Secret Santa

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Lauren

I've now made the secret santa list and will send everyone a text/fb message today to let them know who they're buying a present for. If you don't receive a message by the end of the day and think you've definitely signed up let me know and i'll try and sort it. Ho Ho Ho :)

Canoe club Jackets

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Posted by: Nicky

Hiya everyone, 

To freshers and new members: By now I'm sure your starting to get the vibe Been There, Done that... well now you can go one step better than just getting a shirt, you can get a nice shiny, super fancy canoe club jacket just in time to write on your Christmas list to Santa.
This is a really great bit of kit for all the trips going on next year, its going to get cold in January/February, and you'll be kayaking all day on those trips.
 Plus there is Scotland tour to think about- you defiantly need warm gear for that!
To older members and old gits: your much loved canoe jacket may now be falling into disrepair,  why not take advantage of the canoe club and get a nice new jacket, cheaper by far than any normal high street price for its brand!
The jackets this year are Buffalo Mountain shirts and while in previous years we have used Montane, they have been difficult to order from so this year the club can do better:-
Buffalo clothing is handmade in the UK and is designed to handle any tough weather that you can throw at it: people use the jackets to go up Everest, the military and outdoor specialists use it, and its generally loved by any camping/mountaineering group who is able to get their hands on it. Just check out their site!
As for features; look on the product page, but is really easy to adjust, lots of pockets, super warm and I have got the detachable hoods included in the deal too :) 
In addition the jackets all get "Warwick canoe" signage and your name embroidered on!
Not only that but there are Ladies versions! which cost no more than the mens and come in different colour choices too!
All included the jackets cost £115.20
Thats Jacket, hood,printing costs, and P+P all included. Its a little pricey i know, but you cannot get better quality, not even from North face! 
And its Christmas, so get your Aunty Ann or Grandpa so-and-so to buy it for you or contribute, its probably most useful xmas present you can get!
I am not asking for money yet, just interest- so if you think you are wanting one- just sign-up on the website  and I can get size/colour details and money later down the line.
Lots of Love
Nicky Harris (Secretary)

Socials Reminder

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Posted by: Lauren
Hey Guys, Just a general socials update for you: Firstly, skl dayz pre drinks will be from 8pm this Saturday at Sam and JamieÔÇÖs house - 39 Charter Avenue, Canley, CV4 8EJ. Secondly, POP on Wednesday 26th. There are still circling tickets on sale but IÔÇÖm sure there wonÔÇÖt be for long so get your ticket NOW! The theme is ÔÇÿTime TravelÔÇÖ so hope youÔÇÖre all getting creative! Last, but definitely not least, Christmas Meal is on 4th December (Thursday week 10) so sign up NOW! If youÔÇÖve already signed up please remember to post what you want to eat on the ÔÇÿchristmas meal menuÔÇÖ forum on the website otherwise I shall have to chase you!! Also, sign up for Secret Santa. We shall be exchanging presents on the night of the Christmas meal. The guide price will be ┬ú5 and I shall let you know who youÔÇÖre buying presents for next week. Sign ups for Secret Santa and Christmas meal shall close this Monday (24th November). Hopefully see you all at everything!

B's and Ladies Tournament

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Posted by: Hadyn

Hi All

On Sunday 7th┬áDecember we are hosting our own Canoe Polo tournament right here in the Sports Centre. This is you first chance to play polo competitively against other universities in a tournament setting. This is a BÔÇÖs and Ladies tournament so it is completely Fresher friendly, anyone who has been to at least one canoe polo session and isnÔÇÖt already in the A team is welcome to come along and play.┬á

The tournament is free for Warwick members (we charge other clubs to enter teams so that we can fund our fleet of boats). 

If youÔÇÖre interested in playing then please sign up on the website here:┬áthis is to gauge interest when forming the teams and doesnÔÇÖt commit you to play however, if you sign up but become unable to attend then an e-mail or Facebook message to one of the exec members would be appreciated as a courteous. ┬á

I look forward to showing the other uniÔÇÖs what Warwick can do and remember:┬áPercello infirmus boof mortuis┬á



3 and 4 star!

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Posted by: Chris
Sorry to be making so many posts and all. 

Could you please reply on this thread if you'd be interested in doing the three or four star awards next term. 

The three star is basically a slightly more advanced 2*, but with some moving water skills, and a prerequisite of having paddled for a sum of at least 40 hours. I probably wouldn't recommend this if you started this year from scratch

The four star is a leaders course, and very advanced, with lots of prerequisites, including WWSR and First aid award with the last three years. The assessment itself is 2 days, but if you need any training that will obviously take it beyond a weekend thing. heres more information:

I know theres at least a few people interested in both, so if you could indicated on here within the next few days, then I'll look into getting it arranged if theres enough people.


Term 2 First aid and 2*

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Chris
Hi all!

Have you ever wanted to be recognised as a great paddler? Or learn some kayaking first aid?!
The Leamington boat centre runs loads of great courses throughout the year, including the 2 star (2*) and an REC (rescue emergency care) First Aid course. They do them at a significant discount for clubs, and the more who do it, the cheaper they will be. 

The 2* qualification is equivalent to Paddle Power Discover in the new system, and covers most of what we have gone over this term in the session (don't worry, we will be recapping everything). It will also give you some training in an open canoe. 
This will give you the opportunity to get some feedback from a qualified coach, learn a bit of theory, and progress onto higher qualifications. Doing this course through the club ensures you will get it much cheaper than usual and only have to complete the assessment day and canoe training, rather than the kayaking training too. This is a fun and recognised course, which I'd highly recommend to anyone who is serious about paddling.

