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Posted by: Eugene
Hi All, As tonight's polo session is the last session before BUCS over the weekend, the session will only be open to BUCS teams (As, Bs, Ladies) Hope to see everyone there tonight! BRING ON BUCS!


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Posted by: Gregory
well... this is awkward...

Polo Rashvest Payment

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Posted by: Stabby
Some of you still need to pay for your rashvests. Please can you do this ASAP using the following

This is Einstein, Darling, Screamer, Baby, Bryce and James x2
If you haven't collected it yet they're on the balcony
Thanks :)

Canoe Hoodies

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Posted by: Aleks

Hello Kayakers,

ItÔÇÖs that exciting time of year again when you get to order the fantastic canoe hoodies!!
The hoodies will have your name and the Warwick crest on the front and the NEW CANOE LOGO designed by EJ on the back.
They will cost just over £20 each and you have a choice between a normal or a zippy hoodie.
If you would like to order a hoodie, please go on this website ( and select Warwick Canoe from the list at the top of the page. This will take you to the page where you can select the colour, size, type of hoodie and what name you want embroided on your brand new hoodie.
You then need to pay for your hoodie by following the PayPal link on the page. Simple. The price will initially show up as £18, as this is the price without VAT which will be added at the end, bringing the total to about £21.
The first deadline is on the 19th of April if you want your hoodie to arrive at the beginning of next term. 
If you\'d like to see what the hoodies feel like and what the sizes are find a climber, as our hoodies will be of the same type as theirs.

Polo Hoodies have arrived

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Posted by: Bryce
They're on the balcony

Liverpool Tournament

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Posted by: Jo
Hey guys

I got an email about this year's Liverpool tournamet on June 8th and 9th. Entry fee is 75 pounds - and apparently the entry deadline was before I even got the email... anyways, if enough people are interested I can try and get a space for a team. So please post asap if you'd like to go!!

Refs course at BUCS - please read!

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Posted by: Jo
Hey guys,

I talked to some of you already, but I'm making it official now.

There will be a ref's course at the BUCS weekend, on Friday morning (19th April).
The way it works is that there will be lectures on the rules etc first. Then there will be some sort of multiple choice test, which you'll have to pass to then be allowed to qualify as a ref (you'll have to ref at least one actual game and be watched by the officials before they then decide if you qualify).
Currently the club has two official refs - and they are leaving at the end of this year. To compete in eg the national league, we have to have offical refs. So please do it!
It's also really good because it will increase your understanding of the game!

there is a "small" cost attached:
£20 (or £12.50 without rulebook and cards)

we need to double check, but the university usually pays 50% of that if you're not a finalist and 20% is you're a finalist (that will have to be confirmed, it's just that it used to be this way...)
As you can see, it's really not that expensive, especially since we don't have to pay entry fees for BUCS etc. so please, please, please do it!
Post here if you're interested


Usually we take an "early" minibus and the van and drive to Doncaster in time for the ref's course - for those who don't want to attend the course and/or have to work on Friday, there will be a late bus leaving as well (this is NOT a signup for the busses, that will happen later, it's just to tell you that transport is not an issue ;) )

Film Night!

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Posted by: Bilbo

So it's the last week of term, just enough time for one more social!

This Friday (15th) we're having a film (definitely with no food and or beverages.......) in S1.69 from 7pm. 

If you dont know where it is:

For those of you going on tour it's a good chance to see what we get up to in Scotland as I believe some of the footage from last year will be making an appearence. 

Lots of small welsh love

Bilbo xxx

P.S bring some money, we ordered Dominos last year 


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Posted by: Eugene
Hello lovely polo playing people! Term is coming to an end and that can only mean one thing and one thing only....IT IS TIME FOR RAGEEEEE!! As usual, RAGE will be running on the last session of the term (12 March) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Sign up is already up! You've got till Friday this week (8 March) to sign up if you want to play and I'll sort the teams out before Monday! Remember you have to sign up to be able to play in RAGE!!! So yes, sign up and bring the RAGEEEEEE Eugene

POP week 9!

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Posted by: Bilbo
Happy Wednesday!

Next week (week 9) we're heading to POP! The theme is ABC (anything but clothes) so find your bestest bin bag and sexiest cardboard box.

As always 7pm at the union. Get your tickets NOW!

See you there! (Or at ice skating tonight)

Your Social Sex
Stabby and Bilbo xx