CST money (see end of the post)

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Posted by: Chris
ear all, 

I'm for looking forward to the social next week and hope to see as many
of you there - no excuses!!!

Right down to some important coaching matters of which there are lots.

There are only a few spaces left on the Canoe Safety Test on the 25th
November, this is an extremely worth while course, costing very little
about £20 for a whole day or coaching from a top local coach whom i can
recommend. Anyone in the club is welcome to attend and will not only
aid your boating but also give you some life skills.

As you all know Thursday Sessions in the pool are for you guys to learn
stuff you didn't already know. In wks 8,9 & 10 the session is only for
those of you in the club that dont have your 2 star kayak. My personal
aim here is to get every member of the canoe club to be at or above this
standard by the start of next term when the assessment (dont be put off
by that word, it'll be fun and easy) will take place. Dont worry if you
dont have your 1 star.
will take up pool space and boats needed for people working towards this
award - you had to learn sometime so let these people.
The general outline is to do personal skills wk8, safety wk9 & workshop
style session wk 10 for fine tuning of strokes.
If you are a young aspiring coach, come grab me and we can sort out a
role for you in this training.
If you can't make thursday sessions but still want to get your 2 star
come grab me on a monday.

Wednesday Wk8 (22nd November) - The plan is to again go to Rock Mill
weir, hopefully aided by another driver i can take a number of people (7
plus myself) for another sessions. The last one that we ran was very
well recieved and we had heaps of fun playing on the weir after some
hard drills from Noj to improve everyone's strokes.

Wednesday Wk9 (29th November)- Exciting stuff, Nene whitewater centre
has been booked out just for us! This will be again open to everyone in
the club and a great chance to polish them loops or face your first
section of white water. I will be on hand to run two 45 minute sessions
with a number of people in each group to coach you through some moving
water skills at any level - we all have something to learn. It is a
very safe environment for learning or playing. We have done this before
and was a great success and you can see the pictures online at the
The general plan will be to meet at the sports centre around 1230, sort
the kit and get to Nene changed ready to boat at 1400 to start 2hrs of
pure white water. This may not sound like a lot but 2hrs in the cold
working hard playing will be tonnes! Head home, put kit away and on to
the bar for a drink and debrief (aka sharing stories of who swam most
etc). The cost of going to this trip is £15 max, this is extremely good
value as at casual boating sessions it costs £10 and is very busy. Btw
Nene has changing rooms and warm showers!!!

Sorry for such a long email, but there was just so much i needed to tell
you all.

Sign up for all of the above trip at here and do it asap!

If you've read this far the code word is blue november and all you of
that dont tell me the code word will get a bitch slap as i will know
that you've not read this email!!!

As usual any problems or questions give me an email or ring 07843098980
and i'll sort it!!


ok times for bond social

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Posted by: White Ninja

Ok finally sorted out times and stuff

time: eight aclock showing film ( 145mins ) long

campus: meet in rootes bar at 6.30 to leave at 7.00

post film: drinks next to cinema and possibly ikon for those who really want to work the bond charm!

IMPORTANT: Fancy dress required to avoid stoning or torture by means of laser torch

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: I need every one who is going to say so on the web site as I will be needing to book tickets those who dont will have to take their chances! If you say you are coming and pull out you may still have to pay!

Price 7 pounds and no student discount (sorry but hopefully when they see the imposing figure of Jaws We will all get in for free!


Well done all racers!

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Posted by: Louise

Congratulations everyone who raced at the BUSAs this weekend, it was a fantastic event. Not sure what our overall position was, but for our first competition, who cares? Everyone was awesome, so thanks for coming along. Special mention to Madi for being the token fresher and for doing a brilliant job; Iain for making one of us look like we know what this racing stuff about; everyone who braved a wavehopper, and to the B team for not actually killing each other, despite their best efforts!

Reminder, please can you be at the pool at 8pm to wash kit and can you bring £5 to give to Ben. Thanks

Purple. Shaken not stirred (Casino Royal with a twist)

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Posted by: White Ninja
Social week 8 with a twist. If any of you are thinking of going to see the new bond at the cinema, why not go with the club? We are hoping to lead a large contigent in Bond fancy dress to the cinema at coventry followed by a few Martinis in the bar next door. Date and time will be organised shortly but would be good to gather interest as tickets would probably need to be booked. Whether you want to go as a crazy chinese hat throwing villain or an inbred 7 foot monster with metal teeth you are more than welcome. He he and hopefully some bond girls! As with all are socials friends and family (if you are brave enough) are all welcome for this once in a lifetime trip to the Cinema!
Tv (in the process of aqcuiring my license to kill) Strongman
Pebbles most prized secret agent

When: WEEK 8

last chance to sign up for WWR

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Posted by: Louise

Sign up closes today for white water racing. There are still a few places left so if you were umming and arring about coming along then sign up now!

