Dinnertime Destress

Posted 2y 8mth ago by Claudia Perry

Dinnertime Destress is BACK


It may be a new year, but we’re still here every Monday evening for some dedicated chill time


This week's theme is a simple one - catch up cuppa. After the Christmas break I’m looking forward to catching up with you all over a hot (or cold) brew. And with all this extra time on our hands I’m looking for comfort drink inspiration, so bring your best beverages. (This is your advanced warning to stock up on that new hot choc powder you’ve been eyeing up (treat yourself, it’s 2021)). 


We’re talking anything from a hot chocolate explosion, to a delicate herbal infusion - whatever takes your fancy and will help you unwind. 


Looking forward to seeing you all at 7pm on Monday 11th Jan, at this teams link.


Relaxing canolo vibes,


Claudia xxx

Presidents’ Post and Merry Christmas

Posted 2y 9mth ago by Claudia Perry
Hi everyone!
We hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas and taking a well-deserved break
First off a huge thank you to everyone this term - for your patience, cooperation and positivity during what has been a term like no other.
Despite everything, we’ve got plenty to look back on:
Both clubs successfully held several covid-secure taster sessions (remember pool sessions!!) and leam training was back in full force. The canoe club ran a brilliant white water trip to the Peak District, and canoe polo had their best-attended ball throwing session in recent memory.
In addition to this, we launched weekly Dinnertime Destress, our lovely social secs kept us entertained every Thursday evening, and our strava lockdown challenge got us moving in the fresh air!
With next terms’ plans as definite as everything else at the mo (aka up in the air), we will keep you all updated with the clubs’ happenings in the new year.
But rest assured, as soon as restrictions allow, we will be back on the water with a splash.
Until then, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and try not to miss us too much,
Canolo love from your canolo presidents,
Owen and Claudia

🎅🎅 Week 10 Social 🎅🎅

Posted 2y 9mth ago by Dan Collier

 This weeks social is a good old Kahoot!!! 🥳 The questions will be based on this year's exec. Then we will move on to some Christmas‍🎄🎄 related questions. So come along to see how well you know this year's exec. We will be on discord on Thursday from 7pm, we looking forward to seeing you all there. Social love, Dan, James and all the exec

Support Us for Free with Easyfundraising

Posted 2y 10mth ago by Lara Hogan
Exciting Club News!!
Time’s are tough for everyone right now, but here’s a hassle-free way for you to help us help you!
Just go about your normal online shopping, and those retailers will give us free money, costing you nothing extra. The money raised will go directly back into the club to spend on making things the best we can.
Even better, they’ve got browser add-ons so you don’t even have to go through the website - it just pops up whenever the site you’re on offers cash back, you press a button, and we’re good to go.
Buying your Christmas presents can spread the joy even further this year!
Click here to support our cause.
And download the donation reminder here
Polo Love,
Lara and the exec <3

<>< <>< Secret Santa <>< <><

Posted 2y 10mth ago by James Hickmott

We are excited to announce that we are running secret Santa this year!!!!!

Due to the uncertainty surrounding restrictions after lockdown, we can not book Christmas meal currently.

However, we will still be doing a secret Santa. If you would like to take part, please sign up using the link at the bottom of this post. You have until Tuesday 24th November. After that day you will not be able to sign up and take part.

On Tuesday 24th everyone that signed up will get an email telling them, who their secret Santa is for.

We are asking everyone to have their gift ready by the end of lockdown, 3rd December. On the 3rd James and I will come and pick up everyone's gifts and then deliver them. Just make sure you put their name on it!

If you are looking for an excuse to go for a walk during lockdown and have your gift ready, then feel free to come and drop your gift of at our house.

Any questions feel free to message one of us,

Social love,

Dan, James and all the exec. 

Dinnertime Destress

Posted 2y 10mth ago by Tara

Dinnertime Destress 


Afternoon, I hope that your fireworks night went off with a bang.

This week for dinnertime destress we’ll be making cake pops. The link for ingredients is below. Add sprinkles and other decorations to make your cake pops have a personality of their own.


