Surf Trip 2010

Posted 11y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Cloughy
The time has come my friends to once more brave the tempestuous seas of wildest Wales, whilst more than slightly over the legal paddling limit for alcohol content. I talk of course of the summer surf trip!

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a surf trip before (or were not paying attention last time!) we spend a long weekend at Newgale Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This is a really relaxed trip with sun, sea and surf, interspersed with bbq's and the odd rounders match on the beach. The trip will run from the 25th of June to the 28th of June.

For those intending (read: everyone) on coming along there are several signups. The easiest is a signup for a surf trip T-shirt, which is a club tradition and are always a good laugh. For an idea of how awsome these are capture and old member when they have one on and make them stand facing backwards to you for 20 minutes whilst you have a good read/check out their bum.

The other signups relate to the two minibuses. There will be one early minibus leaving on the morning of the 25th, and a second leaving in the afternoon. ONLY SIGNUP FOR ONE.

Signups are open now....

Lost Property and unclaimed kit

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Posted by: P Gizzle
I have just sorted through the kit on the balcony and there is a lot of crap up there. All the personal kit is now in a cardboard box at the front of the top step. It includes (but is not limited to);

Sarah's Coat
A saucepan
2 reed rashies (shotgun if no one claims)
1  Yellow Canoe Hoodie
1 Polo hoodie (AC)
Mofo's shoes
another pair of river shoes
a single river shoe
other kit

I would recommend if you have lost anything take a look through the box. I'll be emptying it in the first pool session of June and taking whatever I want then, binning the rest.

I am also still missing my large orange dry bag - I want it back.

Lost kit at BUCS

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Posted by: Buzz Lightyear
In just a few short hours you'll never be hassled by me ever again mwhahaha!

Some kit was left at BUCS, if you were there follow the instructions below:

There is a list of lost property on the LSCC website

Please contact if any of it belongs to you or the club before she moves out of Loughborough at the end of June. 

Here is the list just incase you can't get on our website.

Lost property 2010

Long sleaved white top from 'White stuff'

Black zip hoody, size medium from H and M

Size small navy jogging bottoms with a double stripe

Black adidas leggings, size 12

Black, long sleved top from Woolmark

Navy adidas joggers, size 30" with zips at the bottom of each leg

2 universal sized Yak decks in blue with black edges

Dark grey trespass fleece, size small

Navy jacket by Kustom Kit with MW writen in red pen on the label

A camera (although the screen is broken) please contact me if you've lost a camera

Cheers y'all and cya at elections!


Term 3 Polo League

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Posted by: P Gizzle

The league format is as follows;




















































Weeks 2 - 7 see each team play all the others twice.

3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

In the event of a tie on pints at the end of week 7 positions will be decided on goal difference, goals for then, on the toss of a coin.

In Week 8 the finals will take place;

1st place in the league will play 2nd. The winner of that match will be 1st overall, the loser will be 2nd.

3rd place will play 4th. The winner of that match will be 3rd and the loser 4th.



Teams are as follows. They have been decided to be as fair as possible. Any complaints I believe Dom has an e-mail address; Can you decide on a team name in your teams and can captains let me know.

If youÔÇÖve been missed out please drop me an e-mail at and IÔÇÖll try to rectify the situation.

Baby (Captain)















Greg Corbett



Darling (Captain)










Byrne (Captain)




Dr John






Einstein (Captain)








Erin Dunn

Forget the General Election

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Posted by: Mofo
I hope you all have your songs and jokes sorted because...


Elections will be on THURSDAY THIS WEEK (6th) 19:30 in Robbins Well

We'll be doing the standard beer and burger type thing for food
(keep an eye on your emails/the website as more info and a sign up for food will go up tuesday afternoon)

Look forward to seeing you all there

Your soon to be ex-social sec

Term 3 Events and Dates

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Posted by: Snow

Why hello!

In an effort to sound positive: this term is going to be fantastic - the best ever in fact!

What you have to look forward to:

- Thursday week 2: Elections

- Sunday week 2: Doggy Paddle

- Friday week 9 to Monday week 10: Surf trip (25th June till 28th June)

- Thursday week 10, 1st July: the EPIC PARTY 2010

Over exam period, to aid your procastination, there will be a few rounders games, barbeques and the 'k4noo kru' library muffin breaks at 15:30 daily! Keep an eye on the website to keep up to date.

Details on each of these events are below.


If you're over 21 and have been driving for 3 years with no serious offences, you can go for a driving test to drive for the club. Without drivers, the club would suck. DO IT!


