Weekly update

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Posted by: Einstein
Hi everyone
Ok, first of all sorry in advanced for the overload of info I'm about to give you, but we've got a really exciting couple of weeks ahead.
Weds 12th October: Open canoeing trip, a group are going to go to the leam boat centre to rent open boats and go for a bit of a paddle and they would be more than happy for people to join them. They'll be meeting at 14:00 at the art centre bus stop, going to Leamington and hoping to be back in time for the pool session at 19:30. A sign up will go up on the website later tonight, you can do that here, by logging into the website using your student number and IT services password and going here
After the pool session on Wednesday we'll be heading to varsity for some eating and drinking, then heading to pop/score at the union, anyone who wants to come please book tickets in advanced from the students union website, it only needs to be tickets for the even, not circling.
Sat 15th October: Kayaking trip on the leam. This is a trip we run every year and is really good fun and a great chance to paddle a boat on a river. There should be lots of people there who can give you a ew tips and some coaching. Afterwards we'll probably go for a beer or two at the pub and maybe some food. A sign up will go up tonight in the same place as the open trip. You'll need to bring lunch and a drink, towel and some clothes that can get wet, including footwear, we can provide the rest. We'll be meeting at the sports centre at 10:00, loading the van, then heading to Leam on the bus.
Weds 19th October: We'll be heading to pop to circle and then dance, the POOL SESSON WILL BE CANCELLED THIS WEDNESDAY. The theme will be cops and robbers, we'll tell you more about this next week.
21st to 23rd October: Freshers Trip, this will be an excellent trip to South Wales, staying in a brilliant warm bunkhouse and paddling some rivers over there, it's a really good social event  and really awesome paddling on real moving water. For those of you who haven't paddled on a river before, don't worry, there are loads of people to help you, teach you and it'll be awesome fun. Another email about this will go up and a sign up will go up on Thursday at 17:00, the places might go quickly, so get in early to ensure you get a place.
phew that was alot of info
See you all on Wednesday

Leam trip

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Posted by: Einstein
We will be hosting a trip on the river Leam on Saturday week 2 (15th October). The plan is grab as many boats as we can and take them to Leamington, get on the river and paddle on it for an hour or two. We will do some teaching and this is a great trip for you freshers to have an experience of paddling a sensible distance before our upcoming Freshers trip. Details of times and a small price for van hire will be sent in an email on Monday and a sign up should follow shortly after. Any problems or questions, post up on here or email one of the exec, our addresses are on The Exec page to the left of the screen

Welcome Freshers!

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Welcome to the Canoe & Canoe Polo Clubs Come down and try out Kayaking or Canoe Polo at one of our pool sessions in the Sports Centre Swimming Pool. All you need to bring is swimming kit (and a t-shirt for polo). Canoe sessions: Mondays 8:30-9:30pm Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm Canoe Polo Tuesdays 7:15-9:30pm Have a browse of the website and take a look at the photos section to see what we have been up to over the last year. Head over to our stands at the Sports Fair on Tuesday too. We'll be going to the pub after all the sessions. Socials coming up are Varsity and possible pop on Weds 12th October and a Curry in Leamington some time soon. If you enjoy it, which I'm sure you will, you can come on one of our many paddling trips or tournaments round the country. See you soon! Jo and Alice Canoe and Canoe Polo Presidents

