Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Posted 14y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Frodo

Following the success of the last Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge (2004) York University are organising a bigger, better, longer event in June this year to raise money for Cancer Research.

What : 26 hour long, continuous Canoe Polo match

Where : Hatfield Water Park, Doncaster [where the BUSAs were]

When : June 9,10,11 [friday to sunday, end of week 8]

Details in more detail :

Minimum individual sponsorship : £10 ie not much at all (presumably inclusive of any entry/camping fee: am checking that); overall target is to beat the £17,000 raised last time. Sponsor forms at 

Entrants do not have to play in pre-formed teams: the single match works by continuously rotating substitutes throughout the 26 hours.

So far two people have asked about borrowing club kit for the weekend. This is fine provided it returns! If enough people are interested we can look into minibuses etc, otherwise its cars.

Please post if you are going/want to go but need transport, so we can think about numbers of people/spaces in cars/tents etc etc.

Questions to / 07950733855 or post on the forum, maybe some old gits will remember from 2004...!

Paint balling with pebble

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Posted by: White Ninja
Ok due to popular demand and pebbles desire to reek havoc among the canoe/polo members, I am (as pebbles representative) trying to gauge interest so that I can send an email to various companies and get them to give me the cheapest price possible. Im hopefully going to book it in the last two weeks of term at a healthy interval between sports ball surf trip and 3 peaks, although being hungover may result in a numbing feeling, and as a result less pain. All are welcome and if you have friends who are definately keen the more the merier, and the cheaper!

Right so here is the emotional rollercoaster that is the social calendar for this term:

27th may: Piazza social= Doesnt take a rocket scientist to get this one, more details will fellow shortly but keep that date! Webbo I know its the day of your last exam so no execuses, not that you would make any.  And pebble deams the occasion is fit for the paddle!

Paintballing: OK so I need those interested, and I mean will come, to write me an email with an intersting fact about the  Oceans aqautic life
plus confirming any friends who are keen

Sports Fed Ball A.K.A THE BIG ONE: Ok Nicky would like to have tickets numbers of member/ plus guests who want to come ASAP so she can sort out tables, plus if you dont have tickets, WHY NOT? The pebble wants to see as many people as possible and if you play your cards right ladies you may even get to meet the man himself!

Cheers all
TV acting as the pebbles representative
sorry for spelling mistakes I cant spell, and yes I do History

3* and CST Boat Cleaning - Important

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Posted by: Angie
Hey guys n gals, Good weekend think we all learnt lots, cheers to paul, jo and chris for the coaching all weekend (and the swimming all of sunday!) As per usual the boats need cleaning before canoe. Can anyone with a car meet at the garage at 7.30 please (bit earlier than usual as the garage is a STATE and we need to hang suff up to dry etc too) and can everyone else that came either Saturday or Sun meet us at the pool at 8pm (if you beat us there can you open up and get the hose out please - sure someone'll know how - it's not rocket science.) Maaarvelous. Good weather for paddlers today - shame its may and exams :( See everyone else at 8.30 Angie Elle Pres


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Posted by: Kate
Does anybody want to do the Outdoor Activities First Aid Course? It's really good, respected by companies etc and counts if you want to do any coaching awards. It's running from 9am- 5.30pm this Saturday and Sunday, and is FREE. It's run by a guy who is as unlike st john's ambulance people a you could get.
Anyway, we have ONE SPARE PLACE for it due ot people dropping out. Please text me NOW (07929 145308) if you want the place, first come first served.


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Posted by: Louise

YAY! It's that time of year again, the weather's heating up, the sunburn lines are appearing and everyone and their uncle's cramming in the library... Ooh and the Surf trip sign up's up.

18th - 20th June Warwick Canoe Summer Surf Trip

The Surf trip is legend. Every Year we go to the Sports fed ball and party the night away (email your ticket nos in!) and then get up and going agin Sunday morning and head down to NewGale, St Davids for 3 days of Sun, Sea (definitely), Surf (hopefully!) Sand (everywhere) Beer and BBQ's. Its a huge event (40 of us last yr) and we camp literally metres from the beach. Any surf trip virgins just ask one of the oldies and sure they'll tell you the stories. It's a chilled 'do what you want when you want' format, so it doesn't matter if you're a beginnner, hardcore surf addict or just there for the party. But what does matter is that you're there.

Go sign up. (and check out last years photos... way better than that revision you're 'doing' right now!)

Any questions grab one of us at the pool/give us a ring

Angie & Louise (07709490303 & 07984974172)

Las Presidentes 

PS a transport sign up in online seperately, so if you want us to transport you there and back better go sign that list too.

summer time woohoo

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Posted by: Woodie
This is just another reminder to do with the SPORTS FED BALL!!!!!

If you have not bought your ticket then there are still tickets still available so get buying yours before the sell out, or your loan runs out!  As said in previous emails/ forum discussions, it is an awesome night, not to be missed, especially with Frank Bruno prancing around the event.

If you have bought your ticket, then dont forget to go pick up your ticket from advance.  On this ticket should be a number (different to your SU number).  If you wish to sit with us then you should reply to this email with your name, SU number and the number on your ticket!!!!

Your loyal Social sec, who is currently basking in this lovely summer sun!

Hoodies and jackets here!

Posted 14y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Kate
All remaining hoodies and jackets are in the resources room, behind the main desk. Please pick up as soon as possible or the people who work there are going to get annoyed with me again!

Hoodies left are for mikey b and medic. There's also 5 or so jackets there- medic, blenkinsop, james mackey, tom beyts, and josh i think. rowena, yours will come asap!

The new ones will be here late this week/ early next week, will let you know when they arrive. Please don't forget to put the cheqhes for £5 in the notice board (payable to UWSU). Cheers,

3 Star Training & Pick'n' Mix

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Posted by: Chris

Dear all,

This wednesday there will be 3 star training on a river meet at the Sports Centre at 12, if that time is bad give me a ring (07843098980) everyone that wants to do their 3 star at the weekend really needs to be there for coaching, if you cant come let me know and of course thursday in the pool, but only a limited amount can be achieved here.

Firday afternoon, (hopefully Lucy will post timings) we (the canoe club are hosting Pick 'N' Mix sports.  This will be a great chance to show a lot of people what we do and what they could do in a few months, I have a plan regarding mass numbers of people in the pool at once but what i really need is people that are willing to come on down for the evening and help run different games, i'm pretty sure its going to be a laugh and could get us enough members for this 100 party. If you want to help again let me know, post , ring , txt or whatever the more people we have the better and anyone can help the more willing freshers the better.

I afraid thats all i have, if you need someone to call about dramas concerning this or any other topics raised then give me a call!

Ps Nottingham a week wednesday anyone?

Level 2 training- any more for any more?

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Posted by: Kate
Last chance to sign up for level 2 training, signup is closing tonight. Text me (07929 145308) if you have any questions.
See you all soon,

Doggy Paddle 2006

Posted 14y 11mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Louise

On 14th May 2006 Leamington canoe club are hosting a doggy paddle from Leamington to Stratford Upon Avon, to raise money for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Its 19 miles long (grade 1) with 4 weirs and costs £7 per person (plus petrol for drivers).

A sign up will be at the pool session tonight. Hopefully we can get a good warwick contigent going.

See you tonight,

Louise :)