Leam Training wk3

Posted 10y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker
Good evening polo people, I'm running another training session on the river Leam this week with the intention of returning to campus in time for some well earned drinkies at Varsity. Usual plan: Meet at sport centre with kit ready at quarter to 4, Drive to Leam and get on river around half 4, paddle for an hour or so focusing on speed and manoeuvrability this week, then pack up and head back to campus. This trip is open to everyone but there is a limit on numbers due to logistical constraints. First come first served. Sign up is up in the usual place. Would be good to see old faces as well as new. Blackers

Freshers trip

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Posted by: Screamer

The moment you've all been waiting for...

The first weekend away with Warwick Canoe looms. You may be sick of us oldies bang on about it, but that's because it never fails to be a legendary trip and is so good it will define your life thus far.

It is a trip to South Wales for a whole weekend to sample some easy whitewater. All are welcome, from complete beginners to whitewater pros, but the trip is aimed at newbies to the club, but if you're even remotely interested, put your name down.

The trip is on the weekend of week 3, leaving on the afternoon 19th October and returning 21st October in the evening. We'll stay at a bunkhouse for both nights  and venture out to the rivers during the day. We'll provide all the paddling kit you need, but if you have your own feel free to bring it. 

The price will be £35 for transport and accomodation, we will also organise a group meal which will cost something in the region of £2-3, but will be optional.

How do I sign up?

Firstly - you must be a member of the club and have attended a pool session. 

Secondly - Make an account on the website (if you have not already done so). I'd suggest doing this now rather then tomorrow. There is a guide here:

Finally - Be on this web page at 4pm tomorrow. A trip called "Freshers Trip" will appear under future trips and be available to sign up for. Simply fill in your details and click sign up. Done.

If you have any problems or queries email me or any other members of the exec.


President Screamer

Leam Trip and Socials!

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Posted by: Bilbo

Hello All!

Slight essay, but itÔÇÖs all important stuff!

Firstly this Thursday (11th) weÔÇÖre going to Varsity (on Campus) for some food and beverages, probably ending up in Kelseys. Table is booked for 6pm but IÔÇÖll be getting there about half 5 because IÔÇÖm super keen. If you could leave a comment on the website or something to let me know if youÔÇÖre coming so I can warn Varsity.

Secondly this Saturday (13th) weÔÇÖve got a trip to the massively dangerous (jokes, itÔÇÖs totally flat) river Leam. ItÔÇÖs great for fresherÔÇÖs who havenÔÇÖt been kayaking much before to get used to being fully kitted up and on a river. For those of you living on campus meet at 10am at the sports centre and for people who live in Leamington meet at about half 11 at Leam Boat Centre in Jefferson Gardens. You can sign up to this on the website ( Leam Trip, NOT Leam training).

Thirdly our week 3 social, the WANK Challenges (Warwick Association of Noble Kayakers, obviously) will be on Wednesday (17th). Meet at Varsity again at 7pm for a fun filled evening before heading to pop (so get your tickets now! Not circling tickets, just normal ones). Also the dress code is a plain white t-shirt that you donÔÇÖt mind getting ruined and bring some marker pens!

Finally WeÔÇÖll be circling week 4, but IÔÇÖll send out more details in another email next week because most of you probably stopped reading .

Lots of small Welsh love

Bilbo x

Nene Trip

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Posted by: Gregory
Your beloved Canoe Club has it's first trip of the academic year.

On Wednesday Week 2 (10th Oct) we will be heading to the Nene White Water Centre.

This trip is open to everyone, from freshers to ex-presidents, and there will even be a coach on hand to teach you the basics of white water paddling.

We will leave just before midday and return in the prevening

Transport to and from the course, course hire and all the equipment you will need will be provided by the club for around £5 (TBC)

A sign-up is live on our website and can be found here. A guide to registering with the website can be found here.

If you encounter any problems with registration or the signup process, respond to this email.

You MUST be a member of the club to come on this trip and you MUST have been to atleast one pool session.
Our sessions are
Monday 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 3pm-4pm


Welcome Freshers!

Posted 10y 6mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Screamer
Welcome to Warwick University Canoe and Canoe Polo Clubs!

Our pool sessions are free to attend and aimed at everyone, from kayaking experts to complete beginners. All you need to bring is yourself, swimming kit and a t-shirt.

Monday 8.30-9.30pm
Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm (weeks 1 to 3)
Thursday 3.00-4.00pm

Canoe Polo
Tuesday 8.00-9.30pm
Thursday 1.45-3.00pm

And not forgetting the pub afterwards*.

