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Posted by: Madi

Ok BUCS has finally got it's act together and there will be slalom this year! [pause for cheering]

It's happening 31-1st of Feb up in Tee side (the north somewhere) wkend 18 for those on the new system or wk14 for those oldes. No slalom experience required, and it doesn't matter if you havn't done that much paddling before, heres a great chance to learn and get some more paddling under your belt! It's wicked-cool fun and a chance to compete in your new favourite sport. Plus there is a big party with the Theme of Knights and Damsels, perfect for that secret double life as medieval woman a number of you have.

The aim of the game to get down the course going through all the gates in the right direction, sounds easy! So sign up now and show us how itÔÇÖs done. Oh and did I forget to mention as it's BUCS it should be mostly paid for by the uni so a pretty cheap weekend away!

So now you are all sold and dead excited┬áwhat to do next? Please post on the forum or email me which categories (see below) you want to enter ( probably K1 men/womenÔÇÖs depending on your preference and a Team event (open/ men) )┬á and your name and uni no. Deadline WK1

BUCS Slalom Championships

Individual Events

Men's K1 (K1M) Men's individual kayak, all types of K1 kayak allowed, see equipment rules below.

Women's K1 (K1W) Women's individual kayak, all types of K1 kayak allowed, see equipment rules below.

C1 Event open to both men and women. All types of C1 closed-cockpit canoe allowed.

C2 Event open to both men and women. All types of C2 closed-cockpit 2-person canoe allowed.

Team Events

K1 Men's Team 3 x K1 Kayaks per team.

Mixed Teams 3 boats per team. Event open to all classes except K1 Men.

Sign up, win the slalom and save the fair maiden! Go oh


Madi xxx

Holiday polo and Birmingham bashing

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Posted by: Cloughy

For those of you who remain around over the holidays, we have two sessions of holiday polo booked. The first of which is on Wednesday 10th of December, from 7:30 till 9:30. This session will be graced by Birmingham who are coming along to play a few friendlies, and will be an awsome chance to get some game practice in against different opposition.

The second session is on wednesday 17th of December from 8:30 till 9:30.

Christmas meal!!

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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker

Hello happy paddlers!

The anual christmas meal will be held next monday [week 10] instead of the usual pool session. This fabulous event will include a three course meal for the bargin price of £7.95, a free bottle of wine for every four people that come allong, discount prices on jugs of beer/cider/purple, a completely serious awards ceremony and of course the usual canoe club banter. This amasing event will be held at Robins well in Leamington, meet there at 1930hrs or at the campus bus stop at 1900hrs.

I need to know exact numbers by friday lunchtime so please reply to the news thread to confirm your attendance. Do not reply by email.

We shall also be holding the election for the second social sec! If you wish to run for the position come prepared to sing a song or perform a poem and make a short speech about why you would be the best person for the role.

Tomorrow is the first night of the ale festival and we shall be out in force, smearing our already tattered reputation with our carefree attitude towards public nudity. I hope to see you all there!

Play safe


Canoe Club Jacket payment.

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Posted by: Robb

Evening all.

If you desire a jacket, if you lust after them at every waking moment, if they make you week at the knees and strong in the nipples, and you have told me that you want one, please get a cheque payable to UWSU for £40 to either Mr. Peter Kennedy (esq.) or myself. If you have no idea who either of us are, we're the tall ones. If you approach a tall member of the club who turns out to be neither Pete or me, they are decoys I have placed around the pool. If you jump on their backs they will turn toward us and point. Then just follow their fingers.

Kind regards, Robb.

Warwick 'Friendly' Tournament

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Posted by: Cloughy
Has there been any particular person that has been pissing you off this term? Well, here comes your chance for revenge! Next tuesday (week 10) warwick will be holding another 'friendly' tournament! For those of you who are new to the club or missed out on the carnage of term three last year, the friendly tournament is held just between members of our club during a normal session with the winning team having bragging rights for all eternity!

If you are interested in taking part in this carnage post below. The teams will be made primarily from the people who post below, with any extras on the night thrown onto teams as subs and will not be guarenteed a place (you have had fair warning people!). Fear not those of you who quail at the thought of facing off against a fully fledged A team, the players will be seeded and divided up evenly between the teams (last time around it was so even the first 4 games all ended 2-2!)

So dust off those knuckledusters and sign yourself up for an evening of revenge!


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Posted by: Barnet
Hey guys,

If you still owe money I would appreciate it if you could leave a cheque in union north in the canoe club board made payable to UWSU.


Tyne Tour = £35
Wk 5 Hardcore = £21
New Year Hardcore = £170 (please pay these promptly as we have to place a deposit on the accomodation and it aint cheap for 16 people for a week!)

I know some of you have paid some of tyne tour so facebook me or email me ( if your not sure how much you owe.



Girls Polo!

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Posted by: Madi

Hello lovely people!

Right I've been talking to the polo president and we can have the 1st half an hour of the polo session tomorrow for girly training and practising so please please all come along so we can all get up to scratch on shooting, passing and all those pesky throwing techniques.

Need to make sure your there early so we can get it all set up and ready 7pm on the pool side should do it, please come along else well have to give up the time, to those yucky boys!

See you all tomorrow!                                                                                   IMGP2944_t.jpg

Madi x


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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker
The Ale fest is appon us once more my fellow shipmates, slightly sooner than usual which is fabtastic!

If you have never been to an ale festival, you are soon to witness one of the greatest rituals man kind has ever partaken in. Some say it was not man but God himself that came up with the idea to stuff a room full of sweaty students, enough good beer to sink the Kursk and a filthy crowd of Dorset peasants, but all you need to know is that Doors open at 1800hrs next thursday night in the Tempory Events Structure. Getting there early is strongly recomended as ques are likely.

Entertainment will be served in gargantuan portions by the one and only Dr Busker. Said by some to be the last Victorian pianist, Dr. Busker is something of a canoe club tradition and a personal hero of mine. Seriously good fun.

If you are not a fan of Real Ale there are a selection of Ciders on sale, so everyone is catered for!

In the words of the legendry Busker himself "We're gona meet in the tent!"

The Baron


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Posted by: Einstein

Hi everyone

hope youve all recovered froman epic night at score

Next monday we will be teaching bracing in the shallow end of the pool for those who would like to learn, so if your fed up of going upside down whenever you get pushed in polo, or go slightly off balance then this is the place to be, we are also saying that people should at least understand bracing before they try and learn to roll as it just makes life so much easier.

We're setting up a coaching rota,so if you would like to coach on a monday please email me, and please leave the coaching to those who are on the rota.

Thanks, see you on monday


Roll on Score, Roll on the Carnage!

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Posted by: Professor Henry Brubaker

Roller Score.

Usual drill. Wed 1800hrs, Tes. Fancy dress is 70's or 80's disco.

Be there or be a considerably less rounded person.