The river isn't too hard and there is loads of safety cover, so less experienced people will be fine, and you don't have to race if you don't want to, It will have a great social atmosphere, and there will tons of other universities there, so the party on saturday night should be awesome.

So, sign up ASAP. An email regarding details willl be sent out this evening.

See you soon,


Autumn Tournament and extra training for it

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Posted by: Frodo

Dear all,

There will be no friday polo training this week (10th nov).

However there will be sessions at 10-11am on both 17th and 24th nov (weeks 7 and 8). These sessions will be open for all to attend and will be used primarily as team building for our Autumn Tournament (sunday 26th, end of week 8).

A reminder email will be sent before each of the friday sessions of weeks 7 and 8.


Coaching News

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Posted by: Chris
Dear all,

I have some exciting news regarding training. On Saturday of Week 8 ÔÇô 25th of November we have an assessor coming down to jolly old Warwick to do a Canoe Safety Test (CST). This is a really useful dayÔÇÖs training and will cover general theory; lifesaving and canoe bases rescue techniques. This award is aimed at anyone at the club but does require you to have 2 star skills, which we have time to work on if you want to do it.

I highly recommend this course and the coach that is coming to do it. It will give you a better idea about being on the river and being safe and will help you help yourself. The general theory section will help give you an idea of weather condition and what to watch out for when buying kit, lifesaving section can be applied to everyday life i.e. walking down a canal with the girlfriend and you see someone in the water that is in trouble and the canoe section will help on the river in future trips.

Many of you that are new will think that you are not good enough to attend the course ÔÇô believe me you are ÔÇô I sent a couple of new paddlers on it last year who learnt a hell of a lot and will give you a second opinion of the course.

The cost is unlikely to be greater than £20, I donÔÇÖt know for sure as I need to see how much I can claim back of Warwick Sport. Transport again is likely to be cars to Stratford upon Avon and the cost will include petrol money for the drivers ÔÇô which we will need!!! (Those with roof bars)

Any question please email me at chriseastabrook[at], there is space for 8 currently so sign up today.

Chris aka Scarf

PS Training at Rock Mill Weir week tomos, I believe Ben and Noj may be instruction so there will be lots to learn, sign up will go up once I have it confirmed that Noj or Ben can attend.


Canoe Jackets

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Posted by: Katherine

Hey everyone,

I'm going to put an order in for Canoe jackets next week. They are going to be the same as last year (red and black) with each individual's name embroidered on the front along with the warwick crest and then 'Warwick Canoe' printed on the back. The cost will be £29.

If you want one then email me at with whatever you want printed as your name (ie nickname, real name etc) and what size you want. They do XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL. A S is chest 34-36 so hopefully you should be able to work it out from that. You need to make cheques payable to UWSU and write Canoe Club on the back of the cheque then put them in the envelope on the club noticeboard in Union North. I need your email and your cheque by Sunday night (12th November).



White Water Racing

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Posted by: Louise

Sign up for white water racing is up! Cost is approx £17.50 for non-BUSA people but come along to have a go on the river, enter the open race and support the Warwick team.

Social event on Saturday is themed \'SAILORS, PIRATES, AND MERMAIDS\', keeping it all water related! so if you can try and dig something out 

TODAY: Remember, Remember the 2nd of November!!!!

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Posted by: Pebble

It's back!!!!

The annual canoe fireworks has returned with bigger and better fireworks!!!!

This year they are will be held in Leamington (we do realise its two leam socials in a row) in Ali's back garden, and the cost will be a mere £5 on the door for this spectacular display of pyromania.  Bring along, housemates, friends even randomers and let's see if we can have even more people turn up than the (very successful!) curry social, for those who werent there, the restaurant ran out of chairs for us!

Due to the fact that i dont know where Ali lives, i'll post the address later this week.

For those on campus we will be meeting in the bar at 6:30 to leave 7.  If this is a problem with late lectures etc then just email so we know to wait for you.

who knows i may even make an appearence!

Your awesome Scoial Sec,