happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another merry merry christmas

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Sexy_Girl_Santa_4_t.jpg       and especially for Ali:   hassolhauf-merry-christmas_t.jpg   Merry Christmas everyone!    p.s the bloke with short arm has his own web site so if he can take the piss out of himself then I dont think hed be offended!

Merry Christmas and next term

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Hi guys!

Just to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you all enjoy the holiday break and come back in January ready for more canoeing action.

 We've got a lot lined up for you, running 3/4 weekend trips next term (likely to the weekends of weeks 3,5,7 and 9)  including more rivers, slalom and surfing, so make sure you keep an eye on your emails and on the website to find out about sign up for these. We'll also be offering those of you who want it opportunities to pass your 2* and start training people up on 3*. Hopefully we'll also be running some more day trips for people to practice their skills.

All of this will build up to the much anticipated Easter tour to Scotland, which is simply unmissable and a definite highlight of the year.  

Off the water we've also got loads of plans, from ice skating, pub golf, and the canoe clubs very own barn dance social, plus loads more.  So there's something for everyone to get involved with next term.

Once again, enjoy the holidays, see you in 2007!

Canoe exec


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Happy Christmas

Final xmas info!

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Right i have now rung up with our menu options.  If there are any people who have not emailed or text their options then they can turn up tomoro but will order there.  Warning there maybe a slight delay over pre-ordered stuff!

Anyone who ordered a Steak, when entering the establishment, will you please specify how you would like your steak cooked!

Anyone who ordered Kimberley Pie, please also say whether you would like your pie with chipped, jacket or potatoes of the day with chef's veg choice!

Dress code is smartish, we like to make an effort at occasional intervals.  If you are not sure just look at previous years pictures on the website.

Timing just to double check everyone knows,

-5:45 pm at the bar

-6:30 pm at the Farmhouse in coventry the address is: 215 Beechwood Avenue, Earlsdon, West Midlands, CV5 6HB

Hopefully this email will not be followed by a barage of emails, all questions should have been answered!!!!

Any other issues on the night, like im lost where am i etc my phone number is 07969526464 but as i plan to get drunk on cheap wine i may not be the most helpful!

see you all there,


Xmas dinner, All info u ever needed!

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It was the night before the Canoe Club Christmas dinner's eve and the social sec finally got her life in order!

Here is a list of people who have ordered xmas food so far:

(I will post your dinner options on the website after this email as groupwise doesn't like excel tables!)

Kate Bennet
Amy Lilley
Paul Maskell
Pete Sanders
Katherine Byrne
Tom Strongman
Lucy Davis
Madi McDonald
Clara Howarth
Angie Hurd
Samatha Pilgrim
Greg Chandler
Greg's Friend
Ben Saxby
Jon Bradley
Anthony Carver
Ruth Bessant
Richard Parfitt
Robb Dunphy
Wen Wang
Lucy Reynolds
Ali Barnett

You can chose from either menu (normal or early bird Xmas meal, both link are on the website but ill add them again as well!), the restaurant is not fussed and if you are really nice to me and havent already sent an email of interest of ordered alread, there is still time!

As for timings:

-Table booked for 6:30pm at Farmhouse in Coventry, Can meet there or...

-Meet at bar at 5:45pm

-Go onto Score when food is eaten and we are sufficiently drunk! ( BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!)

-Pass out and hopefully wake up in time to hand in any relelvant coursework on Thurs Morning!!!

Any other issues, im gonna pop into canoe tonight and prob be at polo depending on the state of my dynamics coursework.

Or email at

Your still hungover from the weekend social Sec,


BUSA Slalom

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Posted by: Louise

Next term BUSA are holding  Slalom competition on the 10th /11th February (end of week 5). This will be run like the white eater racing event, so those of you who missed out on the fun of that weekend make sure to sign up for this one.

It doesn't matter if you haven't done slalom before - anyone is welcome to have a go. Again, like WWR there will be a great social on saturday night, and loads of other universities there. There will also be a mini-polo competition on the sunday morning - so there is something for everyone.

If you participate in the BUSA competion Warwick Sport will cover the costs for the weekend.



See you at the Xmas dinner,



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Sorry for any confusion; Polo sessions in the holidays have been changed to the usual


13th, 20th, 3rd (ie not the day after boxing day)

Again, can someone please inform the Sports Centre if low attendance is expected, especially on the 3rd Jan (Lakes Trip). Thanks

Holiday Polo

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Posted by: Frodo

The pool is booked from 7.30 - 9.30 on TUESDAYS during the christmas break, (NOT including Boxing Day - sports centre is shut).

ie 12 and 19 December and 2 January

Turnout is normally OK in the holidays, but if  low/zero attendance is expected on any week, can someone please inform the Sports Centre. This especially applies to the last week, 2nd Jan, as many people will be on the Lakes Canoe Trip.