The REC First Aid course consists mostly of learning how to deal with particular emergency situations. It's a 2-day course, which is very hands on and active. By the end of this course, you will feel much more confident, both with on and off the water first aid. There is no requisite first aid knowledge, and its intended for kayakers fairly knew to the sport. This will also be much cheaper than usual, and is a great course to have done.

There are many other courses being run at the boat centre, such as the FSRT (foundation safety and rescue), which is another I'd highly recommend doing, but this one will not be run through the club. We will instead hopefully be offering WWSR (white water safety and rescue) in north Wales later in the term. This is a more advanced and relevant course to our club, but is a longer course

Please indicate if you would potentially be interested in either the 2* or the REC first aid (or both) by answering the poll on the facebook page. This is only so we can have an idea of numbers, and doesn't commit you to pay. They will be run mid way into term 2. Please ask me or any other members if you have any question concerning either of these.

yours in coaching,

Chris x

Nene Whitewater Centre Trip

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Jevon

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

A week on saturday (22nd Nov, week 8) we shall be heading to the Nene Whitewater Centre. We have the course for 2 hours 1pm till 3pm. It is a great chance to paddle some whitewater close to home and practice everything you've learnt over the past few weeks. (This is a day trip)

Sign ups will open at midday on thursday 13th (tomorrow), there are limited spaces so make sure you sign up quick! Sign up at the usual place :

Cost will be around £10, absolute bargin!!! Will be confirmed in confirmation email.

Sign ups close 5pm on saturday 15th. Confirmation email to be sent out that evening with details of how to pay.

Meet at the sports centre at 10:30
Just bring your lovely self, a towel, and things to paddle in, you will be able to borrow wetsuits, cags etc...
We will back on campus around 5pm giving you plenty of time to get ready for Skool Days!! (Hope you've all bought tickets).


Jevon x

Socials and Christmas meal

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Posted by: Lauren

Heys Guys,

Just a bit of information about socials for the rest of term.

Week 7 is Polo Socials which you will be given more information about this week (hopefully). GIRLS we will probably be heading into Leam for a meal and then some civilised drinks but i'll let you know more information this week.

Saturday Week 8, 22nd Nov, is School Days. So buy your tickets NOW! We will be pre drinking somewhere near/on campus (address & time tbc)

Wednesday Week 9, 26th Nov, POP! Buy your circling tickets NOW! Theme is 'Time-Travel' so I'm expecting some awesome way-out costumes.

Thursday, week 10, 4th December, we have our annual Christmas Meal at the Robbins' Well in Leam. We will most likely arrive at the Well for 7pm to eat for 7:30. The idea is we each pay £10 to have a 3 course meal and then plan on getting merry!! (and lets be honest probably end up in Kelseys) There will also be an optional Secret Santa (rough price guide £5). There will be a sign up for Christmas Meal on the website and a seperate one for Secret Santa so you can know who youre buying a present for in advance. You must sign up for the meal and the secret santa (if you want to) by Monday 24th November so we can let the Well know how many people are coming and organise the secret santa (inform you of who you'll be buying a present for and give you time to buy it). The Christmas menu will be posted on a forum on the website and you will need to add a comment with what you want to eat when you sign up.

Lots of Love,

Your loyal social secs,

Lauren and Jamie xx

Fireworks social

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Posted by: Lauren
Hey friends, Sorry itÔÇÖs slightly late notice but this Thursday (6th November) we shall be having a fireworks social at Jamie and SamÔÇÖs house (39 Charter Avenue, Canley, CV4 8EJ). The social will start officially at 7:30 but I shall meet people on campus outside the sports centre at 7pm to walk round via tesco to buy drinks. We will be charging ┬ú5 per person as a contribution to the fireworks and there will be a sign up on the website ( ) so we know how many fireworks to buy. The sign up will close on Wednesday. If you sign up and donÔÇÖt come you will still have to pay!! If youÔÇÖre planning on coming but are going to be late let me know roughly what time you will get there and we can let you know if youÔÇÖll catch the fireworks (in which case will still have to pay) or if you can just come along for a friendly drink. Bring your own drinks! There will hopefully be a small snack provided! Love your friendly neighborhood social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

Kit Trip and Cocktails

Posted 8y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Lauren

Hey Buddies,

Next Thursday (30th┬áOctober) we will be holding a ÔÇÿkit trip and cocktailsÔÇÖ social. The idea is that you can get some great paddling kit from the ÔÇÿLeam boat centreÔÇÖ┬á ( for trips or pool sessions at a specially discounted price put on just for us and then afterwards weÔÇÖll be having some great tasting cocktails made by yours truly! We will be heading to the ÔÇÿLeam Boat CentreÔÇÖ for 5:30pm so meet outside sportÔÇÖs centre at 4:45pm for those on campus or meet at the boat centre at 5:30pm for those in Leam. If you canÔÇÖt make it for 5:30pm weÔÇÖll be there till about 7pm so turn up whenever or just come for cocktails later (preferably let us know your plans).

Afterwards we will be heading to Gabs and JevÔÇÖs house for cocktails. We will ask for a contribution of ┬ú5 for the drinks and there will be a SIGN UP on the website under 'trips' section so we know how many people are coming. If you sign up and then decide not to come youÔÇÖve still got to pay or let us know within plenty of time (eg before we go shopping) otherwise weÔÇÖll buy too much alcohol!! The sign up will close Tuesday. Food wise, weÔÇÖll buy a few small snacks to have with the cocktails but I encourage you to eat beforehand if possible.

This is a great opportunity to get kit for Tyne Tour or any future trips. Hopefully weÔÇÖll see you all there!

Lots of Love,

Your super cool social secs,

Lauren and Jamie.