Thursday's Social

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Posted by: Andy
Due to a minor organisational glitch, we are now starting our annual pyromaniac night since we have missed both bonfore night and divali, whoops. We are starting at the bar at 7pm (bit early but the display has to end before 10pm or one of us gets arrested so far we are nominating Rich, hehe) We then leave campus at 7:30 to reach Rich and Chris's house at 8. For those who want to go directly they live in earlsdon, 34 broomfield rd (cv5 6jx for those that want to multi map it!!!!) Thank you notes (and presents) can also be directed to this address. This spectacular display of fire (including rockets and bonfire) unfortunately does not come for free as we have to buy then. Depending on numbers it should be £5 max. Bring your own marshmellows and beer, sparklers are provided. After display you will be faced with many choices: Do i go home and defrost? Venture out into the nightlife of cov to the Colliseum? Or any other al! ternative suggested on the night? For those who have not been to the colli, its cheap drinks in general but uber cheap before 11:30. Hopefully see you all there, bring whoever not just canoe lot. Monkey Boy & Special

Coaching time on a thursday

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Posted by: Chris

As a reminder to the email that went around there will be coaching on thursday from 3.15 to 3.45, its open to both clubs and a post/email will go out on tuesdays explaining the skills that will be covered, if you fancy coming to learn that skill come, if you can already do it, then dont come.  The skills will range from things like low brace supports strokes to cartwheeling over the rest of this term and all of next so you all need to keep you eyes on the emails and website, thanks.

Chris 'scarf man'

Birmingham Canoe Polo

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Posted by: Jon
Next Tuesday, Birmingham will be coming to training to play a few friendlies.  This will make things a bit busier than usual but we'll spend as much time as possible playing games so everyone should get a game or two.

See you there,


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Posted by: Angie

Hey guys n girls

Time for another legendary trip. One of the best of the year this one.... THE TYNE TOUR!

Okay competition is rumoured to be strong for places this time. Due to the fact it's up north and hence a bit of a drive - specially if you go via watford gap (sorry couldn't resist) we are limiting places to 18people.

If you are in this 18 you will be transported on friday 4th up to near newcastle and join the carnage of the BCU's Tyne Tour, complete with 2 days grade 2/3+ paddling and the wonders of Saturday nights entertainment, before collapsing home late Sun Evening.

Cost is yet to be decided but will hopefully stay around the £20 mark as the club is heavily subsidising the cost of tickets (usually £17.50 on their own)

Due to the nature of the event some basic skill is going to be required, not much but some river experience ideally. For this reason if you have NEVER PADDLED ON MOVING WATER and want to come can you pls talk to chris (aka mister scarf boy) on before signing up to make sure you're ok. Marrrrvellous. Those who came on the freshers trip, or have been with us to the leam will be fine.

Right - go sign up - online at, more trip info will follow next week.

See you on Monday


Miss President

Wetsuit Shoes

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Posted by: Kate
Bargainous.... if anyone wants wetsuit shoes, they have some good quality ones in Hawkeshead in Leamington for ONLY £5!!- like Nicky's pink ones, or in blue as well if you're not so into the pink thing. I think there's only a limited supply, but if you're around have a look/ give the store a ring if you're on campus..
Freshers- they keep your feet so much warmer than trainers and dry quickly, if you're carrying on canoeing i'd recommend getting some as soon as possible.

from Iain - White Water Racing

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Posted by: Angie
just incase
there's anyone out there who will be bored on saturday:

I will be going to a white-water race on saturday [the Usk, mid-wales],
and will be able to take 1 bonus person if they wish, and provide a
wavehopper [plastic nearly-racer; playboat decks will fit] for them to use
for the day.
At the moment water is absolutely amazing, and with more rain through the
week hopefully it won't go down too much. The stretch involves a half-hour
paddle in, before a fourty-five minute race [increase times for
wavehopper/personal speed] , and I will hopefully be doing at least three
It is essential that if anybody wishes to come they are confident rolling
an unfamiliar boat in bouncy water, able to resist the temptation to turn
around and play, and able to endure extended paddling periods.
Please email if you are interested.


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Posted by: Angie


Thanks for putting up with my yelling and 8am starts this weekend everyone. Hope it was enjoyable (at other pts!) and that you all got something out of it.

