Chinese Food and Karaoke

Posted 10y 6mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Ladies and Gents, This Thursday we'll be going to Wing Wah to gorge ourself on delicious Chinesey goodness and then sing the night away at Karaoke. For those who have never been before, Wing Wah is a huge Chinese eat all you can on the outskirts of Coventry with lots of good food cooked in front of your eyes and the chance for those of you who consider yourself the next Freddie Mercury to dazzle us with your vocal talent. They also have a Chocolate fountain. Sold? Meet us at the restaurant ( at 7:30 on Thursday. You can walk there from campus in around 30-40 minutes or take the 12 bus towards Coventry and get off near Sainsburys for a 5 minute walk. Bring £12 for the buffet, money for drinks and your best singing voice. See you there! Nunder and Chicky

Dartmoor Trip

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Posted by: Einstein

Hi everyone

After the fantastic trips we've had so far this term, the next one is almost upon us. 

We'll be heading to Dartmoor on Fri 18th November and returning on the Sunday. This is a joint trip between the uni club and lots of old gits who have left the club, we're hoping there'll be loads of us staying at a scouthut for an awesome social and then paddling on Saturday and Sunday. There'll also be some presentations from ex and current members of the club on some of the trips they've been on, including New Zealand, Sweden and India among others, with some kind of drinking games associated with them. 

This should be a brilliant trip with loads of people and a great chance to get to know some of the ex members of the club or see some old friends you haven't seen for years., and is open to anyone, with posslible opportunities to paddle a variety of rivers or go walking depending on weather conditions.

Sign up will go up at about 1800 tomorrow (Thursday) on the website. If anyone is still having trouble with the website please email me before then at, though I cant promise I'll be able to do anything though.


National League Money

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Posted by: Eugene
Hey guys ! Need to collect the money from our previous National League tournament. It'll be £9.50 for everyone (except the 3 OG). So yes, if everyone could please bring the money to the next polo session or arrange a time with me to collect it, you will be loved much. PEOPLE WHO STILL OWE MONEY Andrew Clough Baby Clough TomRob Deller Bryce Darling Nicky Madi Screamer So yes, please bring your money to TUESDAY POLO or call me at oh77 38 oh 6 260 six. Cheers !!

Circus POP

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr

So, it appears that everyone survived last nights fireworks with one rather unfortunate tree the only casualty.

Of course this means you\'re now all around for this weeks social at pop (death is of course the only valid excuse for non-attendance). This week our theme is circus: an apt description for this club I think. Be there on Wednesday at 7 in fancy dress and don\'t forget to buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

See you there!

Medium-Core Tour!?!?

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Posted by: Eilidh

Evening Munchkins!!!

I have a very important question for y'all! Would you like to spice up your xmas break with a bit of paddling? Well if the answer is yes, then reply to this email or post on the forum to express your interest!

Generally the canoe club goes on a hard-core tour over New Years and then the AWESOME Scotland tour over Easter (Details of which will come later). Last year there was lack of demand which makes tour sec's sad. So this year we are proposing a medium-core tour probably over new years for an uncertain number of days, somewhere in wild Wales. This means you have the opportunity to decide what you want. Yayyyyy!!!

If you are unsure whether you would be good enough for such a trip, ask an exec member or just express your interest and we can let you know!

Disclaimer: this is not signing up or commiting for the trip just expressing interest that you might like to go if there was one.


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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr

Hey lovely canoe/polo people.

I hope you're all thrilled about Tyne tour. If you're not going however don't worry, you're still going to have an awesome week. Because this week is the week of canoe club fireworks!

This year we are being hosted by our very own president Alice and her erstwhile treasurer Greg at their house in Canley. So, meet us on campus outside the sports centre at 7pm on Thursday and we'll walk over together, starting the fireworks at around 7:30. Anyone arriving late who needs directions or just feels a little lonely can as ever call me on oh7903195oh41.

