Happy Easter

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Posted by: Kate
Happy Easter
Have a relaxing holiday, good luck with the course work/ revision, and see you all next term!

Hipflasks are here!

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Posted by: Kate
coolHipflasks (after much faffing) are finally here and look VERY cool! (picture is of the tan one)

Polo people- i'll bring your hip flask to polo next week
Scotland people- your hipflask will be given to you in Scotland
Everyone else- either wait till next term or give me a call if you're on campus and come get it from Tocil


the Mighty Scotland Tour- some final details

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Posted by: Where Am I
In case you had all forgotten next week we are all going to Scotland for a party... we may (if you smile sweetly) also be going paddling some of the days. Here are a few more details about the week:
Easter clock
Times: We will meet outside the Sports Centre AT 9.45AM on Thursday 29th March and come back on the evening of Thursday 5th April/early morning of the 6th (Friday). If you need a place to stay (ie freshers) on the Wednesday night before or the Thursday night after then either let me know or sort it out amongst yourselves. There's a lot of people going who have places on and around campus over the holidays who would be able to help you out.
*EXEC (old and new): PLEASE MEET AT THE SPORTS CENTRE at the EARLIER TIME of 8.45AM so we can get boats and crap like that*
don't get any ideas WoodcockThings to bring: See the list on the website ( but don't bring a roll mat or cooking stuff. You should all have already told me if you need a wetsuit and cag. Additionally please could everyone  BRING A SLEEPING BAG. We will be VERY tight for space so please pack concisely and please DON'T bring food for the week! We will go food shopping when we're there (we'll probably do communal cooking at the beginning) so just bring food for the journey.
A hint of things to look forward to: haggis, dancing, port, skiing, general merriment,  and cheese (can't think of anything else...).

Over and out,

BUSA kit

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Posted by: Frodo


As has been well publicised in emails/forum/general mention in passing, the BUSAs are on the last weekend of the holidays (friday-sunday). Teams entered are Open A, Open B, Ladies A, and Old Gits. You should know whether or not you are going; if unsure please contact your team captain.

Just a reminder that you will need to make sure you have a tent sorted (or to have arranged space in someone else's) and have sleeping bag/camp bed etc.

This email is going out now, 5 weeks early, in case you need to pick any gear up from home over the holidays.

A more detailed suggested kit list (for those who've not been before) will go out nearer the time. Any questions in the mean time just ask anyone who's been before - they'll be happy to advise.

Additionally, if anyone needs somewhere to stay for a couple/few nights before we leave on the friday lunchtime (ie campus people who may not have rooms over easter) please get in touch and a roof will be found for you, as well as any belongings you may need to store until you get back into your rooms.

Enjoy the break, see you sometime in the next few weeks.


Club Officer Election Results

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Posted by: Frodo

Goooood Morning!

Big thanks to everyone who came to the elections last night - a great night as always (and as promised - cheers Pebble!) Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. What a quality pub!?

Your new Execs for 2007-2008 are as follows (just in case your memories are suffereing a little):


President: Ben

Secretary: Madi

Treasurer: Dom

Kit Sec: Iain

Coaching Sec: Rich (Einstein)

Tour Sec: Greg

Canoe Polo

President: Frodo

Secretary: Ruth

Treasurer: Samantha

Gear Inspector and Maintenance Person (GIMP): G

Coaching Sec: Andy C

League Sec: Kat

Joint Positions

Social Secs: Tom (Not Rob) and Tom (Definitely not Rob)

Webmonkey: Rich (Parfitt)


Two very strong teams there - sure you'll all do a fine job. The old exec and the new exec official Handovers will be near the start of next term (date TBC), but exec responsibilities will be shared for a few weeks / rest of summer term (Rolling Exec) to allow smoooooooth transition.

Also big thanks must go to TV and Nicky for all the pre-organising, Louise for doing all the talking/introducing/cheesecake-serving last night, and of course also to Pete and John for deciding who was elected!

See you all soon,

Outgoing Canoe and Canoe Polo Execs


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Posted by: Woodie

Hi guys,

Sorry for that late notice (as usual with our great organising skills :P) but it is election time!!!

