Socials this term

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Posted by: Lauren
Hey Guys,
Here's a list of the socials for this term. It is subject to change but shouldn't too much so you can pop the dates in your calender and we'll hopefully see you all there!!
Week 2 (Thursday 15th Jan) : Scavenger Hunt around Leamington (details tbc soon!)
Week 3 (Wednesday 21st Jan): POP. Theme: Storybook Characters.
Week 4 (Friday 30th Jan): Pub Golf. Dress-up Themes: Freshers- Babies/toddlers, 2nd Years- Rebellious teens/ geeks, 3/4th years- OAPs, Old Gits- The afterlife. Hope to see some great costumes!
Week 6 (Thursday 12th February): REAL ALE!!
Week 7: Polo socials
Week 8 (Wednesday 25th February): POP. Theme: Under the sea.
Week 9: tbc. 
Week 10: Pre tour social.

BUCS Canoe Slalom

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Posted by: Jold Git

BUCS Canoe Slalom at the weekend of week 6/21 (13th-15th February for real people)

The club shall be attending the annual British Universities and Colleges Sports Canoe Slalom competition on the 14th and 15th of February.
 We shall drive up the Friday 13th night, sleep in a nice warm barn.
Do some slalom; & youtube has some vids too ; Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Home, victorious



Refreshers Trip!

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Posted by: Lauren
Hi ladies and gentlemen, Refreshers Trip is nigh upon us! The weekend of 17-18th January (end of week 2) we will be heading down to the Dart for our annual refreshers trip - Another chance to try out white-water kayaking for those that didnÔÇÖt come on Freshers or Tyne Tour (and of course those that did are still very welcome!). We will be leaving campus at about 4pm on Friday 16th Jan and returning late on the Sunday. Over the weekend we will be staying in a bunkhouse near the river and will spend our evenings generally chit chatting about life ÔÇô there may even be some organized fun! Anyone whoÔÇÖs been to at least one pool session is welcome. As per, you will need to bring a sleeping bag, lots of warm layers for the river and a pair of shoes you can wear on the river that you donÔÇÖt mind getting wet. The trip will cost ┬ú35. This will include accommodation, travel and any kit youÔÇÖll need. You will receive an email with a link for payment after youÔÇÖve received confirmation of whether youÔÇÖll be able to go or not. To be able to come you must sign up here: . The sign ups will go live on the website 12 noon this Thursday and will close 12 noon this Saturday. You will then receive a confirmation email letting you know if you were lucky enough to sign up in time to come on the trip. If you were one of the chosen few to receive a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up. Hopefully see you all at the curry social this Thursday! (7:30pm King Babas, Bath Street, Leam)


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Posted by: Jevon

The National Student Rodeo is fast approaching and tickets will be selling out quick. 

For those of you that don't know what it is, it is a weekend full of camping, BBQs, drinking, music, chasing a man dressed as a rabbit with the occasional bit of paddling thrown in, check out this video of 2013 NSR here: . All of this is at HPP in Nottingham on the 6th to 8th March (Week 9).

How the weekend works:
Leave on friday and return on sunday as usual. We will be camping across the road from HPP at a campsite. Throughout the weekend you can enter events such as freestyle and the duo competition (which we won two years ago!!). On the Saturday night there is a big social organized by River Legacy along with a meal. There is a Carnival theme this year, judging by fancy dresses we had last year I expect some good ones.

More details will follow once I know prices. If you have any questions just ask me via email, facebook, the website or grab me at a pool session.
Please express your interest on this website forum. (as a rough cost guide, it'll be in the region of £45 to £50, I'll give a better idea once I know ticket prices)

Curry Social

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Posted by: Lauren

Hey guys,

Just as a welcome back social this Thursday (8th Jan), Jamie and I thought it would be nice if we were all to go for a curry in Leam (probably King BabaÔÇÖs but weÔÇÖll let you know nearer the time). Plan will be to meet at the restaurant at 7:30 to stuff our faces and then possibly go for a couple of drinks afterwards. If you donÔÇÖt know where the restaurant is/ are unsure of how to get there let me know.

  Hopefully see you all there.

REC First Aid course

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Posted by: Chris

Could everyone doing the course (28th feb to 1st march) please put down a deposit of £30 (or just pay the total £65) by the end of next week. You can either pay in cash at the centre, or by phone: 01926889928 .

