2 Star and White Water Safety and Rescue place

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Why not get a recognised certificate to prove youÔÇÖre a decent paddler? On the 1st March (end of week 8) thereÔÇÖs an opportunity to get your BCU 2 star certificate which is appropriate for any club member whoÔÇÖs been to some pool sessions (email me if youÔÇÖre not sure). We have gone through the majority of the syllabus during the pool sessions already, but we will have a ÔÇÿbrush up sessionÔÇÖ some point this term, as well as being given some coaching on the day itself. ItÔÇÖs a really good idea to get some BCU ÔÇÿstarsÔÇÖ as itÔÇÖs a good indication of how youÔÇÖre progressing through the sport, and a chance to get given some advice by a qualified coach.

The course will take place just on the Saturday (10:30 to 4:30) and it all happens from the boat centre in Leamington, so you wonÔÇÖt lose a whole weekend. A lot of the course will be subsidised so will cost a maximum of ┬ú40, but hopefully it will cost less since the price is dependent on how many people sign up!

Sign up HERE if youÔÇÖre interested, but there is an absolute maximum of 8 people so itÔÇÖs first come, first served!


Also, there is one place left on the White Water Safety Rescue course that has been organised for 8th and 9th (end of week 5) of February in North Wales. WeÔÇÖve managed to get the course at an incredible price, less than ┬ú80 per person! But again, it could cost less due to subsidies. Accommodation will also be cheap as we will be staying in a scout hut. It would take the usual form of a club trip; leave on Friday and come back Sunday evening but with the chance to get some hugely useful skills from some top coaches. If youÔÇÖre interested in this WWSR course please email

Gabs x

Pub Golf!!!

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Hello ladys and gentlemen,
This coming Friday will be the night we descend on Leamington (and campus) for pub golf.

We shall be meeting in The Duck at 7pm. If you are late you will have to catch up.
Fancy dress incase you've forgotten:
1st years - Vikings
2nd years - Romans
3rd/4th years - Egyptians
Postgrads/oldgits - Dinosaurs
See you all at The Duck.
Love you social secs
Gabs and Jebend x

White Water Safety and Rescue Course

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Hello, Quite a few of you have said you'd be interested in organising a WWSR course. For those of you who aren't sure what it is, it is essentially a 2 day course that teaches most of the white water safety and rescue techniques that you will ever need to use whilst at uni, and probably beyond. It is a very fun course and you will spend nearly the whole time practising realistic scenarios such as rescuing pinned boats, rescuing unconsious people, how to cross a river safely and many more. More info and the syllabus can be found here Ideally we want to organise this course for a weekend this term. There aren't very many free weekends left so if you are at all interested please email me ( ASAP so we can start deciding dates and a coach. The deadline for emailing your interest to me is midday Friday the 24th January! Gabs x p.s. Pub Golf this Friday!! p.p.s. Pop! week 4. Have you got your circling ticket!?


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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is almost up on us.....for the National Student Rodeo!!!!!!

Possibly the best trip of the year (I say trip, I mean party)
It is the largest kayaking event in the country (and claims to be the largest student kayaking event in the universe). It's a weekend of freestyle kayaking competitions that any one can enter, regardless of your abilities as the competition is split into novice, intermediate and advanced categories. So you get to watch Freshers in fancy dress jumping out of their boats and blowing kisses to the judges and some freestyle pro's showing us how its done. 

NSR takes place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March (week 9) at HPP, the artificial white water course in Nottingham (which means you can stay in bed until 3pm if you like, which is a canoe club novelty). The trip will be around £50 and depends on numbers, which includes transport , camping, a meal on Saturday, entry to one event and entry to the party on both Friday and Saturday night, the theme this year is Heros and Villans!

Registration opens on the 27th January and a sign up is now open on the website so you have until then to make the right decision (I know you will). Once you've signed up you can expect your emails with more information at the begining of March. 

Lots of small Welsh love

Katie xx

Food at Varsity tomorrow (Thursday)

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It would appear there's not enough of us to make Laser Quest worth while, so the new plan is to go to Varsity on campus at 7.30 for some food, and probably some beer. Post below if you're up for it! Gabs and Jeb end x

BUCS Slalom

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BUCS Canoe Slalom is nearly here!