This year they are being held at the Newbold Comyn Arms in Leamington.  This is situated near the leisure centre in the Newbold Comyn Park. (Post code is CV32 4EU)

For those in leam you can meet us there at around 7:30.

For those living in Cov or on campus will be meeting in the bar at 6:30. 

Food is going to be ordered on the night from the bar menu which can be found on this link:

Although it appears to be limited, you must remember this pub has currently four guest ales for leamingtons ale festival, live music and lots of giant sized games such as connect four and jenga!!!!

Hopefully you can all make it, and remember that even if you are not standing for anything, come along anyway as it is a night of classy entertainment with much to laugh at.

 As our reign comes to and end, we bid farewell!

Your ever wonderful social secs,

Nicky & Strongman

Strictly come dancing tuesday night Social in honour of Ralph

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Posted by: White Ninja

You thought bewitched were good? you long for Take that to make an appearance at the Union? we have better:  The Canoe clubs very own Ralph 'bearded' Robinson is going to be dancing for charity, 'honour' and recognition among the women folk of Warwick university, and of course the canoe/polo club! We want him to win and have as much support as possible there will therefor be a social in honour of are finely trimmed friend tomorrow night, heres the plan:

when: tomorrow tuesday the 13th meeting at rootes bar for    7.30pm starts at 8.00pm

Tickets: 6 pounds for CHARITY better than spending 5 quid on evolve and paying for some fat man to drive an Aston Martin, book online to be sure if not on door but you may have to fight of Ralphs lady fans as they rush the stage

IMPORTANT: WE want banners t-shirts whatever you have to increase RAlphs chances of winning

POLO: it is during polo and Busas are approaching up to you guys, myself TV could never pass up the oppertunity to be able to mock Ralph for the rest of his life!

Be The ONE

TV and NIcky

Pebbles advisor until thursday

Canoe and Canoe Polo elections

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Posted by: Louise

The time is approaching for all you budding exec members to start thinking about what you want to run for.

Yes, the elections are nearly upon us. Thursday week 10 will witness a new elite team elected to head the canoe and canoe polo clubs next year. Your current social secs will inform you of the details very soon, but it is certainly a social not to be missed, even if you don't want to run for a position. It's not just about the elections but it also a good old knees up and meal with tons of the club members there to reminisce about the year gone by.

For now here's a list of the positions up for grabs.

Canoe Club:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coach
  • Kit Sec
  • Tour Sec

Canoe Polo club:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coach
  • Kit Sec
  • League Sec *New for 2007-2008*

Joint positions:

  • 2 x Social secs
  • Webmonkey

If you would like more details about what each each position entails have a look at the following link, , alternatively ask any member of the exec for the low down of their role in running the club.

What you have to do at the elections:

  1. Say a poem / sing a song
  2. Tell a joke

Its as simple as that, so get your thinking caps on.

If you would like to run please email either or  stating which position you would like to run for. You can also run on the night but if you know you want to run for now please email.

Good luck to all of you who run.

Social Thursday Graham's Birthday Ceilidh

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Posted by: White Ninja
Come to the graduate club to celebrate G's birthday in the most stylish way possible a Ceilidh, for those who dont know what this is, its Scottish dancing, look at the Scotland tour Dvd!  Should be an excellent night so heres the plan:

location: graduate club (above graduate club)

When:  This Thursday at 8pm

How much:  3.50 pounds entry

 The Bar will be open

The more the merrier



Polo Training Tonight

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Posted by: Matt
Next weeks polo session (Tuesday 13th March) will have some time devoted to a taster session for Sports Week.  As such, this will mean that there will be less time for last minute training before the BUSAs.

As a result of this, we will be concentrating primarily on the BUSA teams (Mens A and B, and Ladies A) at this evenings session.  This does not mean to say that you should not come along if you are not in the BUSA squad - just expect that you may have a little less game time than usual.

We will also be running a training session for BUSA teams ONLY on the Friday morning before we leave for BUSA.  This session will run from 10am-12pm on Friday 20th March in the Main Campus Pool.  This is likely to mean that you will have to return to Warwick slightly earlier following the Easter break than you may have intended.  Please make every effort to attend if you are able.  Just to reiterate, the BUSAs are the weekend of the 20th-22nd March, which is the weekend BEFORE the Summer Term starts.

My apologies for the short notice.