Peer Paddling

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Posted by: Liam

Are you already clamouring to get back in a boat? Need more whitewater in term 3? Good news! We have a group for peer paddling:

What is peer paddling?
These are trips outside of the club organised by anyone that just wants to go kayaking - this includes you! These trips range from day trips to weeks away in the alps. Best of all, you are still welcome to borrow club kit!

For more info, read the description (important) and watch this video of Austria last year (very important):

See you on the water,


Elections 2019! Important - Please Read!

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Posted by: Lara

DO YOU WANT MY JOB?!  Because you can have it! All it takes is for you to win the hearts, minds, and votes of your fellow paddlers at this year’s elections!

On Thursday 2nd May (Week 2 Term 3) we will be heading to Kelsey’s to conduct the important business of appointing new club members into exec roles for the next year. More on this to come, but you MUST wear formal wear or a suitable alternative will be provided. You will also need to attend if you want to be able to cast your vote on any prospective candidates. (If you are concerned that you may not be able to attend the night, please contact a member of the current exec.)

In total there will be 17 positions available across both clubs, these are as follows:

  • President (Canoe/Polo): Organise and run everything in the club.
  • Vice-President (Canoe only): Help the President organise and run everything in the club.
  • Secretary (Canoe/Polo): Take minutes, organise the President's life, order club merchandise.
  • Treasurer (Canoe/Polo): Manage the finances of the club.
  • Kit Secretary (Canoe/Polo): Maintain and purchase new kit.
  • Coaching Secretary (Canoe/Polo): Oversee the training and development of members.
  • Tour Secretary (Canoe only): Organise Scotland Tour.
  • Tournament Secretary (Polo only): Organise Warwick Tournaments and National/Regional leagues.
  • Social Secretaries x2 (Joint): Organise weekly socials and post-session pub trips.
  • Media Monkey (Joint): Keep the website and social media up to date.
  • Charities, Development, and Outreach Officer - This is a new exec role and will only be opened once all other positions have been filled. has a good run down of what these positions involve but feel free to speak to any exec member if you have further questions.

All candidates will be expected to perform a Canoe themed song/poem and a joke on the night. If you intend to run for an exec position, please email your intention to run to the appropriate current president, although decisions to run can be changed on the night (and yes, if you are intending to run for a joint position, you should email both presidents):

Candidates running for President will also be expected to produce a short manifesto (around 200 words) detailing why you want to run and what you want to bring to the club. This should also be emailed to the current president by the end of the Easter Holidays.

Manifestos will be released early in Term 3 on the website news section

If you are considering running for exec, rest assured that it is one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling things you can do with your time. You will have a great ability to shape the direction of the club and enable the club to offer the same or better experiences to those you have had yourself. And if that’s not enough, exec gives you access to a regular supply of cake.

Happy democracy,

Lara, Hannah, and all of the joint exec


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Posted by: Fresher Christine


Evening all,

We will be Skooldayz-ing this weekend, so get your shirts and ties at the ready as we hit up the Copper Rooms once more!!

We will be prinking at Bluebell â”œâ–‘┼©╦£┬ì├░┼©╦£┬ì (Block 1 Flat 10 - 2nd floor) from 9.30. As always polo will still be on. All our welcome even if you have no intention of going to the Copper Rooms afterwards

Tickets (might be) still available at:

Canoe Love,
F.Chris + D├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å

P.S. Next weeks Pop! theme is all things Disney.

Pub Golf

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

**├óÔÇ║┬│├»┬©┬Å├░┼©┬ì┬╗Pub Golf├░┼©┬ì┬╗├óÔÇ║┬│├»┬©┬Å**

Afternoon all,

Its time for Golf; instead of putting balls, we will be putting pints, (that sounded off). Anyway we will be meeting as always this Thursday at the Duck(on campus) from 7 before we head onto Leam.

So get your costumes ready,(doesn't have to wow). The theme is "Under the Sea", and it is themed by years:

1st year - Crustaceans
2nd year - Fish 
3rd year - Sharks
4th year+ - Mermaids/Mermen

Look forward to seeing you then,

Social Love,
F.Chris + D├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å

Scotland HYPPPPPPPPE!!!!!

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

Evening all paddlers,

As you should know by know Scotland signups are today. Get on your computers/phones/potatoes and ur mum for 528. #HypeisReal #SEND #IT


Signup -->


Scotland Love,

Chris & the Canoe Exec

Real Ale

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

**├░┼©┬ì┬╗Real Ale├░┼©┬ì┬╗**

Evening Paddlers,

This week is probably one of the best (in my humble opinion) socials of the year; Warwick Real Ale Festival. We will be hitting up the Copper Rooms to try the finer things in life such as good company, music (as always from our friend Dr Busker) and drinks.├░┼©Ôäó┼Æ├░┼©┼¢┬║├░┼©┼¢┬Â├░┼©┬ì┬╗

As always there is a large selection of ale, but if that's not to your liking then the cider, fruity wines and non-alcoholic drinks will surely entertain you for the evening.

We will be meeting in the Copper Rooms for 18:00 on Thursday. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Canoe Love,├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å
F.Chris + D

Drink List:

5th Day of Hypemas

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Posted by: Liam

The Etive!

Each Scotland tour we attempt the UK boater’s pilgrimage to one of the most fabled rivers in our country. 2.5km of waterfall drops finishing with right-angle falls; the home of profile pics. It’s a proper full-on section of whitewater and one of the most fun days out on the water.


sev runs etive murtle runs right angle

4th Day of Hypemas

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Posted by: Liam

When you are shredding the gnar you have to look good doing it. That’s why every year we have some Boat-iful (get it) designed T-shirts. If that’s not enough why not try out your artistic talent with the opportunity to adorn someone with their very own Strawbridge moustache.


IMG-20180318-092315932.jpg IMG-20180321-094217591.jpg

3rd Day of Hypemas

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Posted by: Rowan

The third reason to go is getting your own boat for the week. You can get used to all of its sending tendencies and become one with your gnar shredding machine. Some have even gone so far as to name their noble steed. With a whole week in the same boat, there’s no need to adjust the footplates everyday or take that embarrassing eddyline capsize first thing in the morning.


Don't miss signups at 19:55 on Monday!

2nd Day of Hypemas

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Posted by: Fresher Christine

After a hard day of kayaking what could be better than staying up till the early hours of the morning playing stupid games, doing stupid challenges and sharing stupid stories. At the Great Glen Hostel we have our social night, which is probably the best night of the trip so get your costume ready (theme will be announced after sign ups) and have a sick (hopefully not) time. This is the best time to really get to know everyone.