Canoe Polo Video

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy
The Director's Cut version of the Canoe Polo video some of you may have seen featured at the Freshers' Fayre is now available for viewing online:

Canoe Polo Video



Mini-trip week 3

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Doc Brown

Hello everyone!

This is mainly for people I've talked to already, but I couldn't figure out who was who on the e-mail list easily so sent it to everyone.

I'm driving to north Wales with Ralph, Andy and Emily (if you're all still up for it) next weekend for a mini-trip for people that are quite experienced at white-water already. I'm really sorry I can't offer the trip to more people, I've only got a Fiesta and four people with kit is the maximum I can take, and they happened to be sitting in front of me when I was thinking about it. If anyone else can drive, has roof bars and wants to come that'll be cool, just let me know.

We'll be leaving Friday evening at 16:00, camping near the river Tryweryn and returning Sunday evening. I've got a 2-man tent, if one other person can bring a tent to share that'd be cool, otherwise I'll sort one out. The trip should cost about £8 camping, £10 petrol, and £14 (or £7 for BCU members) to get in Tryweryn for the day.

SO! Please e-mail me back to confirm if you're coming and if you have a tent, or if you have a car and roof bars and you want to come.


1 Star Trip to the river Leam

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Chris

I have sent an email around but for those of you that haven't joined yet and not getting the emails, then please join so you do, the email explained a trip to the river Leam on sunday to teach one star skills, if you didn't receive a copy of the email and you are a member then please drop me an email at and i shall reply with the email.

This trip is only for those are beginners and dont have their one star yet.

Chris 'scarf boy' Coach

Social this Wednesday!

Posted 16y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy


Welcome to a new year of fantastic socials with the Canoe Club. Our first one is only a stone throw away, happening this Wednesday (5th Oct). Starting at The Bar (Rootes Social Building) at 6pm. We will meet there, have a few (possibly quite a few in our case) drinks, before moving onto the wonderful event that is Score, so we recommend that you purchase a score ticket in advance to save time from queuing.

Although the theme is pyjamas, I for one would have to wear boxer shorts, as these are my pyjamas, and though pulling someone's trousers down in a public place is HIGHLY amusing and I'd do it, I don't fancy getting my nuts out in public. There is the possibility of gaffer tape I suppose... SO, wear what you like, I'm (Graham) not wearing fancy dress.

See you there,

Graham (G) and Nicky (Special), your social coordinators

Welcome to Warwick Canoe

Posted 16y 1mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy

Hey boys n girls

Just to remind everyone, old and new, whats going on this term...

All Mondays at 8.30pm in the Campus pool is Canoe as usual - just turn up with swimming stuff, a tee shirt and a towel (ideally) and we're sort out the rest. As always will be an hr of teaching if you want it or just playin around if you don't. Then onto the bar/top b.

Wednesdays we will be running some basic beginner river skills on the leam - keep an eye on the emails for details - anyone will be welcome either to help teach or to be taught.

First social will be a BIG one. SCORE week 2 (this wednesday) for some fun n games, more info to follow from our estemed social secs

Freshers trip weekend at end of week 4, will be a beginners trip to an easy river in a yet to be disclosed mystery location somewhere in the country (ie i havn't decided yet) so sign up'll be up for that in the next few weeks, but keep the weekend free.

Tyne tour is end of week 6, which is a HUGE BCU event held on the tyne up north, which is always a big partee and a good river, so keep that free too, and we'll also be running a 'hardcore' trip wk 9, for those who think they can keep up with the big boys (not me then...)

Right okay, i'll leave you to your lives now, see you monday in the pool!


Elle Presidente

Welcome New People

Posted 16y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy

Welcome to the Canoe and Canoe Polo clubs. If you are interested in either club, come along to a taster session as follows:

  • Canoe Polo Club - Tuesday Week 1 - 27th September - 7:15PM to 9:30PM, Sports Centre Pool
  • Canoe Club - Monday Week 2 - 3rd October - 8:30PM to 9:30PM, Sports Centre Pool

You do not need to be a member of either club to come along and try it out.

All equipment is provided, all you need to bring is swimming kit.

See you there,

Andy "Webbo" Knight

Polo Section

Posted 16y 2mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy
Thanks to Matt's efforts, we now have a shiny new Canoe Polo section of the site, with an Introduction to Canoe Polo and an abridged version of the BCU rules, complete with diagrams and pictures.

While the introduction is aimed at players new to the sport, the rules page should be of interest to all members.

Dont' forget that if you have any questions about rules or the game, you can email Matt or ask in the forum.


Wurzelmania! Come to Bristol

Posted 16y 4mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Fat Boy
(sorry its long but I can't help it) Ladies and Gentlemen (and Medic), My dear friend Frank informs me that the world famous Wurzels are performing near to my home town over the summer months. It is on this information I propose.... Wurzel Party at my house! On Thursday the 21st July in the 2005th year of the lord, the bunch of haystack-headed, cider-soaked and dung-booted, not-quite-so-young Avonside lads known as the wurzels will be playing in the Fleece and Firkin in Bristol, a mere 8 miles from my home town. (Seen here You can get tickets for the event on this link as well!) I invite anyone and everyone who wants to come down to stay in the birth place of the bard of avonmouth himself, Adge Cutler, founder of the Wurzels! This is of course my home town of Nailsea, also famous in days of yore for its glass. The plan would be to gather at my house (62 Sunnymede road - BS48 2NG if you want to find it on a map - Closest station Nailsea & Backwell where I can pick you up) Grab some food, drink a fair bit of Cider (later in e-mail) then head in on the bus for a night of wurzel watching fun! People can then come back and crash at mine, I have plenty of floor space and also you can camp in the garden to give an extra bit of space! If you don't know who the Wurzels are you should be shot, but you've probably heard them on a canoe trip. Heres a bit of a description for you if you don't: The Wurzels Formed in 1966 by Adge Cutler, the Bard of Avonmouth, they play good-time traditional Zummerzet Scrumpy 'n' Western music. The band has had considerable commercial success from their 1967 anthem Drink Up Thy Zider to the heights of the chart-topping Combine Harvester in 1976. Big in Nempnett Thrubwell, these guys are huge across the whole county! Cider! If anyone would like some traditional Thatchers cider (stuff I had at the BUSA's then I will be posting a list of what I can get in the forum so place your orders on there) In summary:(all will be posted on the site anyway) Thursday 21st June - Turn up whenever during the day Drink Cider Go watch the Wurzels Stay at mine Enough said! If you want to come along Reply to my summarised message in the forum so I know how much space to clear! Its open to anyone and everyone too! Drink up thy Zider Chris "Fat Boy" Whitbread Beng :P

Polo over the holidays

Posted 16y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy
Hi guys
Sorry I havn't let you know earlier, but there is NO POLO THIS WEEK due to the childens games being held at warwick. I have booked the pool for next wednesday (13th?) at 8pm. They have said we must have 8 people minimum or they won't let us have the pool in future, so please come if you are able (and also bring randoms if possible!!).



Goodbye Social

Posted 16y 5mth ago by Some Old Git
Posted by: Andy
Hello. Jenna had a wicked idea, which was: Meet in Varsity on Friday at lunchtime for a relaxed goodbye social. So, hopefully see you all there, meeting at 12:30 in Varsity, Graham