Kit Trip and Cocktails

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Posted by: Lauren

Hey Buddies,

Next Thursday (30th┬áOctober) we will be holding a ÔÇÿkit trip and cocktailsÔÇÖ social. The idea is that you can get some great paddling kit from the ÔÇÿLeam boat centreÔÇÖ┬á ( for trips or pool sessions at a specially discounted price put on just for us and then afterwards weÔÇÖll be having some great tasting cocktails made by yours truly! We will be heading to the ÔÇÿLeam Boat CentreÔÇÖ for 5:30pm so meet outside sportÔÇÖs centre at 4:45pm for those on campus or meet at the boat centre at 5:30pm for those in Leam. If you canÔÇÖt make it for 5:30pm weÔÇÖll be there till about 7pm so turn up whenever or just come for cocktails later (preferably let us know your plans).

Afterwards we will be heading to Gabs and JevÔÇÖs house for cocktails. We will ask for a contribution of ┬ú5 for the drinks and there will be a SIGN UP on the website under 'trips' section so we know how many people are coming. If you sign up and then decide not to come youÔÇÖve still got to pay or let us know within plenty of time (eg before we go shopping) otherwise weÔÇÖll buy too much alcohol!! The sign up will close Tuesday. Food wise, weÔÇÖll buy a few small snacks to have with the cocktails but I encourage you to eat beforehand if possible.

This is a great opportunity to get kit for Tyne Tour or any future trips. Hopefully weÔÇÖll see you all there!

Lots of Love,

Your super cool social secs,

Lauren and Jamie.



Canoe Sessions over the next few weeks

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Posted by: Gabs
Just a bit of information for you about canoe sessions ove the next few weeks:
  • Wednesday week 4 (this week, 22/10/14)┬áthe session is cancelled┬áas we are having our Pop! social.
  • Wedensday week 5 the session is 8.30-10 pm. From week 6 onwards, the Wednesday sessions will be just 8.30-9.30 pm.
  • In general all Monday sessions (9-10 pm) will be structured coaching sessions. Our coaching sec, Chris, will be sending out more information about these.
  • The Wednesday and Thursday sessions will be free for you to do/practise what you want but feel free to ask more experienced members for help if you need it.



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Posted by: Lauren
hey guys and gals, As you (hopefully) already know this week is POP!!! For those of you lucky enough to have circling tickets (unfortunately they're already sold out!) you will have to arrive at the S.U. at 7pm sharp and queue up outside like you would for any other S.U. event (but surrounded by people in crazy fancy dress). Hopefully you'll see one of our lot in the queue in their hi-vis costumes (remember anything bright, flourescent and visible). When you get inside just look around for anyone in a hi-vis outfit or for me waving madly! Also remember to get some cash out beforehand as the SU don't accept cards. For those of you that didn't get a circling ticket not to fear just come meet us at Pop itself. We'll be very highly visible!! Lots of love, your amazing social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

Tyne Tour

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Posted by: Gabs

Tyne Tour 2014 is almost here!

On the weekend of week 5 (31/10/14-2/11/14) we will be heading to Hexham to take part in the famous Tyne Tour. As most of our trips, we will be leaving at around 4pm on Friday and getting back late evening on Sunday.

Tyne Tour is a weekend spent up North where uni groups from all round the country and other paddlers alike all descend to the same place for a weekend of camping, Ceilidhing, socialising and kayaking.

This trip, like fresherÔÇÖs trip, is suitable for anyone who has been to a pool session (but more than one session is definitely recommended), so if you missed out on fresherÔÇÖs trip, donÔÇÖt worry. You can still sign up and come along even if you have never been on white water before. YouÔÇÖre equally welcome to come if you went on freshers trip too!

The cost will be ┬ú40 and this includes the cost of us transporting you and any kit that you will require for the entire weekend as well as the ┬ú30 ticket that we have to purchase for you to go to this amazing event (it has been heavily subsidised by the club!). The ticket includes a T shirt, a meal on Saturday night, camping and the Ceilidh. So itÔÇÖs a bargain!

It will be cold though, and a sleeping bag is necessary! The club owns a big ÔÇÿpartyÔÇÖ tent which can fit a lot of people in, so donÔÇÖt worry if you donÔÇÖt have your own. Although if you have your own tent then itÔÇÖs definitely not a bad idea to bring it!

Sign up will go live at┬á6:30pm on Tuesday┬á(21/10/2014) and will be here┬á on our website. If the trip is yet to open when you log in just refresh like a mad man until it opens to make sure you secure your place. This trip is one of the most popular trips of the year and considering the demand for fresherÔÇÖs trip this year, I expect this year to be super popular so make sure youÔÇÖre ready to sign up as soon as it goes live! Sign ups will close at midday on Thursday. Confirmation emails to the successful ones will hopefully go out on Friday.

The organisers of the event need to be told ASAP if there are any dietary needs for the meal on Saturday so if you have any (allergies, veggie etc) then please send me an email ( to let me know this once you have signed up.

