Kit fixing!

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Posted by: Paddles

Hi Paddlers!

With Scotland tour coming up soon, it's time for a kit fixing session! If youÔÇÖre going to Scotland, or have been on a trip so far this year it would be great to see you at this session.

The priorities are the boats going on tour, but with enough help the pool boats may also get some love. Join me on the pool balcony at midday wednesday, or later in the day at the garage.

Hope to see you there!


Getting Boats Down From The Balcony

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Posted by: Jefff
Hi all,

Following discussions with Warwick Sport, we are reaffirming our health and safety policy regarding passing boats up and down from the balcony.  This is all pretty much common sense and you should already be familiar with most of this, but please pay particular attention to the new rules about when/where you can move boats.
  1. All members handling boats must be properly trained.
  2. Boats must only be passed up and down during allotted club pool time, and not whilst there are swimmers in the pool*.  The exception is when boats are being moved outside for trips or maintenance.
  3. Boats must be passed up and down as close as possible to the deep end.
  4. Two people must be handling the boat when passing up and down.
  5. The handles and cockpit area must be used when moving boats.
*The lifeguards on duty will ensure all swimmers are out of the pool on time.

Please make sure you follow these rules carefully.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Best wishes,

The Canoe and Canoe Polo Exec

BUCS 2017

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Posted by: Jefff

BUCS 2017

On 28-30 April, the mighty Warwick fleet shall descend upon Nottingham to compete in BUCS - the main student polo competion of the year!

Warwick has been highly successful over the last couple of years and we hope to keep this trend going.  Therefore we will be sending the best of the best (of the people who are free on that date).  We will be entering an A, Ladies, and B team (and the Old Gits will probably turn up as well).  Competition will be fierce so you should all aim to train as hard as possible over the last few weeks of term to impress your captains and win your place in a team (see previous rambling email).


There will also be a ref course at the venue, starting early (i.e. don't sign up if you have labs that day) on Friday 28th April.  For only £10, you will get a theory qualification (assuming you pass the exam at the end) as well as your very own whistle and rule book.  You can also get your practical assessment done the next day but people aiming to do that should have done a fair amount of refereeing in club sessions beforehand.


We will be ordering sexy polo shirts (no nipple chafing) to wear when we collect all those medals we are totes going to win.  We will send out more details about cost, design, etc. later and you can decide whether you want one (even if you're not going).

Nene Trip

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Posted by: Freja
This Saturday, the club has booked the mighty mighty Nene whitewater centre. ( )

We will be meeting at the Sports Centre at 12, and should be back well before 6. It will cost £10 and sign ups will be up at 12 on Wednesday. Would recommend this for everyone; its a chance to try messing around in playboats on moving water for the more experienced, or to work on more basic river skills such as eddying out or ferry gliding for the less experienced. Hadyn will of course be demonstrating his fairy gliding as well!

Scotland Tour 2017!

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Posted by: Hadyn

Calling all Kayakers,

The rumours are true; Warwick Canoe will be returning to the infamous North this Easter holidays for our annual Scotland Tour.

We will be departing campus on Saturday 25th March and returning on Monday 3rd April (2nd week of the Easter holidays) for 8 days of fun filled kayaking, merriment and 2 days of minibus shenanigans.

For the first half, we will be staying at Nethy Bridge while we paddle the length of the river Findhorn over several days. We then move towards Fort William and stay at the Great Glen Hostel (borderline hotel) where we paddle a variety of rivers including the Arkaig, Garry, Spean Gorge, Etive and visit the best pub in the world ... probably. We will also hold a variety of socials in the evening so there is plenty to do.

To come on the trip, you must have been on at least one other club trip beforehand. If you have yet to be lucky enough to go on a club trip please speak to a member of the exec about your eligibility to come on Scotland Tour.

Signups will go live on the website at 7:55 pm on Monday 27th February following a 5-day countdown of the top 5 reasons for why you should go on Scotland Tour. 

Once signup closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up on time to confirm their place on the trip. The price will be a heavily subsidised £230, which will cover the costs of accommodation, fuel, transport, a limited edition 2017 tour shirt, a group meal, tour prizes and games on the social night.

Once your place is confirmed you will be committed to paying for the full cost of the trip. In the event that you can no longer attend the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any other member of the exec.

Your Trusty Tour Sec,


p.s. Its already 5 days to go until sign ups so my first of the top 5 reason for going on Scotland Tour is:

You get to paddle the same boat in the same river groups for the whole week. This gives you chance to become accustomed to the boat, by the end of the week itÔÇÖs like paddling your own personal boat. Because of this we see a significant improvement in the paddling ability of people who come on Scotland Tour. Naming of your temporary personal boat is optional.┬á

Polo Leam Trip (Week 7)

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Posted by: Josh
Do you enjoy being cold, wet and depressed? Then come to Leam training!

Leam training (Week 6)

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Posted by: Jefff
Desperate for company after another lonely Valentine's day?
Need the cold of the river to numb the pain?
Tired of playing with your balls alone?

If you answered yes to one of these (or just feel like it) then please join us at the River Leam this coming Wednesday for a couple of hours of paddling and polo practice.

We will be meeting at the Sports Centre at 12.30. Cags/wetsuits can be provided for the weak.

Hope to see lots of people there! Please sign up here:

PS: Deadlines for signing up for Cardiff and Div 4 are both Monday midday! Don't miss out!

Div 4 Tournament - Cheltenham

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Posted by: Josh
Next Saturday (18th Feb), we will be taking two teams to the National League div 4 tournament in Cheltenham. We are looking for players who would like to get more practice and get into the teams for the big tournaments coming up in the future. The trip will cost £15 including travel and entry costs, you should also be BC member. Signups are open at: Please signup ASAP so we can confirm teams.

Polo Leam Trip (Week 5)

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Posted by: Josh
Having trouble getting your bow up?  
Really craving a Spoon's burger?
Want an excuse to not do any work?

If you answered yes to one of these (or you just feel like it) then please join me at the river Leam this coming Wednesday for a couple of hours of paddling and polo practice.  

If you do decide that Leam training is for you please sign up on the website (see link).

We'll be meeting at the sports centre at 12.30 to get all the kit then on to Leam!!!

I'm sure we can provide cags/ wetsuits for those of you who suffer from cold reptile like blood. If you need one or both please let me know so I can make it happen!

Hope to see lots of people there!!

B'Ladies Tournament

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Posted by: Hadyn
The next Warwick B's and Ladies canoe polo tournament will be taking place on Sunday 12th February, 12:00 - 19:00 at the Sport Centre. 

This is a good opportunity to play canoe polo games against other universities in a tournament situation and is good preparation for BUCS later in the year. 

Sign ups are currently live here: 

Anyone who can't or doesn't want to play is more than welcome to come along and support the teams.