Term 2 Nene Trip

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On Wednesday the 28th February (week 8) we will be going to Nene Whitewater Centre for an afternoon of kayaking on their artificial course.


This is a good opportunity to practice some skills before Scotland, have a go at playboating on moving water or if didn’t get a place on Scotland then you can get your fix before Easter.


The trip will cost £12.


Sign ups go live Thursday at 12pm.


See you all at pub golf this Friday! Starting in the Dirty Duck at 7 in your food chain costume.


Canoe love



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Charity Paddle-a-thon!

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Posted by: Lliw

Just a reminder, our 24 hour charity paddle-a-thon is next week, from 10:00 AM on Wednesday to 10:00 AM on Thursday. We will be aiming to paddle for 24 hours on kayaking ergos (think rowing machines but for kayaks) in order to raise money for Coventry and Warwickshire Mind. If you are able to help out by paddling, please state when you are free in this Doodle poll:

Hope to see you all at Real Ale tonight!

Day 5: Numbers don’t lie

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Posted by: Severijn

For the final day of hype, here is something slightly different. Rather than just believing me when I say Scotland is great, why don’t you listen to other people saying the same. In the end-of-year club survey last year 71,4% of people said that Scotland was their favourite trip of the year! In fact, more people said Scotland was their favourite trip that year than people that said that they had been on Scotland.

Don’t miss out on this trip and sign up tomorrow! If you want to join me in the Dirty Duck, I’ll be sitting there from 19:30 onwards and sign-ups will go live for everyone at 19:55. I hope to see many of you signing up!

Day 4: Exceptional body art

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Posted by: Severijn

The fourth reason to go on Scotland Tour this year also features in-house design. Instead of on t-shirts, this time the art is on people’s faces though. Every day one person will get adorned with beautiful sharpied-on facial hair. If you want to look as fabulous as Hadyn did last year or if you want to draw mustaches on people, don’t forget to sign up on Monday!

Day 3 of hype: T-shirts

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Posted by: Severijn

If you’ve somehow not been convinced or hyped up enough to try and sign up for Scotland yet, let the official Scotland Tour t-shirts convince you! No longer shall you have to enviously watch people wear snazzy club t-shirts, because this year’s Scotland t-shirts are rumoured to be much snazzier than the last years’ ones. The (maybe at some point) award-winning design by yours truly will surely make you the shining envied among Freshers next year…

P.S. If you need accommodation between the end of term and the day we leave, please contact the exec and we'll find a place for you to sleep over.

Day 2 of hype: Social stuff

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Posted by: Severijn

A great second reason to sign up to Scotland is the socialising in the evenings. Most of the evenings will involve chatting and playing games with others, but there will also be a big social night in the Great Glen Hostel. If you’ve been looking for a chance to really get to know everyone in the club or if you’ve been looking to join the cuddle squad, now is your time!


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Posted by: Tom

Hey there,

Due to tournaments taking place this Saturday PUB GOLF has been postponed till week 7 replacing the polo social.

Instead we shall be having a GAMES NIGHT tomorrow in S1.69 from 19:00 onwards. For anyone who wants to we shall be ordering PIZZA!!!├░┼©┬ìÔÇó├░┼©┬ìÔÇó├░┼©┬ìÔÇó

If there are any games you would like to play then please bring them along ♣├»┬©┬Å♦├»┬©┬Å♥├»┬©┬Å♠├»┬©┬Å├░┼©ãÆ┬Å├░┼©┼¢┬«├░┼©┼¢┬▓├░┼©ÔÇó┬╣├»┬©┬Å

