Naked calendar

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Posted by: Einstein

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a wicked curry and a class time at kelseys and evolve.

I know its late notice, but the uni is again making a naked calendar for right to play. It is a charity which provides sport to underprivelaged children all around the world and they need our help.

T he club did this last year and had the highest turn out of all clubs, and we looked good. If you want to see pictures look here

anyway, if you can make it meet at the sports centre at 13.00 and hopefully someone will be there to tell you where to go. please to it, its for a great cause and is really good fun.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.


Canoe Polo Rules Course

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Posted by: P Gizzle
Next Tuesday before the evening session G will be running a course going over the rules of polo.

This will be from 1745 to 1845 in S 0.18 (Social Studies Building).

It's a great way to get to grips with some of the intricacies of the game and help you understand what is going on.  

If you're keen to find out more before the course or for whatever reason can't make it check out the rules page:


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Posted by: space case


Wednesday 28th Oct. (Week 4)


The Copper Rooms

(Punishment for shit outfits, rewards for a great ones..)

I must stress that you buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry, do not rely on paying on the door.

Your social sex, Jen & Mofo (still covered in permanent marker...)

Curry Week 3

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Posted by: Mofo
Hi all, Its time for the Canoe club curry! Where: King Babas, Leamington When: Thursday 22nd (week 3) 7:30pm What: Curry, Then drinks at Kelseys, then to Evolve night club! Bring your own drinks! (If you forget there is a shop almost next door you can get some from) For anyone coming from campus there will be someone to meet you at the bus stop. Can you please sign up on the website, there isn't a a limit on numbers , I just need to know how many to book the table for. If you go to, login, click on trips on the left hand side, select curry week three and then sign up! Look forward to seeing you all there, if you have any questions I'll be at the pool, sessions on monday and tuesday evening. Mofo

Frehsers Trip

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Posted by: Barnet

Morning All,

This is a reminder email (mainly aimed at frehsers) to let you know that we will be putting up a sign up for the freshers trip tomorrow (Sunday 18th) at 10:00am. The trip will be done on a first come, first served basis.

The plan is to head down to south Wales leaving late afternoon on Friday 23rd October and returning in the evening on Sunday the 25th October. We have booked an awesome looking bunkhouse, with beds, a kitchen, a drying room and even underfloor heating. We will be using this trip to give you an introduction to white water and skills on moving water. Currently the cost is looking like it will be around the £40 mark, but this may change slightly. This would cover, transport, accomodation and kit. The sign up will be on the website, under the link 'Trips'.

Essential info: Freshers trip, wicked fun, weekend away from the bubble (23rd-25th), sign up tomorrow at 10am.


P.s More info will be emailed if you are confirmed a place on the trip. If you have any questions feel free to email back or post on the website (probably faster responses...)

Welcome to canoe polo - coaching, teams, rules

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Posted by: Doc Brown
Hello old and new members.

Thought I'd send an e-mail about the training/coaching/teams side of things that I'm responsible for.

First, getting better:

It's probably a brand new sport to some of you and maybe for others you haven't had much coaching before. If you're confused about tactics, or want to do some training of your own, I've written up and linked to a load of information here including technique videos (excellent for improving your maneouvreing), tips on throwing, weights exercises, on water fitness training, and attacking and defensive tactics: Be critical of yourself, try to teach yourself new things, and if you want to practice boat skills on their own without the balls and teams, come to a Monday canoeing session and ask someone for help. It's a lot easier to learn the team and ball skills aspect if you've got the moving around in a boat sorted. I hope to run training sessions on the local river (Leam) soon.

Next, teams:

We usually have a men's A, men's B and a ladies team. Once you have become a paddling legend using the skills above, you'll need a team. This year men's 'A' and 'B' teams will not be chosen until a few weeks before our tournament. Nothing will stay fixed, so after this changes can be made and no one is guaranteed a place. Hopefully this should encourage fair competition for places!

Finally, rules, good to know:

There's a summary of the rules here: If you can't be arsed to read them for now, three simple ones that we will be strict on -
1) Do not hit another boat hard at close to 90 degrees, it will break, you will be sent off if it's severe. Sorry to sound harsh, but the boats are expensive and we need to look after them!
2) Do not go for the ball with a paddle if someone is trying to get it with their hand.
3) Don't push the goal keeper with your boat or hand, unless they have the ball, that's just one of the rules.

That's enough e-mail now! Hope you are all well, and see you next Tuesday, if not before!

G raham (Canoe Polo Coaching Secretary)

Trip to River Leam

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Posted by: Steve
Hey everybody

We are running a freshers trip to the River Leam (in Leamington, no less). It will be a good practice on a river, outside of the pool. There will be some coaching and some games so should be a fun day out! If you are a fresher or live on campus, we will be assembling at the sports centre at 9:00. Bring some spare change (about £3) for the bus and £3 for the van rental.

Signup is under trips on the website.

See you there! (and at Pop!)


POP Wednesday 14th

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Posted by: Mofo
Hi all!

Are you ready for a two and a half hour long happy hour?
Are you ready to start the year by embarrassing yourself?

I am!

POP is here so, WEDNESDAY 14th (week 2) 7pm in the Copper rooms.
Theme will be Hi-Vis, so time to get out the neon paints and fluorescent jackets.

Circling starts at 7:15, punishments for lateness and rubbish costumes

Your lovely social secs
(I'm excited already)


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Posted by: Mofo
Hi all,

Anyone fancy Kelseys this wednesday (7th)? I suggest meeting there at 8:30 and see what happens from there!

Post below just so I know who to expect. 

Mofo xx

No Friday Polo this week :(

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Posted by: P Gizzle
Unfortunately there are swimming lessons in the pool this week on Friday morning so no polo session.

We are still on as normal Tuesday at 7:15