Nene Trip

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Posted by: Jevon

On the 25th June (Wed wk 10) we will be heading to the Nene Whitewater Centre for a fun filled afternoon of races and playing or general kayaking. 

Please meet at the sports centre at 3pm.

The cost of the trip is £5. This includes transport and course hire, so is great value for money!

If you'd like to come please sign up by here: 

We have the course from 5pm to 7pm will be back on campus around 8.30pm to 9pm.



Surf trip and Surf trip T-shirts

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Posted by: Gabs
It is almost that time of year again when Warwick Canoe head down to the Welsh coast for some hard-core kayaking and a bit of drinking (may be the other way round, I forget). IÔÇÖve been informed that the campsite at Newgale has dried out and so that is where will be again. Dates for this trip are Friday 20th of June ÔÇÿtil Monday 23rd.

We are hoping to have enough drivers sign up so that we can take 2 buses with one leaving on the Friday morning at about 10am and a second leaving Friday evening at around 6pm. On the way back (again, drivers permitting) one bus will leave on Sunday and the other on Monday.

Therefore, there are 4 sign ups. Please sign up to one bus for the journey there and one bus for the return journey. Signups wills close midday on Wednesday 28th of May to allow us time to organise the faffy transport.

Journey there sign ups (sign up to one):

Return journey sign ups (sign up to one):

Please be aware though, if there are not enough drivers/people to make one of the journey options viable we may have to remove it. But we will do our best to accommodate everyone!

The costs for this trip will depend on what you need but a quick breakdown is:
Around £20 for transport (to be confirmed depending on what transport actually happens).
£5 per person per night for camping

If you would like a surf-trip t-shirt with everyoneÔÇÖs funny names on (whether you are going on the trip or not), you must buy them direct from the SU website ( You select your size option in the checkout. Signing up for the trip on the canoe website does not order you a t shirt! Everyone that wants a t-shirt must buy it through the SU website!!


Hoodies have arrived

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Posted by: Tom Jin
The canoe hoodies have arrived. Everyone who ordered one should have received an email. Collect them in the usual place.

Doggy Paddle, Woof Woof

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Posted by: Gabs
Sunday Week 4 (next week), or Sunday 18th May for those who shun the Warwick Week system, sees the return of Doggy Paddle.

Doggy Paddle is a yearly event in which canoeist of all ages paddle the 18 miles from Leamington to Stratford to raise money for the guide dog's association.

It's a largely flatwater paddle, with a few weirs and one compulsory portages (around the trebuchet of DEATH!!!).

Beverage is often close to hand in an buoyancy aid pocket (Although I could not possible condone an alcoholic beverage being consumed on this day trip).

It's a relaxing, fun break from Exam/Revision stress and a great opportunity to take the duo!

The Cost:
-£10 in entry fees which goes straight to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
-Final transport costs will be worked out when we know numbers, but the last three years it has been £5

Sign up deadline is Monday mid day (but please sign up sooner than that) so we can finalize transport arrangements.

Lots of love,

Term 3 Socialitivity

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Posted by: Jold Git
Goodday all, Not too exciting, socials will most likly consist of (vaguely optional) pub time after pool sessions as we're all in that wonderful world of revision, so encourage your fellow floaters to accompany Jamie on pub expeditions. There's often buscuits (guess what flavour) and if thats not an incentive i dont know what is! honestly pub's pretty fun and there's no pressure to even have a drink :) (or stay for long (as long as you say goodbye so we dont end up sitting eagerly awaiting your return)) :) POP! - Wednesday - Week 9 ÔÇô Purchase those CIRCLING tickets now! ÔÇô Theme: SUMMER!/Beach wear Epic Party! ÔÇô Thursday 26th June - fun fun fun in a field cya socially, lots of love, your social secs; Lauren & Jamie

Fantasy Teams!!