On the 14th and 15th of February (weekend of week 6) the club will be heading to the Tees Barrage for 

President Dan


I have no idea who these people are.

at the Tees Barrage.

Since this is a BUCS event the university subsidies much of the cost. Subject to sufficient numbers this should be a £10 weekend + your own food and drink. 

This is open to people of any experience and the weekend is a lot of fun. Signup will go online tonight after the pool session and entries will be sent off in a weeks time.


ps. If you went last year: We will be using a warmer bunkhouse.

Week 2 social-Laser Quest and Harvester

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Hello Hello

This Thursday the plan is to go to Laser Quest in Coventry, followed by a trip to Harvester for some food. And I'm sure there will be some people looking at going to the pub afterwards....

You can play as many or as few games at Laser Quest as you like. It's £4 for 1 game, £7 for 2, £9 for 3 and either £10 or £11 for 4 (I can't work it out from the website) but bring your student IDs!!

The plan is to meet on Thursday at the Arts Center bus stop at 6.30, or at Laser Quest at 7.00.

Please sign up if you want to come as we have to give an indication of numbers. Sign up is here (

If you want to just come to one part of the social or the other, then that's fine-I'm guessing we will be at Harvester at around 8.30 but call or text me before to check (07868750695). But please still sign up and comment below which part of the social you will be coming to.

Lots of love,
Gabs and Jeb end

P.s. Don't forget to buy your circling Pop tickets for weeks 4 and 9 as well as your Skool Dayz ticket NNNNOOOWWWW!!

Safety and Rescue Session

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How many of you have come on our trips oblivious to whatÔÇÖs going on around you?
Ever wondered how to lead a group?
Not got a clue what these ropes people carry are for?
We aim to answer these questions before the pool session on Monday of week 2.
The idea is to go through safety and rescue techniques when on a river, such as what the different dangers are; whatÔÇÖs the best way to lead down a river and how you use a throw line. I really urge everybody to come as we will be going through really important things!
It should be fun and hopefully we will have lots of ropes so we can practise in the dry before trying different things out a bit more realistically during the pool session and then for real on refreshers trip.
So come to H0.60, which is on the ground floor of the Humanities building, at 8.00 on Monday 13th(week 2) and bring your swimming stuff so we can head straight to the pool session afterwards.


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We now have a final list of all socials for this term, they are as follows:

Week 1: Curry, Thursday

Week 2: Laser quest then Harvester, Thursday

Week 3: Pub Golf, Friday meet at 7pm in The Duck
Theme; ancient time periods:
1st years: Vikings
2nd years: Romans
Final years (3rd and 4th): Egyptians
Post grads and old gits: dinasaurs
(extra hole for lack of fancy dress or pre bought costumes) 

Week 4: Pop!, Wednesday
Theme: What you wanted to be when you're grown up

Week 5: Food then iceskating(8-10 pm), Monday

Week 6: Real Ale, Thursday we'll be having a meal in The Duck before most likely

Week 7: Polo social

Week 8: School days, Saturday pre drinks at jeb-end et als, get there from 7.30pm ish, we shall be consuming from then anyway!!

Week 9: Pop!, Wednesday

Theme: abc (anything but clothes)

Week 10: Film night 

Remember to buy tickets for POP! and School Days now to avoid disappointment.

Cardiff Uni Canoe Polo tournament!

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Cardiff University have once again invited us to their weekend tournament on the 28th - 30th of March 2014. The more astute members here will probably notice that this puts it bang in the middle of our Easter break. However, it is well worth going to if you can as it gives you a chance to practice outside, on a full size pitch in a full tournament conditions before you get to BUCS a month after this.

The important things you need to know:

The accommodation is camping, so you need a sleeping bag and a roll mat. Let me, or Matt (Baby) Clough know if this is a problem as we can probably find one for you!

The tournament is open to the A team, the B team and the Ladies. Ladies I believe someone has already started sorting your team out?

The party: Noah's Ark themed party on the Saturday night

The cost: 
£23 per person - this is your camping ticket for Friday and Saturday nights, party ticket and food ticket for Saturday dinner.
There maybe a small cost per person to cover team entries, but it shouldn't be much more than £5. The more people we have per team, the cheaper it is for everyone!

Signup here: if you wish to go. Once you are signed up, please do not drop out unless you can get someone to take your place!