If youÔÇÖre yet to make an account on the website (make sure you do this before you try to sign up) then see the guide here: 

Lots of Love,

3 legged Bar Crawl!

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Posted by: Lauren
Hey guys, Just a quick reminder about our social this Thursday: an alcohol-fueled tour around Leam in the form of a three legged bar crawl! For those on campus meet outside the sportsÔÇÖ centre at 7:15 (so we can hopefully get on a bus first time) and remember to bring some change for the bus. For anyone already in Leam weÔÇÖll be congregating in the Duke at 8pm where youÔÇÖll be tied to an appropriate partner and have to overcome the challenges of travelling as one unit for the rest of the night (generally, the more drinks you have the easier it gets!) Hopefully see everyone there, Love your wonderful social secs, Lauren and Jamie x Ps. Buy your Pop tickets for week 4 circling NOW!

Freshers Trip!

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Posted by: Gabs

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, and Jevon

The first weekend away with Warwick Canoe is almost here!

It is a trip to North Wales for an introduction to white-water kayaking. All are welcome, from complete beginners to white-water pros. All that is required is that youÔÇÖve been to at least one pool session.

The trip is on the┬áweekend of week 3,┬áleaving late afternoon┬á(around 4pm) on Friday 17th October┬áand returning┬áSunday 19th┬áin the evening. WeÔÇÖre staying in a bunk house both nights and will venture out to nearby rivers during the day. We'll provide all the paddling kit you need other than shoes for on the river (old trainers work well), but if you have any of your own kit then feel free to bring it.
We also recommend you bring a waterproof jacket, a sleeping bag (though according to the website we will be provided with covers) and all the warm clothes you can find! If you need any help with bringing these things let us know ASAP and weÔÇÖll try and sort you out.

The price will be ┬ú38┬áfor transport and accommodation and we will organise a group meal on the Saturday night. IÔÇÖve also heard rumours of there being FREE BOOZE that was left over from our end of year partyÔǪ.

So how do you go about signing up for this wonderful trip?
Firstly - you must be a member of the club through the Warwick Sport membership system and have attended a pool session (the pool sessions during week 3 will be aimed at preparing you for the weekend, so try to make sure you come along!).
Secondly -┬áMake an account on our website┬á(if you have not already done so). I'd suggest doing this now so you can let us know if you have any problems to ensure youÔÇÖll definitely be able to sign up and secure your place. HereÔÇÖs a link to set up your account:┬á .
Finally -┬áBe on┬áthis┬áweb page at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday).┬áA trip called ÔÇ£FresherÔÇÖs Trip 2014" will appear under future trips and be available to sign up for. Simply fill in your details and click sign up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Signups for this trip will close on Monday at 7pm and confirmation emails will go out early on Wednesday to let you know if youÔÇÖve got a place. (Unfortunately we are limited to the number of people we can take, so itÔÇÖs first come first serve).

Once the sign up closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up soonest to confirm their place on the trip. If you get a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up.

Feel free to ask any questions.

I hope youÔÇÖve enjoyed the taster sessions!

            Canoe President

Thursday Welcome Curry

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Posted by: Jold Git

Wk 2 Thursday 9th  Welcome Curry :) ┬á

Hiya all,

A casual reminder that we're having a welcome curry in leamington on THURSDAY at 7(pm)  in King Baba's currey establishment.

All welcome and encouraged to come :)

I will meet campus people at 6.20pm outside the Costcutter on campus to catch the bus down to leamington to be inside King Babas for 7pm for a welcome curry :) 

Bus will be wroughly £2.65 one-way so bring some cash. There are cash-points in leamington if you need it aswell.

We'll go via a shop for alcohol as the curry house allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages :)

We'll enjoy our curries then weÔÇÖll retire to a pub/bar/watering hole :)

wear clothing (jeans and a t-shirt level) as we'll be eyeing up clubbing afterwards depending on peoples moods and general interest, if not there's always kelseys :p

cya around, :)

Love JamieandLauren!

ps purchase POP! tickets for the 22nd with circling in the name of 'canoe'

Leam Trip

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Posted by: Jevon
Hi Guys and Girls, So hopefully you've now had a taste of Warwick Canoe and have enjoyed the pool sessions if you've had chance to come along. Now to step it up a little, this coming wednesday, the 8th, we are doing a river trip on The mighty River Leam. This is a flat, water trip to experience paddling on something larger and more realistic than the pool and you'll be on the water for 1 to 2 hours, in leamington. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 1pm to get boats and from there we will then head to leamington and get on the river. To go we ask that you have attended at least 1 pool session and are a member of the club, (if you're not a member and want to come then please find us on the Warwick Sport website and buy the membership). Sign up to the trip on our website here: If you have not created an account on our website (you'll need one to sign up) then do so here: What you'll need: Swim kit, a towel, some change for the bus (only a few pounds). We'll provide wetsuits, boats and all other paddling kit needed. Cheers, Jevon

First term socials :)

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Posted by: Jold Git

Hiya all, :)