This is a good chance for some team bonding and chat ├░┼©╦£Ôé¼

Hope to see you all there,

Tom and @Lara

Scotland Tour Signups

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Posted by: Severijn
Hey paddlers!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter and that can of course only mean one thing: it’s almost time for Scotland Tour! In this annual trip the canoe club heads up north for nine days of kayaking, socialising, and minibus faffing. We will leave on Sunday the 18th of March (which is the weekend of week 10) and return late in the evening on Tuesday the 27th of March. The first half of this week, until the 22nd, will be spent in the Abernethy Bunkhouse and the other half will be spent in the Great Glen Hostel, which we will both have exclusive use of. The price of this year’s Scotland Tour will be 230 pounds. This includes transport, fuel, accommodation, a group meal, a social night, the use of club kit (as always), and a swanky Scotland Tour 2018 t-shirt.
As a rule, we require everyone who wants to sign up to Scotland Tour to have been on a weekend river trip with us before. If you have not had the privilege to have joined us on one, please speak to an exec member about signing up.
The sign-ups for Scotland Tour will go live on our website at 19:55 next Monday (The start of week 6 or the 12th of February in real dates). If you want to, feel free to join me (and hopefully others) at the Dirty Duck before that time for a pre-pool-session pub sign-up. Regardless of whether you join me there or not, be ready with your laptops or phones at 19:55 because it is sure to fill up quickly!
Finally, to hype everyone up in the run-up to Monday, I will be posting a reason to be ready for sign-ups on our Facebook page and our website every day until then, starting today.
To start off the hype, the undisputed first reason to sign up for Scotland can of course only be the paddling. The full week of paddling is great fun and is a wonderful opportunity for improving your paddling as well. Last year’s rivers included the Findhorn, Spean Gorge, the Etive, and many more! The week will start off with relatively easy rivers and build up to more difficult ones. For an impression of the rivers that we will be paddling, take a look at these videos of Scotland last year!

Cardiff and BUCS

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My dear lovely polo types, this is going to be a long one…

As we’re getting into term 2, the biggest and baddest polo tournaments are coming up, and we’ve got to plan ahead at how we’re going to go along and win them all! These tournaments are of course Cardiff (Week 9) and BUCS (week 4 of the holidays- 14/15th April).

BUCS is the biggest, most important competition of the year and a great way for the club to flex its polo muscles, not only by doing well in the Ladies’ and Men’s leagues, but also by having the most fun at the party and being irresponsibly drunk in the middle of a tournament. We will be entering a B team in the B league as well, where the aim is to get as many bins in as possible! Please let us know if you can come and what team you’d like to play in here BUCS is free, as fees are covered by the uni, however there is the opportunity to buy yourself a sexy sexy BUCS top. If you have any questions, please ask myself or someone on the exec.

Cardiff, for the second year in a row, doesn’t clash with Scotland!!! Week 9 (9th-11th of February) this term, we will be heading to the Cardiff University canoe polo tournament. This is a great warm up for BUCS and will of course have a raging party and a meal provided on the Saturday night. The weekend will cost £35 for the tournament entry, transport, party and the meal. If you want to come along, please sign up here: If you sign up for Cardiff, please also fill in the google form above.

Those of you who are getting anxious about the new rash vest order, it’ll be here soon. I promise!

Polo love,



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Posted by: Lara
Hey happy paddlers!
It's that time of year again (time for an infodump). I'm going to do a big old socials timeline! But before I begin, just a quick reminder to please sign up for the 2 polo tournaments this weekend and Cardiff on the website!
WEEK 4 - WEDNESDAY - POP! We'll be circling for our first time again this term in the Copper Rooms. The theme is farmyard! Feel free to bring plus ones :) Be sat down at circle with your pints by 19:30 or there will be consequences...
WEEK 5 - FRIDAY - PUB GOLF Back again for another year, you'll be competing against yourself (and your liver) to complete the course on par. We'll be starting the crawl on campus at 18:00! The theme is "The Food Chain": Freshers have to dress as plants, 2nd years as herbivores, 3rd years as carnivores, and years 4+ as hunters!
WEEK 6 - THURSDAY - REAL ALE And we're back! Real Ale is one of the best events of the year - good drinks, good company, and good music! (Dr Busker Hype!) If you don't know who he is, you will after this! This event is honestly so popular that old gifs from far and wide comeback just for it, it's so great. There's a humungous range of ales, ciders, wines, and even mead - so pick your poison (though from personal experience, limit yourself to one - and only one - super purple). We'll be meeting in the Copper Rooms at 18:00
WEEK 7 - ¯_(├úãÆÔÇ×)_/¯ - POLO SOCIALS - Again, this one's up to the captains to decide, so more details will be coming later (but not from me).
WEEK 8 - SATURDAY - SKOOLDAYZ - Ties at the ready! We're hitting up Skooldayz again, but we need a Fresher's kitchen or it's gonna be bloody cold! Contact me please! Polo will still be on, so prinks will start afterwards at 21:30 :)
WEEK 9 - WEDNESDAY - POP! Once again, we will be circling! All the usual stuff applies - this week's theme is ABC! (Anything but clothes) Looking forward to seeing the fashion designers in you all!
WEEK 10 - THURSDAY - LAZERQUEST This one should be a laugh - details are a bit thin because it's so far away, but we'll be meeting in Coventry (most likely in a Spoons :P ) and then playing a few rounds, before returning home (by which I mean the Spoons).
Phew, that was a long one, but hopefully it'll help you all with your diaries for a bit!
See you all soon <3
Social Sec Love <3
Tom and (a sleep-deprived) Lara