Main thing is the lecture:
Date: Thursday 13th May 2010 (Week 3)
Time: 17:00pm (Please arrive 5-10 minutes before if possible)
Venue:  MS 0.4, Maths & Stats Building


If you're thinking of running for either exec, check out what positions are on offer: This is your chance to get involved, however experienced you are at canoeing or organising. The worst that can happen is that you have a great night out! If you're shit at canoeing but a great organiser, you'll be great. If you're the opposite you'd also be welcome to and work on your organisation! I couldn't even find the phone number for a brewery when I got elected.

If you haven't done so already, please email me on president(at) to tell me what you're going to run for. If you're not sure, make up a DECENT (< 3 minutes) song and a funny, short joke (penises don't count) and make a decision on the night! The best election campaigns are original. Don't just promise real change or agree with nick.

It will be:

- Starting somewhen around 7 pm - details to follow shortly

- Burger and beer deal at the downstairs in the Robbins Well, Leam.

- Positively awesome.


- You've already had an email from Sarah about this fun charity event. If you're interested check out the website and signup.

When: Sunday week 2.


If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has is no basis or reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now...

- Arguably the best trip of the year, both the canoe club and the polo club have an annual pilgrimage to an amazing beach in South West Wales, to worship the sun, surf and relax after exams. As the most sociable trip of the year, it's not one to miss! Check out the pictures on the site if you don't believe me.

- Dates have been decided now so people can sort their lives out regarding this union Party Day on Tuesday week 10. You'll hear more arrangements nearer the time from your new exec.


How about a night out that includes men in suits, women in dresses, as much alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages that you can drink (including real ale!), a bouncy castle, a barbeque, a well prepared i-pod plugged into decent speakers (read: DJ), croquet and amazing decorations all for about £25? That was epic party last year. I can't promise that it will be bigger or better this year, but it will be a night to remember the year by.

More details to follow nearer the time...

Date: Thursday night, week 10 (1st July)

Think that's all from me. Stay cool, keep hydrated, eat pineapples just in case...

El Presidente


Posted 11y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Sarah
Hey all!

I hope that all your exams and essays and projects are going well, keep up with the hard work, not long till summer :-) (ignoring that that is mixed with graduation for some of us... ohhh :-( )

If you want a break then DOGGY PADDLE is happening Sunday week 2 where paddlers get together to paddle between leamington and stratford, having a few beers along the way,  the potential of a bbq, all in all having muchos fun, and raising money for charity. Its an 18 mile stretch - pretty much flat water all the way, a couple of weirs and a couple of compulsory portages.

There's £10 entry fee (which goes to charity - Guide Dogs for the Blind Association), so you can do something good anddd fun. 

If youre interested, then check out:

Sign up is open, so express interest and if people want to we can take some boats and have a good day out :-)



Term 3 Tuesday night polo league

Posted 11y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: P Gizzle
Looking for a way to vent all that exam stress? Then look no further than the first (potential annual) Term 3 Tuesday League. The plan is to run a league over approximately 6 tuesday sessions over the term starting this tuesday (week 2). Each team will have 1 league match a week then, normal matches will be played for the rest of the session so if you can't commit all term you'll still have something to do on Tuesday. Players will be ranked so that teams are even. Complete polo freshers are definitely welcome. If you've been canoeing all year and want to combine those skills with a competitive game, polo is perfect. Teams will consist of approx 8 people so that if people have exam commitments your team can still play. If you fancy it or want more info drop me an e-mail or post on the forum. PGL

It's nearly the end...

Posted 11y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Yellow
I'll be replaced as Treasurer next week, so we need to tidy up some loose ends. Anybody who outstanding debts with the Canoe Polo club, please can you settle them in the next week.

ULU - £20
Cardiff - £20
BUCS T-Shirt - £12

transport for BUSA

Posted 11y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Einstein
Hey everyone

BUSAs is just days away, all that training and drinking and frinking is about to pay off and I'm getting fecking excited, hope you've all got your party costumes sorted.

transport on friday is 2 buses, one at 3 and one at 630, so far I have:

630: Einstein, Nicky, Ralph Robinson, Dom, Jon, Dr John, Webbo, Xian, Robtom, Fred Lehmann, Mofo, Erin Dilger.

3: PGL, Nigel, Potter, Tomrob, yellow, matt clough, blackers, harriet, Matt Byrne, Darling, mysterious Joe, Sarah Blair, screamer, Jurga, Madi, Jen, Alfie, Andy Clough, Rich Pingram.

This means there are a few spaces left on each bus, so If you wanna come just let us know on the website or in an email and there might be space for you. Im not saying you can play, but its a great weekend to just come and get drunk.

also if you're getting the second bus can you get your kit to the sports centre tomorrow if possible so that we dont have to fill the bus up with stuff, if you can't, don't worry about it, we'll just be cramped.