If you enjoy the sport then remember to join the club or pass us your email so we can keep you updated on trips, tournaments, socials and anything else throughout the year.

See you soon!

Canoe and Canoe Polo Exec

*evening sessions only. And afternoon sessions too. Or indeed, mornings for that matter.

Tournament Dates for 2012/13 so far

Posted 10y 8mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Jo

Due to popular demand (madi *cough* *cough*) these are all the dates for the academic year I know so far:

Warwick Tournaments:

25/11 ÔÇô Open teams and ladies teams

27/01 ÔÇô B-teams and ladies teams only

10/02 ÔÇô A teams only


 National League:

Firsts:  20th October Derby

  8th December Stratford

 23rd February Stratford

 23rd March Stratford


Seconds:  20th October Derby

 8th December Stratford

 23rd February Stratford

 23rd March Stratford


(and yes, this means that after a lot of hassle we managed to get the same tournament dates off, yay!)


Cheltenham: (ladies only :) )

10th November 2012

9th February 2013

16th March 2013




27th/28th October 2012


IÔÇÖll update this whenever something changes or a new date comes up...

ULU tournament

Posted 10y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Jo
this is what has been sent to me a while ago...

Hey Canoe Polo People,

Following the success of last year's tournament, ULU Canoe Polo Club would like to invite you to ULU Paddlington 2012. We will be having 3 leagues (Freshers/ Beginners, Ladies and Open). We like to think of this as a beginners tournament, as it is a great opportunity for the freshers to get some real tournament practice and a little taste of the cold water! However, the Ladies and Open leagues are open to all levels of players and we look forward to everyone getting to play some great polo.

So here's all the info that you need ...

Date: 26th - 28th October

Venue: Hertfordshire Young Mariners Base (For those of you that came, this is the venue the same as last year)

Address: Windmill Lane
T: 01992 628403

Divisions: Freshers/ Beginners, Open League, Ladies

Costs: £80 per team (max 8 people per team)

Accommodation: Camping is £6 per person per night - camping is available both Friday and Saturday night

Social: There will be some kind of social event on the Saturday night (details to follow). Alcohol is also allowed on the campsite :) There are a few pubs and takeaways a few minutes walk away.

that date is weekend of week4 term 1. what weekend is freshers trip usually (or: is it clashing again?)
it was really good fun last year and i'd suggest to at least enter one team in the open league... depends a bit on what/if a canoe trip is happening on that weekend.

thoughts?anyone wanting to go? please express an interest here! 

Surf Trip Names

Posted 10y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Chunderboy Jr

For those of you who haven't seen them yet, or just need just a little more public embarrassment, here are this years Surf Trip t-shirt names. Please remember it's all a joke, but if you are offended in anyway don't hesitate to direct abuse and complaints to this email.

Screamer ÔÇ£Bruce BannerÔÇØ Clegg

Eugene ÔÇ£Gok WanÔÇØ Ng

Alice ÔÇ£Know Your LimitsÔÇØ Lawson

Jo ÔÇ£Teenage MumÔÇØ Burmeier

Richard ÔÇ£LeftieÔÇØ Beckett

Matt ÔÇ£All AmericanÔÇØ Bryce (No. 3)

Alex ÔÇ£Deep Throat Maths DebaterÔÇØ Chamberlain

Mark ÔÇ£Gambling ChildrenÔÇÖs Lives AwayÔÇØ Waddoups

Jasmine ÔÇ£Failing due to PopularityÔÇØ Taplin

Pete ÔÇ£AWOLÔÇØ Checketts (No. 2)

