Term 2 Socials

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Posted by: Jevon
Hello! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!! A few dates for the calendar as regards to socials, not all have been finalised yet but the ones that have are as follows: Week 1 Thursday (9th Jan): Curry at AliÔÇÖs Golden Cuisine followed by a trip to kelseys. ItÔÇÖs bring your own booze to curry remember. Meet at bus stop on campus, arts centre, at 6.50pm or in Leam at 7.30pm. Week 4 Wednesday (29th Jan): POP!, theme tbc. Week 8 Saturday (1st March): Skool Days, Pre-drink at Jevon, Haydn and SamÔÇÖs get there from 7ish Week 9 Wednesday (5th March): POP! Theme tbc. So buy your tickets now for POP! and Skool Days! Other socials to look forward to are Pub Golf and Real Ale.

Montane Jackets

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Posted by: Dan
Hello All!

As some of you may have heard, every year we order montane jackets. Here is the link:
You can have them in multiple colours, red, black or green, and they will have your name on the front and the Warwick canoe logo on the back. As you can see they will be great for keeping warm on trips, and you will no longer have to feel jealous of older members swanning around in their jackets. 
The cost will be 79 pounds, which is less than last year, and quite cheap considering they cost over 100 quid normally. 
In order to get the cheaper deal, we need over ten people. So please get interested folks! If you want one of these there is a sign up online now at To select what size and colour you want please put that in the medical conditions section of the sign up. We are aiming to have the jackets arrive at some point next term so the order will be being placed at the end of week one next term so please make sure to sign up before then if you want one. 
See you all at christmas dinner! (and if not I wish you a happy studying session)

Christmas Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Matt
So a few polo dates for your diaries for those who plan to be around during the holidays
we now have booked in

Tuesday the 10th december 19:30 till 21:30

Tuesday the 17th december 19:30 till 21:30

and a special new years treat

Friday the 3rd of January

If you've told me that you're available for those dates and now cannot make it please let me know

Thursday week 8 social

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Posted by: Jevon
Due to numbers we are no longer going to harvester and laser quest, instead we will be going Leamington for food and film. The plan is get to Benjamin Satchwells at 6:30pm then head to Vue cinema on Portland Place at 20:00 to watch Gravity 3D . I'd suggest buying tickets online here:


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Posted by: Nicole


It's getting to that time of year when you really can't be arsed with work... So, deal with all this stress, we will be having our first RAGE! Tournament of the year!

Freshers, this is an internal tournament we run on a Tuesday night once a term. ItÔÇÖs a great way to try out your first polo tournament and it's great fun! The teams will be mixed ability, so don't worry about being demolished by the A team.

What: RAGE! Tournament
When: 26th November 2013, 20:00 - 22:00

What do I have to do to play? Go to the website, click Trips on the left hand side and sign up under "RAGE! Tournament Winter 2013". If you have any problems, email me! If people just turn up, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY.

Sign up by Saturday 23rd November to get on a team. 

Any questions, let me know! 

Nicole/ Timmy x

Christmas Meal

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Posted by: Gabs
Greetings! You are cordially invited to Warwick CanoeÔÇÖs Christmas meal. It will take place on Thursday the 5th of December at The Robins Well. Obviously itÔÇÖs a formal affair, so suits, dresses or smart things are a must. The night will involve beveraging (┬ú1.75 pints on a Thursday I believe) as well as a 3 course meal, the cost of the meal will be ┬ú10.00. Last year was really good fun-around 40 or 50 paddlers came! If you want to come, you must sign up on the website HERE (, and you must tell us what you want to eat by THURSDAY THE 27th OF NOVEMBER by writing on this forum post. Your choices are: Starters: 1) Breaded Mushrooms (V) 2) Tomato Soup (V) 3) Nachos (V) 4) Chicken Bites 5) Prawn Cocktail Mains: 1) Mushroom Wellington (V) 2) Turkey Breast 3) Salmon 4) Rump Steak Deserts: 1) Christmas Pudding 2) Fruit Pavlova 3) Chocolate Fudge Sunday 4) Yule Log I attached a copy of the menu in the email I sent out (unfortunately only 3 courses are available-not 2) Love, Jeb End and Gabs


