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Posted by: Frodo

Sorry for any confusion; Polo sessions in the holidays have been changed to the usual


13th, 20th, 3rd (ie not the day after boxing day)

Again, can someone please inform the Sports Centre if low attendance is expected, especially on the 3rd Jan (Lakes Trip). Thanks

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Frodo

The pool is booked from 7.30 - 9.30 on TUESDAYS during the christmas break, (NOT including Boxing Day - sports centre is shut).

ie 12 and 19 December and 2 January

Turnout is normally OK in the holidays, but if  low/zero attendance is expected on any week, can someone please inform the Sports Centre. This especially applies to the last week, 2nd Jan, as many people will be on the Lakes Canoe Trip.


Christmas Dinner!!!

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Posted by: Woodie

As the days get shorter and the end of term approaches, it is that time of year again for the annual Christmas Dinner!!  This will be taking place on Wednesday Week 10 (6th December)!

Once again we will be going to the Farmhouse in Coventry for the event.  In order to make the night run smoothly and allow enough time to get back to the union for sash at score we need you to pre-order your food. 

So if you could go to their online list ( and select a starter/main course/pudding (you do not have to have all three) and then email it to

before Friday 5pm that would be perfect.

Your merry social sec,


Nene whitewater day trip wednesday

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Posted by: Louise

There are still a few places left for the day trip to the Nene artificial whitewater centre on Wednesday. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to practice whitewater skills (be it beginners stuff or playboating) in a safe environment, with coaches on hand to guide you.

Cost will be maximum £15 (the more people there are, the less it will cost), including transport and exclusive use of the artificial course.

If you are interested please sign up on the website.

We're meeting at 12.30pm outside the sports centre. 

Hope to see you there!

Skool Dayz

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Posted by: Louise



Outdoor Activities First Aid Course - Details

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Posted by: Frodo
Summary: 13+14 Jan, 09.30-17.00, on campus. Want it? Email me NOW, don't 
reply to the forum post.

Dear all,

The Outdoor Activities First Aid Course
( ) has now been
confirmed as follows.

Dates: Sat 13th and Sun 14th January 2007
(ie not this term as originally planned).

Times: 09.30 - 17.00.

Places: are extremely limited for this weekend course; if you want to do it,
and can commit to it now, definitely, then please email me at . We have a certain number of places and a certain
number of reserve places.

Judging by the initial response from last month, we already have more
interest than allocatable places. As such, the
places will NOT be given on a first-come-first-served basis. 
The main reason for this is that because the 
two clubs have a limited number of places, the people sent on behalf of the
clubs should be willing to use what they learn on trips/at polo etc. Thus
there may be a slight bias in terms of allocating places towards those
people who (a) are most involved this year, and (b) have the longest amount
of time left at Warwick. This way the clubs should maximise their gains in
sending people on the course.

To repeat, please send an email to me, not a reply on the forum.



Skool Dayz Social

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Posted by: Woodie

Girls in short skirts. Purple. The Marketplace. Polo teams from all* over the uk, and warwick canoe...

What more could you want from your Sat night???


& await for further details!!!


*aka Swansea and Southampton

final bond reminder

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Posted by: White Ninja

time: eight aclock showing, film ( 145mins ) long

campus: meet in rootes bar at 6.30 to leave at 7.00

post film: drinks next to cinema and possibly ikon/score for those who really want to work the bond charm!

IMPORTANT: Fancy dress required to avoid stoning or torture by means of laser watch

see you tomorrow

I need 6.10 pounds from all in list sorry to bug!

Week 9 trip to Wales

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Posted by: Louise

Week 9 trip is approaching!

We're camping in Mid-Wales, looking to run rivers like the Dulas (both rivers), Twymyn and Twrch,  the aim being to improve people's whitewater skills, and paddle some harder river sections, so if this appeals make sure you sign on the website for this trip. 

As usual, we'll be leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday. Cost will be £25 max.

Sign up will be going up tomorrow at 12 noon so get there fast to ensure you get a place.

If you can't make the weekend don't forget to sign up to the Neme whitewater trip on Wednesday 29th week 9 (sign up on the website). This will be perfect for everyone who wants to learn anything - from whitewater skills to playboating. We've booked the whole course entirely for our use and its a really safe place to learn stuff so keep that afternoon free.

See you all at Bond,

Chris and Louise

Polo Balls

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Posted by: Matt
We have had a polite but firm request from the Sports Centre that we stop throwing balls on the poolsides during polo training.  This is because of the risk of hitting people standing on the poolside, and the possibility of smashing windows or breaking ceiling panels.  It is also very irritating when balls 'find' their way onto the pitch during training games!


We do appreciate that people want to practice throwing and shooting.  We will try to come up with an organised session periodically in the Sports Hall to practice thowing, but in the meantime, any throwing practice will have to be on the water.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Coaching Secretary