make-up, matted hair, fake blood, carrying traffic cones and eating one would start a night eating Viallis...

Remember to book tickets in advance,

Looking forward to it already

Alice, Einstein and Cloughy

The Balcony

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Posted by: Screamer
Or ÔÇ£How to arrange boats...ÔÇØ

Empty all boats thoroughly before passing them up to the balcony, the best way is by turning it upside down and tipping the boat back and forth so water leaves the cockpit. For plastic boats having water inside is just annoying, but for polo boats the weight of the water squashes the bumpers, meaning they have to be replaced.

For efficiency, top-and-tail each boat, resting them cockpit to cockpit, with the nose of one kayak upright and the stern of the other upright. This means we can fit far more boats on the balcony then we could if we just chucked them up.

<img src="">

All boats should stay up and rest against their barrier on their own. We tie them up as a precaution against accident, not to secure them.

There are three levels:

Lowest Step

Short boats go here. Any that are too long will be pretty obvious by how far they stick out over the barrier (more then half is too much). Make sure each boat rests on the balcony railing and tie one large rope around all the playboats and against the railing. Some of the playboats are a little fat, so stop them squishing the (fragile) polo boats by putting them at a slight angle.

<img src="">

Middle Step

Polo boats here. Rest them against the wall and middle bar. Using the rope attached to the bar, tie them up every 4th boat.

<img src=

Top Step

Larger canoe club boats go here. Exactly the same as the polo boats, except tie them up every 3rd boat rather then every 4th.

<img src="">

On particularly short boats, pull the rope through the grab handle to give extra security

<img src="">

When tying up boats, simply pull a loop of rope over the bar and tie it round and through twice. This should hold the boats if some tool comes and knocks them all over.

Canoe polo paddles go in the cupboard (along with all other canoe polo kit), but canoe paddles go inside the bucket and get chained together using the chain attached to the bar. Place them on the top step.

<img src="">

(I know the photo shows them on the middle step but that was before the polo club started splashing the cash on boats)

Lastly a red rope goes across from the wall to the balcony railing around all the boats. This is just a symbol to make the plebs go away, because it's important to get rid of those pesky peasants.

<img src="">

You may leave stuff on the balcony over a short period of time however; any item found to just be laying around there for terms at a time can and will be moved to the garage, sports centre lost property or the bin without warning. It is for putting stuff there that you will use, not your personal dumping ground. Consider yourself warned.

<img src="">

It's so neat and tidy PGL just let out a little wee.

Any questions ask one of the exec, they should know something.

P.S Losing a bung is punishable by death.

Minibus Assessments

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Posted by: Scamrass

 If you are:

  • Current Student or Staff of the University of Warwick, associate Warwick Sport member or and External coach
  • Over 21
  • No serious driving convictions
  • Driving for at least TWO

Coaching Info

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Posted by: Scamrass

Good Afternoon One and All,
There are various courses coming up, so make sure you take full advantage of them!

All these courses cost money. Some of the courses qualify for a subsidy from the university and some of the courses we are hoping to use some sponsorship money to reduce the price. I have not included any prices because they will depend on how many people want to do the courses. Block bookings usually reduce the price. Please reply to this email with which course and when you want to do. I will then talk to LBC and come back to you with the prices.
BCU 2 Star Assessment
When? Sunday 6th February

The club is hoping to run a 2 star assessment in Term 3, at much lower cost (though this relies on myself or Yellow successfully passing our L2 assessment in April)
Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
When? February 5th or May 14th
Where? Leam Boat Centre
What? This is a one day training course, to equip you with the essential safety and rescue skills appropriate for flat water paddling. The course is a pre-requisite for coach training courses.

Open Canoe 3 Star Assessment
When? 5th-6th March
Who? You know who you are.
UKCC Level 1 Coach Training and Assessment
When? February 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th and another course at the start of the next academic year- October 1st, 2nd, 15th and 16th
What? This 4 day course encompasses both training and assessment, so you will be a fully fledged level 1 coach upon successful completion of the course. TheLevel 1 award is suitable for coaches who wish to work with paddlers from any of the competitive and non-competitive paddlesport disciplines. The Level 1 Coach can plan, deliver, and review short coaching sessions, with the support of a more qualified coach. They can work with paddlers at any stage of development; receiving specific training to coach paddlers in their first year of activity and to run taster sessions.
Who? Generally speaking, you know who you are.


Ask me via the forum/pool/pub/email if you have any questions.