Cardiff Tournament

Posted 7y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Jefff

Need more partying (and polo) in your life? On 17-19 March (weekend week 10) we will be sending the A, B, Ladies and Old Git teams to the Cardiff Tournament! This will be a great camping weekend by some random lakes in Wales, and you will have plenty of opportunities to "interact" with other unis. This will likely be your last chance to impress your captains before BUCS!

The trip will cost £35, which will cover transport, entry to the tournament, accommodation, a Saturday meal (apparently quite tasty), and a huge party (space themed)!

If you are interested, please sign up by MIDNIGHT MONDAY 13 FEB.

Lakes Trip

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Posted by: Freja
Next weekend (3rd-5th Feb) the club heads to the Lake District for another weekend of paddling (hopefully with more water this time!) Lakes trip is primarily aimed at those who have already attended at least one river trip, however as always we adapt what we paddle to match the group, not the other way round, so if you want to come but haven't previously attended a trip, feel free to still sign up. I would recommend Lakes to anyone, it's my favourite trip of the year, plus really good preparation for Scotland. The trip will cost £38, and sign ups will go up at 4pm this Friday.

Polo Leam Trip Term 2 Week 3

Posted 7y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Josh
Do you get tired too quickly in a game? 
Do you miss the Jug and Jester already?
Would you like some extra time in a boat so you can perfect 'that' skill?

If you answered yes to one of these (or you just feel like it) then please join me at the river Leam this coming Wednesday for a couple of hours of paddling and polo practice. 

If you do decide that Leam training is for you please sign up on the website (see link).

I'm sure we can provide cags/ wetsuits for those of you who suffer from cold reptile like blood. If you need one or both please let me know so I can make it happen!

Hope to see lots of people there!!

Refreshers Trip

Posted 7y 3mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Freja
At the end of week 2 will be Refreshers, our annual trip to Dartmoor for a weekend of whitewater kayaking. The trip will cost £38 and is open to all members. It is a great first trip for an introduction to white water, or as a gentle first trip of the term for our more experienced members (we'll inevitably be paddling the Dart Loop). I'd highly recommend anyone who's thinking of coming on later trips this term to sign up for Refreshers, as we often require people to have already been on at least one trip before signing up for Scotland or Lakes. Sign ups are now up!


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Posted by: Charlotte

ÔÇÿSup paddlers!!

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Term 2 and a new year as part of our Canoe family!!!

All / (most of) the deets you need to know for the following termÔÇÖs socials are attached to your emails + on the Term 2 Socials Facebook post in a handy dandy table which easy to follow ÔÇô so NO excuses for non-attendees!!

Also, if I remember, thereÔÇÖll be Facebook posts / events / emails sent about throughout term to remind you of whatÔÇÖs coming up etc.

The POP + Skooldayz events we will be attending next term are listed below. You will need to purchase tickets for these weeks. For the POP tickets you need the ÔÇ£circling and eventÔÇØ ticket option, which does NOT cost any more.

Tickets will be ON SALE WEDNESDAY
4TH JANUARY so ear mark the day, book the day off work + make sure you get those tickets!!

We will be POP-ing on:

- Wednesday 2nd February

- Wednesday 8th March

We will be Skooldayz-ing on:

- Saturday 28th January

Our first social will be Thursday 12th January in Week 1 for a traditional welcome-back Curry Night at King Babas undoubtedly followed by a trip to KelseyÔÇÖs!!

Do not hesitate to get in touch with either of us social secs with any questions - we donÔÇÖt bite too often!

Social sec over and out!!


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Posted by: Elsa
After a long wait Hoodies are ready to order, just in time to spend any money you get for Christmas. They will be available until Midnight Tuesday 3rd January 2017

A zipped hoodie will cost you £22.60, a non-zipped hoodie will cost you just £21.20. If you would like to get your name embroidered this will cost you an additional £2.40.

Canoe hoodies have a choice of 2 back designs, in Navy, Maroon, Caribbean Blue or Dusty Red. link
Polo hoodies have 1 design in Navy, Wine, Charcoal or Cranberry. link


Posted 7y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Freja
As mentioned previously this term, next term the club has organised a WWSR (White Water Safety & Rescue) course. The price is now confirmed to be £75 pp, subject to us having enough personal cars (if not the price would increase slightly to cover the cost of rental). We have decided on 2 different weekends, week 0 (7/8th Jan) and week 3 (28/29th Jan). Sign ups will be up at 5pm this Friday, please sign up for the weekend you would prefer, or if you have no preference, sign up for both.
The course is open to any club member who is interested, so long as you have attended at least one club trip previously, however places are very limited (6 people per weekend).

Polo Leam Trip (Week 10)

Posted 7y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Josh
Once again this Wednesday (7th December) we will be running a trip to the river Leam for a session of boat skills and fitness. When- 1.00pm Wednesday 7th December - (If you plan on coming, please sign up by Monday 5th by miday) Where- Meet at the sports centre Who- The session is aimed at the whole club. How much- The cost of the trip will be £2, this is to cover hiring the van to transport all the kit. (Plus the £3.65 for the return bus ticket) If you are planning on coming please sign up here: If you are coming and would like to borrow a cag/ wetsuit, please comment on this post. Kit list: Swim wear Towel Water Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc) Coat Thermal layers if you have them


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Posted by: Elsa
If you would like to purchase a sexy, sexy rashvest the payment link is now open. link

They will cost £27 each, be exactly the same as last years, (but with edits where people complained) and will be available until Thursday 15th December.

At checkout you will need to choose initials for your shoulder (try to keep this to less than 3 letters please), and a size (XS, S, M, L, XL).

Unfortunately we have not been supplied with a size guide, so if you're stuck feel free to ask one of the exec/someone who already owns one for help.

If you make a mistake while ordering (size or initials) let me know before 15th December.

Holiday Polo

Posted 7y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Jefff
I have booked the pool for 3 polo sessions this holiday:
  • Tue 13 Dec, 19.00-21.30
  • Tue 20 Dec, 19.00-21.30
  • Tue 3 Jan, 19.00-21.30
All are welcome - please confirm your availability by filling in this doodle thing: