Minibus tests!

Posted 15y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Latvia
Hi guys, sorry for the late notice, this applies to any members of both clubs, who would like to do a union licence to drive minibuses for club events.

The following applies:

Over 21 * No serious driving convictions * Driving for at least two years * Come to Reception Students' Union North and Fill in an application form * Bring both parts of your Driving Licence * Bring one passport size photograph * Bring a returnable deposit cheque for £10.00

And do this ASAP, because tests are taking place the next week! Yet you might still be able to get a place. You MUST then attend a safe driving theory lecture on
Date: Monday 8th October 2007 
Time: 18:00pm (Please arrive 5-10 minutes before if possible)
Venue: L4 (Science Concourse, Main Level) 
Lecturer: Kevin Birch
You won't be able to take the test unless you attend. If you can't make it this time, don't worry. There will be more oppurtunities as the year progresses, next one being in Week 2 next term. You can find all the info and the application form here:


Fri 10am polo & more

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Posted by: Latvia

Welcome if youÔÇÖre new to the club and welcome back otherwise! It was lovely to see so many of you at the session last night! A few things for you to make a note of:

  • WeÔÇÖll have further polo sessions on Fridays 10-11am (also in the Sports Centre pool). Since time is short and it takes a while to set everything up, IÔÇÖm expecting to see you on the poolside at 9.45am! Having a 9oÔÇÖclock lecture will be only valid lateness excuse. Friday sessions will be an excellent opportunity to practice your paddling, throwing and other polo skills, which we may not always be able to devote as much time to on Tuesdays. Hope to see lots of you there this week already!
  • Please join the club officially or re-new your membership through the Warwick Sport website if you havenÔÇÖt done so already!
  • Make a note of an upcoming social next Wednesday evening 10th October and look out for more info from our social sex...
  • Add to your Favorites and have a look under Canoe Polo >Introduction  and  >Rules to familiarize yourself a bit if you're new to polo...

See you all around,

Elle Presidente Signe

christmas trip

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Posted by: Iain


greg has decided that this will be vauguely hardcore/"good medium" orientated - and if anyone has any input in where\when they would like it to be then they should catch greg in the grad after canoe today, or reply on here fairly shortly...

I personally have no major preferance for either time or place (choices probably range between: lakes (north or south), peaks, wales (north or south), scottland(various locations), potential for ireland?????)

Welcome Freshers

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Posted by: Richard
Welcome to the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs.

It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore experienced paddler or have never sat in a boat before, come along and give it a try.
We are running a number of taster sessions this week. Feel free to come and have a go or just have a chat with us.
  • Monday 8.30pm- 9.30pm- kayak taster session
  • Tuesday all day- Students Union, Sports Fair. Find out a bit more about what we do
  • Tuesday 7.15pm- 9.30pm, Sports Centre Pool- Canoe Polo
We will provide almost everything, all you need to bring is swimming kit.
See you there!

... to join Warwick Sport, click here. Once you've done that, click here to join Warwick Canoe or Warwick Canoe Polo.


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Posted by: Matt
Congratulations to Signe.  She will be the Canoe Polo President for this year.

Thank you all for your votes, and see you at polo on Tuesday.



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Posted by: Matt
Warwick Canoe Polo Club EGM to elect a new Canoe Polo President

I now have a complete candidate list for the election of a new Canoe Polo Club President. There is only one candidate standing,
therefore your choice will be between the candidate and to re-open nominations. We still need your vote.

The candidate standing for the post of President is Signe Groza.

I have included below a copy of the small speach I will make on Signe's behalf shortly after holiday polo.

You may vote for either SIGNE or to R.O.N. NOW. You may either:-

- Vote in person following polo this evening
- E-mail your vote to me at clearly stating ONLY your choice.

Any votes received after 10.00 pm on Thursday 27th September will not be counted. You may not vote more than once (by e-mail and in
person). I will be checking this!




Dear club,

I would very much love to be here tonight. Unfortunately this was not possible. Yet you all have already known me for some time, so
please just imagine my presence best you can. YouÔÇÖll know IÔÇÿve been quite involved with the club before and a polo enthusiast ever since
my first year. A few things besides the day to day organisation that I would love to do as president would be to really focus on
equal opportunities and regaining Friday pool sessions. I would also try to organise regular Wednesday Leam training with the aim to pack
your time with as much polo and tournaments as one can manage.

NowÔǪ I found a light bulb joke about playboaters and slalom paddlers, and couldnÔÇÿt resist adding on one about polo playersÔǪ So

How many playboaters does it take to change a light bulb?
9; 1 to change it and 8 to lie about the size of the hole..

How many slalom paddlers does it take to change a light bulb?
4; 1 to change it and 3 to go: Nice Turn. Nice Turn. Nice Turn.

How many polo players does it take to change a light bulb?
5; 1 to approach it with a paddle and 4 to shout ÔÇÿÔÇÿHands!ÔÇÿÔÇÿ.

(Of course itd also depend on how many they have broken)

And finally

A poet I am not, so I'll keep it short,
I would much rather be playing, this fantasitc sport.
Kit sec is one job I've already done,
and all the time I had great fun
I bought a combat and revenge, two shiney new boats,
one of which even still floats!
So for president please vote Latvia
I'll do my best for the club and all of ya!


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Posted by: Matt

In case you are unaware, we need to elect a new Canoe Polo President for the start of the 07-08 year.  Frodo will not be with us, at least for the first term, so we need to find a willing, able replacement.... and before the start of term so he/she can organise fresher recruitment!

As there are still not many people around at Warwick, and to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote, we are proposing an e-mail vote as well as being able to vote in person if you are around.  Just as in normal club elections, the vote will be confidential, so no-one will find out who has voted for who.

The vote will take place as follows.  If you do not read this carefully and follow the instructions, your vote might be missed.

1)  Anyone wanting to stand for Canoe Polo President must let me know by e-mailing me ( before 7.00 pm next Wednesday 26th September.  You should include a short speech or manifesto.  I will post a list of candidates on the website, and by e-mail to all club members shortly after then.  This will include the speeches/manifestos of anyone wanting to stand.  It is important that I receive your manifesto by then, if you wish to stand.

2)  After holiday-polo at about 10.00 pm on the same day, any candidates who wish to and are able to attend, may present their small speech to everyone present at polo that evening (most likely in The Graduate or The Bar).  Candidates may have someone speak on their behalf if they are unable to attend themselves.  I am willing to do this for anyone provided they give me sufficient notice.  Members who cannot attend will have recieved written versions of the speeches within the e-mail confirming the candidates.  None of this is any different in principle to what normally happens at the elections dinner.

3)  Once all candidates have a had a chance to say what they would like to say, voting will open at 10.00 pm on Wednesday 26th September.  Members present at polo will be able to cast their vote in person, there and then.  Club members unable to attend polo on Wednesday will cast their votes by e-mailing me at with the name of the candidate they wish to elect and nothing else (please!).  You can't vote more than once!!

4)  Voting ends at 10.00 pm the following day (Thursday 27th September).  The votes will then be counted, and the result posted on the club website and e-mailed to all members as soon as possible afterwards.  To ensure no foul play, I will forward the vote e-mails to a third party to be checked.

I hope that is all fairly clear.  If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me and I will answer them.

The Salient points...

7.00 pm Weds 26th Sept -  Candidates must declare that they want to stand before this date/time.
10.00 pm Weds 26th Sept - Speeches made, members present may vote in person.  Members not present may vote by e-mail (
10.00 pm Thurs 27th Sept  -  E-mail voting ends.  Results published soon afterwards.

If you would like to stand for president of Canoe Polo, please e-mail me before 7.00 pm on Wednesday 26th September.

Your votes are important - if you can't attend, please vote by e-mail!!

(Pseudo-Returning Officer)


Posted 15y 3mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Frodo

Howdie all,

Hope you're well and enjoying summer, etc etc etc.

A change in personal circumstance has unfortunately caused me to have to withdraw from the Canoe Polo Exec.

This is because of changes to my PhD plans; it may well be that I will return to Warwick in January, though that is not definite. What is definite, however, is that I will not be there for the autumn term.

So, seeing as I wont officially be a university member, I'm not allowed to be a member of a sports club, let alone on an exec. Therefore a new president is needed, and an Emergency General Meeting will be called before the autumn term begins. (It has to be a physical gathering of members, so no internet voting or anything like that!)

This EGM will likely be held in the last week of the holiday, in order that I can arrange to handover properly before the shenanigans of week 1, with Freshers Fayre / Sports Council / new intake. Doing it before then is not really an option because a certain percentage of members have to be present, and with people away from Uni that will be difficult. Hopefully in the last week before term starts, enough people will be back!

Ruth, being secretary, is going to take over for the rest of the summer (Thanks!) but does not want to stand for president for the whole of the year. Therefore please have a think about whether or not you wish to stand. A reminder email will go out nearer the time, and anyone wishing to say they want to run for the position can let the Exec know then.

My warwick email address will be withdrawn this week, so if you have any questions about what it involves please use

jamesbonell (AT)

or get my number from someone who has it

Cheers, and good luck


Raft racing fun!!!

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Posted by: Madi

Hello Guys and Girlies!!!

There seems to be spaces for raft racing on Friday, so if anyone is interested in a super cool fun amazing day out then post here for a once in a life time opportunity! We are all meeting at LEAM BOAT CENTER, at 10:15 am. For campus dwellers and Cov commuters I will be getting the 9:30 bus from campus, feel free to join me!!!

We will be making rafts and then racing them down the river,┬áso please bring suitable kit, aka wet stuff and a dry change of kit,┬áI havenÔÇÖt checked the weather forecast, but as it is June and sunny outside my window currently┬áI am assuming that tomorrow it will be a lovely summer day! (I accept no responsibility for wet horrible weather.)

There will also be a barbeque after the racing is done so you will also need to bring with you meat and drink (vegetarians can bring some alternative, I suppose) and we will need a few barbeques. 

I don't know exactly what time we will be finished I reckon it will depend on the weather and whether we manage to raft all the way to France or not.

This fantastic day out will set you back £5, which you will need to bring with you!!!

Hopefully see you all there!!!

Holiday Polo

Posted 15y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Frodo

Will be on WEDNESDAYS 8.00 - 9.30,


                  for the first week

which will be TUESDAY 8.00 - 9.30

So, 3rd July, then 11th, 18, 25th etc

This has been booked for the whole holiday.