Please either pre make the cake or buy it (if your feeling like cheating) so that its ready before the call.


If cake pops aren’t for you come along anyway and make anything you want, or just join for a natter. 


The link for the meeting,


Tap on the link or paste it in a browser to join.


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 7 pm.


Polo Love

Tara and all the exec

Lots of activities still happening!!

Posted 2y 10mth ago by Owen Kelly

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well!

To reiterate Owen’s recent post - I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for your patience throughout our sessions this term. Despite the circumstances, we really enjoyed the sessions and meeting all our new members - so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be back on the water together (returners as well!!).

In light of recent government announcements, the Sports Hub is now closed, so until you hear differently from us please assume all sessions are cancelled 

In the meantime, we want to direct you all to activities that are still happening :

Within Warwick Canoe and Canoe Polo 

Weekly virtual socials: every Thursday evening, continuing tomorrow with a games night, and more activities to follow (did somebody say Harry Potter……)

Dinnertime Destress: every Monday evening at 7pm on teams. Join us for a chilled out relaxation session - previous activities have included making flapjacks  and animal origami 

And see Joe's message about an exciting new club announcement - Strava Palava - to keep us all moving….

If you do need any support or just someone to have a chat to, please reach out to any of our exec who would love to have a natter and offer our advice, especially our welfare officer Lara. 

Warwick Sport 

Since the beginning of lockdown 1, Warwick Sport have been posting a variety of at-home workouts on their website and on their Facebook page Warwick Sport

Some are live, but others are on demand so you can enjoy them whenever you fancy.

If you have a Warwick gym membership, you should be able to join this group which has regular live-stream workouts: Sports and Wellness Hub - Members group

AND there is a new Facebook group available to all Warwick Uni Students which is also posting live-stream workouts: Keeping Students Moving

Keeping moving is super important for our body and mind - two things we’re all going to have to take extra special care of over the next few weeks!!

Warwick Wellbeing Support Services 

There are a variety of resources to explore on their website here

Feel free to take a peruse through them at your leisure, but please reach out to any of the organisations listed on the website if you think you might need a little extra support at the moment.

Be kind to yourself,

Lots of love,

Claudia, Owen and all the exec xxxxx

Dinnertime Destress

Posted 2y 11mth ago by Laura
Good Afternoon, and I hope you all had a Spooky Halloween.
This week's dinnertime destress we'll be doing some meditative drawing! You'll need something to draw on, and something to draw with. It's your own creative expression so you can use a gazillion coloured pens, or keep it monochrome and use a pencil.
Join in at 7pm tomorrow (Monday) on Teams:
Lots of boaty love,
Laura and the exec

Canoe Pool Sessions

Posted 2y 11mth ago by Owen Kelly

Hey Everyone


First off, I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone, to all our returners for bearing with us whilst we were running our taster sessions and to all our new members for joining the club :)


This week is our last taster session, as such you'll need membership for our next sessions (which all of you have anyway), the good news is that sessions are now open to all members, you just need to book on the Warwick Sport website, if you cannot attend a session after you've booked, please cancel it on the Warwick Sport website (if you no-show 3 times Warwick Sport blocks you from registering for anything!).


Sign ups open at midnight the week before the session (so sign ups for next weeks session are already open) and will be on a first come first serve basis.


Instructions to sign up are as follows:

Firstly, head to the Warwick sport login page and sign in with your university ID:

Next, Head to "Make a Booking" at the top

Next, Click on "S U Club Bookings"

Scroll down to "Zz Canoe Club Sat 16:00" 

Press book, and then confirm the booking

All done! - you should receive a confirmation email from Warwick Sport


Canoe Love

Owen and all the exec

Session booking

Posted 2y 11mth ago by Tara

Its been great to see so many new people coming to our session over the past few weeks.


If you have a confirmed space at our canoe polo sessions from the official warwick sports page that means that you definitely have a space (YAY!!!). Please make sure you email to let us know that you have a confirmed space. 


If you can no longer attend unbook the session on the Warwick sport page as this will allow other people to attend the session. Please also email to let us know that you’ll no longer be attending.


Polo love,