Tyne Tour Signup

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Fingers
Hi everyone,

The Tyne Tour signup will go up this Wednesday, at 11am (or thereabouts). The trip is at the end of week 5 (2-4 November). Details will follow nearer the time.

This is a great trip, and very popular. We paddle a section of the Tyne, along with many many other people, on Saturday, and camp with other unis on the river bank in Hexham. In the evening there is a ceilidh/huge party. We then paddle another river on the Sunday. Just ask anyone who's been before what they thought of it.

Sign up quick to avoid disappointment!

El Presidente

Curry Social Thursday!

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: TomRob

Hey Guys and Gals!

We're in the midst of planning a mega curry social on Thursday night, heading down into Leam to an Indian, probably King Baba's, have ourselves some grub and then head to a pub followed by evolve! To those fresh who haven't been to evolve yet, 'tis sweet!! If you're not up for the club, thats fine! Your welcome to come just for the curry!

Anyways, just letting you know so you can cancel any plans you had for thursday! More details will follow soon, promise!

Your Charming Social Secs, Tom & Tom

Boat cleaning!

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Madi

Thanks for a great fresher trip everyone, please can people who came be at the sports center at 8 0 clock tomorrow for boat cleaning fun! yey!!  

Canoe Polo Rules Course

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Latvia
Dear all,

there will be an "Introduction to the Rules of Canoe Polo" course for both people new to sport and those who would like a refresher of the rules held *next Tuesday before polo at 6pm in S1.66*. This is a room in Social Studies building, meet me 5.50pm in Piazza if you fancy a walk there together.

If you would like to attend, please drop Matt an e-mail (, very nice guy who'll be holding the course), just so he knows the numbers.

The course is very advisable and especially advisible considering that we'll be holding several tournaments this term and you'll all have chances to play!

Provisional tournament dates for your diary:

10th November - West Midlands tournament (Sign up will go up next week. Would be great if you could make this considering half the club will be BUSA white water racing. Don't worry if you've never played, first time for everything! I swam numerous times on my first tournament, couldn't paddle straight, but look at me now.. :P)

18th November - Bath Beginners Tournament (our entry yet to be confirmed, more info to follow)

25th November - own organised Warwick Autumn Tournament (Mens B and Ladies B-teams open to everyone who'd fancy a game)

Thus, conclusion, rules come in handy, e-mail Matt.

Elle Presidente Signe

First Aid courses

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Latvia
Warwick Sport are organizing the following:

On Thursday 18th October at 4pm in the Westwood Lecture Theatre - Outdoor Activities Risk Seminar. 
On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November - Outdoor Activity First Aid Course from 9-5pm in the Cryfield Pavilion.

These are typically reserved for exec members, but I'm trying to get an extra space for anyone who might be interesed in doing them, prefereably someone about to be with the clubs for another couple of years i.e. not finalists.

Especially the weekend course is a valuable experienced, very professionally taught, gives you a 3 year certificate as a First Aider, who can work for the Sports Centre at various events etc., and it'd normally cost a fortune.

I can't guarantee that you'll actually be able to do it, but e-mail me ( if you're interested!

State full name, year you're in, phone nr and which one of the courses interests you. Will let ya then know whether you have a place.


Boat cleaning!

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Madi

Hi guys

Please could all of theose people who came on the leam trip on saturday get to the pool at 8 o clock today to help clean boats.  Anyone else who is free would be really welcome to! Thanks.

madi x


Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Fingers
Sorry for the unexpected closure of signups for the Freshers trip and the Leam trip. These signups are now open again.

There are still one or two spaces on the Leam trip if anyone wants to come. Details will follow soon.
The Freshers trip is full, but if you are a fresher, priority may still be given to you if you sign up now.

And just for clarification:
Please note that, in general, you will only have a space reserved on a trip if your signup is shown as "confirmed". If for any reason you cannot come on a trip, please tell us as early as possible so that we can give your place to someone else.

El Presidente

pool sessions

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Einstein

hi guys

Due to the huge number of freshers who have been coming recently, thursday sessions will now be for playboating, and monday will now be a coaching sesson... this is starting next week, so there will be some coaching this thursday still. This will only be for the short term at the moment, depending on how many people need coaching.

sorry if this disappoints people

Rich (Einstein)

Trip to the Leam!

Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Madi

On Saturday we are off to the river Leam, it will be a great chance for you to try paddling on real water and get out of the overcrowed swimming pool so definetly come along. It will cost you about £5 so all in all good value for money! We're going to meet at the bus stop outside the Arts Center at 9.05 am...(yes I know it's early but it will be definetly worth it!) We're getting the bus down so bring £2.40 bus fare. We will probably spend most of the day on the water 'messing around in boats', learning new skills, (refreshing old skills), and generally having fun. We may go for a few drinks afterwards so bring money for that, and we will get you home in time for Schooldayz!

Ok what to bring with you

Swimming stuff- swimming costume, shorts and a towel

A fleece/ thermal layer if it looks cold.

Water shoes or old trainers,

A wetsuit if you have one!

Packed lunch and drink

Warm change of clothes

Plastic bags to put wet stuff in

£5 plus £2.40 (in change) for the bus , plus drinkage, so roughly £10.

Sign up for the trip is now open; there will be a limited number of spaces so go now! Hopefully see a lot of you there,

Madi x


Posted 15y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: White Ninja
Hello folks first email from your reliable and (cough) well organised social secs. First of all welcome to to all the new people and welcome back to all the old people! This term we should hopefully be fitting in some curry eating some ice skating and maybe some caleigh thrown in at some point! But to start with, a good circle at score is called for, this involves predancing drinks and drinking games, but non alchoolic variants are welcome!
When: circling at score on wednesday, I think it is pjama themed so either come in your PJ's or something completely random.......
Where: Meet at rootes bar for 7.30, Ill be there from 7.20
Essentials: Buy your score ticket in advance, this also makes them cheaper!
See you all on wednesday, it would be wicked to meet some new faces so get involved
your two social secs
confusingly both called Tom (but you can call one Rob, a long but worthwhile story)
p.s any questions just email/lash come and chat at pool sessions