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Posted by: Chris

A great deal of us are heading to Nene a week on Wednesday.  You should have all got the email from Ben asking for money - it's only £9 pay before we go.

The plan is to meet at the Sport Centre at 1230 and we shall start the general faff that is required to take the club anywhere!

We shall get there in time to get on the water as soon as the pumps turn on and stay for 2 hrs and then head back to campus.

You will need your normal boating equipment so shoes, wetsuit, cag, warm jumper thermals etc bring a set of warm set of clothes to change into afterwards & they have nice showers and changing rooms.  No doubt we shall head to the bar afterwards for stories i.e. my swim was worse than yours!

Any problems ring me


PS there would be a cool picture in this post but the website is being gay...

Thursday Coaching

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Posted by: Chris

Don't forget to come to Coaching on Thursday Session, this week the focus is on moving sideways and the coaching team will be headed up by Noj and Rich 'Einstein'.Image006.jpg

The last session was week was lots of fun, everyone learnt something including those sat on the side and a few people found it actually useful on the river.

This image has nothing to do with coaching or the pool but is here to get your attention.

slalom- paddler wanted this weekend

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Posted by: Louise

Hi guys

I have 2 spaces free for the weekend:

- One for the women's individual and team events

-One for the men's individual and team events.

It doesn't matter if you haven't tried slalom before (most of us haven't), but if you have been on moving water and are interested please email me asap, or post on website.



Nene, Wk8,9 and Thursdays,

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Posted by: Chris
There is important trip information in your inbox, please read


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Posted by: White Ninja
The time is here, Im scared and my liver is trying to emmigrate to a muslim country where alchool is illegal, if you havnt guessed by now, Pub Golf is upon us!
Pubs + Golf rules =  (some one else will have to tell me becasue I cant remember anything from last year). It is one of the best socials of the year and you dont have to drink (as long as you dont mock me or Nicky in the morning), but you wont be in contention for the title of Warwick Canoe Pub Golf champion. Heres the deal:

When:    thursday week  6   starting in the  graduate  at 7

Where: start on campus  then we shall be heading to Earlsdon and the many pubs it has to offer

Finish: ............ Who knows but lots of buses back to campus and floors to sleep in

Fancy dress:   ITs crazy its mad its mmmm Golf themed! SO whack out those tweed shorts, Flat caps and polo shirts and get ready for a calm peacful night

ask any old people about the rules if ou are not sure and check out last years pictures


TV and Nicky
on the behalf  of that $%#@ Pebble

ULU Spring Tournament: End of Week 10: 17-18 March

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Posted by: Frodo
Dear all,
ULU are holding another tournament in Paddington Basin (a beautiful canal behind Paddington station) on 17/18 March.
This is the weekend at the end of this term. What better ay to celebrate the start of the holiday?!    Photos of the previous one (october) can be seen at    The same arrangements as last time: Leave campus early saturday morning, polo all  day on the canal, camping in the grounds of Kensington Palace (BBQ not yet  confirmed) followed by more polo on the sunday, return to campus sunday late  afternoon/early evening.    The cost last time was a few quid each (I've forgotten exactly how much, but it was  definitely under £10); should be similar this time.    2 teams will be selected from whoever signs up - one to play in a higher league and one in a lower.
Competition is expected to be fierce as we can only send 2 teams!
Sign up online in the (Canoe) Trips section.

Division One Polo

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Posted by: Matt
There is a National Division 1 polo tournament being held at Coventry pool this Saturday evening (3rd Feb), from 5.00 - 10.00pm.  This is a really good opportunity to see some top level canoe polo, and learn a few things about how the game should be played!  National Div 1 is certainly the best standard polo you can see in Britain, with the highest level players in the country, many of which have played for/do play for Britain.

If you would like to go, I suggest meeting at the Arts Centre bus stop on Saturday at 6 o'clock.  We can then mosey-on-down to Coventry pool and watch the polo for a while, then perhaps head for a drink or two.  You only need to bring your bus fare and liquid refreshment money.

If you are interested, let me know at polo and post here.  It isn't going to be a military exercise, so if you're not at the bus stop in time to catch the 6.10 bus, you'll just have to find your own way there!

Coaching Matt


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Posted by: Woodie

Please bring £5 in correct amount as we can only get the skate hire if we pay in one big group!yay its gonna be madness!!!!!

Also correct change for bus people!


The Mighty Scotland Tour

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Posted by: Where Am I
Enjoy one week of your Easter break in style with the superb company offered by (us) the Warwick Canoe Club, DSCN1241.jpgnot only can you have that but also you can PADDLE! A trip in case you haven't guessed- to "Bonnie" Scotland. Lilley

ÔÇ£Hooray!!ÔÇØ I hear you cheer! Anyhows enough,

here are some facts:


How to sign up:

SIGN UP ONLINE (exclusively), do this at 7pm on Monday 29th January (week 4)
I hope this is fair warning for you all:)

Dates: 29th March until the 5th April ÔÇô 7nights
(Week 3 of the holiday)


On the nights of 29th until the morning of the 2nd we stay a Rucksacks Braemar (this place has a sauna!!!)
then we follow on to the prestigious Linhe Lochside Caravan Park (where we stayed last year) between the night of the 4th and the morning of the 5th.


The cost should be around £125, requiring:

NO OUTSTANDING DEBT TO THE CLUB- speak to Ben if this may be you?
A deposit of £70 paid before the 5th of February (a week after sign up opens), no negotiations BEWARE if this is unpaid your trip maybe lost to another member, competition is fierce!
A final instalment of £55 paid before the 5th March (Monday of week 9).



Am I good enough to come?
The Scotland tour isn't as such a beginners trip, basic competency on grade 2 really is a prerequisite: if you have been on a couple of trips this year then you have this! (even if you don't believe it) speak to the exec if you are worried about it.  If you haven't been on  at least a couple of trips then  talk to the boy who wears a Scarf.... and come to thursday sessions?
-It has been known to be cold...         Image(041).jpg

Hopefully these are were enough details to really get your teeth into! If there are any questions I assume they are silly- post here or email....

Sign up opens Monday 7pm
so be at a computer then (or thirty seconds after then) to avoid any unnecessary disappointment!


See you on Wednesday (tomorrow) for some ice skating frolics (7pm the Bar).


Andy Hayden,



Ps. Scotland is great, you should come- youÔÇÖll love it.

Final Ice Skating Details!!!!

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Posted by: Woodie
As has been promised for the past few weeks, Ice Skating is finally happening this week!

Due to time slots open to the public, we will be going this Wednesday, 24th Jan, to the 20:00-22:00 slot. 

The cost of this will be £5 with a £1.50 skate hire fee.  We can waver the skate hire fee by turning up as a group of 15 or more so the more the merrier(this includeds housemates, friends, family and the chavs that shouted at you whilst you were waiting for the bus!)

Now onto the timings of everything!
The Bar: Meet 7:00pm
Coventry: Here is the link for Cov ice rink and where to find it
If you would like to meet us there then arrive just before 8pm to find a queue just insde/outisde the door depending on number of people.

So as a final note, remember to wrap up warm and wear those thermals!

The mighty Pebble!