Canoe Feedback! WOoOoOoOo!!!!!!

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Posted by: Eilidh
Hello Christmas Elves!
Now I hope you all are exciting about the Christmas meal tonight, or if you are reading this tomorrow that you are suitably still full/ hungover. Either way there is still one more thing you can do canoe related this term... Its the amazing canoe feeback survey found HERE:
We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of  the canoe club! What do YOU think about the club? Is it amazing or is it downright abysmal!
Freshers we are particularly looking at you, you are our future (scary thoughts)! and it seems so long ago the exec were in your position we really value your views!
So everyone if you could take 5 minutes to fill it in we would be very grateful and hopefully you will get an even better club out of it!

RAGE! Tournament Winter 2011

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Posted by: Yellow


It's getting to that time of year when you really can't be arsed with work... So, to top off a great weekend of Polo, we will be having our first RAGE! Tournament of the year.

Freshers, this is an internal tournament we run on a Tuesday night. Most people make an effort to turn up and it's great fun! The teams will be mixed ability, so don't worry about being beaten by the A team.

What: RAGE! Tournament
When: 6th December 2011, 19:15 - 21:30

What do I have to do to play? Go to the website, click Trips on the left hand side and sign up under "RAGE! Tournament Winter 2011". If you have any problems, email me! If people just turn up, there is no guarentee you'll get a game.

Any questions, let me know! We'll probably pick teams on Sunday during some down time, so please sign up by Saturday evening - not sure how many teams there will be yet. Probably 4.

Canoe Jackets!

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Posted by: Becky

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for... The ordering of the awesome canoe jackets.


I'm sure by now you've all seen older members of the club wearing the black jackets, however you get the opportunity to choose from a range of colours - black, olive, Moroccan blue and red. (See them here: )


Like last year, the jackets will have 'WARWICK CANOE' printed on the back, ''  on the bottom of the back and your choice of name stitched on front left side, all in white.


One of these snugly warm jackets can be yours for only £73.


For now all you need to do is post below or email me ( the follow details (payment will be sorted out later):


The name you would like on your jacket







Pick & Mix - This Friday

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
For those who have not heard of the Pick and Mix Sports Club, they are a free-to-join group at Warwick Uni who try out a different sport every week. This week we have arranged to run a session for them on Friday at 2pm to introduce some of their members to the wonderful world of Canoe. According to an inside source this was announced to the great excitement of the club last week so lets not disappoint! To do this we'd like the help of members to go through the basics - running swim tests and capsize drills for people and showing a little bit of how to get around. After we have everyone moving around in boats a bit we'll run a few fun games, bulldog, silly races and the like. Anyone can come help out - you only have to show people what you yourself did when you joined and we want people to see what a fantastic friendly club we are, so the more the merrier. It would be great if the Pick-and-mix-ers had such a good time they all want to come join us! Please post below if you think you might come along so I have a rough idea who'll be there.

Christmas Meal

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
5.jpgFestive greetings all canoe and canoe poloists   5.jpg

It's time for the annual Christmas dinner.  This year it will be Thursday week 10 (8th December for those on unusual term times) at Robbins Well in Leamington Spa .  It will be a 3 course meal, see below for menu options, costing £9.95. We have the entire downstairs area booked out for us, and as a special bonus you will be able to order a drink with your main course for only £1.

Due to the large numbers that normally attend we have to let them know details in advance so if you would like to come you will need to go on our website ( if you've been hiding under a rock this entire term), click on the link at the side marked "Christmas Meal" and fill in what you want to eat. Please also hand a £3 deposit to either social sec (but not on Wednesday when we will be quite clearly drunk at pop!) by Monday next week at the latest.  

The meal options are as follows:


Tomato Soup

Or Butterfly Prawns


Main Course

Roast Turkey

Or Nut Roast



Christmas Pudding

Or Waffles

Winter Tournament B Team

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Posted by: Eugene
Hi guys, As per usual, the B team will be competing at the upcoming Winter Tournament. It's going to a day of great polo and an awesome opportunity for getting some quality game time. The aim is to get as many of you guys involved as possible and to give you a chance to see what it's like playing in a tournament and against teams with players you don't know (yet). There WILL be spaces for freshers, so don't worry if you think you're not good enough, we want to know you want to play! If you want to play at the tournament, please signup on and come to the pool session on Tuesday 29th November. We will have a few selection games and pick the team. The A team have been selected and notified. If you didn't make it this time, the teams are, of course, still fluid and BUCS is a long time away. Please sign up for the B team and prove your worth by beating the A team. If you have any questions about this, please contact the B team captain, Eugene, at

Medium-Core Tour!

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Posted by: Eilidh

Medium Core Tour/ New Year Tour is a go! (yay I hear you cry!)

Here are some exciting things you should know about it:
  • It will be in Wild Wales!
  • Its from the 29th December to 2nd January this means...
  • You will get to see in 2012 with style...or warwick canoe messiness (AWESOME)
  • All this will be around £100 (tbc based on numbers)
  • It will be a peer paddling trip!*
*As it is a peer paddling trip it does mean that you have to a fair bit of experience to go on this trip. However if you are unsure if you are eligible talk to an exec member or sign up anyway but be aware you may not be able to go on it. If this is the case then I can offer you the dates for the equally awesome if not more so for Scotland Tour which are 29th March to 6th April 2012!

Sign up will be going up Midday Tomorrow!

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr

Hello good canoe folk,

You are all cordially invited to join us at the union event known as "POP" next week on Wednesday 30th November at 7pm for the consumption of tea (or other beverages). All guests are to come dressed as residents of Wonderland; those not appropriately dressed or arriving late are likely to be beheaded by her majesty the Queen of Hearts. In order to gain entrance you will need to have purchased for yourself one of these tickets: Those who do not buy a ticket marked "Circling" may only be able to join us for Croquet afterwards.

See you down the rabbit hole,

The Mad Hatter and the March Hare

Canoe Polo Hoodies!!!

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Posted by: Jessica

Hi all,

I am starting to take orders for our fantastic canoe polo club hoodies J.  They will have a canoe polo logo printed on the back, a university of Warwick logo and your name of choice embroidered on the front.  This print and embroidery will be in white, so please bear this in mind when choosing the colour of your hoodie.


For a zipped hoodie (one colour) itÔÇÖll be around ┬ú23.60

The choice of colours are here (again click on the colours to see pictures and a list of sizes.


For a varsity Hoodie (pullover with a different colour inside the hood) itÔÇÖll be around ┬ú21.70

The choice of colours are here (click on colours to see sizes/pictures).


If youÔÇÖd like a hoodie please could you e-mail me ( or post the following information on the news feed asap:




Name youÔÇÖd like on front



Jess J

polo rules presentation week 8

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Posted by: Jessica
Hi all, This is aimed mainly at 1st years/people that are new to canoe polo. Now that youve had time to get yourselves used to balancing in a boat while holding a ball, you may have started to wonder a bit about whats going on in the game and what the referees blowing their whistle for So there will be a rules presentation next Tuesday (22nd November) before the pool session 6-7pm in the Ramphel Building room R3.25. Itll be a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the game and how it works (and what fouls to avoid committing). Jess (secretary) Also, if you have a look at our website, you'll see that there's a rules page here