Monday night week 3 (23rd Jan)

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Posted by: Bryce

Hello Everyone

This week's monday session will be devoted to teaching people to learn to roll. With Easter Tour looming this has been a request.

As such, THERE WILL BE NO PLAYBOATING. Sorry but we will need as much of the pool and as many people confident in teaching a roll as possible. It is only for one week so I'm hoping people will lend a hand.

For those of you not confident in you roll, this will be a very useful session and I emphasise coming along as it is unlikely we will run another session like this before Easter Tour.

Post on here if you're planning to attend, and in what capacity i.e. teaching or learning

See you all tomorrow


Refreshers Trip

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Posted by: Nicole

Feeling the January blues? Well don't worry, Refreshers Trip is fast approaching! This is a trip taking place in North Wales and we will be staying in a bunkhouse. If you're planning on coming on our amazing Scotland Tour, you will need to have been on at least two river trips, so Refreshers will be one of the best opportunities to get this experience if you have not been lucky enough to go on a trip with us yet. This trip is taking place at the end of Week 4, (3rd - 5th February for those working in real time). It will cost £35 and will include a meal on the Saturday night. 

Signup will go up at 5pm tomorrow evening (Friday 20th), so sign up quickly to avoid missing out on a place! 

Your very excited Vice President 

Canoe Logo Competition!

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Posted by: Becky

I'm sure you've all seen the awesome 'Who Dares Swims' logo on the back of the canoe hoodies by now, but this has been around for many years and so now we are looking for something new...


We are running a competition for a new canoe logo, the winner shall receive a fabulous hoody for free!!


Keep it fairly simple, remember that it has to be printed onto hoodies all in one colour  and that it must  include the words 'Warwick Canoe'.


Email entries to or hand any paper copies to me or any of the exec that you trust!

Deadline:  Sunday 29th Jan


Good luck and get creative!

Becky :)

Socials coming up

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Hi all, cheers for making Friday loads of fun, we hope you all enjoyed it too. We've got loads of great social this term which are now all on the calendar for you to look at, but we thought we'd give you a heads up on the next couple. THIS THURSDAY we will be currying at Millennium Baltic in Leamington Spa from 7:30 (busses from campus at around 7. We'll be taking advantage of the excellent food and cheap cheap drinks there before going off to a few of Leamington's fine establishments (and Kelseys) finishing in evolve if people are up for it. WEDNESDAY WEEK 3 we will be heading to our first Pop social of term and it is going to be a cracking one we promise. Our fancy dress theme will be ROMANS and in keeping with this we will be attempting to get as many members of the club as possible to complete a centurion. (that's 100 shots of beer/cider/water, one a minute for 100 minutes). Buy your circling tickets in advance now from the SU website. Lots of love, Your social sex

Wednesday Session Cancelled (Canoe)

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Hi all, Just to let you know, there will be no Canoe pool session this Wednesday evening (I believe Polo may be running a session instead). This is because we are instead going to the Nene on Wednesday afternoon. If you haven't yet signed up for this but would like to go then there are still a few places left on this trip, sign up on our website as normal. Cost will be no more than £10, we will be meeting at 11 to pack boats and leaving at 12 (so those with lectures until then can still go) returning to campus for around 6. See you then!

Friday Social

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Start of term getting you down?

Worry not, this Friday will be our first social of the term... (applause) ... and we'll be having a campus wide scavenger hunt so bring along a coat!

Meet in the Duck at 8 and we'll sort you out into a few teams (possibly named after sexual animals) and send you off into the night at around 8:30. At 10pm we'll meet back and the winners will be chosen (and receive their prize). Afterwards you can enjoy the sorely missed company of your canoe friends and the lovely beverages of the Dirty Duck for a while. Then it's on to Top B to get our dance on :)

See you there!

Tournament Contributions

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Posted by: Eugene

Hello lovely polo playing people!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas break and New Years and looking forward to a term full of polo competition and tournaments. But sorry to be a party pooper but I do need to collect oustanding money owed from the tournaments last term.

So please check your name against the lists below and bring your money to either pool sessions this week. Your name might appear more than once!

Cheltenham Ladies Tournament - £11.70 each



1st National League Tournament - £9.50 each/ £3.50 OGs




Dr. John

National League 3/12 - £9.20 each


Andrew Clough

Baby Clough




Dan Scott





ULU Tournament - £12.50 each






So yes, please bring your money to the pool session tonight or on friday. If you can't make the pool sessions, I'll be on campus after 12 on tuesday and most of friday.



Nene Whitewater Course

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Posted by: Chunderboy Jr
Welcome back lovely paddling people. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year.

Many of you may be feeling rusty after 4 weeks of stuffing your face with delicious Christmas food and just can't wait to get back on the water. Or maybe you're new to this whole white water lark and want to give it a go somewhere safe and fun?

If this is you then we have just the remedy - on Wednesday week 2 (that's the 18th for those on real time still) we'll be heading to the Nene Whitewater Centre for an afternoon of paddling. It's a great safe place to work on confidence and skills for people of all different abilities: only a short distance away from us, with no nasty long walks dragging boats, plus you will be supervised by a BCU level 2 coach.

Signup will open this Wednesday at 6pm. On the day we will be meeting at 11pm, getting to the centre by about 1. We have an exclusive booking of the course from 2 until 4, and will be returning to campus for 6 o clock.

BUCS Slalom

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Posted by: Bryce

BUCS Canoe Slalom will soon be here. The dates are 18th/19th Feb so weekend of the 6th week of this term, Weeks 16/20 depending on which university calendar you use.

As this is a BUCS trip this is a CHEAPER TRIP than normal as the university will pay for transport and accommodation - you need only pay for food and booze.

A sign up will be up in the next few hours and sign up quickly so we can get a cheap hotel as oppose to going camping.

Your Loving Coach

Admiral Bryce

Canoe Feedback! WOoOoOoOo!!!!!!

Posted 11y 9mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Eilidh
Hello Christmas Elves!
Now I hope you all are exciting about the Christmas meal tonight, or if you are reading this tomorrow that you are suitably still full/ hungover. Either way there is still one more thing you can do canoe related this term... Its the amazing canoe feeback survey found HERE:
We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of  the canoe club! What do YOU think about the club? Is it amazing or is it downright abysmal!
Freshers we are particularly looking at you, you are our future (scary thoughts)! and it seems so long ago the exec were in your position we really value your views!
So everyone if you could take 5 minutes to fill it in we would be very grateful and hopefully you will get an even better club out of it!