Scarfs and friends talk on kayaking abroad in pretty dam impressive places

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Posted by: White Ninja
Firstly, yes his name is SCARF not chris eastabrook! So SCARF had an amazing summer of paddling in Tibet (lucky bastard) and is going to share the expereince with Warwick university and many other paddlers. There will also be presentations from two other experienced travellers who have seen and paddled alot of rivers. I believe it is Tom Parker and David Fairweather who you can probably google. Should be a nice friendly social and an oppertunity to see that kayaking is not restricted to a scrapy river usk in south wales, Ive seen the photos from the trip and they are pretty impressive. So heres the plan
Roots Social Building, Warwick Univeristy
WHEN: Thursday 29th November
TIME:  7:30 till 10:00pm
What to bring: Scarfs
Should be a wicked social, Im personally looking forward to it, and I may even remember it!

Something new...

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Posted by: TomRob

Hmmm.... what shall we do for our next social... I know (mostly to shut madi up) Lets Go LaserQuest!

We're aiming to get there for about 3.40, so we can play at 4, its in Cov, road called Hales St, which is not too far from the West Orchards shopping centre. I haven't booked a slot, so it doesn't matter if we're later/earlier than planned. The games should cost a little less than 4 pounds if we have the whole arena to ourselves, or £4 on the dot if we dont. Then its really up to us how many games we have :-) The one sore point is that the centre can only take a maximum of 28 people, so can you post on the forum to let me know if your coming or not :-) It shouldn't be a problem though! We'll probably meet in the bar, as usual, about 3.40-4.00 pm ish, but I'll let you know proper tiumes sooner the time!

Happy Shooting

TV + Rob

Seal Launching

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Posted by: Einstein

Hi guys

Im afraid we've been told by the pool staff that we're no longer allowed to seal launch into the pool as we are apparently damaging the tiles on the edge of the pool. I know this is really annoying, but we should do as theyve asked until they change their minds.


throwing practise

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Posted by: Latvia
Hello, hello.
Nicky has booked the activities room in the Sports Centre at 11am tomorrow, i.e. Thursday, for us to have a little throwing practise. Anyone feel free to come along really, guys as well, and especially anyone going to the Beginners tournament.
The pitch at the weekend will be much bigger than what you're used to, so you might at times wish you could throw further and accurate passes will be essential. We'll probably also go over a few other things, like how you best block balls with your paddles, and some rules that you might have questions about.
Do come along if you're free at that hour.

social reminder

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Posted by: White Ninja
Just a quick reminder that we are hitting score tonight, so meet in rootes social for half seven
THEME: what you wanted to be when you were younger
IMPORTANT: Socre not free so buy your tickets online now!

Thursday coaching

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Starting from next week, and continuing into term 2 the thursday 3-4 pool session will be specifically for coaching, we will cover basic 2 star skills among others, in the hope of organising a 2 star test next term. So please only come to the thursday session if you want to be coached, if you want to coach get in touch with me at The monday session is still for anybody, so if you want to go and play then you can and if your a fresher just looking for some practice and advice then just ask someone and im sure theyll be willing to help. Next Thursdays session will probably be T-rescues for those of you who haven't done it yet, or low and high braces if you have.

see you all tomorrow



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Posted by: Einstein

Chris will be running a CST (cone safety test) starting next wednesday, and continuing the following wednesday (21st and 28th November) you have to go to both!! Times to be confirmed. This is a really useful thing to have, going through different rescues, throw lines, towing etc, and you'll need it if you want to get into coaching. Sign up will go online tomorrow (wednesday) at 12 o'clock.


SOCIAL Wednesday

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Posted by: White Ninja
Firstly a bit of history:
 Wednesday is the third day of the week in most western countries and the fourth day of the week in the Judeo-Christian calendar, between Tuesday and Thursday. The name comes from the Middle English Wednes dei, which is from Old English Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the Germanic god Woden (Wodan) who was a god of the Anglo-Saxons in England until about the 7th century. Wēdnes dæg is like the Old Norse O├░insdagr ("Odin's day"), which is an early translation of the Latin dies Mercurii ("Mercury's day"). Though Mercury (the messenger of the gods) and Woden (the king of the Germanic gods) are not equivalent in most regards.

Back to more relevant issues: SCORE THIS WEDNESDAY

PLAN: meet at 7:30 in Rootes bar going to score at 10
TICKETS: may be free but ill check up this time we will all try to get to score
THEME: what you wanted to do when you get older when you were younger eg: in Roberts case A PHD student studying the capabilities of silicon
TV and Tom


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Posted by: Madi

Ok guys jackets are a coming! I don't know what they will look like yet or how much they will cost but probably some where around the £30-£40 mark, but if you know you want one please email me at the size and your chosen name, I will let you know as soon as possible what they are going to look like and how much, but i am going to order them in a week (next thursday) so if you definetly want one tell me now, yey warmth!

Madi xxx

Tournaments list

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Posted by: Latvia
Just because so many people seemed confused tonight...

10th Nov i.e. this Saturday evening - West Midlands, anyone welcome to play, post interest on the Forum and I'll e-mail you details
18th Nov
i.e. all day Sunday Week 7 - Bath Beginners Tournament, sign up under 'Trips'
24th Nov i.e. Saturday evening Week 8 - West Midlands, mainly A team training up for a historic win of the Warwick Tournament ;)
25th Nov i.e. all day Sunday Week 8 - Warwick Autumn Tournament, at Sports Centre 10am - 5pm, anyone can have some games, just turn up