Just a diary friendly welcome email to inform you of our lovly social activities planned for this term :)

Wk 1 Thursday 2nd Oldies spoons meal social  
Mainly aimed at people who were here last year but everyoneÔÇÖll be welcome :)  7pm meeting down the jug in leam.  Smartish stuff ie jeans, a t-shirt etc as clubbing afterwards :)
welcome to just meal it if youÔÇÖre feeling anti-fun :p

 Wk 2 Thursday 9th Welcome Curry :)  
I will meet people at 6.20pm outside the Costcutter on campus to catch the bus down to leamington to be inside King Babas for 7pm for a welcome curry :)
Then weÔÇÖll retire to a pub/bar/watering hole

Wk 3 Thursday 16th Three legged bar crawl‼
Fun, gaffa tape-induced, threeleggedness!
A great way to socialise and traverse Leam. WeÔÇÖll be crawling/hopping/skipping our way round Leamingtons world reknowed drinking establisheries and inevitably ending up in the, fortunately, one-and-only kelseys :)
I will meet campussy people at the bustop at 6.20pmish to be down the Duke for 7pm.

just a reminder that at the end of week 3 there is the Canoe freshers trip from the 17th to the 19th :)

Wk 4 Wednesday 22nd Hi-Vis POP‼‼!!1  ( BuY these tickets quick, make sure itÔÇÖs a circling ticket :) You will be prompted to inform them which club you are with, input ÔÇÿcanoeÔÇÖ and all will be shiny :) )
Club POP! Night in the su, with circling before hand :) meeting at 7 of the clock in the copperrooms on campus. The theme is Hi-Vis so be as creative as you can :) The brighter the better!
(friendly warning: the drink ÔÇÿpurpleÔÇÖ will be consumed and spilt in copious amounts so donÔÇÖt wear anything too posh )

Wk 5 Wednesday 29nd  Kit trip to leam boat centre followed by club cocktails night in leam
WeÔÇÖll be heading down to the Leam Boat Centre in Leamington for an opportunity to browse kit, times tbc btw :) A member of the exec will meet campusside peeps at the bustop as per usual :)
After that, weÔÇÖll enjoy the delights of Club Cocktail night at Gabs and JevonÔÇÖs house in leamington, a short walk from the Leam Boat Centre. Welcome to come for just the cocktails or viceversa :)

Another reminder that at the end of week 5 there is the ever brilliant Tyne Tour‼ This is the trip to go on and is really fun and good and amazing and awesome and yeah. :)

Wk 6 Thursday 6nd November  fireworks night in Canley
The great idea of putting an explosive substance in the hands of the canoe exec and watching the results is a staple of the canoe club calendar and not to be missed! WeÔÇÖll drink and be merry in Sams and mines house in Canley. I will meet people at the sports centre at 6.30 for the 2 min walk to tesco, purchase fluid type nourishment (alcohol), then continue on for 2 more minutes(!) to our delectable house where frivolities shall commence :) With explosions later :)

Wk 7 Thursday 13th November Polo Curry night
Polo curry night? Nuff said? :p
We will be down leam having a curry and a chin wag :)
also kelseys.

Wk 8 Saturday 22th Skool Dayz!!!
Skool Dayz is a fun event where we throw off the shackles of adulthood and fondly  remember our juvenile attempts to dance at the school disco! Retro tunes and school uniforms all round with predrinking at mine at 7pm

Also potentially at the end of week 8 ┬┐CardiffInternatioanlWhiteWater? trip

Wk 9 Wednesday 26th Circling POP! Theme Time Travel
Again circling in the suÔÇÖs awesome wednesday event, with gallons of purple
ThemeÔÇÖs time travel so sonic screwdrivers and hot tubs at the ready!
again 7pm, the copersooms

Wk 10 xmas meal :)

Xmas Meal! Club Christmas meal is an excuse to dress smart and wear suits and dresses and stuff :)
prettymuch everything to be confirmed but it will happen :)

DonÔÇÖt forget about coming down the dirty duck pub after pool sessions as this is a great way to chat to older members of the club about whatever and make friends :)

also canoe pool session tonight at 8.30pm in the swimming pool :)
bring towel and swimstuff, maybe a t-shirt.

I think thatÔÇÖs enough bombardment for today, we leave you in peace :)
Jamieandlauren, social secs <3

Garage clear out

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Posted by: Hadyn

Hi all

Ever had that worrying feeling that your returning to Uni a week early and wont have anything to do. Fear not for I have an exciting oppotunity just for you guys. 

This Sunday (21st September) I will be having a big clear out of the Canoe Club Garage at Westword as kit has just been dumped infront of all the boats. I will be there from 10am so if you have a few minutes or hours to spare this Sunday your help would be highly appeciated. 

We will be checking equipment and thowing anything out anything which is no longer fit for pourpose, sweaping out the garage and then replacing the kit in a more organised mannor while making sure the nventory records are up to date. All in all im hoping it won't take too long and many hands make light work. 

Kind regards from your new Kitler 

Hadyn xx