Kit and Cocktails!

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Posted by: Jefff

Our Kit and Cocktails social is this Thursday (29 Oct)!

We will be meeting at the arts centre bus stop at 17.00 and heading to Leam Boat Centre for 18.00. This is a great place to buy kit for upcoming trips at a very good price (anyone who went on Freshers' Trip will appreciate the need for warm kit!).

After that we will be heading to Lauren's house for cocktails! Alan is an expert bartender and has only ever poisoned 2 people so it should be a great time!

If you are interested you will need to bring £5 for cocktails. To help us gauge numbers there is a signup on the website:
You will need an account if you don't already. Instructions on the website.

See you all there!

No Pool Session Weds 21st

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Posted by: Freja
Just a reminder that the Wednesday pool session this week has been cancelled, as we are circling for Pop!

Instead, come along to Bar Fusion at 6:30ish for circling!

Circling and POP

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Posted by: Alan

Don't forget guys POP this Wednesday (21st), it is mine and Jeff's first circling so you can't miss it!!! We would love to see as many people as possible, whether new or old. Freshers circling and POP is part of the uni experience I would really recommend trying it out!
Be at BAR FUSION (on campus) at 6:30ish for a 7pm start- be warned it will be busy so try to get there at 6:30ish, then we will head over to POP!

Don't worry if you haven't got a ticket yet, there are still POP tickets left (you don't need a circling ticket for Bar Fusion). So if you don't have a ticket BUY ONE

Leam and Freshers Trips

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Posted by: Sam
WeÔÇÖve got a couple of trips coming up soon, sign up to secure your place! Leam Trip ÔÇô Wednesday 14th October This Wednesday afternoon we will be going on a trip to the mighty river Leam (in Leamington). This will be a nice sociable flatwater paddle, a great opportunity to practise on a real river. If you would like to come then SIGN UPS ARE OPEN NOW. In order to sign up please make an account on our website ( and then go to ÔÇ£TripsÔÇØ on the left hand side, click on ÔÇ£Leam TripÔÇØ and then ÔÇ£Sign UpÔÇØ. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 12:30 to organise kit and then travelling to leam on the bus. Luckily this means it is a nice cheap trip as all you have to buy is your bus ticket (~┬ú3.60 return on the U1). Freshers Trip ÔÇô Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October Our first whitewater trip of the year will be taking place on the weekend of week 3 (23rd-25th October). We will meet on Friday afternoon at 16:00 at the sport centre to load the van with all the kit before heading off to Snowdonia, Wales, for a weekend of cracking whitewater paddling before returning Sunday evening. The entire action packed weekend will cost ┬ú35 (for all transport, accommodation and all equipment provided). Sign ups will open on our website at 16:30 on Thursday 15th (see above for details). From past experience this is a really fun and really popular trip so please sign up swiftly in order to avoid disappointment. Please note than in order to be able to come on the trip you will need to have joined the Canoe Club through the SU.

Sport activator recruitment

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Posted by: Emma
Had an email this morning about an opportunity to help out with events at Warwick sport. I've attached the email if anyone is interested Good Morning, I just wanted to remind you of the Warwick Sport Activator Recruitment Evening tonight in Rootes, Panarama 7pm start. This is for anyone who is interested in helping out and assisting with our Active Rock up and Play sessions, Leagues, Courses and Events. If there is anyone who just missed out on Exec positions within your club, or maybe you think they would benefit from taking on a little responsibility ÔÇô this would be perfect. The evening will be informal and start with a short presentation from Warwick Active and a quiz. Prizes will be given to the winning quiz teams and one person will win a Warwick Sport Gold Gym Membership! See our Facebook group below; Please circulate this to anyone you think might be interested via email or social media. Entry is free and it promises to be a fun and enjoyable night for all. Kind Regards Iain

Three Legged Bar Crawl!!

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Posted by: Alan
Fancy being tied to a lovely canoe member, of course!!! With that sorted, be at the Dukes at 7pm on Thursday (15th Oct) night we have out annual three-legged bar crawl, where new members are tied to the tried and tested bunch who make up this club. Expect the odd race and challenge along the way down the Parade. This is a great way to know the club so come along, we would love to see as many new members as possible :)
Don't worry if you don't know where it is, a bunch of people in Canoe hoodies will be at the arts centre bus stop at 18:10! Any questions ask any of us in the blue rash vests at the pool sessions or post on here!


Alan and Jeff


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Posted by: Sam

Welcome to the website of Warwick University Canoe Club and Warwick University Canoe Polo Club!

The Canoe Club pool sessions (in the campus pool) are:

  • Mondays 21:00-22:00
  • Wednesdays 20:30-22:00
  • Thursdays 15:00-16:00 

For the first two weeks all pool sessions are taster sessions so you don't have to join up yet, come along and give it a go! All the equipment is provided so all you need to worry about bringing along is yourself, swimming stuff and a towel. It doesn't matter if you've never kayaked before or are a 5* pro, we hope to see you there!

Canoe Polo have training sessions in the pool

  • Tuesdays 20:30-22:00
  • Saturdays 19:00-20:30

Again it doesn't matter if you've never heard of canoe polo before, all abilities can join and learn how to play! All you need to bring to the pool sessions are swimming stuff, t-shirt and a towel as we provide all the kit.

Details of our upcoming socials will be released soon so watch this space! (We also end up in the pub after most pool sessions)

If you have any questions feel free message one of the exec members or post on our facebook page ( Hope to see you all soon!

Circling at POP

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Posted by: Jefff
We are circling at POP on Week 3 (21 oct) and 9 (3 dec). The theme for Week 3 is animals and Week 9 is anything but clothes. Buy your circling tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment! More details to follow. 

Friday 2nd October Pool Sessions

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Posted by: Emma
On Friday there are orientation sessions for the international students so we have the pool booked. I can't imagine many students will show up but we will run it like a normal fresher session. 

Canoe: 2-3:30pm 
Canoe Polo: 3:30-5pm 

If you're free then come along! 

National and Regional teams 2015-2016

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Posted by: Stockton
National League Div 3 Open
James Stockton  
Madi McDonald   
James Anderson   
Jevon Adams          
Matt Clough
Ross (mercenary)
Reserves- Charlie, Rob and Olli

National League Div 2 Ladies- Playing with Cherwell Ladies
Emma Beaney         
Jennifer Stanford    
Lauren Gaines         
Regional league- Team 1
Tom Jin

Regional League- Team 2
Hayden Parker   
Mark H
Robert Howells