Alex ÔÇ£EmasculatedÔÇØ Clarke

Nicole ÔÇ£SoiledÔÇØ Close

Baby ÔÇ£Grown UpÔÇØ Clough

Andrew ÔÇ£Cute and FluffyÔÇØ Clough

Greg ÔÇ£Liver LeaderÔÇØ Corbett

Will ÔÇ£Fiesty One You AreÔÇØ Cranfield

Rob ÔÇ£Naughty Boy ÔÇØ Deller

Alan ÔÇ£YetiÔÇØ Dickens

Ellie ÔÇ£TysonÔÇØ Doughty

Erin ÔÇ£RachelÔÇØ Dunn

Katie ÔÇ£JailbaitÔÇØ Edwards

Penny ÔÇ£Training HardÔÇØ Gilg

Jennifer ÔÇ£BadgerÔÇØ Grant

Kira ÔÇ£Failed InvasionÔÇØ Graser

Nathaniel ÔÇ£WordsworthÔÇØ Green

Emma ÔÇ£Rum InnÔÇØ Bould

Rich ÔÇ£DuuuuudeÔÇØ Harper

Dan ÔÇ£Fittie McVitieÔÇØ Harris

Anna ÔÇ£Gash FaceÔÇØ Heinen

Sarah ÔÇ£U LUseÔÇØ Blair

Robb ÔÇ£Art AttackÔÇØ Dunphy

Sam ÔÇ£RossÔÇØ Camrass

Steve ÔÇ£$$$ÔÇØ Brown

Michael ÔÇ£Wet Shoes?ÔÇØ Jordan

George ÔÇ£Damp Trainers?ÔÇØ King

Eva ÔÇ£I'm So HornyÔÇØ Brown

Ali ÔÇ£WhereÔÇÖs the Fun GoneÔÇØ Barnett

David ÔÇ£Out of the WildÔÇØ Kaye

Aleks ÔÇ£Tame the BeastÔÇØ Kozlowska

Eilidh ÔÇ£UnrequitedÔÇØ Larmour

Harriet ÔÇ£CameronÔÇØ Pearce

Madi ÔÇ£Consolation PrizeÔÇØ McDonald

Alex ÔÇ£The 6th JacksonÔÇØ Baker

Tom ÔÇ£ReclinerÔÇØ Jin

Rob ÔÇ£GB 2'sÔÇØ Neave

Long ÔÇ£SpielbergÔÇØ Game (No. 4)

Abi ÔÇ£Naked BusÔÇØ Richardson

Matt ÔÇ£Broken PromisesÔÇØ Rogers

Dan ÔÇ£Woah Woah WoahÔÇØ Scott

Vince ÔÇ£Gang BangÔÇØ Smith

Dave ÔÇ£Needs HelpÔÇØ Sparling

Becky ÔÇ£OvercompensatingÔÇØ Smith

James ÔÇ£Eiffel TowerÔÇØ Stockton

Nigel ÔÇ£But We Dealt With ItÔÇØ Markey

ÔÇ£We hadÔÇØ Hope Cansdale

Tom ÔÇ£Dick DastardlyÔÇØ Webster

Jack ÔÇ£Warm UpÔÇØ Wickes (No. 1)

Charlie ÔÇ£Grand Finale...?ÔÇØ Wilsdon (No. 5)

Mark ÔÇ£The MistressÔÇØ Winfield

Nicky ÔÇ£Back in the DayÔÇØ Woodcock

Jess ÔÇ£Seeing RedÔÇØ Williams

Tom ÔÇ£Dirty UncleÔÇØ White

Matt ÔÇ£Over-ValuedÔÇØ Blackmore

Dom ÔÇ£Off the ChainÔÇØ Stone

Erin ÔÇ£ContagionÔÇØ Dilger

Graham ÔÇ£House TrainedÔÇØ Roberts

Andy ÔÇ£Bank RolledÔÇØ Moffat

Mark ÔÇ£The TashÔÇØ Hadley

Sam ÔÇ£TerminatorÔÇØ Lowe

Richard ÔÇ£Ride of the ValkyriesÔÇØ Potter

ÔÇ£Who the f*** areÔÇØ Nicole and Paul?

Timothy ÔÇ£HeroÔÇØ Ball

HRH ÔÇ£Rocking the PartyÔÇØ Pebble


Posted 10y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Stabby
So the following people are all on the naughty list... I need the money asap becasue it all has to be in before the end of term - If you want to know what you owe for then ask me and I can tell you the breakdown:

Nicky - £55.70
Madi - £23.80
Andy Clough - £10
Baby Clough - £10.20
Tom White - £9.60
Darling - £20.20
Deller - £10
Screamer - £22.20

I'll be about after the pool session later and if you can't make it then text me (oh7 969 227 292) when you're going to be on campus and I'll meet up to collect it :) Thanks :D

Surf Trip Lost and Found

Posted 10y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Post if your missing things from our lovely weekend  in West Wales<br>
I've gained:
  • blue tarpaulin (may be yellow's or Dave's)
  • blue flowery towel
  • big water dispenser/box thing (I think PGL's)
  • a wetsuit sock
  • waterproof trousers (I think Nathaniel's)
  • camping chair bag
  • big double layer mug with yellow liquid (I think Ali's)
  • and there's a grey camping chair on the balcony
Also I've lost a black camping chair bag, got a blacks logo on and says Katie Edwards on it in white.