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Posted by: Matt
CONGRATULATIONS to the members of the Mens A Team, who have all been awarded Half Colours in recognition of achieving Third position in the 2006 BUSA's.

CONGRATULATIONS also to Tash and Mike, who have received Club Colours in recognition of their hard work on the Exec Comittee in 2006.

I have all the certificates, and I will pass them on whenever I see you all.

Well done again!


Missing Kit

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Posted by: Andy
I've just done an inventory of the club kit, and it seems there is quite a bit missing. I'm hoping that this kit is currently being borrowed, rather that it having been stolen.

As such, could anyone who is currently borrowing any club kit email me/post and let me know - this includes wetsuits you 'forgot' to bring back, club straps in your car etc.

This is very important. If I find that anyone is borrowing any kit and hasn't told me I will start breaking kneecaps, and not just those of the offender - think of the children. It is also possible that any offenders may be locked in a West-county shit-house and/or publicly shat on.


Final Social Meal & DVDs

Posted 16y 0mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy
Last day of term tomorrow. Woo. As pebble seems to be lying unconscious in a pool of vomit on the floor at the moment, it falls upon me to inform you that we are meeting at 2pm at Varsity for some lunch and goodbyes before venturing forth into the summer (or the real world, for some).

At this event I will also be distributing copies of the Scotland Tour 2006 DVD, as seen at the premiere on Saturday. These will be available at £1 each to cover costs.

See you there,


Sports Fed Ball and tour DVD

Posted 16y 0mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: White Ninja
OK the time has come and the legend that is Webbo will once again be set in stone, Ive just returned from an advance previes o the tour DvD and the adjective mindblowing is not far off. WE are therefor having and advance screening before the sports fed ball in a meeting room in Union North. The plan:

time: 5.30 on the piazza if you want to see this momentous production
        6.30 at rootes bar if you dont but are coming to sports fed ball with canoe/polo clubs, We will then proceed, after a few drinks to the sports ball which opens at 6.45

Dress: Smart, I know its obvious, G has even washed his suit!

Finally if people want to come to see the DvD but arent coming to the sports fed ball then meet at the piazza for 5.30

Cheers all, any further issues just email the social email adresse



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Posted by: Louise

Final details for the surf trip people!

Meet : Sunday 9.00am WESTWOOD GARAGE.                                                                                            

 Please get their on time to help pack the van. We want to be leaving by 9.30am so we can get some decent surfing in and we're not waiting! Work through those hangovers! 

We'll be returning tuesday evening, and should be back for polo/football.

Kit to bring: See the Trip Kit List on the website for an idea of what to take with you. Usual paddling gear. The weather is a bit temperamental at the moment so make sure you bring stuff if it is hot/cold. Hopefully the sun will be out in full glory (fingers crossed everyone) so remember sun-lotion. There were some interesting tan lines last year! Also if you have any club kit lying around in your lives can you please make sure you bring it with you.

Tent wise - if you have one bring one. There's a thread on the forum about tent space ('sex on the beach') so post on this if you need a space / have spaces in your tent up for grabs.

We'll be stopping of at the supermarket on the way there for a booze and food stock up, so don't worry about bringing loadsa stuff with you.

Money wise:

  • You will need £10 each in cash for two nights camping.
  • If you are taking club transport you need to bring a £22 cheque made payable to UWSU. (Sorry its quite expensive but we haven't got much transport money left, and can't afford to subsidise it this year).
  • If you ordered a T-shirt, add another £4 onto your cheque
  • Scarf, Amy medic, Strongman, Katie, Beyts, you still owe £5 for the jackets, so add this on to the cheque as well.

Make sure you bring this money with you.  

Right, apart from praying for good surf and weather, think that's it. Any questions, let me know.

See you at sports fed (TV n Nicky will let you know the details of this.)



Surf Trip

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Louise

If you haven't already done so, sign up, sign up, sign up!

Just  to clarify:

If you are going - sign up on the website trip list 'Summer Surf trip 2006' and make sure you are a member of the CANOE club (*cough* Hatfield *cough)

If you want transport - sign up on the above list AND the 'Surf Trip transport list'. We're gonna be sorting this out pretty soonish so make sure you are on this list if you need transport, cos we may not be able to find space at short notice. So, go on the website and double check you've signed up (no-one is confirmed on this bit yet but, don't worry, it doesn't mean you won't have a space).

Cheers guys,

Louise :) 


Holiday Polo times

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Frodo

1) Term time polo sessions same as usual until week 10 (should be back from surf trip in time for polo, although england match at the same time so guess some/most people will be heading off to watch that instead)

2) Holiday Polo: Wednesdays 8-9.30pm throughout (Jon: thanks for for sorting that!)

3) This is a news item and so should be in bright and bold technicolourful wonder-fonts, but doing that a) takes ages b) takes ages, c) takes ages and d) i'm in dial-up connection, which e) takes ages

Sports Fed - Final Seating Plan

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Woodie
After many hours playing around with who sits where, avoiding revision, i have come up with the ultimate seating plan!!!
There will be 3 tables and if you have any problems with the info, i.e. im really a veggie, reply to this email asap or text the head of your table as the deadlines for everyone is 3pm today.  As i cant access groupwise to double check stuff, there maybe a few mistakes.

Table 1:
Strongman, 07725817528
Emily, G, Mel, Racheal, Beth, Art, Webbo, Noj, Hayden

Table 2:
Louise 07984974172
Jon, Frodo, Mike, Kate (V), Lucy, Clara, Racheal, Ben, Wen

Table 3:
Angie 07709490303
Scarf, Amy, Fash, Fruitloop, Adam, Katie, Rich, Kath, Lucy

Hope everyone's revision/celebrating is going well,
Nicky :)

Tour T shirts and the Surf Trip

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Angie

Hey Guys n Gals

Guess you all know by now that Nicky, Louise n Me have done tour shirts for the surf trip this summer. They're pretty simple tour t-shirts with a huge list of names (with personalised twists) of everyone who's been on a Warwick Canoe Trip (see the forum post for who's featured and to check your name) this year on the back, think they're going to look good, mark 2006 as a memorable year and be a bit of a laugh as well.

Struck a deal so they are only going to cost a bargainous £4 a shirt - S, M, L, XL and anyone can have one. Thats the cost of 2 pints (if you buy them in a reasonably priced (non-union) environment) so it's gotta be worth it even if you only wear it this one trip.

If you want one send me an email ( saying S, M, L or XL and i will order you one. Only catch is orders must be in with me by SUNDAY NIGHT as got to get them printed.

Cheers Guys

See you at Sports Fed if not before


(Soon to be Ex) Elle Presidente

Sports fed IMPORTANT

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: White Ninja
Pebble has some important nuggets of infomration for the canoe club: If you want to sit with the canoe club at the sports fed ball then you have to send Nicky your ticket number by THURSDAY NIGHT and preferably before that. There are still tickets fro sale up to the 9th but you will be randomly seated! so if you are still not sure, make your mind up quickly! I havent been but all other members along with pebble say its an awesome night, although I dont trust Nickys opinion due to her lack of memory!

Also Paintballing: Still plenty of places for you and your friends but I need to know by thursday the latest as im sending the deposit then, just email me if you want to come