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Posted by: Nicole
Please post any queries by starting a thread in the forum. This post is form TEAMS POSTS ONLY Here are playersÔÇÖ values as voted by you! (in millions)

 Matt Blackmore - £9.88 
 Rob Neave - £9.33
 Andy Clough - £9.26 
Matt Byrne - £8.53
 Dom Stone - £8.15
 Rich Beckett (Einstein) - £8.05 
Matt Clough (Baby) - 7.68 
Gabs Kempski - £7.45 
Rich Potter - £7.23
 Adam Talbot (Screamer) - £7.03 
Jamie Anderson - £6.83 
Madison McDonald - £6.58 
James Stockton - 6.30
 Anja Humpert - £6.00 
Nicole Close - £5.55 
Rob Chamerlain (Red) - £5.39 
Jevon Adams - £5.30 
Nathaniel Green - £5.30 
Dan Scott - £5.14
 Katie Edwards - £4.84
 Jess Williams - £4.65 
Ed Antram - £3.37 
Sam Davies - £3.24 
Mark Hadley - £3.20
 Abi Richardson - £3.16
 Hadyn Parker - £3.05
 Tom Hall - £2.76 
Kathryn Styan - £2.58 
Lauren Gaines - £1.70 (Thanks Peeg for the info!)

And now the part youÔÇÖve all been waiting for; the battle of wit, arithmetic, nerves and sheer luck. Set to be the training ground of both polo coaches and venture capitalist of the future. You donÔÇÖt need to be a competitor to have a flutter, all are welcome.
This seasonÔÇÖs hottest polo tournament, the Warwick Rage League is shaping up to be the biggest tournament ever. Take your time, follow your instinct, get in their quickly with your best entry or, hold back and watch how others enter first ÔÇô the choice is yours. You are welcome to enter as many times as you wish.

Entry Fee
Teams cost £2 to enter. There is no limit on the amount of entrants per person.

 ÔÇó Teams may not be the same as someone elseÔÇÖs - 1st post on the forum 1st served 
ÔÇó Team value may not exceed £40 million
 ÔÇó Teams may not contain more than 3 players from a real life team
 ÔÇó Teams must include 7 players
ÔÇó Elect a team captain from your squad of 7 - Their score will be doubled 
ÔÇó All entries must be posted on this news thread by 20:00 Tuesday week 3. Teams will be input based on posts at this time. Up to that point you are free to edit/withdraw your team.
 ÔÇó If a player withdraws from competition (the whole league, not just one week) due to injury then they will be replaced in any fantasy teams by a random player of the highest possible value not exceeding the value of the injured player.
ÔÇó There will be 2 stats takers and refs per game chosen by the exec. Their decisions are final.

Points are awarded as follows: 
ÔÇó Goal 5 points
 ÔÇó Assist 3 points (an assist is any piece of play that leads directly to a goal eg. Pass or GOOD breaking up of zone) 
ÔÇó Save 2 points (any stopped shot on target) 
ÔÇó Man/woman of the match 5 points (as decided by tournament organisers/ exec, anyone I deem important enough to appoint this duty on the night)
 ÔÇó Green Card -1 point
 ÔÇó Yellow Card - 3 points
 ÔÇó Red Card - 10 points 
ÔÇó Appearance + 1 point 
ÔÇó A players (real life) teams goal difference is added to their score (if they played in the match.) i.e. No appearance = 0 points regardless of the goal difference as they weren't responsible for it. Appearance and 3 - 2 victory = 1 (appearance) + 3 (goals for) - 2 (goals against) = 2. Appearance and 4 - 1 loss = 1 (appearance) + 1 (goals for) - (4 goals against) = -2

 Prizes (as a percentage of entry money) Top scorer etc. Will be taken from fantasy league entrants only. Most cards will come from anyone you have been warned - play fair boys and girls
 ÔÇó Winner of fantasy league - 40 %
 ÔÇó 2nd in fantasy league - 25% 
ÔÇó 3rd in fantasy league - 10% 
ÔÇó Last in fantasy league - 5%
 ÔÇó "The Glory Hog Award" (Top scorer) - 5% 
ÔÇó "The Team Player Award" (Top assister) - 5% 
ÔÇó "MVP" (Highest fantasy points) - 5 % 
ÔÇó "The Wise Buy Award" (Best points/cost ratio) - 5% 
ÔÇó "The Naughty Boy Award" (Highest negative points for cards) - Paddle (dirty) (Ignore the percentages I did in the last post/email - we are now going on these ones)

 Some Interesting Stats

 The total value is £167.5 million The mean player value is £5.8 million making Anja most average player in the club by mean.
 The median value is £5.5 million making Nicole the median player when ordered by value.
The average per Team (of 7) is £40.4 million  
 Closing Remark
As Henry Clay once said;
ÔÇ£Statistics are no replacement for judgementÔÇØ
Choose wisely and may the best team manager win.

