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Posted by: Claudia
If you have ordered a beanie under the name "Neine Toate" then please contact me by 5pm TODAY
If you don't then I will not order you a beanie (sorry) as I am placing the order today
For anyone else with any beanie queries same goes, message today
Beanie love xoxo

Beanie reminder!!!!!!

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Posted by: Claudia
Orders close at midday tomorrow, so if you haven’t already, pop your name in this form to secure yours!!
They will cost approximately £20.
Beanie love xoxo

The Wave

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Posted by: Owen
Hey everyone
It's the one you've all been waiting for, it's time to get wavey!
Next week we will be heading to The Wave for slides, adrenaline and quite a bit of water, it's like running massive gnar with no boat required!
Because of the waves' opening times this social will be on WEDNESDAY 4:30-7:30, we'll leave campus around 3:45. We should make it back in time for the pool session if your thirst for water is still not satisfied.
To join us for this trip you'll need to book on the waves' website select 29th January, 5PM session and fill in your details (remember your GoCV card if you have one). Also please let me know that you've booked so that I know how many people to expect.
Slidey love
Owen, Cameron and all the exec


Lakes Trip

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Posted by: Fresher Christine
├░┼©ÔÇ£┬ó*LAKES TRIP*├░┼©ÔÇ£┬ó
Sup paddlers,
Thank you to all those who came on our Refreshers trip this past weekend, it was an absolute blast.
If you missed out, fear not as we have one more weekend trip next week (31st Jan - 2nd Feb) where we shall journey to the Lake District.
This trip is suitable for all members, however the rivers we aim to paddle will present more of a challenge as we lead up to our annual Scotland├░┼©┬Å┬┤├│┬á┬ü┬º├│┬á┬ü┬ó├│┬á┬ü┬│├│┬á┬ü┬ú├│┬á┬ü┬┤├│┬á┬ü┬┠Trip. If you are unsure about anything feel free to speak to any member of the exec.
Signups will go live @ 12 ├░┼©ÔÇóÔÇ║noon on Wednesday 22nd Jan (hopefully on time as I will actually set an alarm├░┼©╦£ÔǪ) at
If you need more persuading check out last years fantastic trip:
Canoe Love,├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å
F.Chris & the exec


❤️🖤❤️ Beanies ❤️🖤❤️

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Posted by: Claudia

Sup paddlers!!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – BEANIE ORDERS!!!├░┼©┬ñ┬®├░┼©┬ñ┬®


We are doing new order for our beaut beanies!!!├░┼©┼¢ÔÇ░├░┼©┼¢ÔÇ░


Each beanie will cost approximately £20 (exact price depends on how many people order).


So if you fancy grabbing yourself this warm, knitted, stylish item, then please put your name in this form:



(not very long I know but means we can get our order in as soon as possible!!)


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Posted by: Fresher Christine

**Refreshers Trip**

├░┼©┼ÆÔäóEvening/Morning├ó╦£Ôé¼├»┬©┬Å all,

Hope you are all ready for another year of kayaking as we are hitting the ground running├░┼©┬ÅãÆ‍├óÔäóÔÇÜ├»┬©┬Å with our first trip of the term next weekend (17th - 19th January), where we will be trekking off to South Wales.

Promises to be another good weekend of kayaking, and is still a great opportunity to join us on a trip if you haven't done so already or if you just want to get back into the swing of things.├░┼©╦£┬ü

Only requirement is that you must have been to one of our pool sessions beforehand. Signups will go live this Friday (10th) at noon.

See you all at the curry later today,

Canoe Love,├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å

F.Chris & the Canoe exec

Welcome Back Curry

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Posted by: Owen
Hey everyone!
Welcome back! I hope you're all getting back into the swing of things. As per tradition, we will be heading into Leam for a curry this Thursday. We'll be dining at Millenium Balti, a campus crew will be leaving at 7 from the bus interchange.
Hope to see you all there
Social Love
Owen, Cameron and all the exec

Secret Santa 🎅

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Posted by: Cameron

Salut Santa Salmons, ├░┼©┬É┼©

Today is your last chance to sign up to secret Santa ├░┼©┼¢ÔǪ with tomorrow being name drawing day.

Gifts will be exchanged at the annual Christmas meal with a £10 max spending limit. If you’ve already signed up, feel free to add some gift ideas for those of us who are uncreative ├░┼©╦£ÔǪ

Much Christmas Love ♥├»┬©┬Å├░┼©┼¢ÔÇ× ├░┼©ÔÇ║┬À

Owen, Cam and the festive Exec!


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Posted by: Claudia
Sup paddlers!!!
Its the big moment for our SLIDERSSSSSS ├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├░┼©ÔÇô┬ñ├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å├░┼©ÔÇô┬ñ├ó┬Ø┬ñ├»┬©┬Å
This is the final design of the strap that a group of us have decided on, and the sole/base of the sliders will be black.
Quite a lot of upcoming info so please bear with me:
PRICES: ├░┼©ÔÇÖ┬©├░┼©ÔÇÖ┬©
If we order 10 pairs, the cost per pair is £15+VAT, giving a cost per pair of £18.
I’ve been given an ESTIMATED total delivery cost of £12.
This means that if 10 people order, per person, we have a
The more people who order, the cheaper it will get, so start persuading your friends ├░┼©╦£╦£
On a serious note, sorry I cant be more accurate with this now, once we have confirmed numbers, everyone involved will be informed.
Here is a list of sizes, for more info head to
UK 1-3, length 23.2cm, EU 34-35
UK 3.5-4.5, length 24.5cm, EU 36-37
UK 5-6, length 25.4cm, EU 38-39
UK 6.5-7.5, length 26.5cm, EU 40-41
UK 8-9, length 27.6cm, EU 42-43
UK 9.5-10.5, length 28.7cm, EU 44-45
UK 11-12, length 30cm, EU 46-48
UK 12.5-14, length 31.3cm, EU 48-49
├óÔé¼┬¿There are two options for type of strap. Both are the same price, so thought I’d just let everyone choose what they fancy, again more info here but to summarise what it says on the website:
EMBOSSED = High quality man-made leather (vegan) with an embossed line around the edge. Perfect for those who wear sliders with socks!
STITCHED = Man-made leather strap with additional padding and stitch finish. Perfect for those who wear sliders without socks.
This is an OPTIONAL £2 extra for name/initials/etc.
You can have as many or as few letters as you like - however the more letter the less big they are, to fit the size of the strap.
Please fill in this form:
Deadline is WEDNESDAY WEEK 10

😍😍😍😍😍RASHVESTS 😍😍😍😍😍

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Posted by: Lara

Fill in the Doodle poll ¿ linked below ├óÔÇá┬┤ to order your rashvest ├░┼©ÔÇÿÔÇó Order deadline is Friday Week 10 ├░┼©ÔäóÔǪ├░┼©┬Å┬╗‍├óÔäóÔé¼├»┬©┬Å

Rashies will cost £19.90 ├░┼©ÔÇÖ┬©├░┼©┬ñÔÇÿ

When ordering please indicate your name ├░┼©ÔÇ£┬Ø, and also the initials ™â”œÂ»â”¬Â©â”¬Ã… you would like on the right arm ├░┼©ÔÇÖ┬¬├░┼©┬Å┬╠(maximum 3) in brackets.