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Posted by: Gabs
So it's about time we fill you in on what's happening with socials for the 3 remaining weeks of term. -Next week (week 8) on Thursday (the 21st) we are going to Coventry to go to laser quest. The plan is to first get some food at Harvester at 6.45 then to be at laser quest for 8.00. You can play as many or as few games at laser quest as you like. it's £10 for 4 games, £9 for 3, £7 for 2 and £4 for 1 but bring your student IDs! If you can't make both parts of the social then feel free to join us just for food, or just for laser quest. Jevon will be meeting people on campus to get the bus to Coventry probably at around 6 O'clock. -Week 9 is Pop! So get your cartoon character fancy dresses ready for Wednesday the 27th -and NO onesies as that's cheating! BUY YOUR WEEK 9 POP! CIRCLING TICKETS NNNNOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! -Finally, Thursday of week 10 is going to be our Christmas meal at the Robins Well. But more details will be sent out about this later (but save the date!) If you plan on coming to either part of the Laser Quest social, can you please let me know ASAP by any means of communication you want-Facebook, reply to this email, canoe website or whatevvvveeeerrrrrrr. This is because I need to give numbers of people to Harvester and Laser Quest. Lots of Love Gabs and Jeb end P.s. BUY YOUR POP CIRCLING TICKETS!!!!

Nene Whitewater Centre

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Posted by: Tom Jin

It's time for a trip to...


The Nene Whitewater Centre!

On Wednesday Week 7 (13th Nov) we will be heading to the Nene White Water Centre.
This day trip is open to everyone, from freshers to ex-presidents, and there will even be a coach on hand to teach you the basics of white water paddling.
We will leave at around midday and return in the prevening.
Transport to and from the course, course hire and all the equipment you will need will be provided by the club for£10.
A sign-up is live on our website and can be found here.
If you encounter any problems with registration or the signup process, or want someone to talk to about Ring Theory email.
You MUST be a member of the club to come on this trip and you MUST have been to at least one pool session.
ps. If you want to join us for BUCS Wildwater Racing you have to sign up now because the entries are now due.


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Posted by: Jevon


On┬áThursday 7th┬áNovember┬á(Week 6) we will be heading to┬áJebendÔÇÖs house┬áfor a fireworks social like no other!! If you know where my house is, then┬áget there at 7pm. If not I will meet you outside the┬ásports centre at 6.30pm, we will then go via Tesco for food and booze to mine.

The social will be £5 each as a contribution to the cost of fireworks. Could you sign up if you coming here:

Also remember to┬ábuy your week 9 POP! Circling tickets┬áand get your ÔÇÿCartoon CharactersÔÇÖ fancy dress sorted.

See you at Kit Trip/Cocktails tomorrow night!!

Jebend and Gabs x 

Kit Trip and Cocktails

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Posted by: Jevon


I hope youÔÇÖve all recovered from POP! Ewan??

Our next social is on Thursday 31st Week 5. It is a combined social of kit trip and cocktails.

We will be going to Leam Boat Shop where we have secured 15% off all items in store, this is the perfect chance to get some warm under layers or boots or whatever kit you desire before heading up north for Tyne Tour.

We will then head to GabsÔÇÖ house, in Leam, for Halloween Cocktails. This will be ┬ú5 each so we can purchase alcohol. Could you sign up here if you are coming so we know how much to get :

If coming from campus: Meet Jebend at Arts Centre Bus Stop 6.20pm

From Leam: Get to Leam Boat Centre at 7pm

There will be beer and cake at the shop, then ┬áwe will head to cocktails at GabsÔÇÖ for around 9pm

See you there!!

Jebend and Gabs