As a contribution to the fantastic display we'll be putting on we ask that you all bring £5. And don't forget to bring some beverages (tesco is right across the road though). Afterwards we'll probably take a bus over to Leamington and continue the night in the one and only Kelseys. See you all Thursday!


Your social sex

Gear Trip + Curry

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr

Howdy canoe-folk,

Many of you may have been looking at all of the handsome older canoe members in their sexy canoe gear and wondering where one might obtain such dazzling kit. Well on Thursday you will have your very first chance to see as we will be heading down to the boat centre in Leamington Spa. From 5:30pm we will have the whole store to ourself; there are usually refreshments provided, the undivided attention of the excellent staff, experienced club members for further guidance and any purchases will of course be at our 15% club discount.

Any of you at the pool session Thursday should follow Greg afterwards, and any other campus dwellers can meet him and the others at the arts centre bus stop at 5 o clock to ride the bus into Leamington. Those already in Leam can find the address at

To celebrate what may be the first proper escape from the bubble for many of you we will then be heading to the nearby Ali's Golden Cuisine curry house at 7:30. As well as serving some excellent curries at a student discount this place allows you to bring your own drinks, so come prepared (or go to the supermarket down the road). Afterwards we'll be heading on to some of Leamingtons fine establishments which you will not want to miss.

See you all on thursday!

Lots of Social love


Tyne Tour

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Posted by: Gregory

Evening yÔÇÖall!

Firstly, Thank you to everyone who came on Freshers Trip, it was an amazing weekend and it would be great to see you all again on our next trip.

Speaking of which,

Weekend 5 is Tyne Tour!

The time of year when Uni Canoe Clubs from far and wide descend on Hexham for a weekend camping, paddling, socialising and Scottish Dancing.

We will be meeting at 4pm on Friday 4th November at the Sports Centre and returning late on Sunday 6th. This trip is suitable for anyone who has been to a pool session, so if you missed out on Freshers trip, donÔÇÖt worry, you can still sign up and come

The cost will be approximately ┬ú30 and includes the cost of travel and all the kayaking kit youÔÇÖll need.

Bargain! How do I sign up?

Sign up will go online at 7am Wednesday morning (so as to be fair on everyone who wants to come) and will be here

Many (if not all) older members describe this as the best trip of the yearÔǪ and itÔÇÖs TRUE! Last year sign up was full within the first few minutes so sign up quickly to avoid disappointment! As ever, places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (with a few places allocated at the discretion of the exec).┬á

Freshers, if you havenÔÇÖt yet logged into the canoe site yet due to our earlier problems, you can the link supplied in the email to complete your registration to the website.

Do so before Wednesday just in case anything goes wrong, in which case email me on Wednesday at 7am and this will act as your sign up.

Cops and Robbers POP!

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Afternoon Paddlers! This Wednesday we'll be bringing you our first circle of the year at pop. Come down to the Union this Wednesday at 7pm sharp and for those who haven't been before we'll introduce you to some of the wonderful games of Warwick canoe. Cheesy music and extreme disco dancing will follow this. Our fancy dress theme is going to be Cops and Robbers: if you are a Fresher (or just new to the club) please come as a robber, if you are an older member come dressed as a cop. We'll be placing each robber in the custody of one of the cops so you'll all get to know at least one face in the canoe club. Buy your tickets now from the SU website before they sell out as this is going to be a social not to miss! Your Social Secs

Freshers trip

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Posted by: Einstein
You should have received emails that this trip sign up is open!!!!!! If not here is the link to the sign up link it's a Google form embedded in the website. this will be an excellent trip to South Wales, staying in a brilliant warm bunkhouse and paddling some rivers over there, it's a really good social event and really awesome paddling on real moving water. For those of you who haven't paddled on a river before, don't worry, there are loads of people to help you, teach you and it'll be awesome fun. Another email about this will go up and a sign up will go up on Thursday at 17:00, the places might go quickly, so get in early to ensure you get a place. Your Coach Bryce