I nominate the entire minibus crew for a 'nigel' due to their navigationally challenged trip to London... and getting lost every time they pulled out of the campsite!

See everyone at 8pm outside the sports centre tommorrow to wash the mud off the boats before canoeing as normal.


Miss President


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Posted by: Angie

Right then, the grand plan... read on if you are signed up:

WHEN 'n' WHERE: You need to be outside the Main Campus sports centre at 6.30pm prompt on Friday evening. (Hayden you too). Old members pls note that we (royal we ie the exec) are van packing so for once i MEAN 6.30 when i say it.

MONEEEEE: Barginous trip at £22. This includes everything (plus freshers trip tee shirt - get us) Except food and beer. Please bring your chq book so you can pay louise on the trip. I don't want to have to send g round with his imfamous baseball bat.

TENTS: i am assuming none of you new ppl have one. if you do have one BRING IT, it'll make life alot easier. Email me and let me know.

FOOD: Bring lots. We will have 2 pans plus the canoe gas camping cooker if you want to bring tea bags, soup, etc. You need 2xpacked lunches and breakfasts. We will try to do a chippy stop on fri night and will find pub food on sat night if your budget can stretch that far. if not you can cook on site.

BEER: See above. We have to be sensible on the campsite, ie no rowdy behaviour/nakedness/fires/pissing in the middle of the site/screaming at 4am. Just respect the owners a bit cos alot of sites won't take student groups at all.

KIT: See kit list posted on our website. Any watersport gear you have if you have any, if not we will find you a wetsuit. You need footwear you are happy getting wet, and ideally one or two fleece tops (not cotton) to wear on the river. Off the river bring lots of warm clothes, more is better than less. And something to keep you dry (we need rain for the rivers!). A sleeping bag is a must, beg borrow or steal one, anyone with any real problems drop me a line asap.

Okay think thats all. I always forget something... well you'll be hearing from me if i have

Any disasters ring or email me

see you friday


Miss President


Social on Thursday

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Posted by: Andy

Hello everyone!


It's time for another social. Since the last one was quite lairy, I thought we'd have a quieter one: A CURRY!


We'll be meeting at 19:00 in Leamington Spa in the Jug and Jester, which is right next to the bus stop at the bottom of the parade. I'm going to be late again (sorry) but someone wearing a blue hawaiian shirt/canoe merchandise will be there to meet you all. We'll leave for the curry house (pretty much next door) at 19:30, so be there at 19:00!


If you live on campus, a big pink Unibus leaves campus at 18:40 and should get to the right place at about the right time. I'll post another hawaiian shirt/canoe merchandise wearing agent on that bus to meet people. If you don't live on campus, you probably know the score already.



On campus people: Meet in "The Bar" (Rootes Social Building) at 18:00 to travel together to Leamington - Webbo


Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Angie

As it says on the tin really, we'll be leaving Fri Evening returning Sun tea time and in the middle will be teaching white water paddling up in the Peak district, mainly on the Derwent (nr Matlock should you care).

Transport will be in a minibus with kit in a van and one car (curtosy of our militaryily orangised mister scarf). Accomodation will be camping (yes i know) for bth sat and sun nights and food will be from the chippy/pub/club stoves depending on your level of pikeyness.

Cost will be calculated nearer the time but work on £20+food+beer and hopefully we can get it as cheap as possible.

This is a novice trip, and so no one is to worry that they've never paddled, we will teach you! on the other hand if you can paddle this might drive you crazzzeeee. You are more than welcome to come along (in fact i would love it if you did) and teach/play and come for the social of the trip (specially if you're new to the club) but there will be more hardcore trips as the term progresses if you'd rather not.

Kitwise we have pretty much all you need. A tent, wetsuit and paddling gear would be aweesome if you can find it but we'll sort you out if not so it won't be a prob. A sleeping bag, warm clothes and shoes you can get wet is all you really need, but even that can be found if you give us enough warning.

Sign up is up now on You have to sign in using your university no and go to the trips section to sign up. Even i can manage it so you should all be able to cope!if you sign up and end up dropping out you are commited to paying for your place unless you tell me asap of your intentions, so i can fill it.

There are only 23 places (and that includes exec and drivers) so it'll be first come first served and i will give people who've not come on a river trip with us first preference.

grooooovy. go sign up. Any probs email me (, ring me (07709490303) or grab me at the pool

See you all Monday


Miss President