If anyone else is interested in the course, there's still places available, or if you can't make the date, there's another course being run from 31st jan to 1st feb, which will be at the same price. Please let me know asap.

Thanks, and merry christmas 

Chrimbo Meal

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Posted by: Lauren
Hello, WhoÔÇÖs excited for Christmas Meal this Thursday?? I AM Just a quick reminder weÔÇÖll be meeting at 7:00 pm at the RobbinsÔÇÖ Well in Leam (basically opposite the Church) and if youÔÇÖre eating to bring your ┬ú10 along with you (preferably perfect change). For those of you arriving late or not eating we will probably be at the Well until closing (maybe a little earlier) and then shall go to Kelseys (just text someone to find out where weÔÇÖre up to). The dress code is SMART! So guys dust off your suits and gals dig out your dresses and heels. Remember if youÔÇÖve signed up for secret santa to buy your presents and bring them along on the night otherwise we might have some upset people! (and to put a label on them addressing who theyÔÇÖre to but not from!) Hopefully see you all there in festive spirits! Love, Your truly wonderful social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

Secret Santa

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Posted by: Lauren

I've now made the secret santa list and will send everyone a text/fb message today to let them know who they're buying a present for. If you don't receive a message by the end of the day and think you've definitely signed up let me know and i'll try and sort it. Ho Ho Ho :)

Canoe club Jackets

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Posted by: Nicky

Hiya everyone, 

To freshers and new members: By now I'm sure your starting to get the vibe Been There, Done that... well now you can go one step better than just getting a shirt, you can get a nice shiny, super fancy canoe club jacket just in time to write on your Christmas list to Santa.
This is a really great bit of kit for all the trips going on next year, its going to get cold in January/February, and you'll be kayaking all day on those trips.
 Plus there is Scotland tour to think about- you defiantly need warm gear for that!
To older members and old gits: your much loved canoe jacket may now be falling into disrepair,  why not take advantage of the canoe club and get a nice new jacket, cheaper by far than any normal high street price for its brand!
The jackets this year are Buffalo Mountain shirts and while in previous years we have used Montane, they have been difficult to order from so this year the club can do better:-
Buffalo clothing is handmade in the UK and is designed to handle any tough weather that you can throw at it: people use the jackets to go up Everest, the military and outdoor specialists use it, and its generally loved by any camping/mountaineering group who is able to get their hands on it. Just check out their site!
As for features; look on the product page, but is really easy to adjust, lots of pockets, super warm and I have got the detachable hoods included in the deal too :) 
In addition the jackets all get "Warwick canoe" signage and your name embroidered on!
Not only that but there are Ladies versions! which cost no more than the mens and come in different colour choices too!
All included the jackets cost £115.20
Thats Jacket, hood,printing costs, and P+P all included. Its a little pricey i know, but you cannot get better quality, not even from North face! 
And its Christmas, so get your Aunty Ann or Grandpa so-and-so to buy it for you or contribute, its probably most useful xmas present you can get!
I am not asking for money yet, just interest- so if you think you are wanting one- just sign-up on the website  and I can get size/colour details and money later down the line.
Lots of Love
Nicky Harris (Secretary)

Socials Reminder

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Posted by: Lauren
Hey Guys, Just a general socials update for you: Firstly, skl dayz pre drinks will be from 8pm this Saturday at Sam and JamieÔÇÖs house - 39 Charter Avenue, Canley, CV4 8EJ. Secondly, POP on Wednesday 26th. There are still circling tickets on sale but IÔÇÖm sure there wonÔÇÖt be for long so get your ticket NOW! The theme is ÔÇÿTime TravelÔÇÖ so hope youÔÇÖre all getting creative! Last, but definitely not least, Christmas Meal is on 4th December (Thursday week 10) so sign up NOW! If youÔÇÖve already signed up please remember to post what you want to eat on the ÔÇÿchristmas meal menuÔÇÖ forum on the website otherwise I shall have to chase you!! Also, sign up for Secret Santa. We shall be exchanging presents on the night of the Christmas meal. The guide price will be ┬ú5 and I shall let you know who youÔÇÖre buying presents for next week. Sign ups for Secret Santa and Christmas meal shall close this Monday (24th November). Hopefully see you all at everything!