Surf trip names

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Enjoy, If you don't understand them, well, that's half of the fun. Andy 'The Unholy Trinity' Moffatt Matt 'Now it's awkward' Rogers Alice 'Suzie Bear' Lawson Alex 'Acceptable in the 80's' Clarke Dan 'and the dirt is gone' Scott Vince 'Tiger blood' Smith Dave 'vom free since '93' Smith Rachel 'Jenna Jameson' Smith Matt 'kielbasa sausage' Byrne Aleks 'your buttcheeks is warm' Kozlowska Dave 'I check my dipstick' Kaye Erin 'bareback' Dunn Eilidh 'Kaaaaarrrrrrl' Larmour Andy 'The spectator' Clough Matt 'Sailor boy' Clough Mark 'Don't forget your wife' Hadley Emma 'I have never not' Bertrand Adam 'one for the team' Talbot Becky 'skydivers in the muff' Stevens Wei'hnachtsman' Sheng Phei Eugene 'Barry' Ng Kng junlong 'Paul' Clemence O-Mario Daniels Alex 'Mounty' Chamberlain Tom 'kaliber' White Rob 'Nott your Man-Chester' Deller Rich 'Shit skinny Edgar' Clabon Matt 'The Squattter' Blackmore Rich 'satiated' Mckenzie Dom 'The mighty mighty' Stone-leigh Graham 'I thought he was Bi' Roberts Pete 'Marshmallow' Kennedy Amba 'Lilypad' Coleman Harriet 'Trolley Dolly' Pearce Jess 'Lithium battery' Williams Mikayla 'coconut' Ward Jane 'ghostwriter' Devine Sam 'wrap before slap' Camrass Andy 'the protractor' Knight Iain 'Judith' Embrey Nicky 'the res-erection' Woodcock Ali 'Barney Stinson... you wish' Barnett Tom 'Wrong Gayme' Nelson Robb 'defacorator' Dunphy Greg 'Greer' Corbett Madi 'Cherry' Mcdonald Sarah 'Popper' Blair Richard 'Pub Toilet' Potter Jo 'It's what I go to school for' Burmeier Dazzle 'Porn-stripe' Spazzle $teve '575' Bong Nicole 'Nice buns' Close Owen 'All the gear' Jones Alfie 'Smell my fingers' Hatt Erin 'Wine rack' Dilger JJ 'Mini Madi' Pollington Ellie 'Preesome' Kyle Tiffany 'Breakfast at Greg's' Tay Joel 'turtle' Kinahan Jon 'The Rock' Bradley Ruth 'ominpresent' Nicol Tom 'Moylesy' Davies


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Posted by: Alice

On Friday the 8th July Greg and I picked boats up from the balcony and it was in a reasonable state and we took boats and left it in a reasonable state.  During the course of my holiday I received complaints about the balcony from canoeists trying to retrieve their boats from behind a mountain of polo boats, piled up in a ridiculous fashion, on all 3 steps.   Moreover, the middle step polo boats were left precariously untied and the paddle bin moved in front of the fire exit (despite the fact there was actually room for it on the steps).  Therefore, when we returned from Wales Greg and I spent a good hour or more rearranging the balcony and securing the polo boats before we could put our boats back.  In light of this I would ask:

1) Holiday Poloists- please remember that canoeists are still accessing┬ákayaks from the pool even though we donÔÇÖt have pool sessions, so please try not to make them completely inaccessible.

2) EVERYONE tie up the all boats- donÔÇÖt be lazy.

3) Poloists: 20 polo boats on the balcony, 7 in the cupboard at the pool- excessive much?  The 4 plastic ones should be moved to the garage.

4) Anyone using the balcony do NOT block the fire exit there is no need and it will get us in trouble

Not impressed that I had to waste time sorting out the polo boats.

(To see how boats should be arranged:


Epic Party Details

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Posted by: Gregory
For those who are unsure where the Leamington Rugby Club is (*cough* Eilidh *cough*), the address is

Leamington Rugby Club
Kenilworth Road
Leamington Spa
CV32 6RG

This is along the U1 bus route: coming from campus, the rugby club is sign posted on the left, with the bus stop slightly further along the route (its about a 2 minute walk between the bus stop and the rugby club)


Money wise:-  I will be on campus at the start of the polo pool session to collect from those who have yet to pay, Please come prepared.

Surf Trip Final Details

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Posted by: Nicole
Surf Trip is finally here! (This is the last email I promise) We are meeting at 9am outside the sports centre tomorrow morning. We are not going via Tesco at campus because there are supermarkets at the other end we can go to. Party tent is going so there will be space to sleep in that. Looking forward to tomorrow and see you all then!

Tom White

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Posted by: Darling
Tom White, you owe the club £35.

£17 for National League
£18 for Bristol

Please bring it to Polo tomorrow.

Thank you.

Hull Canoe Polo Tournament -July

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Posted by: Jo

More Polo Tournaments...

just got an invitation from Kingston Kayak Club. They are having a tournament on the 2nd & 3rd July - entry costs are 70 pounds. Anybody interested? Would have to reply within the next few days so let me know.

Jo :)

A very fun Wednesday

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Well the end of term is fast approaching, but we still have time for one more social before that horrible moment where you realise those exams have results which need to be given to you.

SO next Wednesday (that's the 22nd Bryce) we will be having a barbecue, followed by a last visit of the year to pop. If you come down to the field behind Tocil from 1 o clock onwards we will be sizzling meat on some grills into the afternoon, accompanied by rounders and a few beverages. From 7 onwards we will circle, possibly moving to the piazza at some point. After today's stirling performance by certain members of the club in raft building the theme for the evening will be onesies. Un-onsied people will be punished.

Pop looks as though it may be busy so buy your tickets in advance; circling will be outside (with contingency plans for bad weather) so you wont need to buy the circling tickets (not that they're any more expensive if you did have some strange urge to go in early).

See you there!