RAGE League teams

Posted 8y 7mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Nicole
Your RAGE league teams, as based on the averages of your ratings, are as below. RAGE league starts next week. As soon as we have sorted out fantasy league stuff we should get an email out to you about that as well. I might also give you more interesting team names when I get around to it. Team 1 Blackmore Gabs Potter Red Jevon Mark Abi Team 2 Neave Baby Screamer Nicole Nathaniel Sam Hadyn Team 3 Cloughy Beckett Jamie Anja Dan Ed Tom Team 4 Bryce Dom Madi James Katie Jess Kathryn Lauren Next week the first match will be Team 1 vs Team 2 and the second match Team 3 vs Team 4. If you are in the first two teams especially please arrive promptly.


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Posted by: Bilbo
Good afternoon everyone!
Just a reminder about Elections this Thursday at 7pm at the Robbins Well in Leamingon.
Lots of people have expressed an interest in running so I hope you've all prepared your song and you're jokes!

Also, the people running for President we're asked to submit a manifesto so here they are! This gives you a chance to think about who you want to be head of the club and what you think they can bring to the position!

Jevon 'Jebend' Adams:
If I become president I feel there are a few main areas of the club that IÔÇÖd like to improve. These are to focus on the development of intermediate members of the club, organizing more courses suited to them, with a few trips to white water centers being a possibility, as well as developing beginners as we have been doing this year. IÔÇÖd also like to keep the club more in the loop and sooner about what is happening with trips and courses. Having being on the exec this year I feel I have a good knowledge on how most things work and how I can make the improvements outlined above. IÔÇÖd like to be president so that I can give back to club as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member these past two years. I look forward to being part of the club next year and hope youÔÇÖll choose me to be your president!

Gabriel Kempski:
When I first came to Warwick I was excited to find there was an active canoe club so that I could continue the sport I've loved doing since I was 10! I'm really keen to help as many people as I can to get involved and to enjoy kayaking as much as I do, and above all, that's why I would like to be president. As coaching sec last year, I implemented the structured coaching for Monday's pool sessions and I received feedback from numerous people that they found them helpful and made them keen to participate more. I'd like to ensure that opportunities to progress through the sport remain available next year through both internal coaching and external courses. As president I would work closely with the new exec to continue improvements in this area as well as continuing to give support for more advanced paddlers and trainee river leaders. I really feel that Warwick Canoe has so much potential to be an even better club than it already is. With my enthusiasm, organisation and integrity I know that I can help to further develop the club, starting with a big recruitment drive, great socials and engaging pool sessions at the beginning of term 1.​

Canoe Polo
Anja Humpert:
Warwick Uni Canoe Polo is an excellent club and I would like to keep it that way. I have greatly enjoyed the last two years of being a member. My main goal is to recruit as many new members as possible (especially women). Hopefully we get enough to even get a second evening pool session, so that we could have more structured training and coaching as well as plenty of time for games. I am also keen to keep all the good tournaments in and out of Warwick going. I am looking forward to another year of polo!

Matthew 'Bryce' Byrne:
no manifesto submitted

So see you all on Thursday for an alchohol fueled evening!
Kedwards xx

Changes to week 2 pool sessions

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Posted by: Bilbo
Hello guys and gals We've been asked by Water Polo if they can have our pool session on Wednesday week 2 as they have a BUCS final against Sheffield. As we're lovely we've said thats fine and have swapped it for their pool session on Friday 8:30-9:30 so NO POOL SESSION WEDNESDAY WEEK 2, IS ON FRIDAY 8:30-9:30 INSTEAD. Galw'r heddlu Bilbo xx

Term 3

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Posted by: Bilbo

Hello everyone, hope your Easter has been chocolate filled

Term 3 is generally a bit quieter for socials and trips because everyone has exams, so here's a quick run down of what to expect this term:

  • Our Wednesday sessions have changed to the slighly more socialbe time of 8:30 - 9:30, although the Wednesday Session week 1 has been given to Polo  in preparation for BUCS
  • The Thursday pool session has also changed for week 1 only to 3:30 - 4:30
  • Thursday week 2 is ELECTIONS!! Wooo! We'll be sending out another email with more details about that, so in the mean time get practicing your songs and jokes!
  • Doggy Paddle on the 18th May, again we'll send out another email closer to the time
  • Surf Trip will be the weekend of week 9
  • And Epic Party week 10!

See you all soon!

Biblo xx