Pre Pop BBQ

Posted 8y 9mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Seeing as it's lovely weather we thought what better way to spend a Wednesday than BBQing, drinking and dancing the night away at pop. We shall provide the disposables and you guys bring the meat.

Half 4 at Tocil Field (the one between costis and the sports centre)

see you there!

love from your social sex
Stabby and Bilbo xxx

Surf Trip Confirmation

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Meeting at 9:30 am or 6pm Friday 22nd June at the sports centre. Bring food for journey because planning on going to shops in Wales, not here.

Money-wise youÔÇÖre paying Abi ┬ú15 for transport and Dan ┬ú5 a night for camping and ┬ú8.58 for a lovely surf trip t-shirt (link to t-shirt payment )

We don't take all the boats, so if you want a personal boat or a specific club boat let an exec member know. Also the van will be leaving in the morning so if you want anything on there leave it on the balcony and tell an exec member.

Diolch yn fawr

Reminder: £27 for epic party!

Surf Trip T-Shirts - LAST CALL

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Aleks
Hi all,

If you wish to have an awesome green Surf Trip T-shirt, now is your last chance to let us know as an order will be placed tomorrow. The names this year are pretty good!! :)

You can sign-up for a t-shirt either using the Trips sign-up, by commenting here or contact me directly.

T-shirt will cost £8.82, or less if we find another 12 people.

Strictly Come Dancing

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Screamer
Hello everyone, I recently received this email from Warwick Latin and Ballroom. I am Margaretha, the Events Coordinator of Warwick Latin and Ballroom. As you will have heard from Eilidh, I am looking for male participants in this year's Strictly Come Dancing at Warwick. These are preferably exec members. Here's a short summary of Strictly and what would be expected of any candidate you chose to put forward: Warwick's Strictly is a charity event with all proceeds being donated to a good cause (this year most likely Right to Play). In the past two years, this sum has been over GBP850 with over 250 people in the audience! All participants will be partnered with one of Latin and Ballroom's dancers at the end of this term, so that they have the summer holidays to discuss dances and music. From week 1 term 1, they will start practicing a routine choreographed by the dancer. Usually, the practice time will be around 2 hours a week, though this is completely up to the discretion of the couple who will be booking their own practice rooms based around their timetables. The show will be in week 9, with a dress rehearsal on the weekend of week 8. There will be a number of socials throughout term 1 to support and encourage the participants. All members of your clubs will be invited to come to the show to support your participant and to vote for them. I hope this has cleared up your questions about what is expected from a participant. Should you be interested in taking part, please let me know the name, email address, exec position and height of your candidate. Please remember I only have spaces for male participants left. Thank you very much, Margaretha B├Âge Events Coordinator Warwick Latin and Ballroom Sooooo....any volunteers? Post here or send me an email (or carrier pigeon) if you're interested.

Skool Dayz Week 8 and Olympic Pop! Week 9 :D :D :D

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Stabby
Although now it seems far, far away, there is a time in the not too distant future where exams are over for the summer :D And then you may find yourself asking ÔÇÿWhat shall I do with my time now?ÔÇÖ And the answer to that question is: Skool Dayz (End of week 8) :D We shall be circling in the Copper rooms from 8pm so make sure youÔÇÖre dressed in your best school uniform to drink and dance the night away... ***AND*** Olympic Themed POP! (Week 9) The fun and games starts with Circling from 7 in the Copper Rooms ÔÇô DONÔÇÖT BE LATE... You have been warned ÔÇô There will be punishments for those who are late and not dressed in their best olympic theme (We will let those of you who want to go to the pool session off, as long as you are prepared to catch up :D) MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW BECASUE THEY ARE SELLING OUT QUICKLY!!! Your loving social secs Stabby and Bilbo

Polo Minutes 22/05/2012

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bryce


┬À Dates confirmed

┬À Looking at Cardiff, Nottingham, ULU, Bristol for next year (going to)

┬À Check Liverpool dates to make sure ours donÔÇÖt clash (FOA, Mike Moffatt)

┬À Autumn tournament try and dodge Wild Water Racing (1st + 2nd December)

┬À Jo check Tyne Tour dates to see if can be moved

┬À Eugene checking with Screamer for other trip clashes in Term 1


┬À Probably not

Surf Trip

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Dear all, please read the details below for surf trip 2012!

Warwick Canoe will be heading down to Newgale, in beautiful west Wales on Friday 22nd June till Monday 25th.

There will be two busses leaving on Friday 22nd, one at 9:30am and a second at 6pm. The sign ups for these will go up on the website at 6pm tomorrow (Friday 25th May)

ThereÔÇÖs also a sign up for tshirts (open now) so we know how many to order.

The cost of this trip will be around £40: £15 transport, £5 a night for camping and £10 t-shirt. Another email will go out once price has been finalised.

Hwyl am nawr

Nene Trip!

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Becky

Need a break from revison and exams? We have just the thing!

 Come along to the Nene with us on Monday 4th June (week 7), we have the course to ourselves for two hours and this day trip will cost you a mere £5.

We will leave just before midday and return in the early evening, more details will be confirmed shortly.


"Wow, the Nene! I just can't wait! How do I sign up to this awesome trip?"

Simply sign up on this webiste and we'll send you an email confirming your place nearer to the time.

Epic Party!

Posted 8y 10mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Something to look forward to after exams! Warwick University Canoe Clubs annual end of year party. At Leamington Rugby Club on the 28th June (its a Thursday). Expect croquet, barbeques, bouncy castles and other shenanigans to continue late into the night. The event is black tie and food and drink will be provided, for a price of just under £30 (TBC soon). Please make it clear if you plan to attend (and bring a +1) on the facebook event so we can bring in the correct amount of food and drink. Alternatively make us aware on the website. Your social secs Katie and Abi

Meal after giving blood

Posted 8y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Bilbo
Plan is to head to a spoons after donating this Wednesday (16th). Anyone not giving blood but would like to come is welcome, we should be done by 8pm at the Royal Spa Centre. Reply if you'd like to come to the meal so I have rough numbers to warn of our arrival!
(Also open to suggestions for where to eat)