Polo this week (w/c 25/04)

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Posted by: Rachel

It appears there's been some kind of error/misunderstanding about our polo sessions this week so here's what's going on.

Tuesday - no session

Wednesday - no session

Friday - 10-11am and 7:30-8:30 pm (normal times)

Sorry for those of you that turned up tonight, you'll just have to play extra hard on Friday :)

Pool Sessions and BUCS

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Posted by: Yellow
Pool Sessions
It's BUCS week this week, whoop! As such, I've organised an extra pool session on Thursday evening. Same time as Wednesday evening, 8:00pm til 9:30pm.
There are 2 pool sessions this week, 8:00pm til 9:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Both sessions will be BUCS only. Sorry, to do this, but we need this time to practice.
We will be packing the Van at the end of Thursday's session, which means a few of us at least will need to finish early and start karting kit downstairs. If possible, please bring all tents to this sessions to stick in the van. Any personal kit can also be left in the van overnight if you wish, it will be staying at Sports Centre. I expect most people's kit to be going in the van rather than the minibus. We want to fill up the minibus with people!
Captains expect everyone to be at the Thursday night session unless you have a very good reason not to be; revision is not a very good reason, its 1 and a half hours, a week and a half before exams even start.
Leam Training
Given the extra session, who is interested in Leam Training on Thursday? Let me know if you are, and I'll try to organise something. This includes Men and Ladies.
Everyone should know that there are 2 buses, one at 7am Friday morning and one at 6:30pm on Friday evening.
The morning bus will not be going via Tesco.
You will need to bring Lunch for Friday. We will go to Tesco in Doncaster on Friday afternoon if we need to. Dinner on Saturday night is provided, otherwise you need to bring Breaskfast, Lunches, Snacks etc... Accomodation is camping, so you need to bring a tent. The Party Tent will be going, but its a bit fragile by the sounds of it... please let me know if you intend to use it.
BUCS Party
There is a party at BUCS on the Saturday night, and its awesome. The theme is Noah's Ark. There (probably) won't be a bar...
If you have any questions about BUCS, ask anyone that has been before. We play outside and its normally cold, but too cold. If you want to borrow a cag, let me know and I will talk to Canoe, otherwise I don't intend to take any.


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Posted by: LSD
With just one week to go here are the important details about tour! Please make sure you read all of this important email! TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Please make sure you are at the Sports Centre by 8am on Wed 30th March. Those of you living in Leamington can be collected by the minibus at 7.30am from the lay-by outside Jefferson Gardens (opposite the Pump Rooms). If you are unable to get to the Sports Centre for 8am or have transport problems you need to let me know beforehand (my number is at the bottom of this email). WHERE ARE WE STAYING? We are staying at two bunkhouses. The first is Nethy Station, at Nethy Bridge for 3 nights (30th, 31st, 1st) LINK HERE . The second is the Inchree Centre, at Fort William for 5 nights (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) LINK HERE . WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Obviously youÔÇÖll need all your Kayaking Kit. The weather was mixed last year, but we did have some very cold harsh weather (snow and sub zero temperatures) so please make sure you have plenty of warm clothing. Bring food for the minibus, and weÔÇÖll stop at a Supermarket to stock up on food when we arrive (and also several times during the week) in Scotland. It is likely that people will cook in groups to keep costs low. A sleeping bag and pillow case. A torch (for the socialÔǪ) Towels Some old shoes for walking in / getting wet. Both bunkhouses have a drying room! SOCIALS Make sure you join us for pre-tour drinks on Tuesday March 29th! We'll be in Weatherspoons Leamington (halfway down the parade, opposite Zizzi's) from 8pm onwards! Also, I am organising a treaurehunt (along with a series of other minigames) for one evening of tour. This may take place in the dark so please bring a torch with you! Details to follow soon! ALE The ale has been paid for by myself, so therefore people need to pay me directly for this. If you are able to do an online bank transfer before tour this is much preferred, however I can accept cash during tour. The number of pints you ordered and the cost is shown below. The total number of pints requested were 149, however the 1.5 kegs we are ordering hold 138 pints. Due to this some orders have been decreased slightly. Sorry about this. Matt Bryne (4 pints) = ┬ú5.50 Greg (13 pints) = ┬ú17.60 Dan (12 pints) = ┬ú16.30 Dunphy (11 pints) = ┬ú14.90 Mofo (13 pints) = ┬ú17.60 Potter (11 pints) = ┬ú14.90 Steve (11 pints) = ┬ú14.90 Tom (6 pints) = ┬ú8.20 Matt Rogers (10 pints) = ┬ú13.60 Erin (9 pints) = ┬ú12.20 Owen (10 pints) = ┬ú13.60 Eilidh (2 pints) = ┬ú2.70 Alex (9 pints) = ┬ú12.20 Dave Sparling (6 pints) = ┬ú8.20 You can pay me in any of the following ways. 1) Cash 2) Bank transfer (Acc Number: 03784226, Sort Code: 09-01-27) 3) Cheque payable to Mr David Smith I think thats everything! If you have any question at all, drop me an email ( or call me on 07501137959. See you all next week :P LSD

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Yellow
Holiday Polo starts tomorrow night 23rd March. Every Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30pm. Any questions, shout!

Nottingham Info

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Posted by: Alfred
OK, so the tournament is back on for one open team.


1. Starts at 9.00, but get there at 8.15 to set up (their request, not mine).
2. Address for tournament is: University of Nottingham Sports Centre Swimming Pool, University Park Campus, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.
3. Obviously, it's in a swimming pool , so don't worry about dry kit.
4. Darling, it costs £50.00, so we'll have to get that sorted with finance.
5. Oh, and it's on Sunday, which I imagine y'all know.

Think that's all. If not, comment with questions.


Nottingham tournament cancelled!

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Posted by: Alfred
Yea, we've pulled out of the tournament due to lack of players. Alf

Cosmo and Drinks

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Posted by: Einstein

As we approach the end of term, what better way to celebrate than to stuff ourselves with all you can eat chinese, Indian and Thai food.

For this reason we'll be having a social at cosmo next Wednesday (16th) at 19:30.

For those of you who haven't been there, the food is amazing, with food from loads of countries, tepanyaki, grills and a chocolate fountain.

The address is

I'm sure a post will go up about getting buses from campus or Leamington.

Afterwards we'll be going for drinks either in Coventry or on campus.

We need to book a table, so if you want to go please sign up on the website before Monday lunchtime.

Einstein, Alice and Cloughy

Canoe cocktails!

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Posted by: Alice
Hello all, This week we can gather for some pre-Dartmoor drunkenness, with this weekÔÇÖs social being Canoe Club Cocktails! This will be held Thursday 10th March (venue tbc) but it will be at someoneÔÇÖs house in Leam. The cost will be ┬ú5, which is a bargain considering there will be a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails available... or to quote a certain Greg Corbett, ÔÇÿ┬ú5 for all the alcohol you can drink!!ÔÇÖ Hope you can all make it, Social secs, Alice, Einstein and Cloughy


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Posted by: Yellow
After a successful weekend at Cardiff, we will need a good laugh...
Our termly in house tournament will be next Tuesday (Week 8/1st March). Sign up online if you want to play. Please signup by Sunday evening and myself and Matt will be choosing the teams on Monday!


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Posted by: Einstein
ndThe theme is: 3 armed & 3 legged/ getting-gaffer-taped-to-another-canoe-club-member/ HARDCORE BONDAGE.
DonÔÇÖt worry about finding a victim to be taped to, itÔÇÖll all be sorted on the night.
Looking forward to seeing you all there...