A Team Tournament, B team and Ladies and anyone else!

Posted 11y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Madi
So you may have heard whispers down the grape vine of the Warwick A Team Tournament this weekend, as well as the 2 A teams playing, we are entering a Ladies and B scratch team, to fill spaces and more importantly 'Keep it real'. If you are free to play polo this Sunday then please sign up on the trip section of the website, a team will them be selected from anyone and everyone who signs up. Please dont be put off that it is an A team tournament playing other unis will only make you better at polo and think of the scum we let into our A team! If you can only come for half the day thats better than nothing, post below whether morning/ afternoon is your cup of tea. This is probably the last chance at a tournament for most of the B team before BUSA so do it! So to sum up anyone and everyone should sign up and we should have lots of fun making our A team cry. Lots of Love Commodore Madi x

Pub Golf

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Ladies and Gentlemen, This Friday will see the return of Canoe Pub Golf. The rules are simple; we will be visiting 9 pubs. At each pub you will be instructed to buy a certain drink. You will then attempt to see this drink off in as few attempts as possible, i.e. downing the whole thing in one will be a hole in one, each additional attempt will add one onto your score for that pub. Record your scores because come the end of the evening you have a chance of winning the greatest prize of all (pride). This year there will be 3 courses, you can choose one or switch between them: The extreme course: for those who think they can handle it. We advise against planning anything for Saturday morning The "ladies" course: basically the extreme course halved: pints become half-pints, large glasses small glasses and doubles singles. The non-alcoholic course: for those who do not wish to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy all the fun of the evening. Fancy dress is mandatory! This year the theme is Medieval: first years will be faarm animals, second years peasants, third years will come as clergymen/women and 4th years as members of the nobility. People who have graduated, you will be joining us as monarchs. We will meet at 7pm in The Dirty Duck for our first stop before heading to Leamington, so don't be late! Love, your social sex

holiday polo - please read!

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Posted by: Jo
Hello polo obsessed people,

I am about to book our normal holiday polo session (Wednesdays 8-9:30).
But, it's all different now... since BUCS is at the end of the holidays I was originally going to ask for more sessions in the final week before BUCS but Madi suggested that having two sessions a week for the entire holidays might be a better idea. So please get posting here if you are around during the holidays so I can justify another weekly session (hopefully...)


Tournament Contributions

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Posted by: Eugene
Hello lovely polo playing people! Hope everyone has had a wonderful term so far and your student loans are doing well enough to pay!! So please check your name against the lists below and bring your money to either pool sessions this week. Your name might appear more than once! Cheltenham Ladies Tournament - £8.20 each Jo Becky Jess Harriet Ruth Abi 3rd National League Tournament - £9.60 each Darling Andy Clough Matt Clough Byrce Tom White Dan Scott Jess Madi Nicole Screamer Jo Previous Tournaments National League 3/12 - £9.20 each Byrce Nicky Nicole ULU Tournament - £12.50 each Madi Nicky In Addition, Jo and Einstein - £12.50 for the polo balls you bought (: So yes, please bring your money to the pool session tonight or on friday. If you can't make the pool sessions, please call/text me at oh 77 38 oh 6 260 six Cheers, Eugene

Hi-vis Pop

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
With the weeks of term rocketing past at an alarming rate, we only have time for just one more pop before easter, so get your ticket now and come join us on Wednesday. The theme this week will be Hi-vis: bring your fluorescent jackets, body paint and brightly coloured outfits because we're going to light that place up like it's a construction workers rave. Time and place are as usual, 7pm on a Wednesday in the copper rooms, where we will bring you the usual manic and ridiculous games before dancing it up from 10pm. There will be punishments for those not in costume or who arrive late - we want to get the circle going as early as possible. Of course if you've been at the pool session you're welcome to join us after, just look for the very visible group and be prepared to do some catching up. See you all Wednesday!

Quiz and Film Night - Prizes to be won

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
For our social this week we will be having a film night on Thursday in S2.81 where we'll sit back and watch some awesome kayaking exploits from a nice warn dry room! This will include pro-stuff as well as some past club trips and a few expeditions by ex-members. What's more, attending will give you the chance to win some fantastic prizes - our very own Long Game works for Merrell ( ) who have kindly agreed to provide us with some great stuff, including:

3 pairs of shoes of your choice from the barefoot range (these are worth £90 each!)



Running tops


Long Game will be running a quiz (including stuff about Merrell, barefoot and some general knowledge) and giving out the prizes in between screenings. The room, S2.81 is in Social Sciences, I'll hang around in the foyer around 7 to guide people, but if you arrive later and can't find us then give me a call on oh7903one95041.

See you Thursday!

Real Ale

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Ladies and Gentlemen

This Thursday it will once again reach that time of year when we pay homage to the great and mighty Warwick University Real Ale Festival.

I need not remind you of the 100+ ales from across the country awaiting us, the multitude of ciders, fruit wines and meads ready to be sampled nor the hog roast ready to soak up these wonderful beverages with its meaty goodness. No, there is simply no question of you not joining us on Thursday, because Thursday is the day of Busker:

Yes, the legendary Dr Busker (the uninitiated should click the above and learn ALL the words) will be with us once again bringing us the best damn songs known to the Canoe Club. So you would literally be crazy to miss out.

Be warned, there is no advance ticket sale so to guarantee entry to the very best night on campus all year make sure you are there when the door opens at 6pm.

We will see you on Thursday for MORE BEER!

Canoe Hoodies!

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Posted by: Becky

ItÔÇÖs that exciting time of year again when you get to order the fantastic canoe hoodies!!

The hoodies will have your name and the Warwick crest on the front and the NEW CANOE LOGO on the back.

With the quotes I currently have they will cost just over £20 each and the choice of colours is here:


If you would like to order a hoodie, please post below or email me ( the following details:

  • Name to be printed on the front of hoodie
  • Size
  • Colours


Remember, the designer of the winning logo will receive a free hoodie (this will be decided soon).

Lakes Trip

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Posted by: Bryce

A sign up for a river to the Lake District weekend of week 8/22 i.e 2nd/3rd/4th March is now up.

This is to gauge interest in the trip and see if it is feasible. A price is not yet known

Sign up if interested. It is the same weekend as NSR




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Posted by: Eilidh
Ladies and Gentlemen, You are cordinally invited to Warwick Canoe's Scotland Easter Tour 2012! Basically this is the email you have been waiting for, Scotland tour is the best chance in the year to paddle some awesome rivers. Think how great canoe trips normally are and times it by 10! If you need anymore evidence of how good it is check here and here So what do you need to know? Dates: 29th March- 6th April Place: Bonny Scotland Price: Priceless, but for everything else theres Mastercard (£190) Ideally you should have been on 2 river trips, you can always sign up then discuss experience with exec. Signup: Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm Also the exchange rate to Scotish Pounds is very good at the moment so it is bound to be a fantastic trip! Love a very excited Tour Sec xx